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R5 3600 | 5700 XT 8GB Gaming PC: $1199 + $29 Delivery @ TechFast


Hi all, a lot of requests for this and we have arranged supply of the new after market AMD Radeon 5700 XT 8GB cards, so I'm excited to see how this goes!

GPUs will be coming from Sapphire, Gigabyte and/or MSI and we won't be able to guarantee which system gets which card, as per normal. They will be FAN models - we are not getting the blower design in.

Listed here with a relatively higher base spec at price of $1199 after $400 discount with code R53600-5700XT:

Ryzen 5 3600 / AMD Radeon 5700 XT 8GB / A320M mobo / 16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM / 240GB 2.5" SSD (240GB NVME upgrade available) / 550W PSU / White Leaper Pro RGB or Black Esports Pro Case

Upgrades available on most lines including new 750W 80+ Bronze PSU.


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  • That motherboard kills it

    • And no 3200mhz ram??

      • I went to the site and configured it with a B450 motherboard, 480gb nvme, 16gb of 3200mhz ram and a better PSU and the discount still applied. Not bad for $1482.00

    • +12 votes

      Haha they have to have some profit as well. That's a good spec for the price already build up so.
      I guess come with some kind of warranty oy just parts?

      • Pfft you can't have everything.

      • Techfast have warranty policies on their website IIRC but basically if DOA they take it back within 7 days, and beyond that there's a bit more of a process.


        • They look very reminiscent of what msy used to do

            • @scottySK: The prices are tempting. I have 2 kids, 2 years apart and the first is about to hit highschool year after next. For my own sanity I should buy 2 machines. Which means I'm price sensitive. So half a dozen times I've started on one of those deals.

              Then I look at the lack of choice for parts (you can't specify - you get whatever they got a bulk deal on). Any good quality parts they offer are actually not cheap. And I look at the shoddy shopping cart. And I know I'm going to deal with anything that craps out or has to be returned, I sigh and I don't go through with the purchase. The whole reason I want to buy pre-built is I don't have the time or energy to build myself. i don't want to buy myself a headache.

              So for now the kids are stuck with Celerons and Xboxes.

              Lack of competition in the PC market over the last few years is depressing.

              • @syousef: Fair enough mate. I hate to say it but you'd be likely better off with two next-gen consoles for them too, unless you instil in them a love of PC-building and they get their own source of funds - not likely to happen for a couple of years at least.

                It's simpler on so many levels and will keep them on par for much longer than a PC the same price will. Plus just dealing with one vendor for your purchase, warranty etc, and no worrying about individual parts failing.

                Once they hit high school in a few years then it'd probably be something you can revisit together, but a lot can change in a few years.

                Just my thoughts :)

                • @Zazer: I'd go consoles if not for the fact that I want them to run educational stuff too. I want them to be able to code and mod and just plain muck around in a way you can't on a celeron. When they hit highschool they'll be capable but it's up to them to actually do it.

                • @asa79: Use to love DELL back when you could customize. Good old Inspiron 9300 and 9400. Loved 'em. Everytime I've looked for the last few years I've been scared away by tales of systems with major issues. I haven't looked for a couple of years so perhaps time to look again.

    • You can also upgrade the mobo and still enjoy their voucher?

    • $35 for a slightly better quality b350 if it really bothers you.

    • It's only $39 to upgrade to B350 which might be worth it. The upgrades for B450 or X570 seem pretty expensive though.
      Also $69 to upgrade to 3200mhz ram

  • Rep do you wanna have a look at this thread and see if you can help the OP…?

    • Thanks for linking here, wasn't aware of this but definitely something Luke should look into.

    • +3 votes

      Thanks. Hadn't seen this, will take a good look.

      • Are you guys thinking of making a similar bundle to this, but with improvements?
        - ie B450 motherboard
        - 2x 8GB DDR4-3200MHz RAM
        - 1TB M.2 SSD

        • Sounds good in theory, but it causes more problems.

          1. Which B450 motherboard? The nice one with 6 SATA ports or the one with 2 m.2 slots?
          2. The DDR4-3200 RAM, cheap ones with more relaxed timings or good ones?
          3. 1TB m.2 SSD - NVMe or SATA3 based? If it is SATA3 based, it could potentially take away one of the SATA3 ports for B450 with 6 SATA ports.

          Once you put quality parts, the price no longer is attractive enough for general people. Without quantity, you cannot get cheap deals.

          • @netsurfer: Just cheap alternatives.
            Usually a cheap mobo, ram, ssd are enough to get the most out of your system. If you want the maximum benefit, in terms of cooling, sound, or performance… that's when you need name brand.

            I can already see the pitfalls of the A320 mobo and slow ram on that r5-3600. The SSD amount is too small these days, since their prices have steadily dropped. Using one of the m.2 Sata3 slots is fine. And using two ram slots is fine. This gives owners a chance to do a modest upgrade in the future. And my suggested upgrades will only inflate the price from $1,200 to $1,400 making it great value.

            Anyone wanting more will likely step up to the r7-3700 / r9-3900x, nvme ssd, and name-brand components. Then they'll have to dig deep to pay for an RTX-card.

            • @Kangal: There is no cost effective DDR4-3200 kit. You end up paying for that extra. If your motherboard allows you to set infinity fabric frequency manually, setting close to the top speed and even with slower DDR4-2666 RAM will deliver better performance.

              Cheap B450 - most of them will probably not have USB-C / USB 3.1 gen 2 port - may not be an issue for most people. SATA m.2 SSD 1TB - cheap choice probably means QLC option - but a lot of them are NVMe - so they can charge more. Honestly, m.2 SATA3 is not a good idea. You don't get the speed benefit, cost more, and ended up with a form factor that doesn't handle heat as well as SATA3 form factor. The advantage of NVMe so minimal, if any for gaming.

              Honestly, for a Ryzen 5, 3600 based system, you either go for cheapest (with the exception of GPU) or go for something proper / decent. We've seen benchmark where A320 trumps X570 in some tests. 3600 is the most ideal CPU for gaming (the CPU is good enough, put all the $$$ on GPU). Once you go 3700X or 3900X for CPU and use it purely for gaming, it is really a waste of money or mainly to show off you can afford one.

              Check out some MSI B450 support pages. The latest ComboPI support is still missing and some have 3 BIOS updates - all to deal with improve memory compatibility. If your DDR4-3200 kit doesn't work with XMP out of the box, it will be a fair amount of manual config, followed by memory tests.

              • @netsurfer: Check out the reviews from HardwareUnboxed on YouTube.
                They're quite thorough and unbiased (professional/sceintific) in their assessment. It's for those reasons I prompted the mobo and ram upgrades. The SSD upgrade is mostly a "quality of life" upgrade for the user, and it can be done by the user, but its a neater alternative when it comes ready in the package.

                As for gaming cpu, you're still better off getting an Intel 9700k or 9900x instead. But I rather recommend Ryzen because its the better platform. And if you go with the r5-3600 you might be losing between 5-20% in performance, but you save up 30-50% in price which can go to upgrade your GPU (eg rx-5700 to rtx 2070-s), or other components.

                I've been looking at the memory configs and Zen2 is very good. Much better than Zen1 and Zen+. Most users get plug'n'play scenario, and others require just 2-reboots for the mobo and software to "click". But of course there's still issues and there still will be. And that's why its preferential we have the vendor (TechFast) prep the system before-hand. As they will figure out what is cheap and compatible, then send the system ready for users. You can plug in the m.2, RAM, CPU, heatsink and post it out. Have the receiving client plug in the cpu cooler and gpu, as these components shake during transit and can be damaged.

                So, I'm not sure where you're going with it. If people wanted to, yes they can build a better system than this and cheaper too… but you pay the little extra for the out-of-box experience. And at least its not a ripoff as you get with this Alienware systems.

                • @Kangal: I recently built a Ryzen 3xxx system myself and had a number of issues. It wasn't plug and play. I happened to receive an "interesting pair" of DDR4-3200 RAM modules. Boot Windows 10 fine, failed badly in memory tests. To make things worse, once switched to Intel platform and re-tested, that set passed with zero issue.

                  I bought it from a retailer so I got a replacement pair. That pair is fine, but any mild overclock is no go. I then purchased some Micron Rev E dies based RAM modules, they perform better. The B450 motherboard isn't that great either. 3 BIOS updates to address memory compatibility.

                  It's interesting you mentioned HardwareUnboxed reviews. DDR4-3200 is a compromise (deep down, we want DDR4-3600, but they cost too much). A lot of those review sites/videos use quality RAM modules (often with Samsung B-die - those, you won't have issues). I was really excited after reading the reviews and thought the RAM compatibility situation has improved. The reality is that it is only slightly better. 4 DIMMs setup is still a pain.

                  Most of us want Ryzen 3xxx system after watching those youTube reviews. However, honestly, from my testing with different memory speed, a lot of time, your CPU clock speed matters more. In app tests with low CPU core count usage, the difference is margin for error stuff. Also, don't take 2080Ti based gaming results as your reason for getting faster RAM - unless you actually have 2080Ti.

                  My point is: if you want to get DDR4-3200, get the one you want, not what the retailer picked for you. It's unrealistic to expect TechFast to have every single part at the lowest price. You are better off waiting proper OZB deals on quality RAM modules and SSDs.

                  As for the SSD upgrade is mostly a "quality of life" upgrade for the user, if so, a SATA3 1TB SSD makes more sense (price wise). I don't get the logic of m.2 SATA SSD for a new PC. You are aware that for B450, the first/main m.2's PCIe 4X lanes are wired to the CPU right? Put a SATA SSD on that slot means you flush that advantage down the toilet and go through the slower chipset for SATA3 (and still pay more $$$ than SATA3 SSD) is just odd to me.

  • To make the build worth it:
    upgrade the mobo to a b450m
    upgrade the ram to 3200mhz
    upgrade the psu to 750w bronze

    Total after discount: 1486 + 29 delivery.

    Buying branded components of your choice brings about the $1700 mark. So savings of about $200… hmmm

    • Factor in warranty and delivery?

      • 'Warranty'

        • Tech fast has really decent after support actually. My GPU failed and they sent me a new one pretty quickly, tho did need a bit catching up here and there.

          • @Tachicuddles: I feel like that should be standard practice for all Australian retailers…. Maybe I'm dreaming.

            • @tromboc: I had a similar experience and they were quick to send me a 2nd GPU to try and get it to work. I contacted Luke through OzBargain and appreciated that they were trying to help.

              Obviously not everyone has the same experience but I was really pleased with how Techfast responded vs how some other retailers do. Whilst I ended up returning the system which was DOA (motherboard issues), it left me with a positive impression of Techfast as a company.

          • @Tachicuddles: damm bro u lucky, im up to 8 months and counting

            • @mememan212: You have an intimittent fault, they can be a pita to diagnose. After all if you send your pc in for the crashes them playing apex for 2hr will be loading it up nd letting it sit not playing your account ect. There is likely 4-5 pcs on the bench at a time.

          • @Tachicuddles: Same here - bought a techfast system for my kids - GPU was DOA (lines down screen).

            I was able to swap it with the GPU in my pc and the problem moved with the card so I knew it was the GPU.
            Contacted Luke and he sent me out a new card and asked for the old one to be returned after I got the new one.

            Can't ask for any more than that.

    • b350m should be fine. PSU depends on the brand - a high quality 550w unit will be fine with this. If they're on the lower side 650 - 750 will definitely be worthwhile (for peace of mind)

    • Very basic, probably inaccurate opinion below:

      I would assume the MSI cards are a bit of a touchy topic, but getting a Sapphire Pulse or gigabyte might be worth the roulette? If I use recent MSI 5700XT GPU prices as a guideline they're about ~$600 on special.

      Just an example partlist on https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/kdRnsZ

      Hmm, to sum it up.. You save $50 on getting the equivalent parts, $50 on labor, probably $50 on postage if you're not picking the parts up yourself, and $50 if you win the gpu lottery? Taking into account I grabbed their ryzen 2600 & 580 combo months back, I fixed the ram (16gb 3000hz), mobo and psu and sold them for $140 (on the premise I helped build/vet their setup), I still paid about another $150 on top ($290) to get parts.

      Doing the same with this setup would probably net at most $170 (ram cheap now) from selling the ram, mobo and psu.

      Not a bad deal, if you're able to peddle some parts away to upgrade.

    • PSU upgraded not needed

    • 315 Ryzen 5 3600
      640 5700 XT 8GB
      140 3200MHz
      109 B450M
      45 240GB SSD
      105 750W Bronze
      39 Case

      But I get under $1400 for DIY with all upgrades

    • Agreed, I built this recently, came to around $1500


      Only changes were RAM I upped to 3200 (it was same price as 3000) and PSU to 650W (again, same price) from PCCG.

  • GPU-less deal please.

  • Here I was hoping I'd have bought a new PC before yous got to it. Now I'll be tempted by this, RIP.

    • Minus $200 and add free shipping and then we talking a good deal

      • Shipping to me's normally at $50+, $30's fine.

        All I'd want is a better tier PSU (unless they've moved from allied). But even that's more a bit of paranoia from me.

  • It’s tempting. Makes you wonder if you can build it yourself for cheaper

    • if you bargain hunt you could do about the same.

      • Must be cheaper diy

        • It really isn't. Even speccing the absolute cheapest components, https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/xNNBfH is specced equivalently for about $40 more excluding shipping and a Windows license. Having said that, I still would never buy one of these builds. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/rHhY6s is $1600 including $100 for a good case, and includes 3200mhz ram which makes a measurable difference, a non-blower GPU cooler (quieter and faster), a significantly better motherboard, a 2tb storage drive and an 80+ bronze certified power supply. It's obviously about 1/3 more expensive but will be faster, cooler, quieter and more expandable in the future.

          • @shaolinbear: Aren't the GPUs included in this also the non-blower version?

            Agree that you can put together a better build for not much more though. Thanks for the research.

  • Fantastic! Great for those new to PC-building who aren't willing to do it themselves :)

  • Hi OzB, I have not yet received my unit but Luke and Callum have been more than helpful with updating me on what is in stock and ETA, so far communication has been very smooth and transparent. I will update when my item arrives but so far so good from the team at TechFast. In terms of communication and support I highly recommend, in terms of build and quality time will tell but I'm feeling optimistic given the service so far :) OS

    • +1 vote

      my system took nearly 30 days to get to me from purchase.

      • Recently? The guys had slower turn around a few months back, but recent reports have been positive.

        • about 6 months ago.

          • @HKS: Yeah that period around Summer was pretty bad for shipping. They had to take down the ebay page for a few weeks to clear their backlog.

            Apparently it's at around a week now (the order page says 7 - 10 days) and I'm pretty sure I've seen people back that up (at worst, I haven't seen people say it took a large amount longer) so it should be fine nowadays.

    • Still waiting for my unit to be shipped, some few troubles were encountered with GPU availability and later on with RAM compatibility with the motherboard from what i've been told but Im hoping it is finalised and shipped by Friday as predicted. Will keep you all updated.

  • Is this PC config also powerful enough to run graphic design programs like ps, ai,sketchup, lumion 3D rendering etc? Just wanna get a good computer or laptop for running design programs. I am not a gaming person. Is it good price? Cheers

    • Will run them well, unless you're doing anything extremely complicated with them. It's a very good price for what you get, but bear in mind that they had to make some sacrifices to get the price that low.

  • If you upgrade to the B350 & SSD you get very close to the Nvidia 2080 deal posted here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/475633.

    Would have been nice if a few of those upgrades were included at this price. Might wait for an eBay deal before pulling the trigger.

  • Hey Luke, any chance you have some 2080ti builds coming up on sale soon? Just waiting to drop the cash on one. Cheers!

  • Any ideas how this build will handle Destiny 2 at Max settings?

    Also noob question, why is the windows activation so much more expensive than buying it outright from Microsoft themselves?

  • Ray tracing?

    • Not RTX, but yes you can get ray tracing in some games with third party solutions with AMD cards.

  • Hey Luke, any possibility of a Ryzen 7 3700x upgrade option?

  • Uh oh, my bank account isn't going to like this. But I am. Pulled the trigger (with a few upgrades) on this deal to replace my gaming laptop that broke last month.

  • Hi Luke,

    I purchased a computer for my brother from Techfast and he received it about 2 weeks. The computers been acting up ever since he’s been using it. Initially encountered A LOT of BSOD with different error codes but the issue was resolved from a system restore and applying W10 updates. However, a similar issue has arisen – the computer now shuts off on its own without warning.

    Having built several systems throughout my life with reputable branded components (decided to give Techfast a try as I’ve been limited with time) without encountering any issues, I’ve concluded this may be a hardware issue as I’ve tried everything else to fix it. Possibly due to the use of some generic brand components.

    Am I able to refund that rig under warranty and purchase this rig as a replacement?
    I’ll most likely upgrade the mobo to a B350M, ram to DDR4 16gb 3200MHz, and especially the PSU to a bronze rated one this time for the piece of mind.

    Thanks Luke.

    • Hi mate, probably best dealt with via PM and our official support channels, but suffice to say we'll work something out for you. I can't message you here so could you please email [email protected] with the details and we'll get onto it for you?

      • Thanks Luke.

        Just got in contact with Techfast and they've offered to upgrade the mobo to a B350M for a discounted price as well as the SSD to a 240gb. 14 days in repair is quite awhile though..

        On top of that, still worried about the PSU as well… Are you able to help out a fellow OzBargainer and sort out something for an upgrade to a bronze rated PSU or at least a Thermaltake one.

  • seriously thinking about buying this one… but just a few questions!

    1) I am assuming I do not need to update the bios myself - this system is ready to plug and play?
    2) I'm happy with the cheap PSU as I want it to last just a year or so - then ill upgrade anyways…. thoughts???
    3) I don't mind the 2400mhz ram despite knowing its gaming differences etc… I am upgrading as I sold my old PC for roughly this amount and this pc is 2-3x faster… so really it is a "replacement" for me - rather than an upgrade..
    4) windows 10 - I know it has to be activated but I can use it with the watermark regardless right?

    cheers :)

    • +1 vote

      Questions for me:
      1) Plug and play yep, OS preinstalled and GPU drivers. No bloatware. BIOS is not necessarily the latest version as we do not update to the very latest BIOS as a matter of practice unless required for compatibility reasons with selected components.
      4) Yes, some other functionality is limited but much remains viable without activation.