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Apple iPhone XR 64GB $1,049, iPhone XR 128GB $1,129 @ Apple Store


Since Apple's 'Special Event' (September Keynote) this morning, they’ve reduced the retail price of their now superseded iPhone XR 64GB and 128GB by $180 and $170 respectively.

64GB = Was $1,229, Now $1,049 (Save: $180)
128GB = Was $1,299, Now $1,129 (Save: $170)

This beats recent OzBargain deals for Grey Imports by $50: LINK

Hopefully we start seeing more attractive plans with the telco's soon.

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    Can get the iPhone 11 for $150 more. I'd wait for that, IMO

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      +1. The extra lens (ultra wide), IP68 v's IP67 and better resale are worth $150

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      Was thinking the same thing. Not sure how much of an improvement in the chip (A13 v A12) though

      • It's usually around 25% in benchmarks from generation to generation.

      • It doesn't matter though. Performance wise, both are highly capable. Apple says the a13 marginally faster than anything else, and at this point, I believe them.

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        Apple indicates 20% in all metrics and i believe them as they are usually spot on and the same number in all metrics makes it easy to understand too.
        They are indicating they pushed for lower power than higher performance with their use of first gen EUV manufacturing process from TSMC.
        Better battery is nice, not that I think its an issue at the moment, but everyones use is different.

        Extra RAM always makes a HUGE difference in the long term too.

        Then there are other upgrades like camera etc etc.

        To conclude, paying 10% extra for the new model is a no brainer, this is a shit "deal".
        If you really want the old one, there will be real deals in a few months once the new price filters down.

        My real recommendation is to wait a couple of months and pickup a 2nd hand XS with a real next gen screen, not this old LCD stuff that's just a bigger version of the iPhone 6/7/8 etc.

        • Yea that's a fair point you've got. I have compared the XR and XS side by side and noticed there's a huge difference to the refresh rate (i.e. swiping between pages). If the 11 is using the same tech as XR then it may well not be that much of an upgrade if compared to the XS.

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    Not a deal - they have reduced their retail price.

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      Agreed, they're simply adjusting the price of the older model

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        I think it counts still. The retailers are still at the old price so the OP has the lowest price by a few hundred bucks.

        And the 11 doesn't have that much more to offer, to be honest.

        A13 vs A12
        3 vs 4GB ram
        dual camera

        After that, you're really reaching for selling points..

        reverse wireless charging
        waterproof to 2m instead of 1m

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          the ultra wide camera and seem worth the $150 difference to me

          • @becku: only when you exclude everything else on the market :/

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          reverse wireless charging

          That's not a thing is it?

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            @javab0y: Samsung's had it for a while now.

            It seems potentioally handy if your Apple Watch or AirPods batteries are running low.

            Charging someone else's phone… maybe not so much.

            ETA: hang on… that's not actually in the iPhone 11. I was looking at the gsmarena spec page.

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              @KentT: Yes but I didn't think iPhone 11 has actially got it - as per your post comparing XR and 11 (despite rumours)

          • @javab0y: It's only practically useful to half charge airpods if you have the wireless ones, but thats a legit feature for some people.

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          Those things are worth $150 extra.

          I don't think the new phone is too expensive. It's more that the old phone isn't cheap enough. I think $180 is too low a discount for one year old technology. But that's just my opinion. Obviously people disagree with me since they are buying and upvoting at these prices.

          The XR feels like cheap plastic (remember 5C?). The 11 looks more premium.

          • @lostn: I have a black xr. It is all glass and doesn’t feel plastic at all.

        • Just additional ultra wide camera alone worth the $150 extra. I remember when I bought S8 where the plus and non-plus version have $100 difference, when their only difference is the size and battery but people still go for the plus model .

          • @Kupret: Depends on people's use case.
            I'd pay more for a GOOD telephoto lens, but not a wide. But I like portraits. Each to their own.

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    This is the new everyday price. It's not a deal.

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      It's a deal if you were about to go and buy one at the old price this morning but luckily checked Ozbargain first and waited a few more hours.

      • Or was going to buy from a retailer that still has the old price and didn’t know Apple has discounted the phone.

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    My current iPhone is 3 years old and I feel like if I were to upgrade to a new phone now, it would need to have 5G. Guess I am waiting another year… not that I’m complaining

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      Next year's phone is rumored to get rid of the notch for a S10+ style pill shaped hole. That's a slight improvement I guess. If you can wait, you may as well.

      But if it's an actual new design, I wonder if they will call it iPhone 12 or 11 Pro S Max? 11 Pro Max S?

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        The notch is the deal breaker for me atm.

        I'm rocking the XR, it wasn't a problem for me but damn it with newer phones coming out I feel like I can't unsee it anymore

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          I'm rocking the iPhone 6.

          • @Banj0: I’m too (especially new battery as was Apple’s grace) but 1GB is too small for switching between apps.
            The problem with being unsupported is that you don’t get new or update Root CA certificates.

            • @AlexF: Yeah…tbh, the support is the biggest issue in my mind.

              Still…iPhone 8 should be available fairly cheaply, but I do kind of want an 11…just have to talk myself (and my wallet) into it.

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      not to mention the upcoming gen is still considered this gen's design, in line with the speculation that apple is stretching their production cycle to 3-4 years.

      Wait for the next gen to come out

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      5G is all hot air.

      In real-world tests in Australia, the 5G network is slower than the 4G one. And it doesn’t even have any users to add congestion yet.


      • Just like WiFi6, 5G is mainly about increasing density, not user’s throughput. Good for telcos if users buy the hype.

      • 5G is all hot air.

        That is a very broad and inaccurate statement. You're comparing the state of 5G in Australia currently which is only in handful of suburbs and is still using sub 6Ghz frequencies and applying those capabilities to 5G in general.

        Whereas worldwide carriers are rolling out mmwave 5G with real world speeds in excess of 1Gbit/s and 1-4ms of latency. So is 5G in Australia right now amazing? No. But it definitely is not hot air.

        • I’m around 10km from my closest tower. How are those ultra-short wavelength theoretical high throughputs going to help me? They’ll be fully attenuated by the time they get here.

          They’ll be good for stadiums, but that’s about it.

      • They just started, not many "cells" yet. We're talking about next iPhone in 1 year, surely at that time, 5G would be common.
        Similar case when 4G just started back then

        • The technology just isn’t any good. Huawei jumped the gun and started making hardware before the standard was finished (it still isn’t finalised) and everyone else was forced to follow suit.

          So we’ve got a half-baked mess of a standard now.

      • 3g is overrated and will never take off, why would we even need something more than phone calls and text on a phone?

        Stubstute 4g, 2g and the 10 upgrades within each generation etc etc.
        We have this conversation every time, it becomes the norm we couldn't live without and the short-sighted people who said we didn't need it try and pretend they never said it.
        5g is a suite of very standards that will run our life soon enough.
        So sick of hearing this. Do what you want with your money right now, it will change, just like all the others.

        • 5g isn’t a standard. The standard isn’t complete yet.

          Huawei jumped the gun, implemented half of the standard and called it “5G”.

          What we have is more akin to the jump from 3G to 3G LTE.

          I’m just pissed off that greedy companies launched a half-baked 5G, with serious technical limitations, rather than waiting a couple more years for the standard to be done.

      • For a moment I thought the 5G waiting reply was on Reddit.

    • 5G is over plaid. For years, people with 5g enabled phones either won't be able to get reception for it, or get no benefit over 4G.

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    I agree with others saying the iPhone 11 is a better deal. Better camera, faster processor, better waterproofing, better night photography and other features for about $150 more. If you can afford the XR at this price then you can afford the 11 for a better value product.

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      Some of us are on a tight budget okay! Every little bit helps :D

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        Haha, I respect that! Most people buy on a plan though. I imagine when the plans are announced the 11 should only be a few dollars more than what the offers for the XR are, so that will probably put it back within more people's reach.

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          On a tight budget but buying a apple product hmmmm

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            @BrokeB-tch: To save in the long run ;)

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            @BrokeB-tch: Don’t call them iSheep.

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            @BrokeB-tch: You know when you have $1100 and the phone costs $1150 kind of tight. Not as in I got $1 but want a $1000 phone kind of tight.

            Did you know 40% of people in this country making $200k live pay check to pay check.

      • Hahahaha budget

      • You can still get a new, boxed iPhone SE on eBay then.

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        Tight budget is where the LGv30+ comes in at $399. If you're so tight on money you can't spare $100 should you really be spending $1000+ on a phone

        • done this, ready to sell it and just accept the apple tax but far less frustrating experience that just works.

          • @cubiq4: These comments I get all the time almost make me want to try apple out… I have a G6 and while not perfect I have no complaints about because of the price I got it for so I can never understand where people like you are coming from and makes me really want to know what's so much better about apple.

            What is so frustrating about the V30+ in your case?

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      I get a feeling by calling it iPhone 11, they want to trick unsuspecting customers into thinking it's the successor to the iPhone X and not the budget XR with no OLED display.

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    Wow the screen isn't even 1080P. Can't believe the price Apple charges.
    Please people go for the iPhone 11 when it is released.

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      The iPhone 11 screen is the same resolution as this one. Still basically 720p.

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      Pixel size is not the only contributing factor to screen quality.

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        It's not. But when you watch a basic 1080p video, you are not even getting the full image. You're losing some information and detail.

        Resolution also is not about pixel size, but the number of pixels.

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          AMOLED 1440p, IP68, wireless charging. $399 Oh wait, I thought I was on the LG v30 thread.
          Carry on.

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          When objectively accurate facts get negged

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      It's a 5 - 6 inch screen. It wasn't long ago people were perfectly happy with 1080p on a 60 inch TV set. For the size of the device and average viewing distance you really won't notice a lot of difference in a screen with a couple of hundred more pixels. All you really serve to do with those higher res screens is slow down your devices by hogging processing power and putting more of a drain on battery life. Pretty pointless from an end user perspective.

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        It's true that it is a fine to ok screen. But I still remember being disappointed when I upgraded to the XR from a 7 Plus last year. I love everything else about the XR but the screen is just yikes, especially there are so many great phone screen out there charging you less $$.

      • +1

        For that money it should be better spec. A 720p screen on a new phone - in 2019!

        It's all fine to say it's still a decent amount of pixels but put it side by side next to something like a S10 and the difference is very significant.

        • +2

          It's about halfway between 720p and 1080p. 1376x720 is 1 million pixels. 1920x1080 is 2 million pixels. This has 1.5 million.

          It's their entry-level model. Mid-level if you count still selling old stock. Samsung has plenty of lower resolution screens in 2019 phones.

          And how often do you use two mobile phones side-by-side?

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            @KentT: Well Samsung's 720p phones are about 1/4 the price of this.

            • @lostn: They have to price it like that so people buy them.

              People are prepared to buy the XR, still at $1000+, with less than 1080p screen. General consumers do not care about specs, they just want the cheapest, latest iphone.

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          Rubbish it is very significant.

          I've compared the current XR to XS side by side so many times. In the hand, I just don't see this difference everyone is talking about. I get that OLED is a superior display, though on phones it's just damn overrated.

          • @R00D: well, it's your eyes - because I sure as heck can!

            At one point here we (amidst a few ppl) had a S10+, Note 10+, and the iphones - the 720p iphone looked abysmal in comparison.

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        If that were true, they wouldn't even bother making the higher res versions. No one would be able to tell the difference.

        326ppi is the same ppi as the iPhone 4 from.. 2010? 2009?

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          "Not a lot of difference" is not the same as zero difference.

          If it's a deal breaker, buy the model up that has a higher resolution screen. If you're happy with a lower resolution, you have a chance to save some money. Everybody wins.

        • +2

          I’m not saying there’s no difference, I’m saying it’s not a significant difference for most people. 326ppi is still a good resolution, particularly for the form factor. Obviously the screen is not the same as the iPhone 4 which only had a 3.5 inch screen to spread a lower pixel count over and lacked the advancements in brightness, colour and contrast ratio that modern LCD panels have.

          • @mr_me450: You are joking right? The screen on my work phone, which is an iPhone 8, is so terrible I can't bear to look at it. It feels like I've gone back in time whenever I use it and compare it to screen on my personal phone S10e. Even my wife's ancient S7 edge screen looks miles better than the rubbish screen on iPhone 8. It's amazing how brainwashed iSheeps are. LOL

            • @keejoonc: Who is even discussing the iPhone 8? It's a completely different panel to what is being used in the XR or iPhone 11. Different resolution, different contrast ratio, different brightness levels and different colour reproduction. If your iPhone 8 screen feels like you've gone back in time then it's probably because, surprise, it's two years old now. Buy a new phone if you want one ya clown, haha.

              • @mr_me450: Oh really? Why don't you do some research you clown? iPhone 8, XR and iPhone 11 all have 326ppi, which is rubbish even two years ago, let alone by today's standards.
                Also learn to read iSheep or do you need Siri to do it for you as well. iPhone 8 is my work phone.

      • My wife's old (old) Samsung S7 is 2560 x 1440. Surely these screens are an inside joke at Apple?

    • +3

      Why do you need 1080p on a phone?

      It’s a phone. It’s not like you can actually see the pixels on a screen that size at 720p.

      More resolution just means slower performance… and the only place you’ll notice the sharper image is on a spec sheet.

    • My advice would be to go and look at the screens and see for yourself. At that pixel density, 828 vs 1080 is just numbers, and manufacturers are using 1080p screens because they look better when you do a comparison of the numbers. When apple originally introduced the retina display the density was selected because the human eye could not distinguish the pixels at that density. Retina displays are now about 50% more dense - but it's mostly just a numbers game.

      If you look at screens in the flesh, the contrast, black levels, and colours will be much more important. For the record I think the XR screen isn't great (it's not an OLED IIRC), but you can't tell from the pixel count.

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    I will wait for my iPhone 7+ to say goodbye on its own, don’t see any drastic changes in phone capabilities for me to fork out a grand 🤔

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    Anyone actually looking to buy iphone XR then dont forgot to price beat @officeworks for extra 5% :)

    • +1

      yep. get in quick before they update their price

    • +1

      Officeworks are showing the new price now

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    Just got my iphone 6S screen and battery replaced.

    It still works like a beast!!

    Honestly I feel like for most people, you dont even need to go past a 6s or iphone X, just cause the screen is different.

    • +6

      Running strong on 6S with original screen.

      Have replaced battery once and will do so again very soon. It runs out very fast but the phone is faultless otherwise.

    • How much did you pay all up for the replacement?

      • I got quite lucky, initially replaced it with the $40 deal then got it replaced a year later cause it got quite drained.
        The screen was replaced for like $25 cause of amex screen insurance.

    • +4

      Also have an iPhone 6S running strong. Battery replaced twice free: once with battery replacement program, and once due to bad battery (complementary)

  • -3

    I think market value should be $700 and $750 ( Being generous around 50% higher than Apple trade in value ) for these phones in comparison with the iPhone 11 release .

    Another OP without a clue .

    Retailers/customers holding phones that USE TO RETAIN VALUE have been burned to the bone .

    • +3

      $700 represents 40%+ discount from release pricing, less than 1 yr ago. Something that's never happened on an apple product.

    • The free market isn't a thing.

      It's just people with things to sell who set about rigging the system to benefit themselves by inventing stupidity like "the invisible hand of the market is how things are supposed to work".

  • Hope we get eBay 10% to 15% sale soon on these XRs.

    • +5

      You will. But Jack will be in charge of updating the pricing.

  • +1

    iphone xr 64gb $1049, note 10 256gb $1049 wow such a hard decision
    said no one ever..

    • +6

      No one's choosing between those two.

      If you're already in an eco-system you're looking at re-buying chargers, cables, apps, wearables, etc. It'll cost you a lot more than just the handset.

      If you're only now getting a first smart phone… maybe don't spend a grand.

      • +2

        It’s more than just the eco-system - to me, everything looks cleaner on an iPhone. If you’re a sucker for detail (iconography, typography etc - even emojis look better on iOS), Android feels like a knock-off even though it’s a much more advanced OS these days. Then there’s the perception that Apple values your privacy a bit better and that apps are better screened and perhaps more secure than on Android. Spending a bit more on an iPhone knowing the resale value will be solid and knowing that you’re probably getting at least an extra year of (proper) support out of it with OS updates doesn’t make it more expensive than Samsung. Also, iPhones are cheaper to repair as well (ie cracked display) than many Androids.

        • i have never sold a second hand phone, coz i keep it for atleast 3 years, only iphone users seem to worry about resale value.

          • @striker5950: They don’t ‘worry’ about resale value, they just know they can sell it again for a decent price to fund the next one. What do you do with your phones after you’ve used them for 3 years if you don’t sell them?

    • +2

      The note 10 will be worth more than the iPhone in 2 years too… said no one ever..

  • -2

    These have been available off gumtree new sealed for $7-750 all year, no need to pay over 1k lol.

    • +1

      If you buy them off gum tree even if factory sealed, your warranty has been ticking down since the first owner bought it.