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[WA, QLD] Good Food and Wine Show Perth or Brisbane Free Tickets


Get 2 free tickets to Perth Good Food and Wine show

Brisbane Link

Add coupon code for 2
Complimentary - Any Day Entry

Also try other old codes if this expires

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Good Food and Wine Show
Good Food and Wine Show

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    Coupon works for Brisbane too, thanks for sharing!

    • Was looking for free tickets and just tried old codes from previous years great that it’s working for Qld as well 👍

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    Thanks OP

    Can anyone give me the heads up of what really the show is and what you get with this ticket?

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      what really the show is and what you get with this ticket?

      Good food and wine.

      • do you get much for free or is it like tiny samples and you have to pay for most of the things

        i.e.: if a cheap dude who won't fork out money goes, would it be worth it or a waste of time

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          You can get drunk very easy with just the samples, beer theres not a lot, but wine you would need all 3 days to try everthing.

    • I think it is one of the better food and wine events. It is lots and lots of tiny samples of produce to taste, which add up when you try them all. Produce being things you buy and take away, not consume on the night (eg. cheese, spreads, wine etc.). Most samples are free, but some of the more expensive spirits will charge you. And yes, you can easily drink enough free samples to get quite jolly…

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    Can’t see any day tickets for Perth but do see them for Brisbane.

    • 23-25 August

      • Doesn't work for Perth. The website is not adding the free "Complimentary - Any Day Entry" tickets for Perth, but works for Brisbane.

    • Seems the code is still accepted, but now no option to select the number of tickets comes up (maybe sold out? Or they've caught on).

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      The option for the free tickets not working on Perth but does on Brisbane.
      Accepts the code.

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      It worked for me 20 minutes ago
      Got 2 tickets for Perth

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        Should the price reduce on the first page or does the discount show up at the end?

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          When you do it on the Brisbane show, another box appears under the standard tickets tab (above the Citi's stuff). The tab appears on the Perth one but no option to add tickets.

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            @whitelie: It appears all codes are broken. The Entertainment Book Promo Code ENTERTAINMENT19 also shows up but doesn't work.
            Maybe it will work later.

            ENTERTAINMENT19 Entertainment Book Offer

  • Thanks OP, worked for Brisbane!

  • Booked 2 for Brisbane. Thanks OP!

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    Just managed to get 2 tickets to Perth. Thanks!

    • What option did you select?

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        You put the coupon code in, and a new option appears. You can select 1 or 2 tickets, then proceed.

        • Bugger yeah, I can get that for Brisbane but it's not showing up for Perth for me. Did you click straight through from the Ozbargain link?

  • Looks like the "Any Day Entry" option isn't available for Perth.

  • Does it ask details of only 1 person, but will allow 2 persons to enter if you've chose 2 tickets?

    • Yes, my ticket just says to register the 2nd persons details on the iPads at the event, or you can click on the link on the ticket to register the 2nd person.

      • Did that. They re-issued the same ticket and now the second one has the name as well. Thanks. Looks like a minimum saving of $50 here.

        Will these tickets be honoured? Like someone said, is this apparently a bug?

  • Brilliant!

  • Awesome, Thanks OP!

  • Awesome! Thanks OP, I managed to get 2 tickets to the Brisbane show. :)

  • +8

    It shows:
    TELSTRA Complimentary Tickets

  • Half the people there are going to be ozbarginers now haha

    • Until they get inside and realise you still have to pay for most things and deal with the crowd. Went three years ago with free tickets, ended up leaving fairly early…

  • I paid last year, on Groupon with a discount coupon. Was it free last year?

    • as far as i know it’s not been free for a few years

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    Can’t seem to get it to work for Brisbane. Comes up
    TELSTRA Complimentary Tickets
    Any ideas guys?????

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    No longer working?

  • Coupon worked for Brisbane but it shows 2-4–1 price now
    *on my iPad, typed the code and clicked scroll button to remove keyboard screen then ticket number option popped up

  • I get the same message that the code is valid but no tickets for free. Brisbane.

  • Not working for brisbane anymore

  • +6

    Thanks OP for putting up a staff exclusive offer…

    • -3

      You are welcome …you seem to be a not to happy Telstra worker that missed out

      • I got the free ones for Sydney the other month. Point is, this is a staff offer and not for the public. The more these get posted the less offers for staff.

        • Doesn't matter now, they've cancelled these tickets.

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    Hehe, some ozbargainers who have grabbed a few yesterday night, will put up for sale now.

  • Appears to be no longer working

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      Maggiebeer10 works for $10 tickets

      • "I'm sorry, that coupon 'Maggiebeer10 ' has expired." for Perth

        • Sorry, worked for Brisbane. Didn't check Perth.

      • thanks for this still working on Brissy :) appreciate ya

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    Unfortunately I won't be going, but will be there in spirit. :-)

  • I have 2 tickets for brisbane (was testing how it worked for brisbane and not for perth earlier). The 1st one to reply to this post and also pm me his email address gets it

    • pm'd

      • got your pm. pls send me your email contact. cheers

  • -2

    If anyone got any Perth tickets and can't go, I missed out and am super keen… :)

  • -2

    Damn, missed out. If anyone has Perth tickets and can't go, would love to take them off your hands :)

    • -1

      Me too.

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