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Sony A7 III (ILCE7M3B) Camera Body + 24mm-105mm Lens Kit $2567.42 + 2000 Qantas Points Delivered @ Qantas Store


My first deal post so let me know if I've done anything wrong.

I think this may be a pricing error as the body and 28-70 kit lens is the same price.

The a7iii body went as low as $2000 from memory and the 24-105 went as low as 1500. So if my math is right this particular kit is the cheapest by approx $730.

The cash portion of the purchase also earns you 5541 PTS.

I'm not sure if the Qantasstaff code works (from the Sony WH-1000XM3 post), but if it does it could savd you another 10%.

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  • Do you reckon they'll ask for proof that you're staff if you use the code?

    • Without the code this deal is 2000 points + $2770.29. Is it worth going for this as it might be less likely they cancel over those who use the code that aren't actually staff?

  • Cracking deal, but also remember a newer model came out, so take that into account.

    Still an amazing device and great piece of glass. You're virtually getting the glass for free with this deal.

    • +2

      The new one was an A7R IV; different beast. 61MP and a whole different feature-set.

      • +1

        I'm sure there will be A7 IV later on, since A7 III has been selling very well.

        • They need to release the A7S III first!

          • @fastnbulbous: Yeah, action/sport photographers are looking forward to that.

  • Much of an upgrade over A6500 or A6400?

    • +1

      Jumping on also would like to know. The A6400 is $1350 vs this for $2550 w “$1600” Lens

      • If you're a regular shooter, not needed, go spend it on a lens.

        If you're a pro or use it a lot, then yes.

  • +5

    For those thinking of buying and selling, have you thought how many OzBs have the same idea, and how the market could be flooded with the obvious impact on sale price!

    • -4

      Even selling at $3000 would be a good buy for non OzBs and a tidy profit for OzBs.

      • -3

        Still umming and aarring about buying…. Really don't need it, rather get the A6400 with real time tracking. Or the Olympus E-M1 Mk II

      • +2

        Remember you could end up paying $420 in eBay/PayPal fees from that $3K. Tech can be easy to buy; hard to sell.

        • Isn't there always some sort of offer from ebay like…10 free listing fee & final value etc ?or monthly free quota of 10 listings or something like that ?

        • Yeah… just did a fee calculation on https://www.ebayfeescalculator.com/australia-ebay-calculator...

          Ebay fees are pretty steep. Question is, is the A7 III overkill for family/kids, general, travel photography over the A6400? Considering that it doesn't do real time tracking like the A6400?

          I could keep the body, sell the lens and get a cheaper prime.

        • List it on gumtree then take the transfer to ebay offer. Free final value fee max 2 items per month IIRC

  • Bought, credit card didn't get debited, expecting cancellation email haha

    • Mine has been debited.

      • Yep just got debited

    • being charged immediately, following by confirmation email.

      • It is shown as pending charge indeed.

  • Is anyone else getting this error when they try and finalise payment?

    We are sorry but your transaction could not be completed at this time; please try again later or contact customer service on 1300 662 859 or email [email protected].

    • +2

      I had to resubmit payment everytime i click on pay. the website is pretty crap. I had to resubmit payment at least 4 times before the order went through. First time it was just clicking pay. Next was after I entered my delivery address. ANother time after I entered CC details. And then one last time when all info has been saved. if you have more than 2000 qantas points, be aware that everytime this happens they will default to use all your points so ensure you drag it all the way back down to 2000 and resubmit payment.

    • Check your emails - found Amex Fraud protection autoactivated - Needed to select that it wasnt fraud for it to go ahead.

  • +1

    Quick question…would there be a benefit to use 50,000 qf points on this? Or is it not good value for money/points?

    • +2

      I think part of the deal is that 2000pts and cash works out way better than any more points equivalent

  • Not really much point contemplating ebay profits with the inevitable order cancellations in the wind… Why i havnt bothered… just my 2 cents…

  • -1

    Spent all my points which I got from st George… under 2k for this kit … prob sell the lens for 1400… or maybe keep it… not sure if it's a good lens or not

    Sold my a7ii ages ago before a7iii announced… but the a7iii price was much higher than expected.

  • +1

    "6112 people have viewed this product in the last 24 hours" - 5317 clicks on this page.

    I wonder how much stock they have.

    • +3

      None with this lens… probs lots with the 28-70!!!

  • Is this worth getting just to flip it for the cash?

    • +8


    • +7

      not when everyone else has the same idea hahaha

      • +1

        My wallet thanks both of you for the advice lol…

  • +1

    bought one, and hopefully they got enough stock.
    PTS 15,492 + $2,474.73

  • Just ordered one, thanks OP! it's says they are processing the order.

    I've been eyeing this camera for ages and have been checking OZ Bargain for these kind of deals.

    I paid $2,546.17 by using 5092 pts (you will earn 5092 back from the purchase) + 10% staff discount coupon.

    Hopefully they won't cancel the order!!! finger crossed!!!

    • No one is processing the order at 9.50pm on Sunday night. hehe

  • so tempted!

    Dont have any points in my Qantas account and cannot purchase points either :(

    Let me know if anyone bought it and changed your mind hehe

    • +1

      You can read a few people here have bought it and then will try to sell it for a higher price.

  • +1

    Thanks ops bought one.. now I am just waiting for a free photography lesson on udemy

  • Bought one, 187000 points + ~ $1295 :) , was tried to use points to buy something else but workout 187k only buy something equal $1k

    • +6

      Not a good trade, those 187000 points were better off being used for flights business class upgrades etc.
      Trust me… I regret buying a Dyson V10 with my points (Blame the wife). Point per dollar ratio is better with flights.

    • +1

      you know that 187k points can get you a return flight to London? + another one way trip to Washington?

      https://www.qantas.com/fflyer/do/dyns/PointsRedeemed check this link to know how many points to redeem classic rewards

      Sorry to disappoint but would have been way CHEAPER to pay money vs using qantas points for this purchase

    • +1

      Seems like a massive waste of points….. I used 230k points for a Perth - Gold coast return trip for 5 people…

      • ohh wow why did you end up paying that much points?
        it's 28,800 points per return flight pp

        so x5= 144k points vs the 230k you paid?

        • Edit… Actually flying to Brisbane with Qantas. We're restricted on the times of the year we can travel too.

    • -2

      I’m not traveled with Qantas point before so did not know they are that value. :( . i will call them to cancel the order tomorrow and reorder it again. Thanks guys.

    • +1

      It's a not a bad use of points imo. Business class upgrades are worth more if you actually value that.

      And one thing that is often overlooked with points is that you still end up paying a lot in taxes which is not covered by points.

    • Hopefully you get your points back. Just 5,000 points more and you'd have enough for a return class flight on the A380 to Los Angeles worth around $12,000. Or a Premium return and 40K points left over.

  • Tried multiple times but keep getting

    "We are sorry but your transaction could not be completed at this time; please try again later or contact customer service on 1300 662 859 or email [email protected]"

    Edit working now - was Amex Fraud detection system thinking something dodgy was going on.

  • +1

    I have the 2000 points and the 42c, now I just need $2,567 free.

  • Great value if it happens but im sure it has been incorrectly promoted as a 24-105 lens rather than the 28-70 kit lens which is more what the price reflects. Good luck to all…

    • +1

      there is a different listing for the 28-70mm bundle

      • Is it the same price?

        • no

  • +3

    The QANTASSTAFF code seems to not be working anymore- could possibly be due to the massive increase in 'staff' purchases of cameras and headphones over the weekend…

  • Is the QANTASSTAFF code no longer working? Tried to apply it and it said "Server connection failed or login expired, please refresh the page and try again". Tried on my desktop on multiple browsers. The connection is fine.

  • +1

    Unfortunately companies put t&c to cover pricing errors particulary on line as this obviously is (was). They wont sit back and literally lose $1k+ per item (potentially 100s) just to keep the punter satisfied.

  • Is it still worth to purchase it without the 10% discount code? Anyone know of any other codes I could apply instead?

    • +1

      Still worth it if you want the camera. The kit is going for over 4 grand. Less worth it if you’re just intending to flip the whole thing.

  • Item listing is still valid albeit no staff discount. This shows it is not pricing error.

    • See what happens… good catch if they honour the pricing…

  • Couldn't resist anymore and pulled the trigger finally… feeling guilty…

  • -2

    if anyone knows sony… is that they have MASSIVE MARGINS … imho, its not a pricing error. this might be close to their family and friends price imho.

  • +1

    No longer available, let's see what happens next….


    IT woke up. Hope they honour it.

  • hahahahahahaha ozbargained

  • +1

    Got a fair idea whats gunna happen next..

  • ITS GONE! Damn was just about to purchase one hahaha let me know how you all go! Would love to see if they honour it or not!

  • "Unfortunately A7 III With 35mm Full-Frame Image Sensor with Full Frame FE 24-105MM F4 G Lens With Optical Stabilisation was removed from your cart as it is out of stock. You previously had 1 in your cart."

  • +4

    To everyone that ordered this kit:

    Please advise us when you receive a notification of it being dispatched or cancelled.

    I will update this comment section as soon as I get an email notification.

    I've purchased via the Qantas Store in the past, based on my experience we won't receive any notification/tracking for a couple of days.

    • +2

      Will do

  • No way Sony have that much stock of the lens 24-105. I'm pretty confident of it not happening although I'd like to be pleasantly suprised.

    • +1

      You reckon they are gonna cancel all orders or honor some to stock level for earlier orders?

  • +2

    I'm positive that this is an error, and they meant to list the standard 24-70 kit lens (especially since they now have that bundle listed for the same price they previously had the 24-105 bundle).

    Whether or not they honour the sales is another matter… If they do,this is one of the bargains of the year. I got the camera body with 24-105mm for $3200 a few months ago, and that was basically the staff price at Sony Kiosk.

    • +3

      they meant to list the standard 24-70 kit lens (especially since they now have that bundle listed for the same price they previously had the 24-105 bundle).

      They have the 28-70 from the beginning of the sale and it is not the same price.

    • +1

      The 28-70 (not 24-70) kit was up the whole time and the price is/was slightly different. I wouldn't be surprised if this is pulled but I'm not convinced that's the reason they screwed it up.

  • +4

    Qantas have pulled the A7iii +24-105/4 listing, now having only the A7iii +28-70 listing up (which is marked out of stock).

    But the image on the 28-70 listing is the 24-105 lens.


    I'm don't think Qantas have a clue what's going on.

    • +1

      That's interesting.

    • Quite weird. At least the description is correct, although it makes no mention of the lens at all. The 24-105 bundle page had multiple photos showing the 24-105, and had the description for the lens as well. I wonder if they're shuffling info on the page to make it look more like a mistake? Probably getting into tinfoil hat territory…

      • +2

        Yeah. The website is a bit of a shambles.

        The A7iii + 28-70 listing makes reference to the kit lens being included in the title. But then has the 24-105 in the single picture available, and makes no reference to the kit lens in the description (other than the model id right at the bottom - ILCE7M3KB which is the kit lens bundle code).

        The A7iii + 24-105 listing made reference to the 24-105 lens being included in the title. Then had a picture of the camera with the 24-105 lens, but also a picture of the camera with 85/1.4 lens, but at least made reference to the 24-105 lens and all its specs and details in the description.

  • +3

    I missed this. Please post results. I need to feel better OR worse that I missed this.

    • +5

      You mean you need ozb closure haha

  • +14

    Called 1300 662 859 to confirm my order and they told me my order have been approved and will be delivered with 5-10 business days …. this will be a long wait :)

    • +7


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