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Apple iPhone XR 64GB $1,049, iPhone XR 128GB $1,129 @ Apple Store


Since Apple's 'Special Event' (September Keynote) this morning, they’ve reduced the retail price of their now superseded iPhone XR 64GB and 128GB by $180 and $170 respectively.

64GB = Was $1,229, Now $1,049 (Save: $180)
128GB = Was $1,299, Now $1,129 (Save: $170)

This beats recent OzBargain deals for Grey Imports by $50: LINK

Hopefully we start seeing more attractive plans with the telco's soon.

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        haha, read up, your warranty starts when its first activated with apple not when it's purchased wherever you buy it.

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          I'll accept your correction as far as Apple products, but my statement still applies in general. Other phone manufacturers don't begin their warranty when you activate them. In fact you could use the phone never going online, since they don't force you to connect to the internet just to get past the setup the way Apple does. If you buy one of those, your warranty begins the date of the invoice.

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      You just hope you don't get unlucky and end up buying a stolen phone given Apple store in WA was recently broken into as well.

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        lol, i am on other side of country and a 6 hour drive from a apple store, long drive for them to sell haha

    • I’m been looking at gumtree for a while now, everyone is selling XR 64GB at RRP price , some even selling it above RRP , even more than new iPhone 11 , that’s crazy

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      that's with the targeted promo code. Out of stock now

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      And that's a reason to neg?

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        Page negs are under-utilised. Whilst product depreciation isn’t really comparable, it’s easier to find the comment to see their PoV. Whether I agree or not, page negging shouldn’t be so tight. Why does it matter if a deal has some negs?!

  • What happened to the XS? It’s not on the Apple site anymore.

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      superseded by 11 pro

      plus it will cannibalize sales if they kept it but im interested to see what jb/ tgg/ hn do with thier stock

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    Wish the 2 year old iPhone 8 was more affordable, it's still $779. Great small phone that will easily last 3+ years if purchased today. Meanwhile it is only 329 USD+taxes in the US, so if you know someone visiting from there, it would be a great one to bring in (I don't know if they will be charged GST on entry)

    • just don't mention about the phone when they come back, no way they can monitor everyone bringing e.g. 1 iphone that was bought overseas and finding that they didn't declare it

      i was thinking of getting the iphone 8 but then maybe next year it will be discontinued .. lol

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        Even if it is discontinued, you'll get OS updates till 2022 (5 years from 2017 release). Meanwhile Android users rejoice when their phones are guaranteed 2 years of OS updates.

        PS. I use Android too and think it's shameful that even Pixels only promise 2 years of OS updates plus one year of security on top

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          serious so Samsung (andriod) only get 2 years of OS updates?
          So if i bought the Samsung s10 right now, i would only get 2 years of OS and then what happens after? I have to get another brand new Samsung (andriod) or accept that i won't get any OS updates?

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            @prankster: https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/24/18019356/android-securit...

            Google’s contract with Android partners stipulates that they must provide “at least four security updates” within one year of the phone’s launch. Security updates are mandated within the second year as well, though without a specified minimum number of releases.

            I personally only ever buy Android One phones (since I moved from iOS) so that updates are quicker, although they're always mid-range and not so great camera wise. See the page for example, states this fact up front:

            "Android One phones will receive at least two years of OS upgrades."

            However each manufacturer typically decides how often and how long they support a phone. I'm having trouble finding any web page from Samsung that clearly states how long they will provide OS and Security updates for any of their models! Would love to see it if someone finds this written down, not some forum post etc

          • @prankster: The s7 is still getting updates, the original pixel just got Android 10. Samsung flagship get two major android version updates plus 1-2 years of security updates. In the future security updates won’t matter to Android devices as much as they do today, any device that runs 10 or higher Google can push security updates to them. Based on how Google support older versions of Android, it wouldn’t surprise me to see devices like the original pixel still being updated with core improvements and security beyond 6+ years old. Also comparing os updates between the two os is like comparing apples with you know..

            For instance lot core functionality and apps such as the browser or even the app store needs an OS update in iOS, where in Android these updates can be pushed to the device through the playstore. Once iOS devices stop receiving os updates it’s all pretty much all over for that device in terms of support where this isn’t the case in Android. Apple may push out the occasional security updates to devices stuck on older os versions but that’s it. With Android google they are still supporting older Android version. Android devices running 4.1 are still seeing core improvements today.

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              Once iOS devices stop receiving os updates it’s all pretty much all over for that device in terms of support where this isn’t the case in Android.

              Lmao, yeah, after 6+ years that's the case. What a ridiculous addition to your incorrect observations.

              • @ThithLord: How is my statement incorrect? Expand on your counter argument please.

                Not many iPhones have got OS updates for 6 years. Like the iPhone 6 just lost support and it’s a 5 year old device. 5 years of updates is fantastic still but not the 6+ years.

    • I have one and its a great phone, paid $900 for it Mobilecity about 2 years ago, think ill hang onto it for another year

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      I am actually considering switching from Android and get the iPhone 8 Plus since I am a notch hater. Really glad that apple still make LCD flagship phones.

    • I have one as work phone and I would love to know why you think it's such a great phone. I can't find anything good about it. Battery life is average at best, screen is rubbish in terms of both resolution and colour, it doesn't feel nice in the hand without a case, design looks very outdated with massive bezels on top and bottom, storage space is ridiculously low unless you pay more and get one with larger storage, and last but not least, it's severely overpriced.

      • I used to use an iPhone 5 (2012-2017) and this would have been a slightly larger drop in replacement and can be used one-handed. The issues you mention (screen quality, colours) don't bother me. Design is dated, this is known already. Bezels are fine with me in phones and I don't endlessly scroll the socials on it either. In short, it's fine for me and I totally accept that others may not like it as much

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    This is a particularly garbage price. It should be $899 max. The specs of 7mp camera, 64gb, lcd display. It’s a “good” phone. But $1000+ is flagship level. The 8 for $779…… maybe $649 for the 8 and that would be worth it.

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      You have to understand that Apple products operate in a different segment and don't follow traditional market forces.

      If they're still selling, then they're not overpriced, irrespective of what you actually get inside.

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        I just got an iPhone 7 brand new and so did another family member. Brand new for $440-480 after discount on eBay because we aren’t going to pay $1249 at the time for the XR. It’s not worth it.

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          I agree, but what is and isn't "worth" it differs from person to person, especially for Apple products. These will sell at this price. They're willing to pay. To them it's very much worth it.

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            @lostn: People buy iPhones for iOS, not specs. The prices are getting out of hand though. $1999 for 256GB iPhone 11 PRO is a joke.

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    lol, if people were going to buy this phone, they were not waiting for it to become $50 cheaper so they could bounce.

  • Get the 11 if you were considering this.

    It will cost $150 more, but will have higher resale value which makes up for it and a year more of support. The upgraded specs are a free bonus.

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    sad to see AUD depreciating year by year.
    2018, USD 749 (+tax) phone costs AUD 1229
    2019, USD 699 (+tax) phone costs AUD 1199

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      Manufacturers like well rounded numbers.

      So if the actual conversion ends up being 1182 or 1191, they will round it up to 1199 because everyone likes prices ending in 9.

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    According to the news today isint it to be A$870 for the iPhone XR 64GB ?


    • yeah wtf is up with that

      • They probably just converted the US price to AUS

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    It’s normal price.

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    iOS users, I'd try Android. You might be pleasantly surprised. It's kind of a no brainer if you can get the Samsung EPP price, too.

    If you hate it, put up with it for a year, then you can get the features from Android that you actually liked on the 2020 phone.

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    This is a Regular price. Not a bargain!

  • Have to love Apple pricing bs, it’s 2019/2020 models & the a-holes are still releasing 64gb models, the minimum should be 128gb but they know for majority that’s would be big enough, only they can get away that to many sheep just keep paying top $, & not even future proof with no 5g smh

    Happy with my iPhone 7 till it blows up

    • -3

      you heard of iCloud ;) will be years before 5g will be worth it and you wanna pay $15 extra for it lol. get a grip.

      • +4

        Awesome pay monthly cost for iCloud when they could just delete the 64gb models & offer 128gb as starting.. smh Typical Apple fanboy reply lol, $1759 for pro 11 64gb & your defending that 🤦‍♂️

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          typical goose who doesn't know what they are talking about, well we back up 3 iPhones iPads and over 120gb photos/videos, cheaper than buying big storage on every device lol. Also another saved back up option.

          • @DisabledUser260423: Oh did I get you angry lol

            • @RogueWolf: nope just setting you straight :) i am no apple fan boy either, sold my xr/xs max, apw4 while there was some value and using a $50 SE i got off gumtree, sick of their overpriced big arse phones. I do like my 27" iMac and iPad pro 11 though.

              • @DisabledUser260423: Then what are we arguing about let’s be Apple hater friends lol
                as for setting me straight far from it, my point was still releasing 64gb models is bs & should be minimum 128gb now, it’s just sales tactic to push most from 64gb pro to 256gb

                • @RogueWolf: of course such a company would set this spec, this encourages the sales of middle range 128gb products since it acts like a reference point. and it is not only apple who is employing these tactics and exploiting people being stupid (behaviour economics)

    • +1

      I use OneDrive and before that GoogleDrive, so really don't use much storage on the phone at all.
      5G I hear you, but I can use my phone as a HotSpot and stream FULL HD NetFlix over 3G.
      Sure I notice 4G is faster, and it will no doubt be fast enough for me until the phone dies.
      4G is faster than most peoples NBN\Home Internet.
      Range on 5G is also shithouse, so big deal.

  • Wondering what happens to iPhone XS Max price as couldn’t see any mention on lowering its price as yet

    • its gooooone

  • Tbh the new iPhone XI is very similar in looks to the xr. I would still prefer to get the newer one if I didn’t have already the xr, as the price difference it’s small.
    I bought my xr 10 months ago and it will stay with me for at least 5 years. I’m sick of these companies trying to squeeze our money out, for very little improvements.
    my husband upgraded his 6 plus for a 7 plus because he wasn’t prepared to pay over a $1000.

    • +1

      They are not trying to squeeze your money; they are just providing new model as a choice for people with older models to upgrade. iphone 11 is not an upgrade from iphone XR. You can keep using it for years (atleast 4) before it loses software upgrades.

      You just need to control yourself from upgrading a perfectly working phone, just for the sake of upgrade.

      • +1

        control, what is that..

  • It should be $800 dollars

  • +1

    iPhone 11 siMilar price

  • This still cannot be considered as a bargain.

    Specs wise it's not on par with any other phones at same price range.

    If you are buying an iPhone saying you got a bargain simply not true.

    It's a rip off

    • +3

      A12 chip is still better than any current Qualcomm chip though.

      • Only the chip is better.

        • +1

          Only the categorically major indicator of a phones superior performance/speed/processing power, the chipset, is better.

          Wow, VinayAU. You're impressive.

  • +1

    Normal price is not a deal.

  • +1

    Any bargains on iPhone Xs?

    • Would the XS be better than this new entry 11?

      • Not too sure. OLED screen and smaller bezel are an advantage for the XS.

        Maybe 11 would be the way to go tho…

        • I assume cameras and processor on 11 would be the only thing better with the XS

          • @reece8: lcd for some people would be better than oled due to pwm

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    For everyone who are reading this. Please don't put iPhone 11 pre order with normal price in the near future as a deal, its not a deal.