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HTC Vive Pro VR Virtual Reality Headset $899 @ Officeworks


Clearance sale on HTC Vive Pro VR Headset. (Headset only) - Office works

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    I don’t know what you’re going to do without controllers…

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    I like the bit bottom left hand side about

    Customers also bought
    Mentos Mint Individually Wrapped 200 Pack $10.99

    Goes well with the VR Virtual Reality Headset - For the price of the unit I would expect those to be throw in.


      Mine shows $49 Kaiser Baas Virtual Reality Headset VR-GT. Is this one really worth 20 of those? I still have the Samsung VR headset in its shrink wrap being used to make my alarm clock higher off my bedside table …


        If that's the SM-R325 model with the contorller I'll grab that off ya. Otherwise if it's the older model, it's slightly better than the Kaiser Baas ones but not as good as one of these.

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      Believe it or not, mint actually helps with VR sickness.

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    I’d wait for the index to come to Australia or buy a rift s or quest atm


      Should get a quest, wire free is a whole new level in VR gameplay. Shame oculus library is locked but you can get around it by streaming from PC.


        Streaming will introduce latency which is a bad thing in VR.

        I'm personally waiting to see pricing on Vive Cosmos.


          Apparently still has a cable? Or does it not?


            @ATangk: It does.

            Think of it as a successor to Vive and Vive Pro, but with inside out tracking.

            The turnoff for me is installing the sensors, not the cables. The cables are the price you have to pay for higher processing power than a 2 year old mobile phone chip.

            EDIT: Apparently this is incorrect. It might be untethered and a competitor to Oculus Quest. I will have to look into this.


              @lostn: Inside-out with cable is equivalent to the Oculus Rift S. Also, you say that about the quest but I've been using mine and honestly its mind-blowing the freedom. I used to play with the Vive at an arcade in China, they had those towers where the wire suspends from the top. Its still so much more freeing than those. Yes the graphics are worse but the immersion is greater, so overall I believe its nicer. Also, I can play it in the living room, take it to a friends place. Don't bag out the poor 835 until you've tried it.


                @ATangk: As always, with so many headsets and none of them being the one that does everything, it's all about what you're willing to compromise, and where your priorities lie.

                Some want convenience, others want the best looking experience. Some want the middle ground.

                I actually don't know much about the Cosmos. HTC have said precious little.

                But it has 6 cameras, and the resolution is the highest yet among the major players (higher even than Valve Index).

                What would be best is if Oculus would take their inside-out tracking tech from the Quest and create a new GearVR with it, which will be cheaper and you insert your smartphone inside. That way it will be like having a Quest but the hardware powering it is upgradeable. When you get a new phone, you will have better performing VR. The current Quest is already using a 2 year old 835, and in another 2 years time it will be a 4 year old processor that will never be upgradeable. You'd need to replace the entire headset when the 835 becomes obsolete.

                With an upgraded GearVR, you will always have an improved CPU as long as you continue changing smartphones every few years like you would normally do. It would save you money also, because you don't have to pay for any internals that are used only for the VR. You'd just be using a phone you would have bought anyway.


        Quest is gimped with the library. There are just so many options with the S….


          Makes you appreciate what you have more ;)
          But games can always be added in the future - can’t take away that cable though! Also I don’t have a gaming PC.

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            @ATangk: Ah, without a gaming PC 100% makes sense to go with a Quest then. But if you've got a PC, especially one with a 2080 or similar beefy graphics card thanks to Luke and Techfast here on Ozb (definitely would recommend giving them a look if you haven't got a gaming PC yet and are into gaming) then the S is a no brainer.

            Honestly, you get used to the cable, and there are just so many VR games out there on the internet, which you're just missing out on if you get a Quest which has just over 50 games, compared to the S' literal thousands.


    whaaaat… how are they on clearence already?

    Can you even buy a seperate controller?

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    i want to work in the office that needs these things.


    i have a decent gaming PC (1070 atm, will probably upgrade to a 2070 super within 6 months). I know nothing about VR, other than the games look clunky and generally pretty basic.

    Is the next gen about to drop in VR, should i hold out? Or is there something on the horizon that will appeal ?

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      The Valve Index is pretty much the next gen in VR, but not in Australia yet. However it will be probably double this price, and likely not out until later this year in a couple of months. So up to you.


        It's not a huge leap, but it does introduce finger tracking.

        There will always be leaps of this magnitude every year or two. Depends how long you want to wait.

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          I don't feel like I'm in a rush, but i also don't know what I'm missing out on… :|


            @lethalmoney: If you want to enter the VR space, This VR headset is more for high end gaming PC users.
            I would recommend having a play in one of the stores near you that have a demo of VR set up. JB Hifi or Harvey Norman sometime set these up.

            Also, Do lots of research..
            Every headset is different in its own way and each of the current newer headsets have benefits over their competition.
            Lighter vs heavier
            build in speakers vs no speakers
            external sensors vs internal
            Wires vs no-wires

            If you have money and want a good casual experience and are happy to upgrade again in a year or 2, i recommend the Occulus quest as it is a stand alone unit that doesn't require any external hardware or computer - Next few years will see many PC titles, so the limited space in the quest + the lack of a tether may affect its library and support.
            If you want a PC gaming VR headset, i suggest a tethered option. If you are uncertain, Hold out as some companies are currently working on hybrid devices that are tethered for PC gaming, though can be unplugged and used as a standalone unit. <- this is still early stages so we may not see it for a few years.

            In summary,
            Research your needs and the options available. Happy hunting ^_^

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              @Rhune: appreciate the replies…. I think i would be annoyed with cabling and also annoyed by latency on the other hand.

              Might have to wait for the 'perfect blend' a bit longer.
              I would ideally run it via PC, not standalone.

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