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15% off Sitewide @ Computer Alliance eBay


Greetings everyone, Computer Alliance on eBay will have 15% off sitewide starting tomorrow morning at 10AM :)

The offer entitles you to 15% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at Computer Alliance Store on eBay up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in 3 transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Terms & Conditions.

As always, enjoy :)

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  • No more 20% off :(

    • Yet if you google it, they still have the old sale code on ebay :Pink20 lol


      • That expired June 11

        • I know! I meant to say eBay have a bad habit of leaving expired sales codes up, last time I tried to use a 15% off banner code they had told me it expired a year ago 🤦‍♂️

          • +1 vote

            @solidussnake: Hmm.. are they really "leaving it up" if it is not accessible from the ebay website and you have to google it to find it?

            • @eug: That's how I usually browse specific stores by Google, eBay storename as I find eBay search and navigation pretty old school and not friendly

              For example I click on the ca eBay link in this post click laptops and it takes me out of their page to the eBay home screen..

          • @solidussnake: Yes, bit of a ongoing problem — eBay leave up the landing page for these promotions and because they get a bazillion hits when we do one, they keep coming at near the top of the search ranks for months. Not a lot we can do about it unfortunately, apparently a eBay habit across all promotions.

            You will also sometimes see cached images with the x% off logo on them that are massively out of date. eBays systems seem to cache them for months at times and they just seeming randomly appear on certain searches even when gone from the main product listings

    • +19 votes

      Really, really tried and wanted to do a 20% off! Just could not manage it. Hopefully it will be possible sometime in the future, really depending on whats happening with prices/margins.

      There is a fair bit of upward pressure on pricing right now. The AUD drop a few weeks ago added around 3% increase to costs and there are also some manufacturer specific price rises coming through and/or promotions and one off buys finishing/sold out. Its stabilizing at the moment.

      So, some of the pricing on offer may not be best ever, but there is still quite a lot around current distributor level and best prices anywhere at the moment of a fair part of the range.

      • Does it really costing you much to allow local pickup for ebay sales ?

        I don't have ebay PLUS and the $15 shipping is killing the 15% discount.

        It might even cost you more on $15 capped shipping. Why don't just allow for local pick up ? win-win situation.

        • Just get the $1 ebay Plus 1 year deal man.

        • +58 votes

          Lets just say there was some vigorous debate internally about that and I do understand why people are annoyed we don't allow it.

          There are various reasons why we don't have local pickup and i won't go through all of them but I will list a few examples:

          — you know how busy our shop is in general, and during these sales we can get over 1000 extra online orders in a day - local orders are a small part of that but even a extra 100 people in the shop in a day is simply too much shop floor sales time taken up, and extra congestion and waiting times and that would kill our in shop customer service.

          —- We have a Salisbury warehouse not open to the public so stock isn't always immediately available for pickup at Mt Gravatt (we run a truck between sites daily) and additionally we don't ship everything from Mt Gravatt

          — Paypal require us to ship to the submitted address if we want seller protection, pickup voids that and it does matter,k there are many fraud attempts in IT retail.

          — Simplicity - every order is processed at pace in the same way by often exhausted staff that work long hours during these sales. As soon as we introduce too many variables mistakes happen. Thats also why we don't offer freight alternatives directly (though we have a internal system to figure out best option to ship)

          That last point brings to mind a recent screw up. We got a negative on ebay from a guy who bought a case from us because we missed the 4 day delivery time and it was us rather than the couriers that screwed up — someone put the case in the pickup area rather than dispatch somehow (Mod:edited) We have way to check if something is not right so picked up the error after a couple of days and I think he got it in 5 days but fair enough I suppose, we did screw up though i thought a negative was a bit harsh. Does show how a very minor mistake, a wrong button clicked once out of thousands = a drop in customer service and a failure to meet a promise = leaves a negative impression of us with at least one person.

          Its a trivial example but basically complexity = mistakes and reduced efficiency.

  • Hmm, I just bought a whole PC's worth of components over a week ago from these guys. After comparing the invoiced prices to todays…. "updated" prices, the discount is more like 5-10% still better than nothing, but do your shopping around.

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      After comparing the invoiced prices to todays…. "updated" prices, the discount is more like 5-10%

      Not surprising.

      but do your shopping around


    • Was that invoiced price on ebay as well?

    • computer alliance dont normal price jack tho if you look at ebay prices to their main site, the invoice price doesnt include the ebay discount tho

    • +1 vote

      As I mentioned above, there is some upward pricing pressure at the moment and I think we have increased prices on around 6% of our SKUs in the last few weeks. That includes some core parts like AMD CPUs, and rises significantly outnumber falls in the same time period which is unusual. You will find those increases are industry wide - part AUD driven, partly various short term discounts and industry wide promotions expiring

      There will be some more price rises still coming through as new stock comes in at higher prices, but we will try to hold while this promotion is on.

    • Aye, I just compared my NAS build to another store. CA is more espensive even after discounts… the only redeeming factor is delivery and past personal good customer service.

      I might just continue to wait for a good deal or buy it when I actually need it.

    • I think given the current state of the Aussie dollar we should probably give these guys the benefit of the doubt.

      • Not so sure about that. As I noted in a comment below:
        A Crucial MX500 256GB at end of July was $65.00 (without discount) and now is $79.00. That's a 21.54% increase.

  • Xbox One Controller for $58.65 (with eBay Plus & Free Shipping). Still not the cheapest it's ever been but still a good deal if you've been holding out for one.


  • Would have purchased yesterday if 15% was that enticing. Sadly, their pricing has crept up recently.

    • AU Dollar has dropped as well

      • Yup, but that doesn't account for things like RTX 2060 Super pricing in AU.

        We're just being fleeced by retailers and distributors at present.

        • As someone who used to run an IT business; I can tell you IT prices in Australia change almost everytime the exchange rate changes, sometimes twice a day at the distributor level. As a retailer, I had to set a price and either wear the difference everytime I ordered another batch or adjust my retail prices once a week. You can guess which option I went with. Price changes are not always price jacking.

          • @BradH13: Totally agree, and I largely fault the distributors. There are occasional times where it falls back on the retailer though, but I don't want to come across as lumping everyone into this kind of behaviour.

    • Not sure if it's recent. They've been jacking for a while. Annoyed I missed out on PandaPC's PANTHER eBay promo participation to pick up the PG279Q for $794 (Panda had it for $935 retail) after my previous one had its backlight start pulsing at any frequency above 120Hz but had fallen out of warranty by only a few months. Would have loved to used Computer Alliance's code on the PG279Q but they've jacked the price up by a 100 dollars ($1049) above its current average retail price of $949 everywhere else (Panda had it for $935). Assume most of their items are jacked.

      • Err, either way, that's a horrible price for a very old model. You might want to have a look at the LG 27GL850 if you're desperate for a gaming IPS.

        You might also want to look at how far TN and VA have come, with hugely refreshed panels coming through, even 1440p 240Hz for TN (IPS and VA next year).

        • Lol. No thanks. Dedicated gsync > gsync compatible. I enjoy the capability to overclock to 165Hz, the LG can't. If the lg had launched with a gsync module as it had originally been advertised to, then it would have been a worthy successor to the pg279q. I'm well aware of the progress and future panels. I'm on /r/monitors every day. This is to replace my out of warranty, existing panel now and I'm not waiting until next year.

          • @daitro: /r/monitors is mostly trash.

            GSync is good for two things, and two things only:

            1. Variable overdrive, allowing the best possible motion clarity for 60 Hz and 144 Hz gameplay without switching settings.

            2. ULMB, aka BFI, but the brightness levels in current panels are just garbage.

            There have been decent Freesync monitors that have offered one or the other for some time, so as soon as developers offer both affordably, GSync is basically dead.

            For people who understand the most basic parts of their monitor menus and can switch settings when playing a game that runs closer to 60 FPS, GSync means absolutely nothing any more.

            • @jasswolf:

              allowing the best possible motion clarity

              Which is precisely where the LG27GL850 got trashed in both TFTcentral & Linus' reviews. You state things with such authority as if they were infallible and incontrovertible. This isn't the case. You didn't add the higher refresh rate to your two things 'only'

              GSync is basically dead.

              Lmao, stop. You sound like the very LG27GL850 zealots that make /r/monitors an unpleasant experience. The last sentence I'm not even going to bother with because you're not worth the ban.

              • @daitro: No, it got trashed on its contrast. It's not a 1ms GtG monitor without massive overshoot, but the next setting down is great for 144hz.

                I don't think you're comprehending what's being communicated to you here, especially when I used a conditional statement in regards to the potential end of life for GSync.

                Congratulations on being the very thing that you resent?

                • @jasswolf: What's a LG27GL850 zealot?

                  • @misterpotatomato: Pretty much what it sounds like, but I'm not even recommending the monitor unless people desperately want IPS. It probably is the best monitor right now though, it just has some issues with colour contrast.

                    There'll be very solid TN panels appearing soon, right up to 1440p 240Hz, though that should start at around $1000.

        • Any idea when does 27GL850 become available in Australia?

  • +7 votes

    Now when I see computer alliance all I can think about is that guy and his keyboard.

        • Thanks! Not a good story… I was hoping for humour lol

        • +15 votes

          We don't ban a lot of people, maybe one in 1000 buyers, but anyone abusive or makes it clear they can't accept any of our policies gets banned. You would be surprised how many people threaten and throw abuse at us, leave us bad reviews saying we are a horrible shop etc etc without what we believe is valid justification, and then try to buy again from us! (if we screw up, fair enough, we don't ban people for leaving factually accurate criticisms).

          On a more general and important point that some people genuinely misunderstand because of how eBay present it - we do not factor into the price the ability to try and return a item if you don't like it. Our returns policy is attached to every product we have on eBay as below. ebays and ebayPlus own policy on this is rather vague ie "same condition as it was received" - even internally it depends on who you talk to at eBay and sometimes they will cover the difference for partial refunds on used items for ebayPlus members

          Open/used gear must be sold at a discount - eg see our "shop soiled" items on our main web site, thats mainly change of mind returns thiough most clear in shop by offering a discount on the spot. Now if we had a policy to try/buy items and fully refund, essentially people who buy new would have to subsidize people who return items used and i don't think thats fair, or efficient as it encourages laziness when figuring out what to buy, and additionally its not viable for us to stay competitive.

          Change of Mind Returns Policy

          We will fully refund orders that are returned unopen and unused (in the same condition as when you received them) for up to 30 days from date of purchase.

          We also offer free shipping on returns for up to 30 days via a shipping label supplied through the eBay return system.

          We do not promise to accept returns on open/used products, but we may do so at our discretion. Where we are willing to accept a return on a open product, a partial refund may be offered, depending on condition. The difference between what you paid and what we will offer to refund is our estimate of how much we will need to discount the product resale as an open/used product. We assess returns that have been open on a case by case basis and typical refunds are in the range of 70-90% of amount paid.

          • @Computer Alliance: I hate dealing with people.
            I feel for these tech resellers making $1 on an item getting abused by feebay and dumbass customers.

          • @Computer Alliance: We got sent a previously returned/opened package from CA even though the ebay listing indicates the item is new. Maybe you guys should review your QA process? In this instance we did not leave a negative review but thought you guys should really look into things like this.

            Yes we can return the item for a full refund but this adds extra inconvenience for us plus we then have to wait for the shipping of the replacement item.

            Just a thought.

          • @Computer Alliance: Um…I'd have to dispute that you don't ban people for leaving factually accurate criticisms….having experienced this myself.

        • Ok so maybe a ban is a little unfair as it was only one small exchange (we don't know the context of the conversation between that customer and CA though) but why the hell would someone think you would get a full refund if you open up a product and then just change your mind? It can't be resold as new so they are taking a loss when they sell it(if they sell it), that's why it's a partial refund.

        • -4 votes

          oh yeah, thanks for reminding me on that, was looking to purchase but now I wont.
          that scenario was exactly how the old saturday morning computer fair traders used to behave.
          Im glad that part of the '00's has died

          'can't accept any of our policies' indeed (also flashbacks to MSY there too, oh they had some ACCC trouble)

          I dont think ebay is the right place for this trader, ebay is for small sellers with no shopfront not for those retailers who want to cry poor.
          sorry Gerry
          maybe a cold basketball stadium where they charge $2 entry or 'no soup for you' is the best place (or go back to your own website?)

  • Damn I need a 3900X, sadly stock had been very dry since launch.

    • Yeah. What mobo are you planning to get it with?

      • Asus ROG Strix X570.

        It seems only a handful of 3900X processors are available and instantly sell out each batch.

        • Why X570?
          Won't the B450 be sufficient?

          • @congo: Well I've actually recently purchased the Gigabyte B450 Elite to go with my 3700X. I will be purchasing a 3900X or 3950X depending on price to go with the X570 board.

            I will be running the 3900X / 3950X at full load so the X570 board will have sufficient specs to do so.

    • I'm in a similar situation with the 3700x, but there are stock but its more expensive than at release.

    • Same here, at this point the 3950x will launch before the next batch of 3900x's.

  • I bought an LG 32GK650F from Computer Alliance a couple of days ago using PANTHER. I paid $466.65 with free shipping from eBay Plus.

    There aren't enough to post a deal, but thought it was worth mentioning.

    Next cheapest is $489 including delivery from Centre Com.

  • Chasing a new router for my new house. Will be connected via FTTP. Was looking at a AC68u but looks like TP Link C3150 is also good value. Any recommendations?

    • I can't speak for the TP LINK routher but I absolutely love the AC68U.
      The ASUS App on my mobile allows me to configure my router and monitor the network

      • Yeah I am just trying to find a decent 2nd hand one at a good price.

        How is the range on it?

        • Range is decent, haven't had an issues through layers of brick walls in the house.

          Also to note that the ASUS Firmware updates automatically overnight which is pretty handy.

    • I have FTTP and using the OEM AC68U (US T-Mobile version AC-1900) and running Merlin - absolutely loving it.

      The only minor issue is - it can heat up during Summer (CPU temp around 70 degree) but I use a USB FAN to cool it down and works like a charm.

      I am looking for a 2nd unit now to use the AIMESH feature but then again I have to switch back to ASUS Firmware as Merlin technically doesn't support AIMESH.

      • I've got two AC68Us (one 4 years old, one 3 years old) at each end of the house and neither of them get hot enough to worry about during summer. Don't get me wrong, they get warm; just not 'hot'. I don't run Merlin though. Just latest ASUS software.

        • Ohh well yeah I guess it is subjective… but my CPU hits around 75/76 degrees when in use. Various users in Whirlpool have experienced the same issue but then again it never throttled the performance as far as I know… and when I plug-in the USB fan the CPU temp goes down to 50 degrees…

          But none the less it is rock-solid and I strongly recommend it.

    • Perhaps grab a wifi6 unit or wait a little longer for more to come on the market

    • I have the c3150.
      top notch no complaints. Definitely great value.

  • I bought parts for a new PC build with the PANTHER 15% off code, they were the cheapest for most of the parts compared to other Ebay sellers and Static Ice with the ebay+ free postage. They were also the fastest to be delivered so a big 2 x thumbsup from me.

  • Its a shame they don't list the items from their store that I want

  • +2 votes

    9700k was only $483 last month at computer alliance. I assume it's to AUD dropping but realy shame everything is ~$100 more expensive now that Im ready to buy..

  • Im confused here, Can the "Panther" code be applied to all of computer alliances items? if so whats the point of this sale when the panther code does the same thing.

  • can I please get budget spec recommendation to be able to play NBA2K20 & PES2020 at the best optimum level?

  • I have been a regular customer, just a bit of a feedback @Computer Alliance, I ordered the Ryzen 3700x and the box arrived pretty banged up because it was marked as fragile and no other protection was present. It was just the original packaging in a Australia Post Satchel. It had dents and damage from the transit.

    I am hoping it doesn't cause any issues, so far it is running but i haven't tested it rigorously yet.

    • Yeah i dont think they care tbh. I filed a complaint last year when my 2700x came in the exact same condition as yours. Startrack satchel bag, no padding, mega squished on two corners.

      • Yeah, the response I got was that if it doesnt work, send it back and we will refund you.
        I believe this is very poor customer service. The peace of mind is not there, if the cpu has issues with one pin and i run into it in 4 weeks time, they will say it wasnt them and send it back to warranty. AMD will say I have damaged it and I will lose out on $500.

        Computer Alliance needs to do more to better protect items of high value that are fragile. I dont mind if I order a set of fans and they are packaged like this, I know they wont be damaged.

        Disappointed to say the least. Counting all my purchases I have spend nearly $3k with them.

    • I don't think we have ever had a CPU damaged in transit. Packaging occasionally, but never the actual product.

      We try to pack at a level appropriate to the risk of damage, and if something is damaged we pay for it/replace it.

      Our main shipping issues of late are monitors where its not practical to place extra protection on them and their own boxing shodul be fine for typical handling, but some drivers are careless it does cost us $ to replace the odd damaged one. We double box some less bulky gear like notebooks to add a extra layer of protection.

      I know most people are happy with our packing and where we see a issue in a particularity area we do modify as needed.

      • Does your level of risk damage take into consideration the fact that most people would like to receive their product retail boxes intact and/or without damage?

        please re-assess your 'risk' level the use of satchel bags on items without some form of protection.

        • I bought a NAS recently from CA, it shipped in it's retail box, the same as they would have received it.
          Arrived safe and sound bar a couple of minor bumps on the corners of the box (which I would expect).
          The packaging inside was perfect and the NAS is running perfectly.
          Would it be worth double boxing the NAS when it's already well packaged? Do I care if the outer cardboard box has a few dings?

          I also bought 4 x HDDs, which were boxled tightly with a LOT of bubble wrapping to protect them. They are happily running in the NAS currently.

          So I'd say they are packing appropriately when and wherever they can.

          Just my experience from 2 weeks ago.

        • How we pack is a matter of balance and trade offs, and the balance is something we tweak over time

          From the feedback I see, 99% of people are happy with the condition of the product when received and the far majority of the time the product boxing and product are received in good condition. I do understand some people care about the boxing and the odd product package does get squished. yes, product packaging is a lower priority for us to protect relative to packing quickly to get orders out the door, getting it there quickly, and making sure the product itself is not damaged. But that doesn't mean our current system is ideal.

          To take for eg one of the trade offs. Say we ship a small robust product to a WA address. We can fit it in a airbag, are confident the product will be perfect on receipt, with the air service they receive in 1-2 days, but there is a chance the box might be squashed. We could also pack in a stronger/larger box to better protect the products packaging but it would then go road freight and take 1-2 weeks. I believe most people prefer the 1st option and in fact we have had some people complain in situations where we have gone the other way. Its hard to get right.

          Still, there are some changes we may be able to make. In particular I will see if we can round up some smaller boxes that might still fit in airbags and/or Aus Post satchels to add a bit of protection where possible, particularly for CPUs as they do seem to be the products that get mentioned most often with box damage. There won't be any changes during the current promotion however.

      • Lets hope it remains that way. I dont want to be taking my new build apart because the CPU is broken.

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