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[XB1/PC] Xbox Game Pass September 2019 - Gears 5 Ultimate Edition/ Metal Gear Solid HD Edition + More


September 5th

  • Dead Cells
  • Metal Gear Solid HD Edition: 2 & 3

September 6

  • Creature in the Well
  • Gears 5 Ultimate Edition (September 6 for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members; standard edition available September 10 for Xbox Game Pass members)

September 12

  • Enter the Gungeon
  • Gonner Blüeberry Edition

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  • Man epic value

    • +10 votes

      Yeah XBox Game Pass is going to be a very significant part of my choice of initial console when the new ones are released. I wonder if playstation are going to try to compete with it somehow.

      • I reckon that's why Microsoft was smart to let everyone do the whole "convert your Gold + GamePass to GPU for cheap" because when the new consoles come out there will be a bunch of people who buy it just because they still have 2 years of GPU left.

        • Yeah I'm one of those people. Game Pass for sure seems likely to throw a lot of inertia into the new xbox. Good for competition, at the very least.

        • Yeah, I will not know what to do with myself when my gamepass etc end in two and a bit years.

      • Sony have Playsation Now but, unfortunately, it's not available in Australia at the moment.

      • Yep gamepass is why I'll probably only pickup a next gen xbox. Provides amazing value with 2 boys, it saves me a tonne of money not needing to buy games.

        The inclusion of PC into gamepass just sold me 100% on the concept now, since I game a lot on PC too.

        Don't think it's worth buying other consoles now to play a handful of exclusives, the value just isn't there on other platforms.

        Did the ultimate conversion, so I'm covered till the end of 2021. :)

        • It will depend how much Sony charges for PS5 and the exclusive titles. Personally, I'll try to support both platforms. I did just the minimal GamePass Ultimate conversion - $1 for GamePass PC (before conversion), $2 for 2 months GamePass Console (before conversion) and $1 for 3 months (for the conversion due to on Preview program). XB1X is currently in the storage room despite having active GamePass Ultimate subscription. PS4 Pro is also in the storage room.

          One issue for me is my expectation for new games is getting higher and higher after some of those Sony exclusives and games like Red Dead Redemption 2. Will probably play Gears 5, but honestly, I don't like the direction it is heading. Happy to be proven wrong. The heavily hyped up Death Stranding… so far, from the released videos… the gameplay looks… boring.

  • Best. Month. Ever.

  • gears 5 unlocks at 8pm tonight

  • Game pass keeps on giving.I have tried so many games I would have never played otherwise because of game pass.
    Outer Worlds is coming to game pass in October too!!!!

  • I don't have the time to play it, but I appreciate it being free with game pass ;)

  • Significantly due to XBox Game Pass I'm constantly installing/uninstalling games to juggle the available space. Is there a generally recommended best choice for addon hard drives to look for deals on?

    • +3 votes

      Grab any of the 2TB deals I think.

    • It might not help you too much with your space issues but using a USB SSD like the Samsung T5 is amazing. Dramatically changes loading times in the games I've played.

      • Good point, an SSD would be nice. Presumably any of these will be usable on future consoles as well.

        • I have a 4TB WD My Passport (which sometimes go on sale for about ~$100), which is USB powered, which is convenient.
          Then I have a T5 SSD, which I use for games which are on my main rotation, or large open world games which really benefit from an SSD, I'll move games on and off it. If you can, 1TB SSD would be a nice little extra wiggle room though, 500gb ends up not going far if you have a couple of games which are close to 100gb.

          Requirements for external hard drive is must be at least 256gb and USB3.0+

  • Wait….. game pass allows me to play the brand new games??? I was about the pull the trigger on GoW 5 on PC, am a GoW fan….time to dust off the xbox one and fire it up :)

    • xbox game pass is on pc too mate you can play gears on pc if you like

    • Yes, it gives brand new MS games on day 1.

      • These are the studios currently under MS:

        Here's the complete list of organizations under the Xbox Game Studios banner:

        • 343 Industries (Halo)
        • The Coalition (Gears of War 5)
        • Compulsion Games (We Happy Few)
        • The Initiative (led by 2013 Tomb Raider boss David Gallagher)
        • inXile Entertainment (Wasteland 2)
        • Minecraft (Minecraft)
        • Ninja Theory (DmC: Devil May Cry, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice)
        • Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas)
        • Playground Games (Forza Horizon)
        • Rare (Sea of Thieves)
        • Turn 10 Studios (Forza Motorsport)
        • Undead Labs (State of Decay)
        • Xbox Global Publishing Group
  • Dead Cells is fun, too.

  • i wish they'd release episode 4 & 5 of life is strange 2

    • I remember reading that the design is that XBox Game Pass gets the new episodes 3 months after release of each episode.

      • damn, episode 3 was around an hour long which really sucked and then closed at a cliff hanger lol. i dont feel like spending $40 to play 2 episodes for a max of 2-3 hours gameplay.

        • I'm in exactly the same boat. But then this is exactly what they're hoping for - that you'll pay to keep current with the episodes even if you are using game pass.

  • xbox game pass is absolutely the best deal in gaming

  • +1 vote

    Dead Cells is excellent, if you have the patience to keep with it.


  • Be good if it was one price for for Xbox & PC

  • Can someone explain games pass to me? I have an xbox but only use it to play exclusives (like Gears) im normally a ps4 user.

    If i dont have an XBOX live membership, can i still sign up for the games pass ultimate for $2? (according to website)

    And if doing so am i locked in or can i get out of it after the 2 months (cause i will likely finish gears before then)?

    • game pass is the new xbox live

    • Right now, due to Microsoft's attempt to promote Gears 5, you can get GamePass Ultimate cheap.

      GamePass Ultimate = GamePass Console + GamePass PC + XBox Live Gold.

      Might as well take advantage of the specials.

      You can still get individual ones. The only reason that you might want to get individual ones is:

      • You have vouchers for those and you only need that particular one. While you could use that voucher towards Ultimate, there is a conversion ratio so you will get less days.

      To stop auto-renewal (which is on by default), as soon as the purchase of GamePass Ultimate is done, you go to your Microsoft account and stop the auto-renew.

  • Lets say I was a little bit lazy and didn't get the gamepass stuff when it was all the rage a couple months ago… Can I still do it? What's the best way I can get myself gamepass now?

    • About an hour ago, I just purchased 36 months of xbox live gold from cdkeys at approx $55 a year. (Brazil).
      Successfully added to my inactive account using a vpn. Closed vpn. Just upgraded the lot ultimate for $1. Expires in 36 months. Total cost approx $167.
      I personally didn't see any cheaper option.

  • Games for PC located here: https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2019/09/04/coming-soon-xbox-game...

    Noteworthy addition is Bad North: Jotuun Edition. Looks like fun! Love roguelites, this month is full of them.

    Possibly worth adding these to the description?

  • Totally forgot about this service. I was looking for deal on Gears 5 for PC but its $99 everywhere. This is easily the best way to play it.

  • one x is king of the consoles and game pass is rolls Royce service. Microswi are so far in front its not even a contest…

  • Man I loved MGS3 back in the day. The last 2 years or so of the PS2 prior to launch of PS3 were an absolute golden age.

  • To bad my kids banned for 2 months lol

  • Games Leaving Xbox Game Pass for Console

    We’re constantly updating our library, which means that we also have to let some titles go so that we can keep serving fresh content. Play these games before they’re gone, or if you want to keep playing, you can purchase them with your Xbox Game Pass member discount of up to 20% off and keep them forever.

    Onrush (September 4)
    LEGO Batman 2 (September 6)
    Joy Ride Turbo (September 6)
    Splosion Man (September 6)
    The Maw (September 6)
    LEGO Indiana Jones (September 30)
    Shantae: Half-Genie Hero (September 30)
    Split/Second (September 30)
    Ninja Gaiden Black (September 30)
    theHunter: Call of the Wild (September 30)
  • I've installed an extra 11 games on my PC because of Game Pass. Absolutely loving West of Loathing at the moment.

  • I picked up the Ultimate Pass yesterday but my Windows Store still shows the Install button greyed out for GOW5. Is this available for install now (thought it was to go live last night?)

  • Why are Microsoft letting me play this for $2?