DeLonghi Comfort Air Purifier with Heating and Cooling Fan $349 (Was $499) @ JB Hi-Fi & Amazon AU


Good Price. Enjoy :)

$349 Delivered @ Amazon AU - Only 2 left in stock (more on the way).

Price Compare :

$385 @ eBay Bing Lee
$499 @ TGG
$549 @ Myer

Create and ideal comfort zone of clean, warm or cool air, throughout the year

Improve indoor air quality thanks to the 360° double layer particulate air filter, which is capable of purifying the air removing up to 99.9% of fine particles such as allergens and pollutants'‘

Deliver an enveloping comfort sensation, head-to-toe, with no drafts of hotspots, thanks to the 3D Comfort Air Technology, designed on human comfort

Get maximum performance with the Ceramic Technology when on heating mode

Optimise energy consumption with the ECO function, which automatically adjusts power settings as it reaches the target temperature

Stay safe with the SicuraSystem, which automatically switches off the unit if it tips over

Remote controllable, simple and intuitive: regulation of temperature, air speed and oscillation regulations is made easy

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    Does anyone have this? I am curious as to how it can cool during summer.

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      I can only believe that it is a fan unit with a heater element. For cooling, it would just be like a normal fan with maybe some speeds and airflow optimisation. Can't imagine that it actually cools the air.

      Edit :
      "When the product is set to heat, purified air continues to a plenum chamber, where an efficient ceramic element heats or cools the air to the desired temperature".

      No cooling, just a fan and filtration.

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      I picked this model up about two weeks ago. The fan/cool air function works just the same as your $10 one from Kmart. There's no temperature setting for the cooling (only fan speed). Temperature control is available when you're using the heater function. It's the air purification feature that makes the price what it is. Hope this helps :)


        Thanks for that! I'll do some reading on the air purification. But a quick read of the description meant it's more aimed towards peoole with allergies correct?

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          It can definitely help circulate cleaner air in the room for people making it easier to breathe for people with allergies. My house attracts a lot of dust and now that it's spring, my hayfever will no doubt kick-in!


        Is the fan quiet for summer use during sleep?

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          It can be - depends what fan speed level you have it adjusted to. My 5 month old son sleeps peacefully when its on at a lower speed (3).


        Permenant filters?


          The filter can easily be removed. From what I read, you can vacuum it like other traditional filters to maintain it.


    how are these compared to the dysons like the AM09?


    Don’t be fooled by cooling, you better off getting a portable ac for for summer season!


      Yeah, but portable ACs are terrible. You have to install an outlet of hot air, with cumbersome masking elements on your window or door (otherwise the AC heats up the room at the other end) and even if you manage to do that properly, looking neat somehow, it's unbearably noisy and expensive to use. Way more expensive than a split system.

      Portable ACs are basically as portable as your washing machine.