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Sony A7 III (ILCE7M3B) Camera Body + 24mm-105mm Lens Kit $2567.42 + 2000 Qantas Points Delivered @ Qantas Store


My first deal post so let me know if I've done anything wrong.

I think this may be a pricing error as the body and 28-70 kit lens is the same price.

The a7iii body went as low as $2000 from memory and the 24-105 went as low as 1500. So if my math is right this particular kit is the cheapest by approx $730.

The cash portion of the purchase also earns you 5541 PTS.

I'm not sure if the Qantasstaff code works (from the Sony WH-1000XM3 post), but if it does it could savd you another 10%.

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      Sigma MC-11 adapter is good for Sigma lenses for Canon. Metabones is good for Canon glass.

    • Back when I was considering the same thing, I looked around and found some EF:e-mount adaptors. I moved from a canon 5d MK2 to the original a7 so this is a good while back. There might be newer and better options available today. Metabones was a favourite back then but people complained that AF didn't work well, or it was very slow. I gave up on the idea of Canon's awesome library of affordable lenses and just bought a 35mm f2.8 for it.

  • Can anyone recommend a camera bag for this + a small 35mm prime lens on the side?

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      wait for the order to arrive first :D

      • Sounds like a good idea lol

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    I know it's not a true Ozbargainer tactic, but is it worth buying it, without the staff code to have a higher chance of Qantas honouring it?

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    I dont need this, i don't need this, i don't need this

    We need an ozbargain addiction support group

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      I have been struggling with the OB addiction for years, so now I have a number of unused/unopened items displayed in the living room as a reminder that I don't need to buy stuff just because they're on sale. It's working so far.

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        I have had multiple instances of friends and family asking me to keep an eye out for a good price of insert item here and I literally pull one off my shelf for them.

        I know that feeling.

    • Same. I thought I would do a thorough Youtube research on the camera's pro's and cons, so when I finish the camera is ozbargained and gone….
      Nope, still in my shopping cart : )

  • At this price, very Tempted to sell my 6D+lens and switch camp

    • I just did this. Sold 6D and the kit lens (24-105mm) that came with it. Still have a sigma 35mm f1.4 to sell

      To me packing a FF DSLR on oversea trips just don't make sense anymore. Yes, I know mirrorless isn't all about weight and size but it is still significantly smaller/lighter than the older DLSRs.

      Just don't know if I should pull the trigger on this or wait for a A7IV?

      • A7IV's price won't be anywhere close to this. If this goes through I'm gonna sell all my canon gears (6d, 50 1.4, sigma cheapie 70-300, 24-70 2.8 L, Tamron 70-200 2.8, 40 2.8 pancake and M10 single lens kit) with spare change to spend towards a prime or tele. Tired of waiting for Canon to get their shit together to catch up on the tech and innovation of the competitors (namely Sony).

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    Omg thank you so much!! Been waiting for a deal on this exact kit can’t believe it! Hope they honour it!!! Thanks :)

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    There’s no way this isn’t a price error but I’m a firm believer in trying always so I hope all you guys get this.

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      I believe this is the result from trade war between Japan and South Korea. Since now they are overstocked, they need to be dumped without affecting main markets (US and EU). Hence cheaper Sony products in Australia via unconventional outlets.

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        Interesting theory, would be great if it proves true!
        Come on!!!

      • Why are they be dumped within affecting US and EU markets? I don’t understand. Also, South Korea is very small market, they are the exporting country and doesn’t import much Japan goods.

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    If price is too good to be true then it likely is…
    Will be the 24-70 Lens Kit… Get ready for the notification folks…

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    Thanks bought OP was waiting on a deal like this. Just bought

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    Would love to own this Sony camera system, but I'm not doing enough photography to warrant investing in this new system. My current Olympus OMD-EM5 Mark 1 setup is still going very well for me.

    • -2

      Just do it

      If the deal goes through and you wanna buy some Olympus lenses hit me up :P

      • I only have 3 Olympus lenses - 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 weather-resistent lens, 40-150mm f/4.0-5.6 telephoto lens, and 45mm f/1.8 prime lens. This system is getting old, so not sure about investing more in new lenses.

        • It's hard right! I'm pretty deep in the Olympus system, I have the old EM1 from 5 years ago and a couple of pro lenses. It works really well but I'm so tempted by the full frame! What to do!

          • @wittyusername: Just do it. You don't want to die wondering. Worst thing is you don't like it enough and sell it one month down the track. At this price you should get most if not all your money back. I went from Olympus OMD-EM5 MFT to Canon FF and love the ability to take low light photos without flash. I might get back to MFT later if I need portability.

            • +1

              @Buy2Much: "I went from MFT to Canon FF and love the ability to take low light photos without flash."

              Man I went the other way. Having a blast with m43's crazy IBIS and being able to take 2 second handheld exposures and killer night images while travelling. I need something to shoot indoor basketball with which is where the A7III will step it up a notch. Canon's lack of an IBIS solution is a crippling omission though.

        • +2

          No offense but I don't think you've even touched the surface of the Olympus/m43 inventory.

          12mm, 17mm and 25mm are all amazing primes. The 45 is a great cheap prime but doesn't even come close to the others in the list. I had the pleasures of owning the 75mm also and wow, it truly put some full frame gear to shame. This was all strapped to the em1, so your em5 mk1 should be similar as far as sensor/camera tech, the em1 only added some bells and whistles.

          If you've lost interest in your Olympus or not explored it any further than you currently have, I honestly doubt you'll extract anything extra out of this setup.


    • I would say don't do it if you have no use for it. I bought gear I haven't used even once over the years that I regret that I bought them in the first place.

  • -1

    + AUD $2770.29

    looks like price changed now?

    • +2

      Put the coupon code in…

  • +1

    Got tired of waiting for the A7SIII so bought a Nikon Z6 kit. Otherwise I would have grabbed this. Really good price; would be a good second camera for me, but then new batteries, cards, cage, etc, etc. Sigh…

    • How are you finding the Z6? Have you had any other systems to compare with?

  • Good deal. I bought one but I'm anticipating something will go wrong with the order. Worth a shot either way.

    Got the lens last year when it first came out. It's so good but at the time I thought was a bit overpriced at $1800 so I sold it. Happy to buy it again (along with the A7III) at this price though.

  • can 28 degree price drop protection be used for the price bit?

    • Yes

    • +5

      dude - no one is going to go lower than this

  • Anyone knows how to cancel? forgot to put the discount code.

    • Call them.

      • +4

        Negged for telling facts. Oh well..

  • +3

    Tempted by the price but I know it won't get much use, in the short term anyway.
    Will have to restrain myself on this one.

    • Ditto!

  • Thnx OP - bought this to downgrade from my A7R iii system as I really don't need the high MP and increased workflow any more. 24mp is the sweet spot!
    Time to offload the a7r iii now!

    • +8

      Time to offload the a7r iii now!

      I would wait to receive the a7III

  • So gooood!
    I think price errors.

    Anyway I don't have points lol.
    If have I will buy that

  • +1

    if they have cancelled price errors in the past , pretty obvious they will do it again.

  • +1

    Ridiculous pricing. I paid over $3.5k for this kit :(

  • Bought, thanks. Don't really need one.

  • Doesn't look like a price error but more like a bundle promo.

    Price error is like the current news issue past week on JB hi-fi $100 odd dollars Nikon SLR with lens. Funny thing is how people have the balls to appear in life television or news to demand that they honour the mistake when they already know the gamble. Some people are just plain greedy and have any pride in what they are fighting for.

    • That ACA episode made me laugh, I was lucky enough to see it as it was playing in the background after the news.

      Do people really expect anyone to feel sorry for them after not getting a price mistake honoured? Or that they are somehow entitled to the product or other compensation when trying to capitalize on a price mistake?

  • Goddamnit.. I was all ready to purchase this, but you can't buy points on a new account .. :( have to wait 30 days..

    • yeah i just ran into the same problem :(

  • +6

    Would this be good for taking selfies?

  • anyone was tracking this combo before today? wonder how many points cost this yesterday.

    it doesn't look like price error.

  • Bought one …. now have to sell my GH5 & Len..!!

    • How bad is the GH5 that made you want to replace it with A7M3 :)?
      I hated my G85 because it would take a long time, or never, autofocus on me.
      (The last straw for me was when I met someone famous and the result was always out of focus)
      Nowadays, I just want a 4K60 camera with great IBIS for handheld video and no overheat issues, GH5 fits this, but would be manual focus camera for me.

      • No Point keeping both camera

  • Thanks, OP! Bought one!!!

  • That's a lot of coin for hobby photography.

    • This gear is well and truly capable of being used professionally. Though its unlikely many people here are using it that way.

      • I know.. For most people on here a sub 1k system would be more than adequate

  • +1


  • I'll buy the a7 III s

    Had all of the S versions and they were awesome

  • Anyone know where could I purchase 2000 Qantas points other than offical store? New account are blocked for top up points.

    • I looked at a few stores and unfortunately 95 days to credit

      • That's so stupid…. Is there any other way to gain 2000 points?

        • Wondering this too. How to get points for a new account?

  • +1

    WARNING - Qantas not LGBTQIOZB+ Friendly
    Only lets me select Male and FeMALE when my gender is OZB

    Israel Falou was right and should get his job back at Qantas

    • SJW detected!

    • silly boomers

  • So tempted :(

  • GDI OzB! $2567.42 poorer T_T

    Thanks Cptnawesome and OzB :)

  • Damn, I have no Qantas point left in my card. It requires minimal of 2000 points.

    • U can buy 2000 points for $87 using their top up system. Unfortunately for new accounts, it doesn't work.

      • Yes, and if this is price error :)

        • the risk u take.

  • -1

    Just bought one. Last month spent $3800 bought this kit at Ted’s. Time to resell to get me a new lenses. Thanks mate.

  • Just wondering anyone received an email from Qantas Store "Your order is confirmed…"

    • +1

      Yea right after I bought it

    • +1

      Qantas email - they reckon I have chosen well:
      "Great choice! Your order is confirmed "

  • +5

    If/when this is gets cancelled several people will be gutted getting their 2000 points back for $84

    • +9

      If you take no risks, you will suffer no defeats. But if you take no risks, you win no victories.

      • +1

        You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!

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