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Windows 10 Professional OEM $82.99 @ OzGameShop


Windows 10 Pro OEM from a reputable online retailer.

There is a lot of hate on OzBargain for such deals, but I think based on the reputation of the seller, that these keys are legitimate.

Jay has suggested SCDKeys for ~$25 https://www.scdkey.com/microsoft-windows-10-pro-oem-cd-key-g...

For the risk takers $5.36 (over 5,000 sold) https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-WINDOWS-10-PROFESSIONAL-... (this last one I received from eBay by email as a "recommended" product.

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  • I paid $8 for my key.

    • Where?

    • You can buy one for $2.75 if you like taking a chance that it's not legit https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/GENUINE-WINDOWS-10-PROFESSIONAL-...

      But over 5,000 sold with a majority of positive comments

      • Risk and reward.. for that price you can buy 30 of them and try your luck..

      • I brought from this eBay seller as well.

        so far, I have no problem with the key.

      • -1 vote

        What are the risks, if it's bogus?

        For the record: Altho they say "No Refunds"
        in general, they must + will refund. If you find
        out you have a bogus key, eBook or software.

        Of course, use PayPal to buy such risky items

        Disclaimer: I'm NOT recommending any
        vendor &/or item here.

      • That would be like the Office Key that I rated the seller well when it was still working after a week, but a few months later it stopped working. Positive reviews are generally good as an indicator of "arrived and works" rather than longevity.


        I've bought a ton, to licence VM's ect, have been running them for years, they all work.
        You need to enter the key during the build process (during the initial setup), they don't work to activate post build, even if it is a new build and you try immediately after.

      • Any idea if I can use this key to upgrade from Win10 Home to Pro, or if I'll need to do a re-install.

        Also out of curiosity, worst case scenario, if I get the key and it gets deactivated later, what will happen to my Win10 Pro installation. Will it revert back to Win10 Home, or will I get nag screens … or something else?

    • Right, so my earlier comment apparently suggesting to just pirate a key instead (sarcasm anyone?) gets reported/unpublished, but this comment which is clearly doing the same (only you get to pay for the privilege of someone else doing it for you) and it stays.

      Much like the legitimacy of the key being offered in this 'deal', the logic on this site is questionable at times.

  • hmmm why would you knowingly pay more when you can buy a key that works for 10 times less than this? Are you associated with ozgameshop?

    • No association, but I bought games from them

    • Because the Ozgameshop key look legit and so you are taking the "more" legal option than the blatantly illegal cheaper option.

      Of course OEM licences can only be sold with equipment and so you cannot technically use them for existing systems.

      • your key words "look legit" and can you also personally say that you would purchase the key at this price instead of going to ebay or scdkey and pay 10 times less for it? of which either option is not illegal imo especially compared to cracked versions of windows…

  • I bought on multiple occasions from these guys, never had an issue at all.


    • Damn thats a good price, also from a reputable seller

      • They’re OEM keys. Legally not sellable like that but Microsoft seem to let many slip through the cracks.

  • $80 is too much.

  • While they are a reputable seller… how do we know they are any different?

  • https://www.reddit.com/r/microsoftsoftwareswap/

    Only a couple of sellers on this subreddit, mostly reputable. Got a copy which worked.

    • None of those keys are legit, and none of those sellers are reputable. Nor is SCDKeys, nor is OzGameshop. They're parting out MSDN/Bizspark/Dreamspark accounts, which is a violation of the license agreement and no better than piracy, except that you're putting money in the hands of the pirates instead of the seller.

      This entire OzBargain post is just giving money to pirates.

      • You sounds like a Pirate racist.

      • AGREED

        The proper SKU for the proper Australia release Windows 10 professional OEM is FQC-08929

        It comes in a cardboard sleeve inside a bigger cardboard sleeve with red sticky tape. You remove the inner sleeve then there's a SCRATCH PANEL that reveals the product key. There's a DVD inside the inner sleeve.

        As far as I've been trained through Microsoft events, there are no other legit ways to obtain Windows 10 professional OEM in Australia.

        It costs non mass manufacturers (DELL, HP etc pay a lot less) about $194-$199 EX TAX from AUTHORIZED Microsoft Distributors in Australia to buy.

        NOW - I personally do not care what any of you do. Buy a key is for $2.75, whatever. I honestly don't.

        BUT DO NOT SAY this is legit. IT IS NOT!!! I've been assured it's not by my MS representatives through partner support portals. Microsoft DO actively chase this kind of stuff down.

        So - go ahead, do what you want, but please do not believe you have a legit valid Windows 10 OEM Professional license. You do NOT.

        But, hey, if it works - go for it.

  • Ok guys, have fun "discussing" this topic ;) I'm outta here.

  • any ideas where to get a office licence this cheap

  • What if you are looking for a key for a business PC? any risks about going real cheap or better to go with something like this, OEM which may be proper legit for this country?

    • See my comments above, I'm pretty sure this is NOT legit either. For business I would not risk it. Having said that you'll probably never get caught to be fair.

  • A lot of uneducated people in here lol

  • +2 votes

    $83 for a CD key of questionable legitimacy is absurd. Can be found way cheaper if you wanna go down this path.

  • I think I bought more than 10 windows licenses over the years, all for 5 bucks or so each… none of them were ever bogus… they do say in the listing that the key is to sell for an OEM system, so they say it was from a "broken beyond repair part" which it wasn't included… it's kinda dodgy but the license is legit… maybe the sale of the key isn't and you can't reinstall using the same key, in case your computer needs to be reformated or changing ssds etc. just a heads up.

    • Depends on where the key is from, some are just re-purposed from businesses, some are from overseas where they sell the product for less. In most cases the keys my be legit just not not for its use, for example one key may only be intend for use in south america, but they have sold it to a user in australia. Even though the key is legit it wasn't intended for that country and can be stopped at any time.

    • +2 votes

      Windows 10 is digitally licensed to the Hardware, so once activated, when you re-install on the same hardware it will re-activate without a key.
      The exception is, if they revoke the license, due to breach of terms (very \ very unlikely).
      Since the anniversary update, the license can ALSO be linked to our Microsoft Account.
      That means, if you replace your PC (motherboard, disk ect…) you can re-license on new hardware, in a somewhat automated manner!!!
      The catch is you need to login using your Microsoft account and not a local account.

      This explains the process much better;

  • I'm on Win7. If i buy the key, download and install Win10 Pro will it replace Win7 automatically?

  • Thanks guys for the info, will have read and give it a try.

  • You're only supposed to sell OEM keys bundled with computers so they are doing a dodgey if you ask me. I still wouldn't risk it if you're running a business. Though I've only ever seen a few small businesses getting busted, only because they were dobbed in.

  • Another option, try find a laptop on gumtree that still has the Win 7 pro sticker on the back, and use this to activate Win 10 pro with fresh clean install.

  • "There is a lot of hate on OzBargain.." full stop.

  • The consensus is whether consumers are willing to pay $80+ for what effectively id lifetime support on Windows 10 with continuous updates and support.

    Buying "risky" keys of resellers to me is a grey area of ethical business as it gives zero profit to Microsoft. Debating whether microsoft needs the money or not is another argument (they collect data anyways and profit?).

    That said; I've purchased of OzgameShop before and they're legit. Not windows keys, but video games and merch.

    • That said; I've purchased of OzgameShop before and they're legit. Not windows keys, but video games and merch.

      The word 'legit' is thrown around too loosely whenever one of these product key vendors is highlighted on this site.

      Legit in what way? They sold you a cheap key and it works?

      The real question is how was it obtained and for how long will it work for? Potential buyers should be comfortable with the possibility of it being obtained illegally, or potential for the key to eventually stop working.

      • Apologies if I used Legit loosely here. I mean't that they're a reputable store. Can't vouch for Software Keys, only thing that I've received digitally were XBox Live Subs which were genuine.

  • Been buying $5 keys off ebay.

  • My previous experience with this guys regarding Windows 10 keys

    • No good deed goes unpunished unfortunately :(

    • Ok, if OGS are selling illegitimate keys then I gotta neg.


        The Phantom hops on this bandwagon.

      • Saw the previous comment; unused key for 6 weeks, could possibly been stolen in some way. Just cause MS had blocked it due to piracy doesn't mean the buyer or seller was involved in it.

        That said OZGshop was looking to rectify it in some way when asking for proof.

  • Who buys umbrellas?
    You get them from the little can at coffee shops

  • there was a massive shitfight in ozbargain over these keys a while back, the crux of the issue is that in germany the courts forced companies like microsoft to unbundle the keys from the machines, so in germany you can buy a windows 10 or any other software, and when you are finished with the product you can delicense and sell the key, note you cant do that in australia, on top of that germany forced microsoft and co to make these keys multi language, so they are region free, these are completely legal keys and you will never have any issue with them regardless of what the know it alls and purists will tell you, these are genuine oem keys, simply goto german ebay.de and you will see sellers with thousands of positive feedback selling these keys, ebay in germany allows these keys to be sold legally, however in australia ebay does not allow you to sell these keys because it upsets microsoft, so go for it, goto german ebay and pick up corel draw, windows 10 pro, and tonnes of other software legally for a few dollars

    you can find the original windows 10 thread in the archives, i have bought thousands of these keys never had a single problem, it was me who started the original thread about the german keys and i copped a lot of shit about it from knowitalls in ozbargain, but the moderators saw through the bullshit and ever since people have been buying these keys with no problem

    • Thanks for the great explanation. Do you have a source on this?

      • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/261383
        here is the original thread, it contains most of the information you need although the comments are 3 pages long with lots of fighting, the moderators had the final say and declared the keys legitimate and able to be posted due to the german laws

        • Don't know the case but as most companies license a user under certain conditions it isn't a matter of "transferred ownership". Would be interested in a link if you have one.

          Obvious question: is it legal (not 'can you') in this country to install keys obtained under another country's laws? If so that would suggest that sellers in countries which have no rules or don't comply (you can guess a few of them easily without me telling you) could thumb their noses at every software company on the planet. Yes the whole key thing is murky but buying shonky or hacked keys from crims/spivs/people prepared to stretch the rules makes us complicit.

          OzB moderators "declaring keys legitimate" is the laugh of the century, if indeed that is what they did. How would they know? They aren't/don't appear or claim to be expert in any law afaik.

    • +1 vote

      Thanks for the useful info odgaf!

      Bought an Office 2019 key yesterday on ebay.de and was able to activate it online.

      Even though the product was set for delivered via email, had create a fake German postal address to complete the transaction.

  • I just hit the add key later button during install. It hasn't asked me for it yet. I'm not sure if the keys saved to my Hotmail account as my wallpaper automatically updated to what it was on my old install. So might not have to buy it again?

  • Australian OEM keys must be sold with hardware.

    So if this isnt coming with hardware, it breaches the licensing policy of the key in Australia.

    • but its not an australian key, its a german key with its own international license, get your head around it

      • What's your point? If it's a 'German key', why is it being sold in Australia for a percentage of the RRP?

        • because its not illegal to sell a german key in australia, you might not like it but there it is

          • @odgaf: Show us the money. Plenty of products not legally usable can still be bought/sold. Even if it's not illegal to sell a German key it might well be illegal for a resident to use that key if it contravenes Ms' rights in this country.

            • @Possumbly: microsofts rights only extend as far as the australian license keys, of which they have full control, using a german key in australia doesnt make it an australian key no matter how much you would wish

              • @odgaf: You clearly have no idea of the legalities or even the basics of licensing rights so I'll take that with the grain of salt is deserves. Have you contacted Ms Australia to clarify the position yet? That's sarcasm in case it flew over your head. Doubt you've noticed but here's a clue - German/EU law doesn't apply in this country

                    • @Possumbly: the moderators in the link i sent you already contacted microsoft, too bad you were too dumb not to read it, and again you treat microsofts word as if it was law, its not law its a policy, clearly you are agenda driven and i hope and pray these cheap totally legal ms oem keys are impacting your finances or aspergers in some way, in fact im going out to social media to tell more people how to obtain cheap local legitimate keys legally, thanks for encouraging me to enlighten the masses