2020 BMW M240i Coupe $74,900 Drive-Away Offer @ BMW Australia Dealer Network


BMW Australia has announced a sharp drive-away deal for its M240i Coupe, which is now on sale from $74,900 drive-away.

Previously listed at $79,100 before on-road costs, the promotional offer represents a $13,000 saving (based on Victorian metro pricing), while also bolstering appeal with more equipment than before.

Additional specification includes 18-inch double-spoke M light alloy wheels, hexagon Alcantara upholstery in Anthracite/Black, 'Aluminium Hexagon' ornamentation with black high-gloss highlights, an electric glass sunroof, metallic paint, and a wireless smartphone charging pad – metallic paint and a powered sunroof previously asked for $1700 and $2700 respectively.

The wheels are available in Jet Black, bi-colour Jet Black, and Cerium Grey matte finishes, wrapped in 225/40 front and 245/35 rear tyres.

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    Downloading Rapid Click. BRB…..

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    in with the first high yield investment comment

  • +28 votes

    It's worth pretending to buy one just to gorge on the free cakes and coffees at the BMW dealerships.

    • +44 votes

      I dont even want to be near people who drive them , forget about people who sell them !

      • +6 votes

        Damn and I wanted to be your friend

      • +11 votes

        Why the hate?

        • +31 votes


        • -11 votes

          It's cheaper to buy a Mazda 3 and puts sticker of a penis in the bonnet. Probably smarter too

          • +9 votes

            @OnlinePred: Wait… the Mazda 3 has a turbo 3.0L straight six cylinder engine now??

            • -1 vote

              @Mortal Krumpet: Which you use to… Go 100kmph on the same road as everyone else lol.

              Surely if you were going to get a car because you love driving it wouldn't be this lol.

              A 75k soccer mom 4wd is an interesting choice.

              • +9 votes

                @RI4V4N: It's not always about being able to drive at a higher top speed than someone else. A better performing engine changes the driving dynamics. Yes it's faster but it's also more responsive, its fun to drive, it sounds great etc

                • +6 votes

                  @bangmango: More fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow.

                  • +3 votes

                    @smartazz104: More fun to drive a fast car period.

                    • -1 vote

                      @bangmango: For those that like a rush, but don't like driving. There's bogan traffic light drags for fast cars. There's mountain passes for cars that handle well. These cars weigh alot and ruin dynamics with poor weight balance and electronics that control steering and throttle.


                        @OnlinePred: If you’re talking about BMW’s with poor weight balance you should probably do some research on BMW weight distribution before commenting that they are bad… because it’s the exact opposite having one of the best distributions on the market. Try googling bmw weight distribution for a start .. if that’s not what you’re taking about.. then nevermind :)

                • +5 votes

                  @bangmango: Start really fast and make lots of engine noise, and then stop and the next traffic lights! Repeat ad nausea.


                  • +5 votes

                    @IHatePeople: Generally yes. But believe it or not there are people in this world who love to drive their cars recreationally on like you know, road trips or joy rides. Here's some good examples https://www.caradvice.com.au/tag/road-trip/

                    But you enjoy your A to B commute to do the groceries and that's ok too.

                    • -2 votes

                      @bangmango: And none of those need a fast car.

                      • +4 votes

                        @smartazz104: No, you're wrong. To feel the g force around the twisty bends, acceleration, handling and the general fun of being in a fast car requires a high performance fast car. The experience is different between a BMW M3 vs a Toyota Yaris. You might not care for it but other people do.


                          @bangmango: Nah dude this is wrong. BMWs are great at high speeds, but only at high speeds. Slower cars can feel plenty of g force at slower speeds, but are crap at higher speeds. This is how MX5 and 86s are designed which makes them way more fun to commute in.

                          When I started driving we had a new BMW and an old Yaris. The Yaris was more fun to drive because you can wring it out under 80km and get plenty of g force around the twisties. Maybe because it's less stiff. But the BMW barely felt like it was moving at anything below 80, making it boring most of the time and felt like being held back.
                          At that time my parents went overseas for months and even as a dumb teen with a fancy fast car I still I only bothered driving the BMW at like 1am when the roads were empty enough for a 150km/h drive.

                          In fact I recently rented a 5 Series recently and took it into the Japanese mountains for a weekend. On empty, twisting mountain roads when I could really put my foot down it was amazing. The rest of the time it was more comfy but less interesting than any other car I've driven.
                          Porsche was at least a bit better at all speeds, but that was more to do with how sharply they turn. Which makes their speed feel like a bonus, not a necessity.

                          Contrast with my old mx5 or tiny daihatsu, which feel like racing gokarts even at 40km/h. I used to drift through roundabouts every morning without ever risking a speeding ticket.
                          You gotta go slow car fast.


                              @Springfield: Haha nice. Closest I've come to that is launch control in an friends RS3. Like an absolute rollercoaster down some industrial area backroad. And to be fair, that car seemed like fun to drive generally, not just in a straight line without cops around.

                              Come to think of it, I think it might just be that smaller cars are more fun to fling around corners.
                              Speed is also fun of course, but I think a lot of people make the mistake of thinking that it's the only way to have fun in a car, and more is always better. Not realising that decent low speed torque can make the slowest cars a fun sensory experience, and less refinement can actually help.

                              Which then makes it seem like I'm BSing if I say that our tiny crappy 1L 3cyl daihatsu is one of the most consistently fun cars I've ever driven, even though the speedo is always 10km/h below what I think I'm going.

          • +3 votes

            @OnlinePred: Ironically, I had a Mazda 3 before my Merc. Ha ha.

            All jokes aside, they are definitely far more expensive to own, and yes, there are a lot of arrogant penis' who drive them (but not all of us are like that!!).

            Of course both cars will get you from A to B and the Mazda did it far cheaper than my Merc, but the difference between the cars is substantial. The Mercedes is obviously much, much, much more powerful, it handles better, brakes better, is safer, the interior is much nicer, the sound is nicer, it has much nicer tech, the finish is miles better and that's just a few things.

            Overall, these cars are not for everyone (which is what also makes them nice to have I guess), but I use mine almost 100% for business so it's a tax write-off, I earn enough to not work to support my car and I look at it as a little perk for me for the hard work I put in and results I get for the business.

            I plan to upgrade in 2021 to something even more powerful and expensive if business keeps tracking the way it has, because I'll be in a position to afford it and I like performance cars and bikes.

            The way I look at it is what's the point of having money if you live like you're poor?

            I also like to make the people I love happy so I help my family out with money too.

            I don't see anything wrong with any of that. It's my money, I earned it and it makes me happy to do these things.


              @imurgod: Yea I love cars too, but more of the mind of sports cars rather than hatches or sedans or family cars with big engines. I would rather buy a mazda 6 for the family, then get an actual sports car for myself :-D


                @OnlinePred: Fair call. That's what mine is, a 2 door coupe and we have an SUV for the family car.

                I also get that some (most) people don't have the luxury of doing that so they need to straddle the line between luxury car and family car.

                I disagree with the hatches or sedans or family cars with big engines comment though, because the Porsche Maccan GTS is an SUV that rivals most sports cars in every way and the E class is a sedan/family car that is an extraordinary example of a car that straddles that line quite well.


                  @imurgod: Yea I love driving cars, and the feel of a family car or a SUV isn't fun for me, I don't really care as much about 0-100, rather how it makes me feel and how it handles. Luxury cars can be fast and can be fun but not my kind of enjoyment and track day fun.


                    @OnlinePred: Yeah, funnily, I used to do a fair bit of track work both on bikes and cars. Now that I have a car that's far better suited to track days, I have no time to actually do them.

                    What track day car do you go for?


                      @imurgod: I got an mx5 NC track car. My daily is a skyline r32 gtr. My family car is a Mazda 6. My parents retired and bought an m2, great car but feel so disconnected, it's so artificial. I love the smell of oil and petrol, I'm not one to press buttons and warm my seats, I just turn bt on and drive the car.


                        @OnlinePred: MX5 is a great handling chassis, but I barely fit in it. I'd be opting for the Fiat 124 Abarth if I did. Same chassis, better everything else.

                        The R32 reminds me of a point I didn't mention before.

                        I can't stand ugly cars. The R32 is an ugly box of a car. It's got no style about it.
                        I'd never drive a GTR, WRX, Commodore, etc. because they are ugly and have a stigma attached to them.

                        It's important to me that the car I drive is class. I used to have sleepers when I was young, but I'm grown up now and my tastes have changed.

                        I'm a guy who loves high end everything; suits, shoes, whiskey, restaurants, sunglasses… I also own a business with several high end clients. I couldn't bring myself to visit my clients and be seen to be getting out of one of those cars. I'd look out of place.

                        One of my clients had a Audi TTRS. I reckon that thing would be a great track car. Very nimble. I wonder if it'd beat an R32 around a track.

                        • -2 votes

                          @imurgod: Are you retired? Am r35 is very high class. That sucks you grew up to be an old person. I don't plan on doing this. Also the Fiat is an abomination haha. Ttrs wouldn't hold a finger against an r32 on a track. It's all about luxury. My old man owned onev5 years ago, it's fast but man it's so boring and fake, suited to a person who buys cars as toys to try and show off, rather than buying cars because they love cars.


                            @OnlinePred: Lol, no not retired. Just grown up, I guess. I didn't plan on it, but it happens.

                            I drove the Fiat, it's great. A much better drive than the standard mx5 in every way.

                            I disagree with your comment on the ttrs though, it's extremely fast and I didn't find it boring or fake at all.

                            How did you find it boring and fake? It's a brilliant, exciting machine. It's too pricey to be suited to a person for showing off.

                            They'd buy a standard TT or a BMW 120.


                    @OnlinePred: The M240i isn't an SUV or family car though, is it?

                    I had an M135i for a few weeks to try out and that thing was really, really nice. The 3.0T flew and it was very planted. I liked it but I waited and got my car.

                    This has that same 3.0T engine, right?

              • +1 vote

                @OnlinePred: well then you dont love cars that much


                  @bigmanlukaku: Haha, I don't live all cars no. I don't love suvs, trucks, vans or family cars. I love little sports cars, or old sports cars. See I love driving, and I love driving in any car, but cars that I actually love is a small list. Would be weird to love all cars.


                    @OnlinePred: You make a great point in that so much is artificial now. Great for safety and comfort but I get what you're saying.

                    I am a big fan of old sports cars. I've been trying to buy an 1985 Alfa GTV 3.0 from this dude in my neighbourhood. He's had it since new and it looks like it's never even been driven!! I offered him $30K last time I saw him and no dice! That car is stunning.

        • +2 votes

          He’s a Porsche dealer

      • +6 votes

        May not be jealousy, he might have had bad experiences with a few estate agents.

      • -1 vote

        mate…free cafe style coffees, teas, cheesecakes, bottles of coke, cookies.

        I have no shame.

    • +1 vote

      Are the cakes that good?

      • +2 votes

        yeah they're really nice - it's not the woolies or coles kinda stuff - it's something you mind find at a nice cafe.

    • +10 votes

      Generally Mercedes dealerships have better food and coffee than BMW dealers :-) (former A45 owner).

      My wife had a 328i, and we will never be buying another BMW ever.

      The salesman are low-life liars, worse than a dodgy used car dealer. Will say anything to make a sale. We were lied to about the availability of our vehicle. Their service was never up to scratch (4 visits to fix a faulty a/c controller). Another time they wanted 50% over market price for a replacement tyre (puncture found too late to repair because hard to notice on a run flat). At the end of lease we had a pre-return inspection because it was on a Guaranteed Future Value program We took care of all issues that were pointed out in the inspection before it was returned. The car looked like new. Then they tried to charge us another $2000 or so for issues they tired to say still existed (it was inspected by a different person when returned). Luckily we had recorded the conversation when going around the vehicle with the first inspector (in QLD, so this is legal) and we had receipts to show we had done all we were told needed attention. So after a month of back-and-forth they gave up.

      And don’t forget BMW Finance’s $77 million fine for “after it was found to have breached responsible lending provisions”:


      And since new cars really only exist to sell finance, this is fault at the core of BMW.

      My wife has an Audi now, and it’s had its problems, but service has been a lot better, and all covered by warranty or Corporate Program servicing. Do however wish our local Audi dealership had a cafe like our local Mercedes dealership. Though they do offer coffee, tea and soft drinks.

      • +1 vote

        All BMW dealerships are independently operated so you will get a different sales/service/cake experience at each one. A bad experience at one does not mean they are all bad. You need to find out who the good ones are.

        In your case of a bad BMW experience, you mentioned you ended up buying an Audi. You my have also solved the problem going to another BMW dealer. Get on a forum and ask which ones look after customers. If people stop dealing with bad dealers and sales people things may improve. Usually it is not the auto companies fault but the result of dealing with idiots at the dealer. My dad has also had issues with Lexus and Mercedes, so I think the industry has a problem in general.

        As for BMW finance. The banking royal commission highlighted that nearly every bank had questionable lending practices. Essentially people who should not get a loan got a loan. BMW Finance was no different to anyone else. So now, banks have changed their practices and people are complaining that can not get a loan anymore.

        “New cars only exist to sell finance”? Have you got this around the wrong way? If not, the comment is rubbish.


        New cars only exist for finance? Not true. Finance is a huge part of a dealership's profit core, but this comment is, quite frankly, clueless.


        Not everyone with a new car has finance.

    • +5 votes

      Bought an M3 and an M5 in the past. No cakes, no cookies, yes they offered coffee (from an automatic coffee maker), tea and soft drinks which I declined. Water please, and take that silly ribbon off my car.


        Some of the smaller or regional dealers would offer less or no cakes. Hopefully you get a more personalised experience from these smaller dealers.

        Totally agree about that ribbon. It looks stupid and I assume it is also leaves micro scathed on the vehicle.


          It's part of their whole . There's a Merc dealer training video on Youtube. Part of their 'delivery theatre' is doing stuff to try and get you to talk about how great the service was at a dealership so tell your friends and co-workers.

          The example at the Merc dealership was to drive up to a petrol pump with the customer and pump them a free tank of petrol while you watched.

          I think the ribbon deal would work better with mums/daughters for Instagram, probably less so with actual car enthusiasts…


            @mubd1234: Pretty standard, i’m a member of a Y62 Nissan patrol Facebook group, lots of picture of people with their new patrol with a big ribbon/bow on it.

            Pretty lame imo.

  • +15 votes

    Went to a dealership a few weeks ago, man they're on struggle street, chasing flies.

    Knocked $6k off RRP for a Hyundai Tucson by simply saying 'I'm in no rush, call me when you're ready'

    • +30 votes

      Yeah but you never, ever go by RRP when buying a car. You should investigate the going rates of driveaway deals. The best way is to join a Facebook group for the vehicle you're interested in and simply ask what people paid, you'll find the best rates and which dealerships to bother with. I'm off tomorrow to pick up a new van for my business and paid less than people are chasing in private sales for the exact same thing 12 months+ old.

      • +10 votes

        Yea did that and whirlpool was helpful too. Definitely never EVER pay full price.

        Even with this 'DEAL' posted, I'm sure you can knock a couple off. The sleaze bag salesmen are desperate.

    • -1 vote

      Hyundai Tucson?


    • +11 votes

      just find the best price on the internet for that model as a demo in your state.

      The cheapest hyundai demo will be at break even or slightly lower than cost because of something dealership owners use called 'holdback' on their sales budgets.

      So for something like a Tuscon, find the cheapest demo on the net. You should be able to get a demo at around $300-500 within that price, depending on how close in KM's/months left on rego etc.

      On a new car of the same model, unless the factory is offering their dealerships a significant discount on stock, you'd be looking at around $800-1200 more for a brand new delivered version of the same vehicle.

      Source: Used to work at a Hyundai and Kia dealership.


        Great advice. Thank you


        This is exactly how I knocked off almost $8,000 from a new Elantra SR Turbo earlier this year.

        Ex-demo prices on the Carsales app and 15 minutes of "meh, this car will be used as soon as I've bought it…"


      That's what happens when the world is littered with flipping cars that don't seem to get written off alot…

  • +57 votes

    Thanks OP. Bought 10.

  • +1 vote

    I was offered one for this price just before the EOFY by a BMW dealership. At the time they had a finance offer as well that chipped in another $5K. I bought a totally different car (Audi Q2). Head said Q2 for practicality, heart said M240i, still trying to work out if i made the right call

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