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[NSW, VIC] AmEx: Spend $50 Get $20 Back (up to 3 Times) - Vogue Fashion Night out (MEL CBD 29/8, SYD CBD 5/9)



It's our fourth year sponsoring Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out and we're excited to welcome Card Members to our Amex Lounge in Melbourne, Little Bourke St. The Melbourne CBD will be in full swing on Thursday August 29, and while the shopping spectacular is open to everyone, only American Express Card Members can access our lounge to stop, relax, enjoy complimentary food and a drink before heading out to shop the night away.

We've got your back while you shop, with our exclusive Amex Card Member offer (Spend $50 and get $20 back, up to three times*) so don't forget to bring your American Express® Card along (or your mobile wallet) and save the offer prior to shopping.

More info: www.amex.com.au/vogue
Where: Amex Lounge, Little Bourke St, Melbourne
When: Thursday 29th August 2019
Time: 4.30pm
Entry: American Express Card Members (see eligibility)
What's On: Food, complimentary drink per entry, music and more!

Card Members can simply show their American Express® Card at the door.

Happy Shopping!

• Card Members must present their American Express Card as a condition of entry.
• Card Members may bring 1 guest. American Express Platinum Card Members and American Express Centurion Members may bring up to 2 guests, subject to capacity.
• A guest must be at least 18 years of age to enter without a parent or guardian.
• Access to the American Express Lounge is subject to capacity and bookings cannot be made or accepted. Wait times may apply.
• Complimentary in-lounge food and beverage are subject to availability and cannot be redeemed for cash or other payment form.
• American Express reserves the right to remove any person from the Lounge for inappropriate behaviour or failure to adhere to Lounge rules, including, but not limited to, conduct that is disruptive, abusive or violent.
• American Express will not be liable for any articles lost or stolen or damages suffered by guests inside the American Express Lounge.
• Dates and Hours of Operation:
Melbourne – Thursday, 29 August 2019 and Sydney – Thursday, 5 September 2019. Entry is available from 4:30pm (AEST). Dates and Hours of Operation are subject to change.

You can save the offer to your eligible Card from 22/08/2019, however only spend between 29/08/2019 to 12/09/2019 will be valid for the offer.
Offer valid once per participating Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out ("VAEFNO") retailer location, at up to three participating VAEFNO retailer locations. Any additional locations of the listed VAEFNO retailers are not valid for the offer.

The following participating VAEFNO retailer locations have additional restrictions:
• Spend at the Country Road location at Melbourne Central and the Trenery location at Melbourne Central will only receive one credit between both locations.
• Spend at InStitchu locations at 358 Lonsdale St (Melbourne) and 350 George St (Sydney) will only receive one credit between both locations.
• Spend at Vogue VIP Lounge locations at Little Bourke St (Melbourne) and Pitt St Mall (Sydney) will only receive one credit between both locations.
Purchases at David Jones exclude self-service gift card kiosks.
Offer is limited to three credits per Card to which the offer is saved and only spend on this Card counts towards the Offer.
Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly with your Card to which the offer is saved, in-store only at participating VAEFNO retailer locations. Offer valid at Australia locations only.
Excludes online purchases.
Excludes transactions made through a third party establishment or payment processor.
Credit is not redeemable for cash or other payment form.
Credit should appear on your billing statement within 5 business days from qualifying spend but may take up to 90 days from the offer end date.
Credit will not be applied to your Card Account if your Card has been suspended or cancelled.
Credit may be reversed if your qualifying purchase is refunded or cancelled.
Full Offer Terms available here. https://www.americanexpress.com/au/network/amex-offers-terms...

American Express Australia Limited (ABN 92 108 952 085). Registered Trademark of American Express Company.

To plan your full experience for Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out head to fno.vogue.com.au

22/8: Registrations open (limited to 100,000 cards)

Referral Links

Business Explorer Card: random (2)

Referrer: 40,000 Reward Points
Referee: 110,000 Rewards Points with $3,000 spend in 3 months

David Jones Card: random (27)

Referrer: 15,000 Reward Points
Referee: 25,000 Reward Points with 3 purchases outside DJ in 1 month

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    • +1

      coles group gift cards too

      • what deonimations of the coles myer card are there,

        since westfiled is a no go for melbournites, plus I dont shop at myer or DJ,

        Coles myer cards are the way to go for me

        • the card itself is blank, you just told them what amount you want

  • -1

    on my way to Melb CBD. boom boom paw

  • -1

    Do Myer/DJ sell JBHIFI gift cards ? are there any other stores that sells JB giftcards ?

    • Why would Myer and DJs sell JB Hi-Fi gift cards when they have their own electronics department?

      are there any other stores that sells JB giftcards ?

      For this Amex offer, no.

      • damm

    • If you want JB Hifi then I would suggest buying westfield giftcards and then using them at JB's that are inside westfields

      • They're from Melbourne; they'd have to fly to Sydney to do that …

        • Ah then no dice unfortunately

  • Are people who buying Sydney Westfield gift cards already getting cash back from today?

  • +1

    For Myer Melbourne gift card purchases, need to go to level 3 and present ID for checking.

    • Geez. Looks like I'll be using Google Pay if Sydney play the same rule

      • No ID check at Myer Sydney L5 this afternoon. However, I use Google Pay for most of my cards anyway, because carrying lots of cards around is a hassle.

        • Same, but I was buying Google Play gift cards.

    • +1

      I bought on the ground floor. No id checks.

      • I was on the ground floor near Mecca entrance.
        Tried to pay at Elizabeth Arden counter.
        They told me to go to level 3.

        May I ask which counter did you pay?

      • Sydney Myer, full id check. Not allowed ones that are not on your name. And only $50 no split allowed

        • Was lucky to go this morning then
          No split at myer doesn’t hurt as there’s no fees like Westfield

    • ID for a Coles Myer gift card??

      • DJs do the same thing, depending on who you get. It's about trying to prevent fraud

      • Yes.

    • +1

      Do they do immigration and customs check as well?

      • Nah it was probably a frisk… I actually wouldn't mind seeing some who work at Myer…

        • I expect next week they will be asking for 100 points of ID!

    • i went to the counter at level 2, seems to be ok, splitting payment and no ID check, maybe because i went in at off peak hour

    • +1

      Made four purchases on various levels and 8:30pm and wasn't checked once. The guys even automatically volunteered "$50?" for the amount without me even asking. Probably couldn't be stuffed any more as it was near the end of their shift.

      Remember to be nice to the staff!!

  • +3

    Westfield have got little smarter this year having pre-printed $50 Gift cards(comapred to load as much as you want) to prevent split payments.

    Myer Sydney CBD - I couldn't find many coles myer gift cards on the ground floor this morning. Level 5 had many and the lady was helpful in doing split payments.

    • That's good to know - I will head straight to level 5 this evening.

      • Update. Plenty of C-M gcs on level 5. All except one cashier was able to split one gc over multiple Amex cards. She said the system wouldn’t allow it. It does.

        Paid for all in 4 transactions on L5 - no id checks and no-one looked at my Amex cards.

        • -1

          Sydney start date for this offer was Sep 5,have you got email confirmations?

    • Hi many AMEX cards did you use? Did they check your AMEX cards against ID?

  • Can you use the same Amex card and get two separate $50 myer gift cards and get 2x$20 cash back?

    • +1

      The answer's here.

      • +1

        So that's a yes?

        • +1

          Confucius says

          Offer valid once per participating Vogue American Express Fashion's Night Out ("VAEFNO") retailer location

    • You could last year in Sydney with the two David Jones stores as they're distinct from each other; probably the same case this year

      • So you can buy Myer gift cards at David Jones????

        • I meant for DJs in general, not specifically Myer. Unlike Melbourne, the two stores are different. This year will be the last year Sydneysiders can double dip on the one card at DJs as this time next year, Market Street will be most likely closed.

      • yep, been there done that :) so what about now? isn't both DJ still at the same place?

        • Until next year when Market Street closes, yes. I don't know about now.

  • +2

    Sharing my experiences from Melbourne -

    Myer - Collected gift cards at entrance and paid at one of the cosmetics counters. No ID checks - but spent around 45 mins to get a receipt! Long Story short - there is always someone - making sure it doesnt get smooth. In my case the connection broke down between their payments processing system and card reader!

    David Jones - Tried to pay using Apple Pay but had to show them real cards! Queue was quite long to get the gift cards!

    • +1

      What's the point of having your cards on Apple pay if you still have to show the physical cards! Might have to report to Apple pay.

      • Trying to prevent fraud

        • Don't really understand how buying a $50 gift card can be a 'fraud' especially when you are paying with Apple or Google pay.
          I've made a plenty of big purchases before and they never checked my ID or the name on cc.
          It seems like a lame excuse to me..

          • @tyvod: Anyone can add anyone’s card to Apple or Google Pay if they have the right details (hi Dad!) plus these $50 gift cards don’t require a PIN. Your big purchases would have required a PIN.

            Can you now see why they’re being so anal about it?

            • @kerfuffle: The problem is they normally don't ask for ID to buy these giftcards outside this Vogue event. Understand the idea tho.

              • +1

                @z10cvbnm: Exactly. And I don't see why there should be more fraud during such an event than otherwise. If someone did have a stolen credit card, why would they care whether the account gets a $20 credit?

                • @davedave:

                  And I don't see why there should be more fraud during such an event than otherwise

                  People using Amex cards that technically aren't in their name (like supplementary cards) in order to get discounted gift cards …

                  • +1

                    @kerfuffle: 'Technically' is not required. Cards are either in your name or they are not in your name. Guilty as charged your honour!

                  • +1

                    @kerfuffle: I take your point, but if I take my partner's card to Myer with their consent to make a purchase on their card is that fraud?

                    • +1

                      @davedave: In the retailer's and bank's eyes, yes. After all, they do say don't share your PIN with anyone, don't lend your cards out etc. (although you and I both know that we know other people's PINs and create supplementaries purely for the Amex offers)

                      I'm not trying to cause an argument here, just trying to demonstrate why retailers are being so nitpicky at this time of year (as a former DJs staff member who didn't ask for ID when I got people doing split payment with cards that I know aren't theirs because frankly I have better stuff to worry about).

                      Out of curiosity, how will you show your partner's consent to the store if it came to it? Letter with their signature on it? Borrowing their photo ID? Without the person actually being there, it's hard to prove consent. Harvey Norman Auburn wouldn't let me buy Apple products and pay for Amexes that weren't in my name during their Amex Statement Credit time, so I had to drag my cousin and dad with me so they could show ID matching the cardholder's name …

                      • @kerfuffle: What if I showed a copy of my bill, I'm the primary card holder and my Medicare card that has both our names on it?

                        • @bluedufflecoat: I don't work for David Jones or any retailer anymore (not that I gave a shit at DJs; I know someone who managed to get a bunch of Amexes that weren't in their name with unused Vogue offers on the last day of the promotion, which was pretty impressive considering, to save tons on an Audiovisual product), so show what you want.

                      • +2

                        @kerfuffle: I know you are not trying to cause an argument. Nor am I. We are just having an interesting discussion. My point is that with or without proving consent, when the AmEx statement arrives it is going to be paid. When someone buys during an offer period, they care about the statement credit, they care about the bill, and they will take responsibility for the bill.

                        As against using a stolen credit card, where someone is trying to get goods or services without paying for them themselves. You wouldn't be particular to use a stolen credit card during an offer period.

                        So if as a retailer you want to catch real fraud, stolen cards, the sort of fraud that the credit card issuer would thank you for thwarting, don't try it during an offer period.

                        • @davedave: We should write to the three guilty parties (DJs, Myer and Westfield) and ask why they check, just to see what they say. 🤔

                          When I used to work at DJs, I asked my floor supervisor one year whether they did ID checks during this time after reading all the stories here, and they said they only checked if they were using multiple cards in one transaction.

  • Anyone know when the Amex kiosk in Melb open until? and is the 100k limit reached yet?

  • Does anyone one have a Samsung phone and have some AMEX cards setup on Samsung pay and some on Google pay? I used the ones on Samsung Pay but then went to use the ones on Google Pay but it didn't work. Has anyone experienced this and know how to fix? Thanks

  • "You can save the offer to your eligible Card from 22/08/2019, however only spend between 29/08/2019 to 12/09/2019 will be valid for the offer."

    Why is the post set to expire on 5th September ? Isn't it not 12th September ?
    I have reported using the "Report" button, but I received a message as "No action taken"

    • Use the Talk to a Mod forum and yes, the last day to take advantage of the offer is on September 12 (I can’t report it myself as I’ve already reported on this thread)

  • In Melbourne the gift cards purchase is easy. Got $50 for DJ n Myer. Awesome

  • Did anyone try gift cards from Zara and H&M. Do they have gift cards? Did a quick look on the internet and seems like they do. But checking if anyone's bought and how flexible were they to do split payment.

    what other options are others trying given that westfield is not allowing without in person id check

    • H&M sell gift cards as their sister store COS does. I don't know about Zara.

      I wouldn't attempt to do split payment in those two stores though since they're always busy …

      • Thanks for the update.

      • shrug did 2 cards at Zara just fine.

    • I bought Gift cards for both, can confirm they do sell it and you get the credit back.

  • question: the DIY offer registration machine dissappears after last night right?
    I registered one card, but the queue was so long, I didnt have the time to register my other cards, plus there was a staff member assisiting, so didnt want to hold up the queue

    • +1

      Yes. If you're that desperate to save the offer to your other Amexes, you can come to Sydney on Thursday.

      • Haha I'd need a lot of amex cards to make the flight worth it!

        • The bloke in front of me at the kiosk at about 6.45pm last night had a lot of amex cards. I'd say he had 50+. I arrived as he was finishing and was in awe. The staff member there was actually super helpful and didn't seem to mind (many, many) multiple cards being charged, so I also did my measly number of cards. Was a quick process per card.

          • +3

            @New Chump: 50+!!!!
            Holy batman

            • @Samsungnote10: I asked him if he was on OzB (thought I'd finally met someone with more cards than MathsNerd), but he said no.

              • @New Chump: I thought it was max 4-5 supp cards, people have up to 3-4 different cards, so max 20!

                but 50+ must be a record!

  • Managed to get some gift cards from Melbourne Myer and David Jones. It took a few tries with customer service agents and got rejected a few times (no ID for supplementary cardholder).

    • Which department store?

      • In Myer, the ground floor in the perfume area… and in DJ, had success upstairs in men's wear. My strategy was to choose someone who you think will not be too uptight with the rules. Also, say that you want to do split payments in $50 lots (but don't say how many credit cards).

  • Sharing experience in Melbourne, both Myer and DJ insisted on physical cards and ID for gift cards. Made a normal purchase at DJ with Google Pay with no issues

    • I'm not very familiar with these things. What's the problem with requiring physical cards and ID?

      • All other times of the year, ID isn't a requirement when buying a $50 gift card from these retailers

  • Will I get $20 credit if I use Apple Pay? Sorry it is my first time using Apple Pay for AMEX offers

    • +2

      Yes, if shop accept it

  • Anyone having this offer on their AMEX explorer cards? None if mine has this offer in amex app. My platinum edge has this offer on this other hand.

    • +1

      My friend had it on their Explorer card

  • +2

    So what are the 3 vendors per Amex card everyone is getting in Sydney?
    I am guessing we'll all get 2x Westfield giftcards and 1x Coles Myer gift card per Amex card?

      188 PITT ST

      450 GEORGE ST

    3. Coles Myer gift card from Myer Sydney CBD

    • 2x DJ
      1x coles myer

    • +1


      DJs, Mecca and $50 of Google Play credit from Myer on one card
      Most likely DJs x2 plus The Body Shop or DJs, TBS and more Google Play credit from Myer on another card
      My other two cards are going to friends and family who don’t have Amex cards and Westfield isn’t on their hit list either

      Didn’t get ID checked at either DJs or Myer but I worked at DJs for so long, people still think I work there 😅

    • Coles-Myer GC, DJ GC and Westfield GC on each card.