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Free 1 Year Apple TV+ Subscription (Worth $95.88) with The Purchase of New Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, iPod Touch


Raised in Apple's latest keynote on September 10, 2019, was a little offer about the new Apple streaming service, Apple TV+.

"Apple today announced Apple TV+, the first all-original video subscription service and home for today’s most imaginative storytellers, will launch 1 November in over 100 countries and regions. Apple TV+ will offer a powerful and inspiring lineup of original shows, movies and documentaries, including “Morning Wars,” “Dickinson,” “See,” “For All Mankind” and “The Elephant Queen.” The service will be available on the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod touch, Mac and other platforms, including online at tv.apple.com, for A$7.99 inc. GST per month with a seven-day free trial.

"Through Family Sharing, up to six family members can share one Apple TV+ subscription."

"Customers who purchase any new iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Mac or iPod touch starting 10 September can enjoy one year of Apple TV+ for free. Beginning 1 November, customers can initiate the one-year free offer in the Apple TV app on the device running the latest software."

The terms and conditions are available on the same media release page:

"Customers have three months after device activation to claim the offer, or if the device was purchased and activated before the launch of Apple TV+, they will have three months starting 1 November. The subscription will automatically renew at A$7.99 inc. GST per month after one year. Customers can cancel at any time in Settings at least one day before each renewal date. Customers who cancel during the offer period will forfeit the remainder of their offer. This limited time offer applies to both new and refurbished models, is not restricted to any specific sales channel (e.g. Apple Store, resellers)"

This point above is probably going to be the point that trips up most purchasers.

… "and will be available in all countries where Apple TV+ will launch. Up to six family members can share one Apple TV+ subscription and watch using their own Apple ID and password. Only one one-year offer is available per family, regardless of the number of devices purchased."

The cost for Apple TV+ is $7.99 per month including GST, so a potential saving of $95.88 if you are buying a new Apple device AND wanting to use the new Apple TV+ service when it goes live on November 1.

Claim the offer through the device it's self.


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  • Great find. But what am I missing? Doesn't it specifically say you cam buy through any channel and mentions resellers? 💐

  • Yep, updated. Risk is people might see an Ebay seller and think it's an official channel.

  • So are the wireless1 sales on eBay an ‘official reseller’?

  • So how do you actually claim the offer? Is it done directly through the device?
    Sorry it doesn't seem clear.

  • They did not include Apple Watch for some reason. iPod Touch is included, weird.

    Ah, wait, you can't watch it on the watch :)

    • Yeah, a bit disappointing but I guess it makes sense.

    • Why is that weird. The devices that gets free 1 year AppleTV are devices that can use AppleTV. It doesnt make sences to get it for apple watch cos you cant even use it. It'll be like getting a free ps4 game with the purchase of an xbox.

      • It’s more like getting a free PS4 game with PSVR. You basically need an iPhone to have the watch. It’d be nice as such to get the year free, but I guess they want to incentivise purchase of other hardware.

  • more importantly, do we know if Elon is going to sue Apple for stealing his logo?

  • “Buried in the detail of Apple's latest keynote”
    Pretty sure they made a huge deal of it during the keynote…

    Also you should probably delete the bit about it needing to be purchased directly through apple since the earlier bolded statement directly contradicts that claim.

  • Best deal is an Apple TV with this

    • So do I just buy an Apple TV every year to get the best deal?


        Is it confirmed that you can keep claiming this every year? If not, my hunch that this will only be available once per account or family ("Only one one-year offer is available per family").

        • Is that so? Because theoretically, those people (however rare) that buy an iPhone every year wouldn't need to pay for Apple TV ever again.

    • I actually still haven’t understood the advantage of an Apple TV to me since I already have an Android TV. Am I missing something? Thanks.

  • +9 votes

    $7.99/month for just 9 shows initially (with 5 more announced). No library of older content unlike every other streaming service. I presume they only offer a 7 day trial because a longer trial would allow people to watch their entire catalog.

    • -10 votes

      It's Apple so there'll be No trial.

    • Makes Amazon Prime seem even more of a good deal.

    • Its amazing how its going to be 9 shows initially only and they are planning to charge a monthly fees for it :)

      Seems more like a way to market something "new and shiny" to the stock market rather than a way to generate a new revenue stream.

  • Bird Box 2: The Rise of Aquaman

  • Annoying coz I just bought an apple TV a month ago.

  • new ipad. Same as the March last years ipad in a slightly bigger screen. Jacked up the price to $569. Not even the apple TV makes it worth it

    Ill wait to get the 6th gen for under $400

  • 720p display phone that can shoot 4k 60fps on 64GB Storage 😂 That's Called innovation

  • Thought this is well known as people have indicated that this makes sense for Apple as Apple is currently still more about selling hardware. Still not going to be easy to compete with Disney (as Disney now has Marvel as well).

  • What if the customer opted for the 14 day money back guarantee or found a defect on a new Apple device and opted for full refund?

  • I bought a new AppleTV 2 days ago from Officeworks!
    Will I be able to claim this?

    • You'll have to try it from Nov 1 onwards

    • Return it and buy another one.
      And th effective date is 10 Sept Myer, zz

      • Start date of the offer is 10 Sept, but activation is Nov 1… To quote the T's and C's "Beginning 1 November, customers can initiate the one-year free offer in the Apple TV app on the device running the latest software"

  • Thanks OP, been wanting to upgrade our old Apple TV…now I have an excuse to do so…just need to find the best price…

    • I am thinking I will get a second one, one for au and one for us accounts.
      Remember for what Apple charges the one year subscription is built in.

      • Can't you just profile switch between them?
        I added a US account to my apple tv for the purpose of accessing the US app store but I just switched back to my normal account straight away. You can still access US apps from your main account once installed.

        Unless you're going to be using a VPN in which case a smart DNS service might be a better option. You can flick between the VPN locations through an app normally.

        • So on iphone if we switch from US account to AU account, we can still access paid apps (paid in USD)?

          • @bajirao: As far as I know that will work, I just realised the "account switching" was only released in the TVOS 13 beta.
            Logging in and out of accounts on iphones is a pain but the switching on apple tv is right there when you hold the TV button on the remote.

        • Yes you can. But two might be more convenient, or I might put it upstairs.

          And as an added bonus, I get to play with two Apple remotes.

          • @entropysbane: We have two. One in the lounge…one in the man-cave.

            Just picked up a 64GB 4K (refurb)…so Apple+ subscription sorted. Whether or not we renew at the end of 12 months is another matter, but I'll take the free 12.

    • Would love to find out what are the advantage of an Apple TV is already have an Android TV? Is it worth it?

      • I'm guessing not…unless you're already invested in the Apple environment.

        Don't get me wrong…I like Apple, and we run mostly Apple gear at home. We have an Apple TV 3rd gen, and I'd like one of the later ones simply for a bit more speed, and to use as a Homekit Hub.

        If you're not into the Apple ecosystem, it may be less beneficial.

  • Hopefully services revenue will make devices cheaper. Bring on services!

    • +1 vote

      Yeah, similar to how the app revenue slowly brought down the price of older iphones.

      • We can only hope, they did drop $50USD off the new iPhone 11 price. More affordable devices, whilst making up for the revenue with services would be great.

  • What shows will be on Apple TV?

  • Wondering if you upgrade your phone every year, can you keep claiming this 1 year. Or whether it's just a once off to let you try and then you'll have to pay even if you are buying more Apple devices in the future

    • Wondering if you upgrade your phone every year,

      Doubt many will be upgrading every year if the upgrades are are crap as this year's…

      • Well am sure Apple would be happy if one year you bought an iPhone, next year you buy an iPad, the year after a Mac, the year after that an Apple TV, rinse and repeat.
        Besides, these are family subscriptions. I don’t think an annual Apple device is out of the question in many families.

  • I am wondering where is $95.98 coming from?

    $7.99 x 12 = $95.88 right?

    If Apple TV+ offers good programme later on, it may worth $7.99/mth.

  • Some of the shows look cool but I don't see how it will be successful, how much market share do apple devices have across all platforms? Now how many people with apple devices already have Netflix/Stan/Hulu, not to mention Disney+ coming.

  • Some of the shows sound pretty good - The Morning Show and For all Man Kind. But some just sound downright stupid - SEE. Whats up with that? At approximately 15m per episode? It looks so damn stupid.

    The ads for the rest havent really make it look that great either - mythic quest and dickinson?

  • was hoping to get 2 new iphones since our contract is finished already but can only claim 1yr free… that sucks.

    on a diff note, Maybe Disney+ will be an option for me as i still have young kids. :)

  • How many times does Mr Cook say ‘thank you’ on keynote events

  • Forced to buy daughter in grade 4 an iPad for school later this year so I will use it to get this deal

  • Well I bought a macbook on 7Sept …

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