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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 US $22.29 (~AU $33.34) Shipped via Xiaomi MC Store @ AliExpress


This popular deal is back, slightly cheaper than last time even more so using coupon AU $4.49 Off Order of AU $29.92 or more

You can get the coupon from this recent deal

Reading comments from previous deal, it seems they received theirs about 2 weeks after ordering which is excellent for free standard shipping from China.

Price in title inclusive of GST - Don't forget cashback for further savings.

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  • I believe this is only for the CN standard version, not the global. Can you please confirm?

    • Whats the main difference? I have seen people say that the Chinese version works in English also.

      • I have the Chinese version. Slightly different battery size and alipay which is only usable in China.
        It comes in Chinese but once you pair it the language changes to your phone language.

    • When you download the Mi App and pair it, it will install the English version to the band.

  • I'm using the Mi Band 3 Paid $15 delivered and love it, I think the China Version has NFC I could be wrong..

    • +2 votes

      did some reading, apparently the NFC Version only works in China, for things like mobile payments and transport touch & go etc… Bummer

    • Bought one from last deal Mi eBay store and band 4 display is a lot better and brighter than band 3 and you can install custom face and can display non English notification.

  • is this price with or without GST?

    • It's inclusive of GST. It's for the CN Standard Version. Hope it works ok.. Make sure you activate the coupon code also to get the $4.49 off also.

    • I'm getting $22.30 as exclusive of GST ie it's adding another $2.23 to the price. What am I doing wrong? 🙁

  • Good price. Came to A$32.84 with commbank conversion.

    Was looking at the global version recently and couldn’t find it under A$50, good to learn that this China version will switch to English when synced.

  • Does this work with the 'sleep as android' app for sleep tracking? Ive heard varying things.

  • Just got the global version for my wife. We have found it fairly inaccurate in measuring steps compared to her fitbit. We did the 100 step test. Fitbit counted 98, Mi Band 4 only 43.

    We might have a dud, but searching online seems that this is quite a common issue.

  • Does anyone know if you will be able to use alipay with an australian bank acc ?

  • When i search these on ebay i find many gobal versions around 30 dollars? is there a reason people are jumping at the chinese version for 32 dollars? am i missing somehting? i have also read that the step counter is not very accurate can anybody confirm?

    • Chinese version will change to English when you connect with the Mi app. Global version only offers English packaging.

    • am i missing somehting?

      The eBay ones are likely fakes

      • ahh okay, suprised they dont get reported. through the above link there are multiple different options (CN version, global version, different bands, different chargers) is there a specific one you reccomend i assume the only way to get the above price is for the CN version but i dont mind paying a couple dollars more of global version if its safer.

  • Are the ones on ebay fake? If we can buy through ebay and use coupons it turns out to be a bit cheaper? Example

  • Huawei Honor band 5 is superior to this IME.

  • I have one of these and highly recommend them.

  • Got it as 32.84 through bankwest card ;)

  • I am between Samsung Galaxy fit and this Mi4… 5ea Mi4 vs 1ea Galaxy Fit….hmmmmm

  • So if i buy the NFC one that means ill be able to make payments with it in australia ?

  • All your data goes to Chinese government be careful!

    • Great, now they know how much I sleep and how far i walk :/

    • So they will know what time to kidnap you in your sleep.
      And what time to ransack your house searching for pro democracy propoganda.
      Xie xie

  • How safe will it be to use credit card directly on website since they don’t have paypal ?

    • That is my reason I don't want to buy from AliExpress. As I remember the first time you use them there are process to verify your CC.

    • Use a pre-loaded card. That's what I always to for Internet purchases. If it's compromised, they only get what you've loaded onto it, not the credit limit.

  • Great deal. Great product. Have been using mi band 3 and very impressed w battery.
    Just got one for $33.34. Thanks OP.

  • Quick question guys. Does this notify me of notifications for reminders or habit tracking apps? So I could set a time for certain habits and this could vibrate and remind me without me being distracted by my phone.