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$45.91 off $250, $91.83 off $500 AUD @ eBay UK (e.g. Wish Card, eBay Gift Card & Others)


Greetings everyone, just spotted this over at HUKD.

You can get a discount off sitewide @ eBay UK and works on gift cards!

The coupon on another item listing states that the expiry is midnight 22/9/2019 GMT, which should be 10AM 23/9/2019 unless otherwise cancelled.

Updated to just put the best discount

eBay Gift Card
Woolworths Wish Card
Other Wish Card Listing with $250
Paypal Digital Gifts Store

Available $200 value eBay Gift Cards thanks to ozzbargainer.

Wish Card Listings with $100 Availability:

Dan Murphy's
Big W

You will need to make a new account if you don't have an eBay UK account yet. And then put a UK address as your primary address when you sign up and change it to Australia afterwards to be able to add the gift cards to cart.

Coupon Terms and Conditions

Can also use Cashrewards to possibly get a further 0.75% back, however seems to exclude gift cards.

As always, enjoy!

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  • Never had issues with app back on the 11th sept this time says can't deliver to my address even though I changed it to au address cards in card so have they stopped this from working now?

    • Keep main address as UK addres and only change delivery address to Australian address.

      • Registered address is uk and primary is au

        • Keep primary as uk as well. Just change delivery address au

          • @amsaini15: Have kept primary as uk address and delivery as au and get.cannot deliver as below

      • This item cannot be purchased because this item cannot be sent to your delivery address.

  • +1

    I waited 30mins on the line with Paypal for them to tell me they can't push this transaction through….

    • Exactly like what I just did. They say my account is functioning, and have no idea why this is happening.

    • Did you make more than 5 individual card purchases by any chance?

      • Nope, only trying to purchase 2 cards. Haven't been successful at all with Paypal or credit card

    • Same, just got off phone from PayPal, said I was the third in a row calling about his issue. PayPal loop loads, maybe a few different verification problems, then comes back to ebay saying there’s an issue, and the PayPal option is now greyed out… Party might have been shut down.

  • Thanks, all good for me!

  • +3

    code not working? I dont actually kow why I bother this uk gc thing never works for me .

  • I thought the orders gone through but 2 attempts both got cancelled a couple minutes later saying the payment didn't come through. using inconigto mode.

  • Question for the woolies/wish and ebay pros, now that I have these digital cards, is there any way I can load them all to my account (ie one big fund to draw from), or am I stuck with having to remember to use each one, and also remember how much each card has remaining? Thanks

    • +1

      You can load them on the money app to manage them easier.

      • Just note you can only add 10 wish gift cards to the money app. I’ve had to manually track some cards as I have more than 10 active cards.

      • Yeah I’ve done that, but can I now merge their funds? Or at least payWave with the app on my phone? I can’t find anything in there after typing them in, other than a card showing me how to manually enter their details when buying each time.

        • +1

          No you can’t merge the funds. You will need to manually add them at the checkout. The app is purely to track the details and the balances. That’s unfortunately why I have over 10 active gift cards.

  • +2

    Anyone else spent ages on this and got nothing. Payment never goes through :(

    • did you get a paypal email saying 'receipt for xxx'? how to tell if you have a payment that 'dont go through'?

      • +2

        it sits in pending transaction for a while (where is usually said paid on the summary) and then shows up as cancelled later on

        • alright. does that mean even if you got the paypal receipt email and ebay order success email, this order could still be cancelled?

          • @ChocolateMale: if you got the paypal email receipt then all is good.

            • @exidez: thanks mate. ordered another using cc. webpage is saying order successful but no cc charge and no email either.

  • Holycow almost 20% off

  • +1

    I had the same issue too, just called up Paypal and the guy on the other end knows everyone is buying the same stuff and triggered security lock. He is nice and helped to make the payment. Can't wait to receive the cards!

    • Which issue? What did the guy say?

      • I followed the instruction to create an eBay UK account, address and everything was right but on the Payment page the Paypal option grey out. Tried multiple times with different browsers and sadly didn't work. So I called Paypal and he can see what I am trying to buy and help me to lift the lock. The guy said he cannot promise the transaction can go thru (like the comment above). Do you have a similar thing?

        • Nah. My payment is still processing..that was for second lot of cards..

      • I called them twice. They just said they can't do anything…..

        Whos's the guy you talking about

    • Finally received my cards six hours after the payment made! Wish it was shorter

  • The code doesnt work anymore?

    Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.

    • Doesn’t work for me either

      • are you logged into ebay.co.uk? wont work on .au

  • +1

    Phew. That was not easy at all. Encountered many bugs in the process, but finally got it to work. Totally worth it for nearly 20% off!

    Thanks, OP!


    • +1

      i called and they said they can't do anything

    • Called paypal or ebay?

    • Called twice. and they said they can do nothing about it.

      • I call twice. The first rep say my account is flagged as risk and there is nothing they can't do about it. Call the second time, spoke with another rep and solve the problem in under 5 minutes.

  • I bought at 12:46PM. Received ebay and paypal confirmation but haven't received any gift cards. It was 1 x rebel, 1 x caltex fuel and 3x woolworths

  • +2

    "Payment being processed" What happens next? 🤔

    • Most likely an email with "Action required: Your payment needs to be resent"

      • +1

        I am in the same boat- payment processing..maybe PayPal blocked it?

        • Can confirm ringing PayPal did the trick for me. Had to wait for 20mins to speak to someone but then it was a matter of resetting/unblocking my account and all was OK. My initial option of 5x $100 eBay cards didn't work anymore ($100 denominations sold out) so I had to go for the $150 and $25 options instead. Let's see where this all ends, I'm hoping the 2 hours spent on this today was worth it.

  • Hoping they restock the $250 Wish/Woolworths Gift Card…

    Didn't realise there's a limit of 5 per 10 days (Only have 2 slot left, and 2x $100 won't reach the $250).

    • Just buy a $50 eftpos card from officeworks for $56 to finish the amount.

    • Just use a different email :)

  • +1

    Ordered almost 3 hours in 3 transactions still no email of the giftcard yet

    • Just received 2 out of 5

    • Got all gift cards now. It’s catching up with the orders

  • +3

    Bought at 9am (11am Est) WST but still haven't received my gift cards.
    Payment has gone through and shows up in PayPal as paid.

    Anyone else that ordered hasn't received their cards yet?


    • Yeah I still havent

    • you are not alone

    • did you receive any SMS from PayPal checking it the transaction is yours?

      • Yep and I have started receiving a few now.

        Thank you OP

    • Have bit of patience .I have had cards that's showed up after 24 hours..

  • +3

    This eBay UK never worked for me before and now

    • are you logged into ebay.co.uk? wont work on .au

  • "This item cannot be purchased because this item cannot be sent to your delivery address."

    So my account is UK and primary delivery address is Australia. why do i still get this message?

    • I get same messages register address is uk primary'is uk and delivery au, have played around with this no matter what I do get same message, never had such issue with app and buying two cards last time

      • but we can ignore the warning and still proceed to checkout. My payment always got rejected so I guess this must be the problem

    • I got that same error. I just went ahead and bought them.

      Worked fine.

  • +1

    Are the gift cards account specific or can you use the gift cards bought at eBay UK to eBay Australia?

    • +1

      Already used my $500. Stacked with binglee 20% off on eBay.com.au

  • So initially I tried credit card to pay but didn't work.

    Tried Paypal - the usual - error and to contact Paypal or use another method.
    Just rang Paypal and they basically said their internal security detected it to be suspicious and they couldn't lift the security. And for me, he couldn't do anything about it. I said I'm making the purchase, can't he authorise it, and he said no. I asked how are other people who are making the purchase getting through with their security lifting then and he basically shrugged and told me to contact eBay. What a joke.

    So I tried to pay with Paypal again just to see if it went through and it didn't work.
    So my last hope I tried my credit card again and it actually went through!

    I have yet to check my emails so hopefully it actually did go through. Kitchenaid mixer, here I come!

    • my credit card payments got through 3 times with 2 cards but all got cancelled minutes later. i guess its the same security measures by ebay

    • Have you provided your mobile number to PayPal – to send verification for suspicious transactions.
      I remember I had payment issues with my CC, eventually contacted them and found out that my number was missing, so they just couldn't send validation codes.

      • yes mobile number is in there. paypal account verified

    • +1

      Scratch that, it didn't go through. Checked my junk mail and ebay said it didn't go through and I had to try again…… ugh.

      So I did, and I think the $200 cards have sold out.
      And round two of payment issues again.

      Screw this. I'm done.

    • Same,I tried many times, paypal not working, credit card can go throught, but cancelled later.

    • +1

      I was told the same thing, said he couldn't do anything about it.
      It's strange because earlier I go it unlocked by calling and I could buy the first batch of gift cards. But then when I tried to buy more it got locked again.
      Those black magic "fraud protections" are really annoying!

  • I also cannot get Paypal of CC to work. :(

  • +1

    Even though bought already but still cannot work out how it converts to AUD off
    £100 or more and receive £10 off
    £250 or more and receive £25 off
    £500 or more and receive £50 off

    £100 < A$250 < £250 which would only give £10, here I got A$41 OFF A$250


    • 500 AUD or more get 50 pounds off

    • The system seems to be picking up AU$250 as the £250 minimum, so you are actually getting £25 off $250

  • +1

    This order wasn't successful. Order cost has not been included in the total amount.

  • Does anyone know how to indirectly convert these gift cards to cash? Obviously, there is no direct way other than the EFTPOS cards which are out of stock.

    • +1

      Sell it at 10% discounts and still pocket 8% profit.

  • If I can get this to work which I can't says can't delivery to address as I used last promo and got 2 cards this time I can only get 3 so what would be the max discount if say I got 3 $100 cards

    • £25 or $40ish for >$250

      • So I would be better off getting 2 $100 cards and 1 $50 rather than 3 x $100

  • Any limit of using the coupon? Anyone knows how many GCs can we use in a transaction? Want to but a7 iii ($2k ish). Thanks.

    • I bought an a7iii using ebay gc's and an ebay promo code. From memory, you can only use 8-10 per transaction. Despite have $2.7k in ebay gc's, I still had to pay $750 odd for the camera because I reached the gc limit!

    • fyi: No more than a total of $1500 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per transaction, no more than a total of $2000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per day, and no more than a total of $5000 in Gift Cards may be redeemed per calendar month. Further, you may only redeem a maximum of eight Gift Cards in any single transaction (and fewer if you are redeeming Gift Cards in combination with other redemption codes, such as coupons or vouchers).

  • Made a new acc for UK eBay, but got the following error :(

    "To help protect your eBay account, we sometimes limit the amount of items that can be bid on or purchased by a single account. However, you may be able to increase the limit on your account by verifying some information about yourself."

    • +1

      Same but mine is even worse, I'm really bad at this. :(

      "Your eBay account was suspended because recent account activity has raised serious security concerns. We've taken this precaution to protect our members while we make sure that the activity doesn't cause harm — however unintentionally — to the eBay Community.

      You won't be able to use eBay in any way. This includes using another existing account or registering a new account."

      • :O

        I made the UK acc in my husband's name (Aus acc is in mine) to be safe.

        I've changed the primary address and now I'm getting a "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again." error when I try to put the code :(

        • Also have an existing AU account but used the same name. I reckon where I stuffed up was adding my Paypal details before changing to an Australian address. This is what happens when I try to rush things haha.

          • @DuckKnight: I'm in same boat however I actually managed to get them to take my money before they suspended my account. Got the email to say "they will be sending the gift cards" but I highly doubt I will be receiving them.

  • Any limit of using the coupon? Anyone knows how many GCs can we use in a transaction? Want to buy a7 iii ($2k ish). Thanks.

    • +1

      From my first hand experience, you can use at most $1500 eBay gift cards in a single transaction.

      • Thanks, on top of my head we can claim up to 10 gc each transaction.

  • +1

    going through the threads it looks like this kind of deal always worked at the beginning then people start having problem after a couple hours

  • Got all my gift cards straight away - thanks op!

  • Hey guys, noob questions if you don't mind answering.
    If I buy ebay gift cards from the UK site, can I add those to my Ebay Aus account?
    If I buy the Woolsworth wish cards, can I redeem them instore for buying other gift cards?
    Does it matter what number we give for our Ebay UK account? Can it be the same as our Australian number?
    The transaction is going to be in Pounds correct? Which means there will be a foreign transaction fee?

    • +2

      If I buy ebay gift cards from the UK site, can I add those to my Ebay Aus account?


      If I buy the Woolsworth wish cards, can I redeem them instore for buying other gift cards?

      No, you cannot buy gift cards with Wws wish cards.

      Does it matter what number we give for our Ebay UK account? Can it be the same as our Australian number?

      Yes, it can be your Australian number.

      The transaction is going to be in Pounds correct? Which means there will be a foreign transaction fee?

      It will be in AUD, so no transaction fee.

  • I had no issues getting $500 of eBay vouchers for $408.17 & $250 Woolies for $204.09 about an hour ago. Got all emails with vouchers within about 10mins.

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