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[eBay Plus] $20 Deals (Google Home Hub, Bose SoundSport Free, SodaStream) @ eBay


10 deals for $20 to celebrate eBay’s 20th birthday. The discount codes and links to products to be published on eBay Daily Deals page at the assigned time.
1 transaction per redemption code per person.

Terms and Conditions

Credit to finder for the full list

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  • sigh code confirmation takes so long…

  • Ugh. What BS.

    • +6

      Toys back in the pram, buttercup…

      Thanks to all who assisted or tried. I missed out, but looks like plenty got a great deal. Well done!

  • What would be the link for the Nespresso pods please? I am hoping to snag at least this one.

    • 40 pods for $20, is that cheap? I don't think so.

      • So the chances of getting this deal are bright :). I am not sure mate. I pay between 80 cents to $1.20 for Nespresso pods.

    • They're compatible not actually nespresso so why bother.

  • Finally scored one after missing all the deals so far on Ebay

  • yea, 20 seconds in and it was ALL OOS. #maxBS

  • +3

    What a BS. Had it in the payment page and was constantly putting in the code and it just went to "your code can't be applied" or some BS.

    • +2

      You selected the wrong item.

    • lol. I pressed add to cart and a freaking 'add insurance' popup came up. And I was thinking "I don't have time for this crap eBay!!!

  • +1

    -_- Did not appear again

  • +1

    shit can not believe it! bought one Bose

    • lol only 3 were sold though

      • nah it was another link and 300 sold out

  • +3

    the ol listing switcheroo hahaha ebay got me good

    • +1

      Same, and well played by them too. Not even mad!

    • same cheeky buggers

    • I am impressed as hell that they pulled one like this over us! Well played!

      • Well played maybe, but why play us at all?

  • And 300 went just like that…

  • +1

    This is f**ked.

    F U eBay.

  • Finally scored one after missing all the deals so far on Ebay.

  • +8

    Ahh.. got one, but it didn't register the code. By the time I clicked cancel, it had gone through at $275.. fml.

    • +8

      I'll give you $20 for them…

    • hahahaha… amateur

  • Fake…

  • +1

    I still cant even see the listing, on Telstra or on home nbn connection with constant refresh

  • bullshit sale, Bose gone within two minutes…

    • +1

      try half a second

    • more like 2 seconds!
      If it was 2 minutes I would have got them.

  • +4

    Seriously (profanity) ebay and this shit, I sat here refreshing for the link and code and didn't show up at all and now sold out

  • +3

    It seems like ozbargain website gets ozbargained. Very slow!

  • Waste of time, the link has gone 1 minute before 2pm, could never find it.

    • Agreed! I even tried to apply the code at the checkout on the dot. It said it can't be applied or was not ready yet.

  • Had a tab with both links up - got one!

  • +3

    Nice, never even showed up in search and there wasn't ever a link to it on the eBay home page. Reminds me of Catch of the Day with their "deals".

  • +1


  • +1

    So annoyed, gonna cancel my Ebay plus subscription :/

  • +5

    300 SOLD in 57 SECONDS.

    I got a sodastream this morning. Im going to make drinks and feel happy

  • Always check those revisions ;)

    • How?

      • There's a button on each listing that says Revisions, not fool proof, but if they've revised it a few times today only it's generally a good indicator to keep that listing open and ready to go

  • Got it. Phew.

  • No more play. Just got soda and towel. Why so serious and threaten to cancel membership. It's joy to get something and still fun not to.

  • +2

    Went on at 2pm, kept refreshing and never saw the Bose deal show up. Do deals go to the top of the page or do we have to find them?

    • +1

      You have to find them. The deals page is updated way too slowly.

  • Holy shit lads I got one. Though I think its time to quit Ozb before my heart gives out.

  • Got one thanks!

  • +2

    So annoyed, gonna cancel my Ebay plus subscription :/

  • once again where was the listing never came up

  • +2

    (profanity) THIS SHIT!!

    I am cancelling my EBAY PLUS

    AMAZON MEMBERSHIP is looking so much better in comparison to this EBAY PLUS membership promotion stunt
    that only results in wasting my time.

    THANKS EBAY for showing what a SHIT company you are and how crap your membership is
    There is no useful purpose for ebay plus other than for this stupid promotion stunt which can't even get.

    • I think they need to keep a Stress relief solution as the final item of the day. :)

    • some sour grapes there

  • +1

    Got myself a pair, I had both listings open from titan_gear and actually had the wrong one in cart and ready to buy so I consider myself extremely lucky, I used "buy now" on the correct listing and order is confirmed, paypal debited!

    • So of the two listing the one that was inactive became active for the deal right? and the one that was active stayed full price? I'm just trying to figure out what happened.

      • The code did not work for the active listing.

      • +1

        Poppin is correct and yes the listing that was 'out of stock' and inactive became the active listing with more stock

  • +1

    Absolute joke of a 'sale'. Never wasting my time on this BS again.

  • +2

    How do you find it so fast!
    Not even on the Deals spotlight page.

    • +2

      They gave us the price, there was only 2 listings with that price, both from the same seller. One had just the black, the other had all colours, so in reality, we had the price and the description, thanks to some savvy people we had the code as well.

  • +1

    dude, I keep refreshing and I didn't even see the bose deal! and the ozbargain site is getting hammered!!

  • +1

    Even Ozbargain couldn't keep up with the views, it briefly went down for me.

  • +2

    Had the correct Bose listing in my cart, pressed apply code as my clock turned over to 14:00:00 and zilch, nadaa the item is out of stock !
    Ah f**k ebay and their crappy sales, cancelled my ebay plus membership, at least with Amazon prime i get some benefit out of it.

    • had the 3 or 300 link?

      i had the 3 link and it didnt work, was the wrng link

      • Had the 300 link.

        edit: oh and now 15mins later the deal actually shows up on ebay for me as SOLD OUT! gees

  • Not even show on the page..

  • where's the Bose deal?!

  • where do you get the link. I kept refreshing the deals page and it showed the previous deal only.

    WHat a joke. Dont know how people even got the link. Not advertised on their main page and sold out. Total joke.

  • +4

    Your eBay Plus Membership Will be Cancelled

    We’re sorry that you no longer want to use eBay Plus. Your eBay Plus membership will end on 23/07/2020.
    After that date, you’ll no longer benefit from free delivery and free returns on millions of items. If you change your mind and want to continue to be a member of eBay Plus, you can sign up again.

  • Thanks OP! After the iPods debacle fiasco got the Bose headphones

  • Still not showing….

  • I was ready at 13:55 then got distracted reading something then noticed it was 14:03

  • Another eBay marketing scam!

  • For those who missed out, at least you weren't one of the 3 people who committed to buying in the wrong listing. Glass half full :)

  • +3

    What?! I finally managed to get something out of one of these anxiety-inducing sales! Commiserations to everyone who missed out.

    I need to lie down now…

    • One in which people actually got stuff!

    • I really don't understand how that is possible as for me it was unavailable 1 second after 2pm.

  • +3

    Deal never even appeared on the Ebay page, what a joke.

  • +4

    I have no clue how this works… the spotlight deal never changed, then all of a sudden the headphones were sold out lol

  • Quite disappointed, unless you know which item is going to go on sale, then sit on this page you will have no chance. The 'Deals' page will not even update.

  • +2

    eBay pulled the listing switcheroo, not even mad, well played eBay.

  • Bummer - didn't see two listings from Titan_Gear. Well played, eBay.

    Snagged the Airpods, snagged the Airpods with wireless charging case, snagged the Samsung T5, lost out on the Bose'!

  • +4

    Didn’t even see the items at 2pm, then it’s sold out

    • Let's file complaint at ACCC

      • Yeah let's waste everyone's time.

  • +2

    It's a sham deal.

  • +7

    cancelling ebay plus. (profanity) this

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