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$2 Bonus Cashback on Purchases (Min $5 Spend) @ ShopBack (via ShopBack App)


Another bonus from Shopback. Paid by the 21st of October.

Referral Links

Referral: random (3878)

$15 for referrer, $5 for referee after referee qualifies.

Qualifying requirements for referee: 1. Made a minimum $20 online purchase (below exclusions apply), 2. Received a minimum $10 confirmed cashback online, 3. Added banking details to account.

Exclusions: Any other ShopBack new customer bonus offers; Purchases from Uber, Kayo Sports, DoorDash, Hayu, Accor Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels Group, ShopBack Vouchers (Gift Cards), Woolworths Gift Cards, Circles.Life (list subject to change)

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  • Quick you beat me for it :)

  • +32

    They haven’t even tracked the one from last two weeks… still pending…

    • True that

    • If it's Pending - that means the ebay purchase has Tracked!

      It's 2 separate Cashback -
      * % on purchase (calculating) &
      * bonus paid by 23 September
      - if ebay purchase tracked & is pending.

      Pending: Validating your Cashback
      We've received your order details and it is being validated by eBay Australia. You can expect confirmation by 9 Nov 2019 when our partner store ensures that you did not make any cancellation, return or exchange. Otherwise, the cashback will be adjusted or voided

      The $5 cashback bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 23 September 2019.
      CHECK in 2 days!

      • -9

        They don't track the eBay for months, I am still waiting for my bonus of $60 being tracked….

        Shopback is painful and dishonest when it comes to tracking.

        Cashrewards tracked my nordvpn deal within an hour but importantly they tracked with bonus cashback unlike shopback who will only track eBay regular cashback and then after weeks if not months they will add bonus and mostly after you remind them.

        Nothing stopping them to track bonus with normal cashback from day one.

      • +2

        They sent an email saying they didn’t track any purchases between 9-13 September on eBay and they’re working on it. I’m not suggesting any more. Shouldn’t have used the word pending though. Waiting.

        • Ah! Wondered about that wording. Thanks for clarifying. Hope it works out👍
          Yes, got that message too about issues with tracking & now shows Pending - Calculating. So using App tracked for me.

          • @Rather be Travelling: Haha half an hour after the comment you replied to mine got tracked too. Now it actually says pending.

    • I shouldn’t have used the word pending. Still waiting for shopback’s email should have been better… 👀

      • +2

        Hi Atangk,

        If your purchase didn't track at all by now, we'd recommend submitting a claim via this form if it has not been done so yet. We'll take it from there once the submission has gone through.

        • Mine didn’t track for one of the promotions either.

          I submitted a follow up using the Amazon order ID for the $2 ‘OzBargain Exclusives‘ bonus rather than the click through, it got rejected because it didn’t track, but won’t let let me follow up the tracking using the order ID as that order ID has been used to follow up with the $2 bonus. Email support hasn’t replied in the past week.

          Usually ShopBack have been good, but in last month or I’ve had to follow up on quite a few orders not tracking.

          • @jwh: Hi jwh,

            I'd recommend shooting an email directly to [email protected] for a follow up. Feel free to also PM me your ticket number or email address you used to follow up - then we can keep an eye on your ticket.

        • Haha… I followed your instruction and then found that it was tracked half an hour after the comment above…

          • @ATangk: Good to hear - then that means your order did track as Pending (1% component) in the first place 👍.

    • mines not even pending, didnt get tracked

      • +1

        this is what I meant. I used the wrong wording and the whole community is gone up in protests haha.

  • +13

    Didn't get the bonus $5 from the last promotion as missing cashback:(

    • +3

      Me too :(

      And the weird thing is the 1% component tracked for me.

      • I think you just have a wait a bit. The $5 bonus just tracked for me in the last 2 hours. Maybe they don't have an automated system and some poor soul is doing it manually, or it is partially automated with some manual steps. Just be patient. If the order itself is tracked, then you will most likely get the $5 bonus if you meet the criteria.

        • My eBay purchase only just got tracked. And right after than the $5 got tracked.

  • +14

    Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me

    • Yeah idc I already made a purchase… was a bit annoyed the thing I wanted to buy turned out to be $4.89, so had to get something else to bump it up to the minimum…

    • +2

      What if they fool you a third time?

    • +1

      Shopback is shit in that they don't do any follow up or reply to us
      when we file a missing a cashback

      I filed one and never even got a response back

      this is a shit customer service in my opinion
      and not as good compared to cash rewards

      • +2

        With a name like ShopBack, you'd think they'd ReplyBack

  • +12

    Meh last 3 promotional cashbacks didn't track - Iconic 30%, eBay $5, browser button $2.

    • +1

      I'm trusting them to come through, but am I too trusting?

      • +2

        Yes, yes you are.

      • I’m sTill trusting them also.

        But like most, I’m still waiting for the last $5.

        SB is slow, but they all have eventually arrived for me, except for baby bunting, which I’m also sill waiting.

        • Hi cloudy,

          Baby Bunting purchases have already been credited.

          Having a look at your account based on the details you've provided from a PM, there's already an "Ebay Australia Baby Bonus" entry in your account from earlier this month.

    • yes my last purchase ebay $5 didn't track… i put in a missing claim and they only gave me 1% back. why do i even bother?

      • +7

        The $5 cashback bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 23 September 2019.

    • +5

      5 out of 8 didn't track for me

    • +1

      Just be patient. The $5 bonus just tracked for me in the last 2 hours.

  • +3

    Haven't gotten the $5 from the previous one and the $60 promo is still stuck on calculating… SB is starting to lose again to CR in terms of reliability and efficiency

    • Hi paraneoplastic,

      $5 Bonus

      The $5 cashback bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 23 September 2019.

      $60 Bonus

      The cashback bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 30 September.

      On the other hand the calculating bit doesn't sound right, but if you haven't done so yet could you please message [email protected] about this? And feel free to PM your email address so we can monitor the ticket.

      • 'by 30 September' makes people expect it to be quick (as online/automated processed usually are), but to take until 30 September in worst case scenario. If it's expected to happen around 30 September, then the details might as well say 'around 30 September'.

  • Last $5 one didn't come through.. instead have 1 (one) cent pending.

    Thanks Shopback.

    • +9

      The $5 cashback bonus will be credited separately into your ShopBack account by 23 September 2019.

      • +28

        The amount of people on ozbargain who don't bother to read terms but readily complain.

        • +1

          Holy crap I must have started something bad. I was referring to an eBay mistracking from 9-13th September which they’ve sent an email through for…

          • @ATangk: Don't worry - it got discussion going.

            The helpful reminder from wekimekigugudan that $5 probably isn't available yet clarified that Deal's condition.

        • So true lol. I just got the $5 bonus credited in the last 2 hours.

          • @techlead: My $5 is Pending, but wasn't even showing 2 hours ago.
            The complaining may have sped things up @SB!

  • wish my phone could use this app

    • +11

      You using a rotary phone?

    • If you have a decent pc, download bluestacks android emulator. Add ebay app, add shopback app, then order up.

  • Done.

  • shit, i just used my $5 voucher last night with $10 minimum spend one.

    • You can’t use gift cards or vouchers with cash backs generally.

      • not sure about that, i think unless i just pay with only that free voucher, what if i am paying extra amount by myself.

        • Don’t know. The terms and conditions read that you cannot use gift cards.

  • +1

    If these big cashback promos keep falling through, just take screenshots and request refunds from the sellers, citing the shopback promo as the reason you made the purchase. They may not always agree to give you a refund if they don’t have to by law, but they’ll sure as hell be asking questions of Shopback when they get inundated with refund requests.

    • -4

      I wonder if shopback are just keeping this for themselves..

      I think getting refund from seller is unlikely
      since you still got your item..
      and ebay would probably refused that this has nothing to do with them

    • The only solution for 100% cashback is discounted gift cards !

    • +4

      Oh come on, the only "deal" is one that you want. So if I am going to buy from eBay, and it is over $5 then I'll use the app get the $2 back.

      If it doesnt come then I'll "protest" by using other cashback sites in the future.

      Sending items back etc is just silly. Are you going to reorder somewhere else? If you dont need it why are you buying? It wont get cheaper waiting.

      As if the vendor, who in many cases is a mom or dad working from home, is going to be able to contact someone at Shopback and hope Shopback, who has no direct relationship with them, will listen. Especially when shopback who you say wont listen to their own customers.

      Sure you're upset like most of us, but this is pure fantasy.

      • If you read my comment properly, you'd see I wasn't saying we should be sending things back and demanding refunds. And by the way this is Ozbargain. If you haven't noticed, people here buy first and rationalise later.

        • Also just reporting back to add that I've just checked my shopback account and the $5 bonus from the previous deal has appeared. So they did come through on that.

  • From last previous deal, they just tracked my ebay purchased but not the $5 bonus :(

    • That counts as being tracked… your $5 will come later.

      • Hopefully, because until now there is no $5 bonus on my account.

        • Should be credited in the next few days…

  • still missing my cashback from the baby bunting deal

    • I got that one just a few days ago. they backed $10.88 for me not sure why I thought was 10 bucks

    • I got mine in full few days after the terms date

    • Hi lakers1222,

      A few mentioned they didn't get it but in fact their cashback was there, see if you have an "Ebay Baby Bunting" Cashback entry in your account.

      If that's not the case but your usual 1% cashback tracked, then your purchase may have been registered as being done via the ShopBack desktop/mobile site, which does not qualify for the 100% offer.

      Offer only available through the ShopBack app. You will not be eligible for any cashback if you purchase on through the ShopBack desktop/mobile site.

      If you did purchase through the app, could you please shoot over an email with your invoice to [email protected]? The team will recheck your purchase for you.

      • Emailed when screenshot of eBay app purchase. I’ll update here when I get the Cashback

        • I wouldn't trust Shopback. I didn't get my cashback.

          First I was told that my purchase wasn't valid because I didn't use the app, then I sent a screenshot of my original purchase in the ebay app.

          Then Nicholas told me which SKU are valid, and somehow that is supposed to be clarified. I'm more confused, are you saying the Sudocrem I bought from BabyBunting Ebay is not valid. It definitely is one of the valid SKUs, read the comments, heaps the ozbargainers bought it too.

          Original Cashback Failed, First email unsuccessful, second email no idea why Nicholas is telling me the valid SKUs without telling me if my one is valid. The chances where Shopback could have fixed the problem, and they can't. I'm still out of pocket.

          • @lakers1222: Hi lakers1222,

            I'm sorry that there's been a misunderstanding with your query. I have chased up on this and the full cashback should now be in your account.

            First I was told that my purchase wasn't valid because I didn't use the app, then I sent a screenshot of my original purchase in the ebay app.

            We suggested this as it was indeed a common reason for a number of users not receiving the full amount, hence the 'may'. As we didn't have your account details at the time we couldn't identify the exact reason. It turns out your original cashback didn't track in the first place, and your claim was done more than 14 days after purchase when we had already done our batch of crediting.

            Hope this clarifies everything. Please let us know if there's anything else you need us to look into for you.

            • @gotyourback: More emails exchanged with Nicholas and it’s been resolved. Ive been advised that the cashback will come within 24 hours

              • @lakers1222: Yep confirming the cashback came through to your account yesterday late afternoon.

  • +1

    I'm missing cashback too.
    $15 Amazon cashback "tracked" but just remains in pending. No response from shopback on query.
    It should have confirmed more than 1 week ago, it's frustrating.

    • Hi johnmelb,

      Could you please shoot an email to [email protected] with the details? Will monitor this for you.

      • Hi gotyourback,

        Do I get cashback when a seller accepts a best offer, then i click from the Shopback app and checkout as normal?

        • No you won't in that scenario. You need to click through first and then make the best offer, and offer acceptance + payment needs to be sorted in the same session within 24 hours.

          • @gotyourback: I retracted best offer and sent the offer again through the Shopback app without eBay app installed, that is ok right?
            I read here you can still earn cashback through mobile site but I just need confirmation.

            After the seller accepts offer do I need to click through Shopback app again to checkout?

            • @wekimekigugudan: That's fine. If you want to click through again that's also fine but the seller's going to need to accept the offer soon otherwise there's a possibility cashback is not going to track.

    • @johnmelb Dude, I had one that took months from Groupon that was yet to be confirmed. I forgot to follow up until recently and they had to "force" it through. That was for $27 cashback. And now there's another Groupon one that's past the stated tracked and confirmed date…customer service just says they haven't received confirmation from Groupon 🤣

      It's like we have to set up a Spreadsheet to follow up on all these outstanding transactions. We should do a chargeback to ShopBack. Time is money.

  • Still waiting on the pervious ebay bound cash back,
    They did However sent two emails about the delay, so no fuss!

  • There a well know retailer that when they cancel orders just leave it as is till the customer contacts them . They know X amount of customers will forget or not be bothered contacting them and no refund will be issued . Hence bottom line is a greater profit .

    Last requirement of the tactic is a puppy dog watchdog is needed in play fulfilled by the ACCC .

  • Damn spent 22 bucks yesterday.

  • Just about to start browsing for stuff on eBay :D

  • +4

    Got my $5 bonus from last ebay deal. Just appeared in my account as pending.

    • Me too

      • Me three.

        • Did you guys have to voice your displeasure somewhere first? Or just a coincident?

          • @WordsToSayIt: Nope, just arrive all on its own. I'd totally forgotten about it.

  • will this work with targeted $5 off (no min spend) codes?

  • +2

    Something is better than nothing, $2 I will take it (y).

  • Can you pay using the ebay gift card and still be tracked?

    • Gift card is a valid form of payment.

  • Hi @gotyourback,

    I couldn't find anything regarding payment mode, I am pretty sure that we need to pay by credit/debit card but still wondering if I can by gift card as there nothing mentioned here as such.

    • +1

      Gift card is a valid form of payment.

  • Ugh was after something that costs $4.75 :/ what’s super cheap but not completely useless on ebay?

  • @gotyourback, Do purchases still fulfill the $5 minimum spend requirement if the total price paid is reduced to under $5 due to a coupon?

    e.g. item is $5.75 but due to a 20% Ebay code, it is reduced to $4.6

    • That would not qualify you for the offer as you have spent less than $5. It must be over $5 after coupons.

  • Not clear, can we buy multiple times from different sellers to make up minimum of $5?

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