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[Pre Order, eBay Plus] Samsung Galaxy Note10 $1149 / Note10+ $1349 Delivered @ Allphones eBay


Great pricing on the new Note 10. Only black available for both handsets and pricing excludes AKG headphones. Australian stock with GST invoice (ABN) is included, and TRS eligible. Dispatch begins 23/08.

Apply code PLUSPHONE at checkout for the discount. T&Cs here.

Enjoy :)

Note: 50 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and 50 Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus will be released every two hours at 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm and 6:00pm on 12th August 2019 only.

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  • here we go again …

  • +1 vote

    nice, that's a probably first decent drop

  • I would say this price is quite attractive.

  • take notes, apple

  • OOS?

  • +6 votes
  • Waiting for Amazon to price match like last time and get with AKG. Wait everyone, dont give it to eBay

    • Doubt Amazon wild match a price like this via a Promo code?

      • It did a lot of times ! Depends really but wait and watch till 3PM. Also EPP prices are lower than this anyway so no worth it at all. Even JB Commercial and Good Guys Commercial pricing is lower than this.

        TA, we expect this price + AKG :D

  • Officeworks price matched?

  • Nice trend, price dropped even before actual sale.

  • I suspect this store is reselling the Samsung Partner offer (50% off RRP), which also doesn't doesn't include the AKG phones.

    If so - the offer T&Cs forbid reselling.

    That probably won't deter partner employees reselling, but if it's the store themselves…?

    • No, Allphones would source their own stock from Samsung, not from a partner offer.

    • Which partner program has that pricing? I've got govt and there is no price drop there

      • Yeah govt is only 15% off. 50 sounds insane.

      • Its an offer where the sales staff members are invited to attend Samsung sales training (or similar) and then after that they are offered the phone at 50% off. It wouldn't apply in this case as it's one 50% code per staff member. (a friend at JB HIFI told me about this offer)

        • As far as i know only the telco partners have the 50% offer, e.g. optus, telstra, Vodafone.

          Telstra opens it to everybody in their organisation as they posted internally (intranet) how to get onto the Samsung training platform.

  • Don't forget 1% Shopback =)

  • any 5G?

  • Why iPhones doesn’t get such discounts even after 6 months of launch and Samsung does 🧐

    • Because it is Apple. Apple want the profit margin, they are not interested in a price war. It is a good strategy as people know the price won't drop until 12 months later (new model released) so there will be a long queue on the first day.

    • because they have legion of blind sheep feeding them. because they have the social engineering. brand name is far better indicator of sales than technical quality of the product, most people are not deep thinking ozb'ers.

      • I know people will neg you, especially the fanbois.

        Apple reminds me of the brand Hermes, even if you get slapped around with condescending/poor service, people will still buy their 20+k handbags. Imagine having to go through a abusive interview in order to buy one of their bags.

        Same with apple, they knew they had issues with their antenna design in the iPhone 4. They turned around and blamed all their customers saying 'it's not a problem with the phone, it's a user error in how they should hold their phone'. Then they had the balls to show you how you should hold a phone, which was to hold it using 3 finger tips. Lol

        Even then Apple users accepted this and sucked it up. If Samsung or any other company tried this they would get burned.

        Another good example, Samsung note 7 battery had issues, they got burned (literally and in the media). There was only around 35 reported phones around the world which exploded and Samsung did a full recall. Apple gimping IOS to put phone slowing due to battery deterioration which they told nobody so people went out to buy a new phone when it started to go slow. Nobody was furious about this. They just sucked it up. Even till now they have the performance throttle with no way with the user to turn it off. Lol

        Good business tactics (Apple) which builds a fan base is not the same as good technology.

        I hope Apple comes out with a new design in Sep/Oct this year, the airpods in Feb was a huge letdown, basically same sh1t with a new charging case which they don't even provide on the airpod2 without extra $$$.

    • and 6 month? look at iphone 7's price. i say they drop 10% after 2 years. steve jobs was a genius building an empire of mindless fans.

    • Depends entirely on if you need a new pair of headphones; could sell them separately for $100 or so I'm sure, but the outright price of $1149 if you were after the vanilla Note 10 would be better for many here I'd say.

    • Save $1336 or $1149 is a better deal for most people. Pre-order gadgets are more for fanboys/fangirls.

  • Any chance you'll do a promotion on the note 9?

    Is essentially the exact same phone as note 10+ but with a headphone jack and 50% cheaper

    • This. I need to buy a Galaxy Note 9 for my starving child at a heavily discounted rate if possible.

    • nice when did they upgrade the processor, screen, battery, camera, body, sensors and encryption on the note 9? how nice of samsung

  • Wow the cpu in these is not too far off last year's iphone xr.

  • Surprising.Hardly any demand.Only 13 sold.

    • +4 votes

      Surprising.Hardly any demand.Only 13 sold

      Because the people can see this is not a deal.

      • this is not 5G version

        I think Telstra has the Note 10+ 5G version, 512GB + MicroSD up to 1TB for about $1680 over 24/36 months, comes with the AKG.
        But you would need to get or upgrade to a plan.

    • Not surprising, phones have plateaued in performance and features for a while now. These silly phone companies kept increasing prices and thought people wouldn't notice. Even apple is down in sales.

    • You have to give them credit for ensuring everyone wins the EBay limited-drop-number-sale lottery though ;-)

    • 13 in the first half doesn't sound bad. Do you think there's hype for this phone? it doesn't really have a single new feature.

  • Waiting for all those AKGs to hit ebay/FB though.

  • Great price for Note 10 and 10+ that is on Pre-order. This even beat Samsung EPP prices too.

    Wait a few months near xmas time and price are likely to drop like hot cakes :)

  • For those without ebay plus, use the promo code PREPHONE to get 15% off the Note 10 and accessories.

    Starts 7pm tonight.

    • Is this still happening?

      • Yes, and no, and yes

        If you read the Terms & Conditions from dealbot's link:

        This offer is only available to eBay Plus members.

        From the T&Cs linked to from any eligible product (for example):

        5.… This offer is only available to eBay Plus members.

        So it should only be available for Plus members, but I'm not one and the code seems to work fine for me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Really tempting on the Note10+ even with the backwards step Sammy took with dropping features.
    256GB Note 10+ after TRS is $1195.

  • Bought 1 note 10+, thanks!

  • Still buying new phones not 5G for $1349?

    I think Telstra has the Note 10+ 5G version, 512GB + MicroSD up to 1TB for about $1680 over 24/36 months, comes with the AKG.
    But you would need to get or upgrade to a plan.

  • I'm suprised no one has mentioned these are the 4G models (according to the ebay subject)?

    I would have thought people would wait on the 5G models considering you'd want atleast 3 years from a current flagship (my S7 Edge is still strong at 3.5 years).

    Edit: Hah, teaches me to not refresh the page (i.e. comment above)

  • If you work for Telstra, you can get 50% off after completing the Quiz through their Samsung + plus

    • Same with Vodaphone, was offered if from a relative…but I'd rather keep my Redmi Note 7 as it has more features I want.

  • Which country of origin is it? Anyone know?
    Reason being not all version have the dual Sim functionality (duel use micro sim slot)

    • From what I can see from Samsung AU website, only note 10+ 256gb have dual sim.

      • Correct, but depending on which country it is destined for then the Note 10+ may or may not have dual sim function (lookup gsmarena).
        So I guess what I'm really asking is are the phones offered, 'grey' versions or true Aus spec.

  • That’s pretty good price for preorder, same as EPP price, but am waiting for more discounts on EPP later on. Which Samsung usually did.

  • No SD Card slot/Dual sim on Note 10 is a really backward step, WTF Sammy!

    • You should be comparing the Note10 PLUS, not the standard note. This is the real predecessor to the Note 9, with the only lost feature being the headphone jack.

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