This was posted 2 years 4 months 2 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Razer Blade Stealth i7-8565U $1784.15, DeathAdder $29.75, Edifier R1280DB $107.95 + Delivery (Free with eBay+) @ Wireless1 eBay

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    Good price for the mouse

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    Got the mouse, can’t go wrong with $30 :D

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      yeah you can, razer is trash

      • Not for $30, it isn't - I have (the chroma version of) this mouse, it's served me very very well over the years - not faulty, but I'm still considering getting this just because of the price.

  • Rumor says there's a 16" macbook pro coming in October. Not sure if I should pull the trigger on a 15" now?

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      wait i reckon.

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    Thanks. Just the mouse my son was looking for.

  • Having a look at the mouse the postage is $15 unless you have ebay Plus then shipping is free.

    So the +$15 credit only applies to current ebay Plus members which will then see that price as listed.

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      Yeah even click and collect is $15 shipping which is annoying.

      Is it worth/possible creating a new eBay account and signing up for free trial?

      • depends how much you value your time lol

  • Tempted with the blade stealth at that price but a new version just released in US with latest gen CPU and option for an even better dedicated GPU.

    Wonder when it releases if this version would drop to this 1784 price though..

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    guys, the razer mouse is cheaper here -

    edit: is this the same mouse? not so sure now…

    • Nope lol that’s like the OG version

    • It says

      NOTE: It is OEM, not Original genuine!OEM version is the so-called modified version, upgraded version! 70% of our parts from genuine components, a small part of the production through the independent, so the appearance and feel and no difference between genuine, high similarity! To meet your mouse this section of the requirements!Sensor PIR motion sensor & lighting Sensor

    • Definitely not the same mouse haha, see Nubix's comment

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    gaming? u sure? MX150? U kidding me

    • I got excited for a short while until I realized it's got MX150…sigh

    • The idea is to use an external GPU connected to the thunderbolt port.

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        Still … $1700 and only an MX150 seems pretty weak?

        • It’s pretty well specced otherwise and it’s good build quality and thermals. You are paying for the razer branding though $200 or so.

          • @ATangk: How is a 13" screen well specced? I'm not sure who the target market is with this one. Casual gamers who want something better than a tablet but smaller than a standard gaming laptop? The only reason you go with such a small screen is for battery life and portability right?

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              @beeeej: Depends on your needs. This is perfect for a student who requires a bit of intensive coding at times, giving long battery life for classes + some processing grunt as required. Hence its well specced for my needs.

        • The new razer Blade stealth will have a GTX 1650, which can do some light gaming. But it's still pricey so … shrug

    • Yeah, this is far from a gaming laptop and at that price? not a good deal.

    • The Blade Stealth is meant to be an ultrabook, not a gaming laptop. The MX150 is just meant for really light gaming on the go

    • You could play esports with the MX150, but that's about it.

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    Thanks OP, finally an excuse to buy the speakers at the lowest price to date.

  • Not really that great when you can get this with essentially the same specs but with a larger SSD at $1200?!6151!AU!-1

    • -3

      ASUS is trash. Razer have the best trackpads on the Windows side. That's refurbished and it has only 2.5" SSD, no NVMe.

      • Ah you're right about refurbished bit, missed that.

      • +1

        +1 at Asus is trash.
        Open a zenbook up and you'll see its plastic inside, metal layer outside, designed to give the illusion of a metal unibody.

        Check out any of mobiletechreview and you can see what's under the hood for materials.

        I'm no fanboy of razer but it does appear the razer is better built than the ux430

        • -1

          These asus’s Are built to be cheaper devices not the high end ultra book market. Hence not paying 2.5k base price in line with the other ones. That said they’re also lighter because of the plastic and that’s why I enjoy my ux331. It is barely over 1kg and it’s significantly lighter than the smaller xps13’s.

          • @ATangk:

            It is barely over 1kg and it’s significantly lighter than the smaller xps13’s.

            Well it's like comparing a smart car to a heavier car..
            Different materials, but I prefer sturdiness + a little weight vs one that is more prone to failure because of the cheapness in materials.

            P.s. I own an ASUS UX303LB
            It's now retired as I've been exposed to business grade laptops and appreciate a better built laptop.

            The Razer is actually not bad for it's price really

    • How about this MSI PS63? Thinking of getting this one.!6151!AU!-1

      • Those have some good specs, but I think their screens had some issues if I remember - or maybe I am remembering wrong. Eitehr way that CPU/GPU combo is much better.

        • I read a few reviews and watched a few YouTube videos and it's fared very well, plus it has a 80wh battery, is light and compact and has strong performance with a sprinkle of compromises like no TB3 in it and microsd slot so I pulled the trigger on it. With the eBay gift cards, stacking the code and claiming TRS, I should get it down to around $1140 which is damn good value.

          Notebookcheck rated an almost equivalent spec of this laptop (just the GTX 1050 instead of the Ti) at 90%.

      • +1

        Got one the other day, build quality is great! It’s quite discreet, so if your looking to use it in the office it’s perfect!

        Taking the bottom panel off you have access to all components. M.2 slots, RAM and CPU/GPU heatsink. I added another 16gb in mine to utilise both DIMM channels. Also looking to repaste heatsink shortly as the stock job is generally terrible. Many reporting 10-15c different between stock and repaste.

        Otherwise, this is a pretty beefy (in performance terms) laptop in it’s form factor, typically smaller than other 15.6” notebooks too.

  • Sweet, cheers! Just bought the Edifier speakers as wanted a better bluetooth speaker living room set up than my current little philips blue brick (philips sb5200a) which was the same price lol…..and my traditional Denon amp and Bose cube speaker set up is so 90's without bluetooth for phone, pc etc. Great deal, delivered with wifes new ebay account /ebay plus trial for a total pf $107!!

    • Phenomenal speakers !!! can't Blv how good they are for the price! One of my best purchases in ozb.. WITHOUT doubt…Incredible sound and options but the startrack delivery was pathetic. Arrived 9 days after purchase, 6 days after they got into startrack system. And I'm only about 25kms from the shop purchased from!

  • How does the Razer Laptop handle recent games like Gears 5? Very keen to start utilising my Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the go with a laptop.

    • And MX150 will not be giving you great performance in Gears 5. Probably fine at low/medium settings and 1080p or lower? The Stealth line is really made for productivity and some very light eSports type gaming (think like DOTA, CS:GO, LoL, Overwatch at medium settings) and not so much AAA titles like COD:MW or Gears 5. Of course, you could supplement that with a eGPU setup with whatever graphics card you want and then be totally fine, but that's $$$$.

      Here's a video of a laptop with an MX150 running Gears 5 (note that it only has 8gb of ram and a weaker processor, so this razer laptop will likely do a bit better):

  • +1

    Great price on the mouse! Bought :)

    FWIW, I've had 3 Razer Blade Stealth laptops. The first had a messed up webcam and a faulty hard drive - the RMA process was a bit difficult (they didn't fix the webcam the first time) but they took care of me pretty well.

    The second worked well and was used for about a year and a half with a Razer Core eGPU. After this time, the battery began to swell very badly. Nothing else broke, but the keyboard and trackpad were both much more difficult to use. I needed a laptop so I got another Razer Blade Stealth to replace it, but then this one wasn't able to hold a stable connection to the Core. I RMA'd it but they were unable to reproduce, and with the core out of warranty, there wasn't any way for me to get out of the situation. I continued to use the swollen battery Stealth (still held a charge and a stable connection to the Core… just couldn't use it as an actual laptop on its own really) for a few more months until I replaced the setup with a small form factor PC.

    Outside of the issues connecting to the Core, the new Stealth has been awesome, but it also isn't that old and I'm not running it as hard or often as the old Stealth, so I have no idea if the battery issue will pop up as well.

    These things look awesome, and they work great, but I've personally experienced (and read plenty about) issues with their longevity. These were NOT models with the MX150, so maybe the newer generation is better. shrug Good luck with your purchases!

    • +1

      Thank you kindly for sharing your experiences mate!

    • +1

      dude that's been my experience too! had like 2 razers so far already and one's battery popped lol

  • Ordered edifier s2000db. Very excited! Im ready for summer season now.

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    "EXTRA AU $15 OFF at checkout" for the Deathadder seems to not be working anymore :(

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    Just received the Edifier R1280B. They literally just slapped a label onto the box and posted it.

    • Same haha but who cares they are incredibly good sound and value for $107!! Absolutely blown away but their sound and size. Just testing mine now

  • How are you getting $1784.15 for the laptop? I'm getting $1,969.15 shipped at the check-out with the PHIZZ15 coupon….I guess the extra $200OFF is gone now?

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