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Conia 42" $199 (Was $249) Soniq $299 43" (Was $359) Seiki 4K 55" $399 (Was $499) Soniq 4K 50" $489 (Was $519) Shipped @Amazon AU


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    bottom tier sale

    try to find the gem amongst the pile o

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    Conia 42" $199 (was $249)

    Same outfit has it on eBay at $279 + postage, but had been selling it at $199 + postage until the end of August, though Camel does show a downward trend.

    This has appeared on OB at least twice before - that second link shows comments from the vendor and this one is especially interesting. Most feedback seems to indicate decent picture (for 1080p) but crap sound.

    Also note question & answer from 13-8-2019:
    * Can you please ship the wall mount?
    * A wall mount needs to be shipped separately from the seller for $10 to cover postage please leave a msg with the seller to request a wall mount (heavy duty).

    Looks like 4.5% with shopback, and 3.5% with Cashback, which means about $190.05 with shopback.

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    That Soniq 55" was on sale for $350 on Prime Day.

    Lots of complaints about it. Mine was DoA.


      (old thread)

      Mine has developed line of dead/dying pixels about 1/3 of the way down.

      If you're going for a budget TV, don't bother with "specs" like 4K - FHD in this price range will be much better.


    Got a 65" Soniq a few months back. Came with a 1mm dead pixel near the middle of the screen. Works fine when watching movies with dark scenes but abit annoyed seeing it when scenes are normal. $550 is a good price for a 65".


    Hopefully Amazon will start selling decent brands in the not to distant future.