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ThinkPad P43s - i7-8565U 16GB RAM 512GB SSD 14" HDR WQHD 2560x1440 Quadro 2GB - $2242.51 Delivered @ Lenovo

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Price as configured in title.

This looks pretty tidy to me but maybe I am clueless. The HDR WQHD 500 nit screen with full Adobe RGB is the same one offered in X1 by the looks of it. I think the only real weakness I can see is the 50Wh battery. I was set on the Dell XPS 15 for my next photo processing laptop but I think this might a better option price wise.

This is just under 18mm thick, backlit keyboard, fingerprint reader, fast charge with 65w charger Intel 9560 11ac 2x2 +BTS 5.0 and 3 year warranty.


  1. USB-C connector (USB 3.1 Gen 1)
  2. Thunderboltâ„¢ 3 connector (USB-C)
  3. Docking-station connector (together with slot number 1 and 2)
  4. USB 3.1 Gen 1
  5. HDMI
  6. Headphone/mic combo
  7. microSD card reader
  8. Smart card reader (optional)
  9. USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Always On)
  10. RJ-45
  11. Security-lock slot

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  • -1

    The reviews of the HDR screen on the 7th gen X1 Carbon put it at the bottom of the pile in battery tests because of that stupid 50wh battery. Why would they try and improve speakers that no one listens to and sacrifice battery life? I loved my 6th gen X1 but bought an XPS 13 instead.

    • I, on the other hand, use laptop speakers all the time, and mostly use external power. It's an interesting deal for such users.

    • +1

      Why would they try and improve speakers that no one listens to and sacrifice battery life?

      Whilst I agree that it's becoming more uncommon for people to listen to audio via their inbuilt speakers rather then headphones, it's going a bit far to say that no one listens to them.

      Also, I'm not sure why people are so surprised about the battery life with a HDR screen, simply opt for the full HD variant if it's a concern.

  • -2

    I am confused by this model to be honest. 14 inch? 15W cpu? P520 video? 50Wh battery? I don't know how that even qualifies to be called a workstation.

    Bought my Dell Precision 3530 workstation with P600 Quadro card, i5-8300H, 90Wh battery, 300nit Full HD panel for $1300.

    Shop around for a better deal!


    or this

    will outshine Lenovo any day, and you will get some gaming done too when you're not editing photos.

    • +7

      I mean you're comparing a 14" 1.5kg 329x227x14.9 laptop designed to be an extremely portable thin CAD workstation with a 15" 376x250x24.3 laptop designed to be a portable CAD workstation. Horses for courses and whatnot, but if you need a 100% adobe colour gamut ISV certified highly portable thin workstation, this is infinitely better than the dell at that price.

      Really depends on what you're after, as with anything! I was considering one of these but the quadro put me off it as basic gaming stuff is better served by an MX150 or 250.

      • I am delivering a comparison of value per buck here. sure you can spend $4k+ and get exotic mobile workstations that you can render a Toy Story on from start to finish in 20 minutes. I am saying that unless you really really need to cover full ARGB which you will never see anyway unless your camera shoots in ARGB and you print parrot shots in National Geographic, no need to spend this much.

        • +1

          Absolutely, it's certainly a niche machine to say the least. The market of people needing ISV certified machine that's thin and light AND has the high gamut screen AND don't need the faster CPU seems insanely small.

          But hey if that's what you need not really any other options I've seen.

          • +2

            @millsy c: You both are awesome.
            All I was thinking when I saw this was "Wow a WQHD screen on a laptop, I NEVER see those!" As everything seems to be either FHD or BAM 4K-over-the-top-ness.
            I was curious about it until you both put your 2c in. Now I see it is not for me.

          • @millsy c: I used to be a big Lenovo fan, my business workhorse being T450s still holding strong after all these years. but after I was introduced to business grade lines from Dell (Latitude 5000 and 7000) Lenovo shifted to second place.

            Precision 3530 is built upon Latitude 5591, so don't think that you're losing anything in quality components department or build quality. That thing just can't be bent or twisted which is rare for a 15 inch machine.

            I would still say that 15 inch is a minimum screen size for a mobile workstation, to be able to properly see what you're doing. Full HD plus 15.6 inch means you can run Windows at native resolution without scaling and still read all the labels on your application controls. 14 inch is a substantial step down in workspace area.

            but yes, this is a very very niche product as I can hardly imagine who this combination is for. yes 1.5kg fine! but 14 inch.. 15w cpu.. bottom of the bucket entry level Quadro card.. not sure, man, not sure.

        • Dell alternatives are cheaper for a reason, and whilst we are on a site designed for chasing bargains, sometimes it's better to spend that little bit extra for build quality/form factor.

          • @magic8ballgag: if you buy retail, same Dell will cost you $2700. for a reason alright! haha

            no one I know would buy this kind of hardware retail, BTW. there are ways to get your hands on them cheap, if you know the channels and you can wait a month or two. my unit was priced retail $2700 at the time of purchase (with the config and 3 year pro on site warranty), but I snatched it for $1300 (actually cheaper than this after adjustment, but that's not important).

            so the only reason Dell is cheaper is because I knew how to get it cheap! haha

            • @[Deactivated]: Fair enough, in that case it really should come down to an individual's use case and what features they prefer.

              Personally, I do not want to sacrifice light weight and form factor for the sake of a bigger screen and the extra power offered (and evidently heat generated) by a discreet GPU.

              • @magic8ballgag: then apart from needing a full ARGB gamut I see no reason of getting this over, say, Latitude 7390. magnesium body, power optimized to the boot, top of the line components, and you can fly to Singapore and back and have a little shopping spree for the cash you save.

                don't get me wrong, I just feel it's my obligation to try and save some money for my fellow ozbargain members.

                • @[Deactivated]: Of course, but now you're providing an alternative that is of lower specifications/features, simply because you like Dell over Lenovo.

                  • @magic8ballgag: err what is lower there, beside the screen? the CPU is likely to be i5 15W, but everyone knows that the difference between 15W i5 and i7 SKU's in the latest generations is around 5%? anyway up to you what to do with your money. I am suggesting Dell not because I like it, but because it's better value. I can suggest Lenovo T490s instead, but I have no leads right now where to get one at a comparable price.

                    • @[Deactivated]: Lack of a discreet GPU would be the main thing, and I'd imagine the screen is up that as an important feature also (for those buying this type of device).

                      Please don't get me wrong, I have owned both Lenovo (multiple generations of ThinkPads) and Dell laptops (currently using a Latitude 7490) and can appreciate both as they both shine in their own light.

                      • @magic8ballgag: ok my bad I read one of your comments above as you don't want a discrete GPU.

                        • @[Deactivated]: I personally do not, but for someone that wishes to do graphic design or other type of similar work, then they would.

    • One positive from me.

      Could you please share how did you get your laptop with only 1300 bucks?

      • +2

        corporate market is prone to situations when companies (end users or resellers) end up with stock that needs to be sold off. keep an eye on B2B resellers that also sell to private buyers. make connections so people alert you of such situations. sometimes they show up on eBay, too. just search for Dell Latitude or Dell Precision once in a while, and you will succeed. Dell warranty is attached to the service tag, so before buying make sure the seller gives you the actual service tag of the unit you're getting, and ring it through Dell support site to check exact configuration and warranty attached.

        • Hi Kasaresj,

          Thanks for a lot information. Maybe too much for me.
          So you mean on Ebay? Or to be short, which Ebay sellers I should follow :)?

          • +1

            @badinh: won't be the same seller every time ;)

  • Thinkpad workstation laptops are good, it is customisable from RAM,SSD and HDD. You can check P53s (15.6) if you want a bigger screen or P53 if you want more powerful laptop. I think P53 now is on introductory sale as well at $2990+

  • I will stay away from Lenovo gaming laptop. I received my Lenovo Legion Y540 with a RTX2060 6GB and 2h after opening the box the GPU was gone, dead.
    Contacted Lenovo this morning to request a refund and waiting for a contact and to pick up the laptop.

    • +1

      This isn't a gaming laptop.

    • Did the refund go smoothly?

      • +1

        So far I have received the 2y onsite money back. DHL is going to pick it up the laptop today — 29/08 — and the money is supposed to be come in within 3-5 business day.

        The contact with them was smooth since I had screenshot with the problems, and to avoid more problems and before to pack the laptop back, I even recorded the status of the screws to go against "this laptop was opened bullsh*t"

        Let's wait.

  • After my worst experience with the Legion model and seeing how many people are having the weirdest problems with these "Lenovo Gaming laptops", I would spend that money with something else.

    Only after my stupid mistake buying Lenovo, I read about the Acer Predator Helios 300. Harvey Norman is selling the

    2018 model for $1899

    i7 8750H
    2x 16GB up to 32GB
    256GB SSD + 1TB HDD
    GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
    Battery up to 7h

    SAVE $300 2019 model for $1952 which has an even better performance

    i7 9750H
    2x 16GB up to 32GB
    GeForce GTX 1660Ti 6GB
    Battery up to 6h

    They are cheaper and with the difference, you buy a great cooling pad to keep the heat out and games.
    If you wanna still go with Lenovo, turn the internet upside down reading the reviews and their community forum.

    Yes, for office and home work, they are still the perfect choice :)

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