This was posted 10 months 16 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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10% off in Store @ MSY


In store only discount for up to 5 items excluding notebooks.

No back orders, reservations or other offers.

Email does read "MSY reserves the right for final explanation on the T&Cs."

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  • which store is this? all stores?
    and between now until 30th Sept?

  • i cant seem to find this anywhere on their website?

  • ha!

    they trying to pump up sales due to their useless new website.

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      New website. Pppffttt.

      Parts.pdf is all everyone needs.

    • It's amazing, really.

      Their old website looked like crap but it functioned. I could easily tell if stuff was in stock at the store I wanted.

      This one looks decent but is basically useless for making an order. You have to go into each individual item, go to it's stock tab and hunt for your store in a sea of other stores. I haven't made a single order with the website since. I've just gone to PLE instead.

      • yea. i don't understand how they could have failed in this way.

        just like you, used it once and that's it - move on somewhere else - mwave

        this is specially that their prices are not as good as they used to be.

        was buying some case few months ago, mwave was actually 10$ cheaper than MSY - price was the only thing that made MSY a go to shop, emphasis here is on WAS :)

      • Same. MSY used to be my go-to store but now I'm willing to pay more at PLE just so I don't have the hassle

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      In my day, the website was literally just the PDF file.

      On the other hand, they did have a grumpy old man who would stand out the front of the store in Auburn from around 11:45AM on a Saturday, then as soon as it hit 12PM, shout: “Doors are closed. If you’re not in, go home!”, then slam the door shut.

      Those were the days.

      • “Doors are closed. If you’re not in, go home!”, then slam the door shut.

        wtf, that can't be real lol
        But at the same time I wouldn't be surprised if it was

        • +2 votes

          Totally true. Every weekend at the Auburn store.

          They closed at 12pm, and slammed the doors shut then. Everyone would run to cram inside, because if you got in, you got served.

          At the time, they were a good 20-30% cheaper than the competition on many items. Mostly due to grey-imported stock from China.

        • 100% legit.
          I remember getting to the front and just scraping through, thanking the lord that, unlike the last two times, this time I didn't get shut out.

          I get to the front, nothing I want is in stock, and get yelled at for not having a, backup for each part.. Even if I did, because I did for some, TOO bad (if the secondary choice, also not in stock) gtfo

          That thrill. Dat excitement. Dem memories. :')

      • Reminds me of the grumpy dude at Fluidtek in Carlingford.

        He’d always smoke and when someone walked in he’d say, “Yeah?”

        Charming fellow.

      • yep i remembered this at the Auburn store, as well as you need to know exactly what you want when it's your turn or else they'll get all upset and angry.

        • Well for shop that needs the turn over to keep the lights on. Do you really think they got time to waste on a customer. Like spend an hour or two discussing what works with what and the like?

      • They used to have the Parts.pdf printed out in store for customers viewing pleasure.

    • They need to buy new mining equipment :)

  • Starts tomorrow? (23rd)

  • They don't even stock ultrawide monitor.

    • Thanks, am in the market for one at the moment. Now I don't have to have a look here. :-P currently leaning to the Kogan 34' 100hz one for $500. Next best was around $780 for something similar. The Kogan price is hard to beat for value.

      • I picked up the Kogan a few months back. Fantastic monitor for the price, aside from the stand being a little rubbish.

        • Stand doesn't worry me, I intend to put it on a mount on my desk. Thanks for the feedback.

        • Has a VESA mount so there are other options. Using it for classic WoW, it's really nice.

        • Most kogan monitors use lg made screens so if put together half decently otherwise they are decent monitors :P

      • Kogan one looks nasty. I have no confidence in its software either. Also if there is any issue good luck dealing with Kogan support. Not really worth $500 IMO however if you have the Citi platinum $400 Kogan cashback then for $100 it to s a steal

        • Have you looked at it yourself to make that assessment? The reviews online are positive. Watched a guy who's been reviewing monitors (hardware unboxed) who recommends this as the best budget. Didn't know about the cashback deal though but don't have the ability to get that deal.

    • My cousin recently bought an ultrawide from the Perth one.

  • They not charging GST or something?

  • Damn, just bought a motherboard from them

  • How accurate are the stock levels on the website? Everything I want is either out of stock or low stock.

    • In my experience low stock means one unit. Depending on the item, it may not be fit for sale or might be opened box but that's fairly rare and they should tell you before selling it.
      Stock levels fairly accurate unless someone beats you to it before an update gets pushed to site.

  • ahh…MSY, the out of stock specialist.

    • They are also great at not having accurate stock levels on their website, telling you your item is ready to be picked up only for them to not have it when you arrive and not responding to emails.

  • +8 votes

    MSY are possibly a dead-business-walking. They don’t seem to have too many fans left (pardon the pun)

    • There used to be a massive queue every time I went. Now when I go there's always spare staff.

      • Spare staff but no spare parts which is half the bloody problem. They never have anything you need when you need it!

    • Why is that? I've always assumed they are the cheapest store around, is that not the case anymore?

      • Online stores, fast shipping, better prices

      • Bunch of stuck up smart asses for staff members, prices that are on-par or above other retailers, gross stores, poor policies, bad website, crap accessory brands.

        • +5 votes

          They’ve always been a bit shady.

          Even back in the early 2000s, they’d sell items marked “not for sale outside China”, with no local manufacturer support, then try to refuse warranty, claiming: “how do I know this part was the one you bought from here?”.

          But back then they were a good 20-30% cheaper than their nearest competitors, so it was still worth the gamble.

          • +2 votes

            @DisabledUser77742: Very shady! I returned a DOA motherboard, they said 3 weeks to get it checked. Got it back. Still didn't work.

            I had my suspicions that no one looked at it. Retuned it again. They told me they'd get a new one for me after a bit of pushing, but none in stock. Waited another month, now close to 2 months since I ordered it. I chased them up and they said it's been in and they couldn't get a hold of me (doubt it as I never had a missed call).

            Anyway. Opened up the "new" box to find a motherboard that looked used. After that I refused to shop with them again and told everyone I knew to go elsewhere for parts.

          • @DisabledUser77742: You mean they're no longer cheaper? That's messed up. What's the point of the crap website, crap stores, crap service and long wait times if you're not even getting a discount?

            They did get bought out by a major retailer a while back so maybe that's what turned things for the worse.

            • @Kothos:

              They did get bought out by a major retailer a while back so maybe that's what turned things for the worse.

              No they didn't. They are executing a reverse takeover of a listed mining company so they can get onto the ASX.

      • +13 votes

        Not the cheapest anymore, so no real reason to put up with poor customer service.

        Computer Alliance with eBay sales was cheaper for my parts. Scorptec NSWwas cheaper for everything else (except a few little things like Ethernet cables, usb extension, etc). Mwave was a close second

        • As someone who can easily walk into Computer Alliance physical store, the experience is night and day. CA is actually professional and friendly (by PC parts store standards). But their prices aren't normally the best.

          Umart is a good in-between

      • Agree customer service is so poor. My last buy was from their Kingsford store and the guy there was so rude that I vow I will never buy from them again

      • This is what I mean. Their arrogance has come back to bite! Ouch.

      • My main gripe with them is their inventory managements poor. Go in and half the time items that are showing as available online aren’t available or can’t be located in store. If I’m going out of my way to go to a retailer I do like to know I’m not wasting my time.

        Unless it’s an emergency, buying online where I know I’ll get the item I specifically want is the easier and more reliable path.

        If you aren’t fussy about models then MSY isn’t as big an issue as they’ll likely have an alternative brand of RAM, CPU etc when you get there. I usually get fairly specific about what pieces I pick however.

      • They're just another typical dodgy Chinese-run business who do anything to save a bit of coin.

  • I don't need anything, but 10% off at MSY is actually awesome. I better buy something.

  • More Stock Yesterday

  • Had a quick browse, struggling to find a deal.

  • Last time I visited their Ultimo Store a couple of years ago they reserved the right to physical push me out of the door while it was still more than 15 mins before their closing time

    Actually one of the staffs used the "rights" to physically pushed me out of the shop even while I was telling him I knew already the exact thing I wanted to buy

    And I had made sure that will be the last time I go there

  • Msy is going backwards quickly. They have a very limited range, particularly with cases and peripherals. Seems like they've just stocked up on generic junk too.

  • used to buy a lot from MSY a couple years ago. haven't gone back since. better prices online + delivery, better customer service and the staff were always uptight for some reason. would rather spend my money elsewhere and support good stores..

    not a surprise they offer somewhat low prices. everything else is shit, website, staff training etc

  • 10% off the thing you want but isnt in stock kinda a waste of time

  • You couldn't pay me to walk into one of their stores

  • Agree with most of the comments here, since the new website which is just hard to use even though the old one was out of date it was at least usable, I can't search my specific local store, stock no longer mirrors what is actually available in store now. Prices are terrible, I can get most stuff delivered cheaper from Amazon. I only go there now when I really need something urgently if they happen to have it..
    And price matching, OMG that is a process, they have to call "the boss" to get it examined very closely on a competitors web site and then approved, everybody is rolling their eyes

  • I love every sharon ripping on msy' customer service in this thread. The store was never meant for hand holding.

    Msy still has a place here; Its really the only widespread computer parts store that exists in aus and still offers very reasonable prices.

    • Abiding by Australian Consumer Law is hand-holding?

      • I presume you are referring to the way they handle warranty. Most of the items they sell have manufacturer warranty so if you have an issue; bypass them or just physically return it to the store.

        Personally I wouldn't purchase from there if i lived too far away to physically RMA anything i bought either.

  • +8 votes

    "10% is not in stock, do you want 8% instead?" :D

  • Weren't they bought out or bought some shares in basically an empty company or something recently? A potential dicksmith pump and dump.

    • yea they were bought out by a mining company called Lanka Graphite Limited.

      Now they can't get the the best prices anymore from the suppliers.

      • bought out by a mining company called Lanka Graphite Limited.

        undoubtedly, driven by clever accounting.

      • That's a reverse takeover. Basically MSY can't meet ASX listing requirements, so they get "acquired" by a worthless already listed company, with the board of the acquired company replacing the board of the acquiring one.

        • Having shareholders wanting profit would make MSY unable to be cheap. It'd kill them.

          Not impossible, but they will lose all existing clients and need new ones.

  • One of the last times I went here was to buy a keyboard. The guy told me multiple times that the keyboard I'd researched and chosen would have "all the pretty colours". Sure, that's all women want a keyboard for.

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