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Landscaper's Plant Support Garden Gabion: Whites 80x 40x 40cm Rectangle / 40x 40x 40cm Cube $3 Each (Was $45.99/ $24) @ Bunnings


Huge price drop. Enjoy :)

Whites 80 x 40 x 40cm Rectangle Landscaper's Plant Support Garden Gabion
Whites 40 x 40 x 40cm Landscaper's Plant Support Garden Cube
Whites 65 x 30 x 15cm Landscaper's Plant Support Garden Gabion

Versatile, functional, On-trend Whites Garden Gabion Rectangles are a versatile solution for your garden. Stylish and functional, they can be used for garden borders, benches or garden beds.Simply filled with natural stones or pebbles that are at least 50mm in size.

Made from galvanised wire for long life, they resist weather and corrosion.

Build in 3 easy steps:

  1. Secure the bottom and sides of gabion with clips provided.
  2. To assist with filling, use lightweight AAC block, polystyrene, drain pipe or similar material positioned inside the gabion where it cannot be seen once filled. Then fill around with chosen stones or pebbles.
  3. Finally, secure gabion top with clips provided once filled.

Also available in Cube and Wall versions.

Decorative rock box
Long-life galvanised steel
Simply connect with spirals included

Thanks to Pricehipster

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  • Great, now just need to find some natural stones or pebbles to fill this in. OP any deals on stones ?

  • Wonder if you could attach the individual pieces to a wall for a vertical garden

    • I don't think you stack them more than 1m high if you plan on filling them with rocks/stones. It turns into a retaining wall.

      Empty should work

      • Sorry, I meant using the individual flat (not making a cube out of them) and fixing them to a wall for vine creepers. They would be odd sizes though.

        • As panels are same height, could arrange as 2 horizontal 80x40cm & 2 120x40cm frames or 2 200x40cm etc, with gap between frames. Would work for climbers.

          That's what I've done with scrounged 2500 x 900 metal arc mesh fence panel. Attached by hooks out from wall. Tomatoes vigorously growing up it. Beans & other veggies next to be planted. Looks good. Check Gumtree for free fence panels!

          Tried these Whites vertical wall planting pots that attach to a grid - same manufacturer, but decided against them. Can buy individual pots & wire hangers. Plant pots dried out quickly, meaning a lot more work than I planned.

  • There's lots of uses for these: join a couple together for a puppy play pen, put them together empty with a board on top for a bench seat, climbing plant support, outdoor timeout room for children. Any other suggestions?

  • Any idea on how many kilos of 50mm pebbles to fill 80x40x40?

  • Thanks i just grabbed one of them

  • Thanks BA, 100x click and collect!, guess what I'll be doing all summer ;( collecting 13 cubic meters of stone from around my property ;(

    BA, can you post a deal for a discount chiropractor?

  • Thanks OP. Commenting from outside Bunnings. Collected all of the rectangle and cube ones available. Heading to Wooli's now to check Jacksons. Much thanks mate.

  • Oh nice! I hope my click and collect works. The 80cm ones would be perfect to sit over my Strawberries and upright for tomato plants etc. Cheers. Being Askhole I need to put you in my will or something useful!

  • galvanised gabion for my grumpy gibbon

  • Thanks BA. got one.

    • What bunnings in Perth did you go to?
      Many left?


      • I went to Melville but I got the last one of 80 x 40 x 40cm and 5-6 small size left.

        • Thanks, just dropped by and got a few of the smaller rectangular ones.

          1 smaller Rectangular one left (missing some parts I think)
          5-6 Square ones left

  • Thanks.

    Great to know too that we can order online now on their website for instore pick-up

    • Yer but when do they put it together ima go in when it opens I’ve noticed stores already sold out via online store pick ups

  • Thanks, Just got 4 of the 80x40 and 2 of the 40x40 from Balcatta, there was probably about 5 of the 40s and 4 of the 65s there left.

  • Thanks OP. Hopefully I can grab a few from my local tomorrow morning

  • +1 vote

    ACT looks to be cleared out. You guys sure jump fast lol.

    • Most Tassie stores appear to have stock, at the $3…

      I've half expecting my click'n'collect order for 100 to be refunded due to no stock or such, lol

      • You don't get out of all that heavy lifting that easy!
        Luckily I escaped the hard work as few left near me👍

        • I'm actually looking forward to it, it will be good exercise for the summer, cheaper than a gym membership, lol…

          I have big piles of rock all over the place where I've been de-rocking the paddocks for mowing/slashing over the years, it will be good to clean them up and make use of them.. I had been planning to do mortared stone walls but that's so much work and takes some skill to do well, which is why I've been putting it off for 20 years….

    • +1 vote

      All ACT stores physically have 0 of each.

  • Some stores showing full price now

    • In Brisbane
      65 x 30 x 15cm now $27 Price correct as at Thu 05 Sep 2019 6:56:30am
      80x 40x 40cm sold out / low stock near me, still $3 Price correct as at Thu 05 Sep 2019 4:57:04am
      40x 40x 40cm still $3 Price correct as at Thu 05 Sep 2019 4:57:04am
      Whites 35-50mm Bright White Decorative Pebble $3 last night, now $12

      Unfortunately could not get c&c to work - only added to Wish List at stores with stock last night.
      Oh well, saved me a lot of heavy lifting!

  • Price error, Went in this morning @ 6:30 to my store.
    They honoured the online price as $3, and I got four.

    • 80x 40x 40cm & 40x 40x 40cm still shows $3 - Price correct as at Thu 05 Sep 2019 4:57:04am
      65 x 30 x 15cm now $27 Price correct as at Thu 05 Sep 2019 6:56:30am
      Expect online prices to be corrected soon…

  • Showing as full price now :(

  • I cleared out Newstead and Keperra, must've been an error price has gone back up

    • They were about only stores showing stock this morning in Brissie.
      Good - can rest up now, no heavy lifting to do😊

  • Spewing, was at Edwardstown SA 6:30 on the dot only to find price back up at the counter, on the flipside it was only one cube and 3 slightly incomplete 60x30x15's in stock

  • Took photos of the $3 shelf price as I grabbed some. Between there and the checkout the stickers were removed and the price went back up.
    They honoured the pricing at the time I took the photo.

  • Not coming up as $3 for me I'm afraid.

  • I ordered 20 click and collect. hope they honour it at pickup…….

    • Order of 100 was honoured in Tas.

      • I placed 2 order of 50 and I haven't got an email to say they're ready to collect yet, I'm thinking there's a good chance the orders will be cancelled… Time will tell…

        Fingers crossed they will honour it, I really hope they do…

      • WOW, I am thoroughly impressed with Bunnings! , I just turned my phone on (been busy so I've had it turned off), and there was a SMS from them saying they don't have enough stock to fill my order (100), and do I mind waiting for 12 days while they place a special order !

        These guys know how to do business !

        • Wait 12 days!!
          Take the bastards to the ACCC
          Just channeling my inner Ozbargainer😉

          Happy Days down on the farm.

          🏆You win Ozbargainer Award for this Deal🏆
          (Or is it the Broden Award?)

          • @the INFIDEL: $300, a saving of $4300… I am quite amazed and still half expecting it to fall through, if it does fall through I will be shattered because I've been drawing up plans and such for their use..

            I purchased them in good faith, I assumed it was an end-of-line clearance or the likes… Considering there was 3 sizes with 3 different RRP's, all discounted down to $3, I never considered it may be a pricing error….

            I'm actually up in Sydney ATM and I don't get home till the 15th, so the 12 day delay is a good thing, lol, they really know how to please a man :D

    • How did you get click and collect option? I thought that was just for special orders?

  • Thanks op. Great deal managed to get 7 of the 80 x40 and 7 if the cube from my local and they honored the $3 price

  • anyone can post $3 receipt??

  • Yeah it's the full price at my local store.

    Anyway, I reckon they look hideous. And using river stones from some Chinese riverbed now eroding and creating disaster is shit as, anyway.

  • Just got a call from Bunnings. It was a pricing error but they will honour the price and my order.

    However, the supplier doesn't have stock and so… we wait.

    Good on Bunnings though for upholding their sales….

  • Cheers, picked up 5 the other day $15 click and collect. Assumed it was a clearance item rather than pricing error.

  • Managed to get 4 square ones and 5 of the others :)