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Motorcycle Gear Sale - Jacket $189, Boots $99.99, Helmet $79.99, Gloves $34.99, Cover $29.99 @ ALDI


Motorcycle Gear Sale

  • Jacket $189
  • Boots $99.99
  • Helmet $79.99
  • Gloves $34.99
  • Bike Cover $29.99

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  • +10 votes

    Can vouch for the quality of the leather jacket (which is actually CE2 rated) as well as the bike cover

    Was hoping they'd have the stands again this year (could do with a front stand) and a leather pant option. Will still have a browse during the sale though.

    • I can't vouch for the jacket they're selling this year, but I bought an aldi leather bike jacket about 5 years ago and the thing is still in perfect condition. I've bought motorcycle jackets, gloves, and boots from aldi before, the quality seems to be on par with the entry level gear you'd get from any other bike gear store, just cheaper.

      • Yeah I should clarify my jacket/cover was from last years sale (I was lucky enough to get the Jacket for 50% cheaper again!) and going by the photo it looks like the jacket hasn't changed. As far as safety goes I remember at the time it was one of the first jackets to be certified to a certain high euro standard both for slide and armour.

        All my other gear is Alpinestars, Dainese, Five, AGV, HJC, TCX but other than wanting a more sport fit jacket that zips together with pants I've been very content with the Aldi jacket and it's kept me warmer during these cold mornings.

    • I can vouch for the full face helmet. Surprisingly quiet, built in sun visor, euro-style ratchet chinstrap instead of a double-D ring. Punches well above it's weight for 80 bucks.

    • Took a look at the jacket. Material is supple, and looks like it has a decent quality back protector built in. No hard shell on the protector, so not as solid as the ones I use & won't prevent your back bending too far the wrong way in a bad crash, but a hell of a lot better than nothing

  • The intercom is worth mentioning, I've been using mine daily for the last year or so and it's held up quite nicely minus 1 warranty claim.

    • So with the intercom can you only talk to aldi intercoms or any other brand as well?

      • Nah it's a rebadged freedcom eBay cheapie. I have the same one off eBay. I think it's cheaper from eBay and quality is pretty good. Use it daily for the past 2 years.

      • Any that can use Bluetooth, I have connected with a Sena before, it's a bit of a mission but it works.

        Main complaint is the max volume isn't great, but for the price it isn't terrible.

        • I haven't had any problems with the volume. Perhaps it's the positioning of the speakers in your helmet?

          • @edrift: It's not terrible, it's fine around town but on my mt with an exhaust on the freeway it gets drowned out.its under a thin bit of foamm but is located quite close to my ears.

    • For those that have the bluetooth intercom are you able to tell me if it has a button that will activate something like google assistant (or I guess siri in the apple world) which I can then speak instructions to i.e "navigate to home" "play music" etc

      My current cheap bluetooth intercom works well but lacks this function and I don't believe any of them have an always listening mode for the "ok google" command

      • No sadly it doesn't do this out of the box.
        I think you can get an android app to remap the buttons though

        • Thanks for the quick reply @edrift. Thought that may be the case. I've been meaning to looking into a android button remapper for my current headset so might have a play with that first

      • I double tap the big circle button and it opens ok Google.

  • Con- HEAVY


    Didn't realise fathers day was a series of sales. Thought that was coming up this week?

  • Nice, thanks for the heads up!

  • Great timing. Going on my pre learners course next week. From those that have bought from previous sales, is there anything I should avoid?

    • Pretty sure everything they sell has the appropriate safety CE ratings. I wouldn't want to do track days in some of the stuff (simply because there's better choices out there for that) but it should be more than enough for a pre learner. I have to emphasise it's only a good deal if the gear fits you well. Fit on a motorcycle is really important both for comfort and safety especially for something like gloves and helmets where fit is very personal you could by the most expensive $1500 helmet but if it doesn't fit right it's no good. It's not particularly fashionable gear but for cruising around while learning it will do the job until you have undoubtedly got a better idea of what kind of gear you'd really like down the line.

    • Everything that i have tried from them have held up brilliantly.
      I have tried basically everything they offer for bike gear for at least 2 to 5 years, except for the helmet.
      Cant fault them, especially as entry level gear for a learner. Would recommend. I really like their leather jacket, kevlar jeans and gloves.

    • Don't get the helmet unless it fits well.
      You will need to try on a range of brands and models to know what I mean.

      Other than that, I use the leather jacket and leather pants on my daily commute and got them 5 years ago. Fantastic quality.

      Their gloves are a bit cheapo quality.. you can often pickup decent ones for a similar price ($30) on sale at bike stores.

  • The padded gloves are some of the most comfortable and resilient gloves I've ever had. I had Dainese that wore out in no time. The padded Aldi have been much better and way cheaper.

  • +4 votes

    Ivd got some carbon knuckled aldi gloves. Used them daily for two years all good.

    • Same 2 years are still going strong.
      Worth mentioning that they did update them last year so there are some differences to my version but from what I have heard the newer ones are still good.

      • New ones are just some small improvements, a bit more protection for the base of the thumb and a flap that extends a bit farther over the top of the wrist etc. Same build, should still be great. My pair from a few years ago are going strong and have picked up some newer ones recently on clearance for family.

  • The moto base layer top is awesome for warmth just for everyday use. I can use this and a light jumper when outside on chilly 5 degree mornings.

  • I tried on the helmets in previous years but I wasn't so convinced. I'm confident they're safe, but I wasn't so sure about comfort and practicality. Will try again this time around.

    Any other good but cheap helmets to get?

    Also it's just my old scratched up HJC visor that I might need to replace. Have polished it heaps of times but it's not quite coming up very clear any more. Where can I get a cheap HJ-17 visor? Looks like I can get from Amazon USA for $35 but is there any cheaper ways?

    • Err $35 is cheap… Last time I checked the visors for my helmets were about $80 each!

    • Agree with edrift, last time I went hunting the cheapest genuine HJC visor I found was $60 (without shipping) for my helmet but that is from an Australian store.

      I don't own but have worn the Aldi helmets and although they feel cheap in certain places they do seem pretty good looking at the important parts of the construction safety wise.
      One word of warning though unless they have changed they are a fairly noisy helmet if you are catching airflow on a naked or low screen bike.

    • I stupidly purchased a HJ-17 Visor for my helmet (Mirrored Gold) - genuine HJC part purchased from revzilla , but it's the wrong model for my helmet… I'll sell it to you for the right price (can throw in a pinlock shield for the visor too)! :P

  • Can vouch for the Carbon knuckle gloves (from two years ago) the jeans (from 3 years ago), leather jacket (from 5 years ago, but not for warm weather) and the socks.

    I was really hoping that they would have the summer jacket or better yet there normal (non-leather) jacket with more ventilation as my 13 year old Dry-Rider is definitely on the way out but it looks like it's only leather this year.

  • I had the helmet, and just a warning, it is very bad. The padding does not clip onto the shell properly, the glue used it loses consistency, etc. couple of times when I took the helmet off the plastic behind the padding at the chin stabbed my eye as the helmet was sliding up. My helmet came with replacement pads, but can not be installed properly because each pad has 3 clip points and they do not lineup to the shell clip points. And on top of all that, it is very noisy - like a hurricane inside

  • I have been using the ALDI BOOT and Gloves 15 minutes AM/PM commuting 5days a week.

    They are good quality.

  • I have those boots and they are pretty good for the price.

  • Bike cover still good after 6 or 7 years (only 1-2 years of actual use though)

  • Do the bike cover only come in one size?

  • yay - my favorite Aldi sale. My 0.02:

    Carbon knuckle Gloves - brilliant. I buy a pair every 2 years just because. I love them - highly recommend.
    Jacket - very thick leather and heavy padding. Feels like it would do well in a slide. Probably too hot for most people in summer, but i wear mine every day regardless because i prefer protection over comfort. Recommend
    Socks - good if you like long socks. I dont bother wearing them that often.
    Boots and Helmet - they look a little iffy to me, but if they fit well, they're probably OK. No real experience with them.
    Tank bag (old style) - feels cheap but has done the job for a few years. Would buy again, but it's not spectacular.
    Jeans - i have the full length kevlar version from a few years ago, but they have never sold them again :( I wear them every day and would recommend (my version), but the ones they sell now only cover bum, knees and hips and have the associated potential for the seams to tear around those points in a slide :(

    • What are the sleeves like on the jackets? I tried one of their non-certified leather bike jackets a few years ago, and I can't remember which, but thought the sleeves were either a little too tight in the bicep or a tad short.

      • Leather jacket sleeves are a good fit. Not too loose or tight. Length is suited to riders

        The textile jacket is extremely tight on the arms. I think it was bad design but I only paid $30 for it on clearance last year.

    • are the carbon gloves warm enough for winter?

      • I doubt it.

        Check out AliExpress for Revit winter gloves. I have bought two pairs from them. They are legit parallel imports for half the price ($50).
        Good for 3 degrees mornings.
        Excellent quality gloves.

    • Come on, this is ozbargain. What's the code so we can get your advice for < 2c?

  • Can someone post the full catalogue please?

  • +3 votes

    “The Terminator: I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle.
    Cigar Biker: You forgot to say please“

  • Not sure if I'd trust the chain lock and ubolt with a motorbike in a public area overnight, but $20 is very reasonably priced for a second pushbike lock for the work cages.

  • Can anyone who has a pair of Aldi boots tell me what their sizing system is? AU, US, EU, etc..

    I want to prepare and know my size before I join the mad rush when these drop.

  • How long has this taken to sell out previously? Booked my Ls training course 8am to 11:30, and worried I wont get a jacket. Will it run out that quickly?

    • It'll vary by store. I'll be waiting until they drop price and move them to the clearance basket.

    • There are so many aldi stores so I wouldn't worry. They tend to run out of M and L sizes first.
      Having said that, I got a textile jacket in size L many weeks later on clearance for $30

    • How'd you go?

  • Dunno if their leather pants are on sale this time, but they are very low cut, not only making them a little uncomfortable, but worse, allowing a gap between your pants and back of jacket unless your jacket is very long. Others have complained about this also.
    Their motorcycle gear can be super cheap when on clearance. I bought a heavy-weight touring textile jacket for about $25 a couple of years ago.

    • Never had a problem with comfort but I do agree they are cut a little low at the back.

      I suppose still better than not wearing protective pants though.
      Alternatively you could add a zip top three back to connect to your jacket or some jackets have a simple button on loop that connects to the pants belt loops.

      The leather in the pants is very thick so great for winter riding but unbearable in summer.

      • Can't fault the leather quality. Was thinking of getting a bootmaker/tailor to add a four inch leather strip to the back. Yeah, textile/kevlar for summer.

  • After a pair of gloves but will only be around aldi at lunchtime on sat. Safe to leave it till then or should I go stand in line at opening?

    • Leave it. Honestly they really aren't the best gloves nor are they worth waiting in line for.

  • Safe to leave it. Always been gloves several days after start of sale at my local. At worsed, try another store.

  • Anyone have the tail bag?

    • Went in this morning to pick up a jacket, had a look at the tail bag but it didn't impress me enough to buy it

      • I grabbed one. Fitting was interesting (as i've got a one piece seat and exhausts that run out the back), but I think it seems secure enough.

        Time will tell I guess.

        • I had one for about a year on my bike. Just had to do up the straps from time to time to make sure it was tight, but it was never to at the point where I thought it would come off. Just a bit of wiggle.

    • Bought it yesterday.
      Installation was a pain but got it on. Was just confused on how the "right" way would be to install it and it doesn't come with any guides/general instructions.
      I'm new to motorcycles as well so was just confusing to me.
      But I got it on and seems secure.
      I got it so I could just store small stuff like a bottle of water and if I needed to buy something small while out then I have somewhere to store it until I got home.

      • I reckon it will fit a bit more than I first thought, especially once expanded.

        I'm confident I could pack a weekend away (in warmer weather) in it.

  • Picked up a pair of boots this morning to replace my broken Dainese touring boots. They're not leather, but solid enough in the right places, including no twisting in the sole, basic ankle slide & shin protection. I wouldn't wear them to a track day, but for your regular commute the price is hard to beat.
    Downsides? Because of the material I suspect my feet will get wet in winter & summer alike due to external & internal factors respectively.

    Breaking them in around the house they're actually more comfortable than my Dainese. Will get out on the bike later to confirm.

  • Did anyone get the merino wool top? Any good? Thinking I might wait till they go on clearance. Seem to be heaps left

  • Grabbed the cover and carbon knuckle gloves, both seem pretty awesome for the price

    • Yep gloves seem great.

      On a side note, how good is Aldi's return policy. Pretty quickly worked out Large gloves were too big.

      took 2 pairs back with no tags (had receipt), and they swapped them straight over for mediums no questions asked.

  • Did anyone get a bluetooth headset? If so, do they come with a mic you mount interally (small button style), or a fixed boom mic?

  • Went to take a look at the jeans, I am 6' and they are all too long compared to any other pants or jeans I've tried.
    Even though the size on them states they suit someone 179cm…

    Not sure if worth buying due to this.

  • Aldi Belconnen -Canberra - are having 50% off for base layers and socks this morning

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