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Apple iPhone XR 64GB $1,049, iPhone XR 128GB $1,129 @ Apple Store


Since Apple's 'Special Event' (September Keynote) this morning, they’ve reduced the retail price of their now superseded iPhone XR 64GB and 128GB by $180 and $170 respectively.

64GB = Was $1,229, Now $1,049 (Save: $180)
128GB = Was $1,299, Now $1,129 (Save: $170)

This beats recent OzBargain deals for Grey Imports by $50: LINK

Hopefully we start seeing more attractive plans with the telco's soon.

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  • i love iOS but this is just dumb. just gonna wait the one gen older model to go on sale and buy it

  • Please give a me a (profanity) reason to spend this amount of money for upgrading my iPhone 7 plus

  • Shut up and take my money.

  • I love my small Iphone SE, a nice pocket size PHONE, which I use it for 90% of the time!. Just hope they release a similar concise replacement in the not too distant future with sensible price and decent specs???.

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    iPhone 6S user here, replaced battery once. Phone is still going strong. New camera is tempting but I love my home button, headphone jack and that the phone fits in my hand nicely. Held the XR and it feels too big. $1700 for a 5.8” iPhone 11 Pro with only 64gb doesnt make sense to me. Will rock on with my 6S until iPhone 12

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    Bummer my sister bought the XR 128 last week 😭

  • Lucky I switched to S10e now
    I will jump back once iPhone 12 or SE2 comes out.

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    I fail to understand the lens setup of the iphone11. A ultra wide lens to zoom out?? Who needs that.

    Looks like I’ll be sticking to my ip7+ for another gen, the 2x zoom lens is invaluable often needing to shoot further rather than closer.

    It’s beyond baffling.

    • Agree same with the 8p, use the 2x quite a lot and it makes a big difference.
      Skipped the XR for this reason even the 11 doesn't have the Zoon, you need to pay significantly more for the Pro and then that is still only 2x FFS.
      If I pay a lot more for a phone, expect 3-5x zoom. Not a friggin super wide even more fish eyed than the standard lens.

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    If this is the RRP at Apple Store now, there should be better price for XR soon somewhere else.

    • Same price at JB now. Should hopefully start competing elsewhere soon.

  • Every fruit will eventually fall from the tree

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      Apple are selling the XR and the 11 so no they didn't "rebadge" it.