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30% off BOSTANTEN Leather Belt (Waist Size 34-46) $17.49 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Bostanten Amazon AU


MATERIA: The men belts is made of genuine cowhide leather with new design buckle.
SIZE: 1.25"/3.5 CM wide belt, 45.27"/115cm length belt. Suitable for size 36-39 waist, plz buy one size larger than your waist.
EASY TRIM: Big and tall belts for men with easy removable buckle allows you to withdraw and trim the belt body to your ideal size.
VERSATILE: Ideal men accessory to wear as an everyday belt, goes great with uniform, jeans or formal wear.
Removable buckle, you can change belt sizes to match your daily style. Enclosed in an Elegant Gift Box.

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  • Hi Op, nice belt. When will the bigger size be available?

  • Great belt. Got one from the last sale. Recommend.

    • -1 vote

      +1, but for price, IMO

      Earlier, our author bought a very similar belt for ~8-9, shipped



      We just viewed an excellent German docu (in Eng), via app:

      • "DW - Breaking World News" / Show: "Close Up"

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      (Oh, the spelling I didn't recall is: Uighurs)

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      • ANYWAY we're RETHINKING our earlier policy to Buy fr China


      • Can you blame the people for their government?

        • -1 vote

          Who's blaming?

          I make Ethical Choices, based on New Info
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          I'd rather see a Debate on the issue, that
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  • Also a fan of this belt. Got 3 last time and would recommend. Their mechanism is solid and easy to use.

    • Failed for me. :(
      But it was nice, I liked it.

      • -1 vote

        How soon did it fail?

        PS My order brought a "On failure,
        we'll fix the problem" from Vendor
        (Suggesting a Free Replacement, but
        possibly hinting that they may have
        -had- problems, in the past. Likely
        another vendor…)

        • The metal part which is clicking into "ribs" to lock the belt felt apart.

          The seller send me the replacement. Honestly for this price I didn't expect much. But it was a pleasant surprise.

  • Wearing this now and like it. Can very easily cut it down to a better fit

    • -1 vote

      Or poke new how(s), to make it fit more comfortably.

      BTW, we bought a hole-punch from an AU-based vendor,
      offering "Free Shipping"

      They under-paid Postage (by ~$7), & AusPost demanded
      that amount be paid by me!

      We had to open an eBay Dispute to resolve it, and -
      to this day, the vendor's Claim (that -we- didn't
      pay for the item) remains among our otherwise posi-
      tive Feedbacks.

  • Any chance of applying this to the smaller waist size?

  • Buying another one, nice belts.

  • Amazing belt, quality is superb.

  • Owned one from last sale.
    Great belt.

  • Any chance for same deal on Brown belt or different style

  • I am sorry… I am raised by OzBargain…

    Is there a way to get just a buckle?
    I bought this exact belt last year.
    But the buckle lock failed recently.
    The leather itself is still like new.

    I know… I know… No one sell spare parts these days… :(

    • +6 votes

      Hi,Could you please contact us by Amazon email and we can send a new belt to you.We feel so sorry for that.

    • -1 vote

      Not so, at least, for Zippers

      I've seen replacement Zip's
      very modestly priced, from

      The Q is: Can I make the repair,
      ie, without needing a special

  • Thanks OP. Been wanting to try one of these ratchet belts.

  • Ordered, thanks OP

  • Any reason I couldn't buy this and trim down?

    I need a 32" belt.

  • Got one thanks

  • Got one, hope it's good quality

  • Hi Rep any chance of having the discount on another style of the same price?

  • I think it maybe suitable to my dad!

  • FYI you can get this style of automatic belt on ebay for much cheaper. Ebay search for automatic belt. Just make sure you get both the belt and the buckle. the buckles alone are around $6. The belts only with no buckle is $3-4. Not the same design as this but some really nice ones available. I have about 8 of them.

    Some links https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/models-Automatic-Mens-Leather-Cu...