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[eBay Plus] OnePlus 7 8GB/256GB $611.15 | OnePlus 7 Pro 6GB/128GB $815.15 Delivered + More @ OZ Digital Online eBay


A popular deal is back. Items are most likely to be shipped from Hong Kong.

$611.15 | $704.65 OnePlus 7 8GB/256GB | 12GB/256GB

$815.15 OnePlus 7 Pro 6GB/128GB

$874.65 OnePlus 7 Pro 8GB/256GB

$985.15 OnePlus 7 Pro 12GB/256GB (1 left - Blue)

You can buy cheaper from 7272wil, OnePlus 7 from $583.52 and OnePlus 7 Pro from $754.63, but your experience may vary.

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      • +15 votes

        I've bought nothing but for the past few years, hands down the best flagship grade (ie. all latest bells and whistles) bang for your buck going. OS is practically stock Android, and always kept up to date. Never had an issue with the one I've bought, or handed down, or with those friends and family have bought on my recommendation.

        • Agreed.

          OnePlus is the best phone I have ever owned (after using Samsung Galaxys, Asus Zenfones and Motorola).

        • Me 3.

          I'm on my second OnePlus 5 (first died after laps in the pool - don't do it!) and it's been running strong for the last 2 years. I'm sure the new models are more betterer, but I cannot complain about anything. Excellent phones indeed. However, doesn't help me with looking for an excuse to upgrade hehe

        • It was a joke. When you have a Oneplus phone and people ask what phone you're using.

          • @beaver2233: Happens for anything that isn't Samsung in the Android world. Weird phenomenon considering Samsung is the worst Android experience available. In my opinion, anyway.

            • @BradH13:

              considering Samsung is the worst Android experience

              Are you sure! Why take emotion over judgement. Samsung is Now delivery pretty good user experience.

              I used to like Oneplus, they have become another Apple/Samsung. Bumping the price every year.

              • @No ONE: I have a Samsung Tab S4 with the new OneUI. Better than TouchWiz but still not to my liking, but don't really have a choice because Samsung are the only company making premium tablets.

  • K20 pro 8gb memory / 128 storage - $686 here

  • It's cheaper from this seller OnePlus 7 8GB/256gGB $583.52

  • I went from OnePlus 6 to the Galaxy S10 5G and aside from getting a bigger screen and wide angle camera, I honestly miss the OnePlus 6 fluid, stock and super fast experience!

  • Bought off this seller a few weeks back, my OnePlus 7 arrived in 2-3 days, highly recommended phone and seller.

    • main concern is warranty

      paypal only protects you for 180 days
      then after that the sellers can just ignore you if the phone fails..

      • I'd the seller ignores you you can file a charge back with your bank, as the item ships with a warranty, and if they don't honour it the product you have been provided if is not as described then it can count as a 'fraudulent transaction'.

        I've had success with this in the past with crappy eBay sellers.

        • you can file a charge back with your bank,

          can you do this with paypal

        • What's the process like for filing a bank charge back?

        • what is the process you do to file charge back
          if we paid with paypal and linked our debit/credit card or bank account to paypal?

          • @pinkybrain: Charge back through your bank. Call your bank and file a chargeback (only if paid via Mastercard/Visa/AMEX)

            • @No ONE: is there any danger of paypal banning our account if we do this?

              since we paid via paypal
              the bank would be contacting paypal?

              • @pinkybrain:

                is there any danger of paypal banning our account if we do this?

                They may or may not. If you are concerned, speak with PayPal first and advise them of charge back if they don't solve it.

                since we paid via paypal the bank would be contacting paypal?

                I guess. Bank will recoup from paypal, and paypal will run after the seller.

  • Recently bought a 7 Pro from eBay seller 7272wil and had a great experience - answered a few questions I had really quickly, posted the phone out fast and used DHL Express so it arrived within a few days.

    • +1 (no pun intended)
      Purchased a OnePlus 6 from 7272wil and no issue whatsoever.

      • not really a pun

        cos your comment is read as
        -plus one (+1)

        instead of
        -one plus (1+)

        • Precisely why there is no pun (intended).

          • @J4ckal: but if there was no pun (intended)
            then you didn't need to write (no pun intended)

            just simply write it as


            • @pinkybrain: I didn't need to write any of what I did the same way you don't need to tell me what I can or can't write. Yet here we are.

              • @J4ckal: It looked like you thought there was a pun in there - hence your comment of nonintentonal pun.

                Pinkybrain just pointed out that there was no need for "pun not intended" clause because technically there was none in the comment to begin with.
                And he didn't tell you what you can or cannot do, he merely said there was no NEED for the extra comment.
                I say he was right.
                I though it was the spirit of this community to rip into people who fail at trying to be funny. I always see it as funny banter, no need to be salty.

                • @ripprind: Since we're beating this horse beyond death, my statement "no pun intended" does not mutually exclude "no pun (at all)".
                  You can't have your cake and eat it. Either I say +1 as is the correct form for affirming a previous statement and agreeing with them, in which case there is no literal pun or I say 1+ and be using it incorrectly and forcing the pun. I went for both anyway.

                  And he didn't tell you what you can or cannot do, he merely said there was no NEED for the extra comment.

                  You missed the next line though,

                  just simply write it as +1

                  There is no "can" or "need" in that sentence. It is a command in it's most basic form. Not a suggestion. A suggestion would read "You could simply write…"

                  I though it was the spirit of this community to rip into people who fail at trying to be funny.

                  Last time I checked, my username wasn't JV… But honestly people get more upset about overly nit-picky zealots who can't help themselves from an "uh aCTuAlLy".

    • How much did it cost? Thanks

      • I got my 7 Pro when there was an eBay 15% off promotion last month. I ended up paying $790 for the base model (6GB/128GB) which I was very happy with. I noticed 7272wil has recently dropped his price further so in the latest 15% off promotion it would have come to around $750.

  • can we claim TRS ?

  • Onepro 7 pro is amazing. Moved from IPhone X and loving every big of it. OxygenOS is so clean and efficient. 90hz screen will have you loving the experience.

    • can you put lineageOS on the OnePlus 7 Pro

      how much you paid and for which model of OnePlus 7 Pro?
      and where you bought yours?

      • there are other LineageOS alternatives, which are decent and awesome itself.

        OP7 community is vibrant and amazing kernels are also around.

      • Mine was just under 860 from oz_digital_online. Not sure re lineageOS but will have a look now.

  • Just note that the GM1910 is the Chinese market variant (GM1913 is the global variant). Dunno if this actually affects anything…

  • +7 votes

    Wouldn't recommend buying from eBay seller 7272wil. Doesn't honor warranty. Phone failed after 7 months and I asked for repairing and they just ignored my messages. Couldn't even claim through PayPal dispute as it was beyond the 180 days dispute period.

    • What happened to the phone? This is exactly what I am worried about buying an imported phone from eBay.

    • Buying with Amex cards would help to avoid such situations.

    • Just looked - he seems to advertise australian warranty in headline so you should have a great case for fair trading I would have thought.

    • someone commented above that you might be able to contact your bank and get them to file a charge back as the seller didn't honour the warranty and thus can be considered as a fraudulent transaction.
      idk tho

  • +3 votes

    Fast charging stopped working. Only slow charging which takes forever.
    Also phone wouldn't connect to any PC. Tried different cable's but no luck :(
    I reported the seller to ebay as well but they cant do anything as well.

  • Bought a pro two or three weeks ago in a similar sale. Great phone. Great value. Great seller.

  • What's the camera like on the 7 Pro?

    • Pretty solid. Slightly behind Huawei P30 and Note 10+.

      • Lol u r a joke guochuqiao.. The camera is no match to those 2 phones..

        • Dxomark scores:

          Note 10+ is 113
          Pro Pro is 112
          OnePlus 7 Pro… 111

          • @Astro551: As an owner of the 7pro - the camera is better than any other oneplus phone, but it's nowhere near the p30 or Note10+ That DXO score is one of the strangest things. Now if you install the Gcam port the camera is WAY better and really really good. You just can't use the wide-angle or zoom lens without rooting. I use the wide-angle sometimes but didn't want to root the phone so just use the stock for it, and Gcam for everything else.

  • Does anyone know if seller gives an invoice? I am not after tax invoice. Can get the amount reimbursed from work and they accept invoice from overseas seller (just need invoice). I have sent a message to seller and reply was "invoice given only for warranty purpose". Not sure what this mean. Asked for more details, but no reply :(

  • Does this have band 28 guys? I'm getting inconstant information on the interwebz. Thanks!

  • Would shipping and buying from HK an issue with protests going on??

  • My daily driver now after the S8+, love the phone.

    Only thing I miss is AOD

    • You can use "AOD" Magisk Module.
      ( but you have got to root your phone and for OnePlus, it's not a big deal )

      but i use on my OP6, something similar called "tilt display" or something like that.

      it's not AOD, but every time you move your phone, the display lights up.

  • anyone know what version Chinese or Global?

    • You'll be fine with either, 99% sure they already installed global rom on Chinese version. If not, it's super easy to install

  • No waterproof rating or wireless charging is a dealbreaker for me

    • No waterproof rating

      It's "waterproof enough" - even the phones with a water resistant rating, if anything goes wrong when you're using it under water, no warranty will be honoured. Depends what you want to do, I wouldn't dunk this in water (then and again, why would you dunk a phone in water), but for the purposes of using it in the rain (or even in the shower or whatever), the OP7 is fine.

      • I used my s7 edge in the swimming pool and my home button stopped working, they replaced it under warranty while also replacing the screen and battery, YMMV

    • Apparently - and I'm going by MKBHD here - they are waterproof in that they have all the rubber and other necessary proofing, they just didn't pay for the IP rating which costs anywhere from $10-$30 per device

      Believe what you will but dave2d (another youtuber) did his entire review of the phone while it was submerged

  • Redmi K20 Pro upgraded the front camera to be a popup one, and happily made your 0.1 second face unlock into 4 seconds so you give up and use the under display fingerprint reader, however it doesn't work when your finger is a little bit wet. The k20 pro's vibration motor is cheap one so it feels not right if you are used to good feedback. My 2 cents.

  • Is there really much difference in performance between the OnePlus 7 and the pro. I dont care about the camera

  • I have been holding off for S10 dual sim, and this Oneplus 7 is a great alternative:
    + flat screen
    + dual sim
    + NFC
    + oxygen OS
    + no moving parts

  • Is it worth the $200 difference for the Pro version - looking at GSMARENA, doesnt seem to be?

  • I got one plus7 from last deal with this seller, received in 4 days via DHL will recommend Oz Digital any time

  • This or Xiaomi mi 9? :/