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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Waterproof 8GB $147.90 C&C (Or + Delivery) @ The Good Guys eBay


Greetings everyone, TGG have matched the current discounts on the waterproof Kindle Paperwhite and this has been reflected and added to their eBay store.

Plenty of stock available for C&C.

As always, enjoy!

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Father's Day deals for 2019.

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  • +3

    You know, I've never thought to myself "hey I wish I could read in the pool or shower" and so far my life has been fine.

    • +18

      It's nice not having to put it in a ziplock bag when you want to read in the bathtub. :)

      • -13

        Are you holding it underwater while you dunk your head too? I can read mine perfectly fine in the bath without a ziplock bag.

        • +15

          I guess it's insurance in case of an accidental slip and drop into the water?

          • +1

            @nafe: I think it's a bit loose to call them waterproof - there's not much in the way of sealing (the back pops right off) and they seem to be mostly relying on a lacquer/goop over the board.

            But as you say - why not have a bit more protection against humidity / the odd splash / rain on your backpack or whatever.

            Nice screen on the current gen - and a tidy little gadget at this price.

            (Long story short - I brought a bricked one back to life after Amazon gave up on it using the serial port and had a lot of trouble scraping through the goop to get at the solder pads)

            • @senorclean: @senorclean do you have any pointers for how to do this? I'm familiar with JTAG, soldering, serial interfaces etc

              My Kindle Voyage's screen is frozen and just won't come back to life no matter how long I hold the power button, doesn't appear as a USB device or anything. This is the second Kindle that has died on me so I'm reluctant to buy yet another one. Amazon support were not much help and only offered 15% off a new one since it's long out of warranty

              • @y: Start a thread over at mobileread - if anyone can help it'll be those guys.

                But the short version is - there'll be a TX / RX / GND pins you can solder on to for JTAG access.
                It's fairly straightforward with the only issue being that it's 1.8v logic. Some people juice it up with 3.3v and get away with it but I recommend rigging up something for 1.8.

                Once you have serial access - you should be able to halt the boot sequence and throw it in to a diagnostic mode where you can mount the FAT32 partition.

                From there - create a DO_FACTORY_RESTORE file and see if that brings it back to life.
                If not - try that and a firmware image (factory if possible, otherwise OTA)

                With a bit of luck, it'll bounce back fairly easily with those - if not, you may need to muck around with fastboot (but hopefully it won't come to that).

                I've fixed a PW3 that Amazon gave up on and now the PW4 - the older (non-android) models are much easier to deal with.

                Feel free to fire me a PM if it would help.

        • +2

          Reading in the bath is a pretty common thing, so why would you find it weird that they made a waterproof Kindle?

          Would you rather they not made it waterproof so that people can potentially destroy it if they drop it in the water?

          • -13

            @theguyrules: Reading in the bath?

            Now I’ve heard everything. Maybe I’ll send emails in the shower too.

            • +1

              @DisabledUser77742: I send emails in the shower with my waterproof phone, Japan phones before android had Local TV as well as been waterproof in their flip phones, evne 3D screens before they became a "thing" in the new phones today.

              Most japanese keitai are still locked to be used in japan only, but there are some international sellers that have been unlocking them.


              • @jerjergege:

                Most japanese keitai are still locked to be used in japan only, but there are some international sellers that have been unlocking them.

                Even if unlocked they probably won't support most of our local bands and all the cool features only work in Japan

            • @DisabledUser77742: Have you also never watched any TV shows or movies? Or ads? Like reading in the bath isn't just something some people do in private, it's common imagery in media.

              • @DonWilson: So is luxuriously shaking your long hair dry after a swim, then glamorously running your hands through those silky locks. Nobody does that either.

                Paper gets wet, so reading in the bath seems insane. It shows a great disrespect for the books. You may as well put your toaster beside the bath and make some marmalade toast too.

                A waterproof Kindle makes it possible, but I’d rather read while doing something else inappropriately incompatible, like riding a unicycle.

                • @DisabledUser77742:

                  Paper gets wet, so reading in the bath seems insane. It shows a great disrespect for the books. You may as well put your toaster beside the bath and make some marmalade toast too.

                  You couldn't possibly imagine relaxing in the bath and reading a book, hey?

            • +1

              @DisabledUser77742: Next you are going to say you've never heard of shower beers either?

    • +3

      Then you've clearly not lived.

    • I am sure a trillion dollar company released a product without doing extensive R&D including features people are looking for. They are simply guessing that a waterproof product is what people need…

      I love mine, I read it in the pool (Mod Edit: spelling), I have no worries about touching it with my wet hands in the bath. Plenty of people read printed books in bath. How many waterdamaged pages are there when you borrow a book from the library …

  • +2

    Have been waiting quite a while for this, thank you OP!

  • Damn prev gen paperwhite still going strong.. Need a reason to upgrade :(

    • +1

      Personally I prefer my 7th Gen, less glare on the display. I don't need the extra capacity or waterproofing though.

  • Hey guys, has anyone seen a deal on the bigger one (the overpriced Oasis)? My mum wants more screen space for her eyes…GG don't seem to sell them.

    • Not for a while. It's weird because OW has had the previous gen Oasis at $389 for quite a while (they did discount it slightly for a few days then put the price back up) even though JB has been selling the new gen for $399 for ages. The OW page doesn't even make it clear that it's the old gen model. I know which I'd go for, if I had to choose.

  • Thanks, purchased!

    • Me too. Thanks OP. Been waiting for a deal on a Kindle for quite some time.

      • Ordered, been waiting for ages, thanks OP

  • +5

    one of the best piece of invention by mankind.

    • Ozbargain?

      • No i meant the kindle!

    • +1

      ok so i negged for saying that lol. really I've stopped buying books since this so i consider this as a great positive contributor to the evnvironment.

  • I've never used a Kindle before but thinking of buying one for my son - how does this one compare with something like the one in the link below ?


    • +3

      Kindle Fire isn't an e-reader at all, so depends what you need: a tablet or an e-reader? If you need something just for reading (and much less glare on the eyes), the Paperwhite is the way to go.

    • the kindle and other ereaders like the kobo has the e ink display, which mimics paper. This means that the screen is quite close to looking like ink on paper. This saves battery usage and strain on the eyes.

  • Ah the old "This code cannot be applied to your order" even though my address is in Australia…

  • Love my PW. Been thinking about getting another one. Perfect.

  • Thanks, got one. 2/4 buttons on my ancient kindle have stopped working, it's only a matter of time before I can't turn the pages!

  • +1

    Would be good if amazon could match this price on their own product.

  • Excellent deal, but I was wondering how often would you guys use Kindle to read books. Mine was only used in the first few weeks and then kept in the drawer ever since then.

    • +2

      I use it daily. It depends on whether you are a reader or not.

    • +1

      I use it whenever a new book I want to read comes out. Sometimes it will sit for weeks or months because the next book I want isn't released yet.
      Currently only using it minimally as I no longer get the train to work. When I was I would read it for 30-40mins each train trip.
      Easier than carrying a book with you (some books I read are 500+ pages), no need for bookmarks, and i can buy a book online and get it almost instantly.

    • +4

      Brilliant for travel. I download a stack of books and have all of my plane/airport/holiday reading on a device that weighs less than a decent sized paperback. At home, it's now my preferred reading medium, as I can change text sizes, use a case with built in light to read at night. A single charge gives me weeks of reading. As an added bonus, I load PDFs of travel info as a back up, can be accessed off line.

      • Good point, thanks. I will download some books for the next flight. Agreed with you and @nafe.

    • Read one book, read some comics/manga on it (looks awesome on it!), onto second book since last year…still haven't finished it. 90% of the time on my beside table gathering dust. I'm surprised I've only charged it like 5 times since having it for around a year.

      • +4

        if you weren't a reader before, getting a kindle wont make you one

  • Does anyone know of an affordable e-reader that you can view websites on? or even one with android?

    • oh… the kindle can access websites? :o

      • Yeah it can but it's just experimental and I wouldn't bother.

        • I want to read light novels (use my phone currently, but its tiring)… bought this and will see how it is xD

          • @hexedhavoc: It's amazing for reading and definitely less tiring on the eyes, but like the other guy said It's not at all designed for web browsing.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, ordered.
    Can anyone suggest a decent cover?

    • Got mine from Wish or Aliexpress. Looks like the official leather one and it's got the magnetic cover too.

    • You can clean this kindle by washing it under the tap or taking it into the bath with you and the screen is plastic so it won't shatter.

  • Any deals on the new Kindle Oasis 8 GB cheaper than Amazon's standard price of $399 ?

  • +1

    Good price. And not hard to find or make .mobi files and right click them and choose "send to kindle"


    and if you need to convert your epubs to amazon formats like .mobi then calibre is a good choice


    • As long as it's not drm protected.

  • Thanks OP, bought one

  • Good timing, wife wants to get back into reading. Thanks OP

  • Thanks OP! Been on my list for a while

  • Not having any luck ordering click and collect at the Canberra stores - keeps telling me the item isn’t available in the requested quantity.

  • This still doesn’t work with Libby does it?

    • No, I don't think so. This is the one thing that is holding me back from getting a kindle. As soon as I can borrow ebooks from the library on it, I'll get one in a flash. I think they have something like this operating in the US already.

      Did you hear that, Amazon?

    • one reason i bought Kobo from Myer ebay 20% deal. Kobo comfort light pro awesome

  • Bought it for $199 couple of weeks ago. Good price and good for reading.

  • Been waiting for this…thanks op

  • Do I need to buy books from Amazon to read in the Kindle Paperwhite? Or can I outsource my reading from outside of Amazon? (free Ebooks, etc)

  • Is this a good price/model for a first Kindle. On the fence cause it seems like a good device, but the price seems a bit high as well

    • +1

      The models without a light are cheaper, those models are not backlit or side lit, soon enough you realise that a light is better, there are aftermarket lights you can clip on but they throw a reflection on the screen and without a light you cannot read in low light

  • any one tried reading european "graphic novels" on these, or magazines? what format does it read?

    • +1

      mobi, pdf and azw. Kobo can read .epub .mobi and .pdf

  • Thanks doweyy, purchased to replace my antique Touch!!

        • +3

          It's via the eBay deal. The staff at your local store has nothing to do with these eBay deals, and I'm not surprised they knew nothing about the deal.

  • Has anyone got theirs yet? It's been a week and nothing has been posted according to eBay

    • Mine came in a few days ago, posted from a fairly local store according to the shipping notice.
      Works well, good battery life so far as well. I recall my Mrs unit used to use more battery than my older version that was not backlit

    • Yup. But I did store collect same day as order.

  • Just figured I'd say that I am so glad I bought this, sooooooooo much better to read on than my phone. Absolutely love it :)

    • +1

      Yeah i have to say having the light is so much better than the non lit version i have. Thinking of keeping both and having them in different parts of the house so a book is always close by. Double story house often means i get 2 of everything…

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