This was posted 1 year 6 months 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Surfshark VPN 90% Cashback @ Cashrewards (New SS Customers Only)


Greetings everyone, I just noticed that CR have increased the rate on this VPN to 90%!

Stack with their current 83% off deal to retrieve a total of $9.99 (or different depending on exchange rate circumstances) AUD After Cashback for a 3-Year Plan.

Please see TA's Comment regarding the tracking of the final amount which may differ depending on the exchange rate.

Thanks to rookie317, this VPN is the second best rated VPN on both thebestvpn and vpnranks

I believe you have to make sure to click through CR to see the 83% off offer in order to get it for the price above.

  1. When clicked through to the Surfshark website, press the "83% Off" red button on the page to go through to the offer.
  2. Make sure to select a country in the checkout with 0% VAT (such as United States). No need to change it to AU as you will be charged extra unnecessarily.
  3. Check out and ensure that the total is $99.99 AUD.

However VAT seems to be charged for all Paypal purchases, thanks to outlander.

Surfshark VPN Features:

  • Unlimited devices and data support
  • Strict no-logs policy
  • Access to Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, SkyGo, BBC and many other streaming sites
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • 30-days money-back guarantee
  • Native apps for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari (coming soon)
  • Access from highly restricted networks and regions
  • Industry-leading protocols: OpenVPN, IKEv2
  • HTTP over SSL/TLS browser proxy
  • Optimized for streaming and fast content delivery
  • 1000+ servers in 56 countries
  • IP address masking, Zero-Knowledge DNS, IPV6 leak and WebRTC protection
  • CleanWeb™ (ad blocker and tracker stopper)
  • Whitelister™ (to enable specific apps to bypass the VPN)
  • MultiHop™ (connection via two countries for extra security)

As always, enjoy :)

Referral Links

Referral: random (4277)

$10 for referee and $10 for referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase within 90 days.

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  • 9.99 for 3 year is a steal

  • Worth noting that the country option only seems to be with the credit card?
    If you click on pay with paypal it wants to charge you the extra gst

  • How do other VPNs compete when these cashback offers make Nord and Surfshark so much cheaper?

    • It's a dead (or niche) business model now that CloudFlare Warp is free.

      • Know JS about WARP but think the traditional VPN's still have the edge for a while longer- from TechRadar

        "While WARP is a VPN, the service is not designed to bypass region blocks or hide your IP address. Instead, the service is built for the average consumer to ensure their data is secured while it's in transit."

        And it's not all free, WARP+ will be US$4.99/month I believe.

        • Agreed. That's why I called it a "niche", still useful for legally questionable stuff. The privacy aspect is covered by Warp (which is free unlike Warp Plus).

          • @bio: Anonymous web browsing/ online shopping using your phone: use WARP (mobile only at present it seems).
            Geo-blocking work around for Netflix, China etc and to stop snooping by your ISP for all devices: use dedicated VPN

        • I've read through CloudFlare's quite detailed explanation of WARP and I can't really see how it would be any less secure than a normal VPN.

          The protocol they are using (wireguard) is relatively new, but is open-source, promises better performance and is only ~1% the size of older protocols like OpenVPN, which as they have pointed out should make security audits much easier. Apart from that there are differences in how WARP routes packages in comparison to traditional VPNs (supposedly to achieve better speeds), but since the packets are encrypted this shouldn't matter from a security perspective I don't think. They have a lot of experience in optimising connection speeds so I'd be inclined to trust their approaches.

          When I tried it out I got great speeds (~140 Mbps up and down) even on the supposedly slower free version, and it seemed to hide potentially identifying information such as IP and DNS as well as my actual VPN does.

          You can't select individual countries to route through like you can with normal VPNs, and I doubt P2P support would be possible, but those are small sacrifices if it is what it seems to be.

          Overall I'm impressed, but I'll be keeping an eye out for independent tests and verification of its claims.

  • +11 votes

    I was curious at 80%, and then tempted at 85%. It almost seems wrong not to take up the offer now.

    …but do I wait for 95% ?

  • Supports p2p?

  • Not good for P2P?

    • Is that a question or a statement? The linked review sites say it works for p2p.

    • Not the best. They dont support P2P on Aussie servers (unlike nordvpn).

      Surfshark only supports p2p on the following servers:

      • Wow that’s a bit misleading when they tick P2P on all their servers on their list but what they actually meant is if you try P2P they would be rerouting them to other servers

        • Oh wow. Had no idea they did that. That's misleading indeed.
          I know I've used purevpn in the past which was fine in Australia, and even as a general un-geoblocking VPN, but for torrenting I had to use Brunei servers which dropped my speed to about 25%.

          No idea how surfshark does it as I haven't used it personally. But the wording isn't promising

          • @cheesecactus: I currently use vpn unlimited. They have got servers all over, but only three support p2p. So generally I connect to Paris, which seems to have the best speed/node ratios.

            It seems to me my vpn takes about a 20% hit to speed, versus no vpn. I'm happy enough with that, but at the current prices, it might be worth trying a few other providers.

    • One alternative to use a VPN for torrenting "hot" content like films/TV, is to use a Debrid service. They support some of the filelocker services but most also will fetch torrents for you. You can then download the torrent content through a browser, downloading application or JDownloader 2. All Debrid and Real Debrid cost 4 Euros a month (cheaper if you purchase larger multiple month). You can multithread the downlaods to get decent speeds.

  • Too bad can't buy then start when current Nord subscription is over!

  • Excellent deal.

  • This deal I cannot able to resist :'(

  • Oh no I bought when it was 85% off. Do I just refund and sign up with a new email address?

    • i did for 80% to 85% out of principle but CBB again. pretty happy for just Netflix. I guess it's $5 over 3 years (savings) so ~$1.67/yr. They were pretty good with the refund in about 5 working days.

      • I bought it when it was 80%, thinking of refunding and getting the 90% with a new email. Did you use the same cashreward account or do i need to sign up a new acc?

        • i think it needs to be new. didn't try the same one. but it's technically for my wife and not me so it's a new account. all aboveboard :)

  • Amazing. I paid a non-cr 'full price' subscription, which is still really cheap, some months ago.

    Been very happy with the service and even customer support when needed.

  • LOL if it's saying Nord VPN is the "best" then you're looking at the wrong sites…..

    • Would you mind expanding?

      • Sure thing, I bought into Nord being the best. Bought a three year plan and was shocked that I couldn't get speeds faster than 3MBs most of the time. (It sometimes went to 5MBs if the wind was helping it along)

        Spoke with the tech support and all they could tell me was "that's wrong but we can't see anything wrong on our side. Sorry."

        Off the VPN I would hit 11MBs easy.
        I had a very simple network setup at the time also, so it wasn't anything local causing the bottleneck.

        Got a refund and went with expressVPN and 11MBs each and every time easy.

        • I assumed it was just congestion on the serves I used but each and every server in my region had the same issue.

          I assumed that because they provided the VPN service as cheap as chips and everyone starts using it I got hit with huge congestion.

          And I'm assuming that's what will eventually happen with surfshark.

          Good luck guys !

          • @P3aker: Have no idea whats happening to ppl using nord vpn and having very slow speeds im on 100/40 and i might go from 90 to 87 ish on an Aus server, Weird.

            • @Tehcookiemonsta: Nord does a lot of funny routings and I'm guessing that was part of the issue.

              They had a routing rule that would redirect you to US Netflix even if you were connected to an Australian server.

              Depending on how the routing was done..
              Perhaps this was just a case of Nord interpreting my traffic as something else and routing it accordingly.

              • @P3aker: Yeah i have nord too. My 110/5 connection is identical with or without vpn.

                But, i cant access aussie catchup tv as everything is routed through the US for those sorts of sites (netflix included). Speeds are great, but a bit weird for that.

                • @cheesecactus: 110/5 is that Cable?

                  can't comment on Catchup tv or what not as i don't use those services.

                  • @Tehcookiemonsta: Yep, Telstra cable.

                    I use NZ catchup tv sometimes and it doesn't work with Nord, even through their NZ servers.

                    So I still keep a purevpn subscription for accessing countries that aren't the us/UK/Canada or the other few countries Nord supports for tv streaming

  • How long does it take to get the cashback?

  • How's the ping and speed for people that are already on nbn?

  • If you are currently using Surfshark VPN service please comment on the quality and speed compare to other VPN services that are currently available on the market.

  • I keep getting "Some information is missing or not valid. Please check all fields and try again" when checking out with c/c.

  • Do you have to do anything fancy like getflix to access Netflix through SS??

  • Do they have any servers with port forwarding?
    Otherwise… no good for private trackers.

  • Cheers OP. 2 months remaining on my PIA sub. Gonna give this a go :)

  • Would it work with Netflix on Android TV? Netflix detects NordVPN and won't allow me to play.

  • Surfshark supports p2p on these servers:

    You can get top-notch P2P speeds while using our servers in:

    United States,(US)
    United Kingdom, (UK)
    Germany, (DE)
    Italy, (IT)
    Poland, (PL)
    Spain, (IS)
    Norway, (NO)
    Denmark, (DK)
    Luxembourg, (LU)
    Hong Kong, (HK)
    Netherlands (NL)
    Bulgaria (BG)
    Belgium (BE)
    Switzerland (CH)
    Slovakia (SK)
    Serbia (RS)

    You may also use P2P on any other server, but you will be rerouted to our servers located in Netherlands Canada or United States depending on your physical location

    Don't know how well their speeds are especially for non Australian, i have slow speeds using a non Aus nord vpn server in general.

  • Does anyone uses ExpressVPN?

    • Yes sir. It's amazing for me.

      • Lately im having some weird issues with nord vpns p2p servers, while my connection is not disconnected it goes to 0 my torrents stop and i cant search also cant ping anything outside of my lan, has happened several times and it seems that i might bite the bullet and pay extra for express vpn.

    • I used ExpressVPN for six months and it was the best VPN experience I have ever had, ended up cancelling because of the price alone. I would recommend them.

    • ExpressVPN is working great for me. I only use it for Netflix and I can watch USA,UK,Canada,Germany, Netherlands,France , Italy, Japan, India and Hong Kong Netflix on my android box

  • Never used CR before. How do I go about having the cashback approved? If I enter my details on the SS website and press "complete purchase" will it work it out automatically, or will I be slugged with a (non-cashedback) $100 bill?

    • Make sure to use a referral to join CR first.

      You pay $99. Then get $90 cashback from CR after XX days.

    • Anyone tried this or NordVPN in China?

      • NordVPN did not work as I tried last week with all those different settings recommended on NordVPN website. Shows "connecting " but never connected.

      • My friend who travels to China a lot said that ExpressVPN is the best VPN to use while there. You can just buy one month for $13 to use while in China and then continue to use these cheap ones at home

  • So there is some risk that the cash back may not work? I've had some things not honoured with cashrewards

    • U an AFP stooge?

        • Why does the government need to know what sites you’ve visited? Would you voluntarily hand over your physical day to day movements? Why not, you’ve got nothing to hide?

          • @Randolph Duke: Police need to get a warrant before ordering an ISP to hand over your packets.

            They already have your physical day to day activity via telcos with your mobile pinging off their towers.

            I'd honestly be more worried about how a VPN provider stays in business charging $10 for 3 years. They're almost certainly profiting ( legally or illegally who knows ) from your traffic.

            If I wanted a bunch of suckers to skim traffic off for profit this is certainly how I would do it.

            • @jaimex2: Police have already illegally used the captured data - see the leaks involving ABC journalists.

              • @Randolph Duke:

                If I wanted a bunch of suckers to skim traffic off for profit this is certainly how I would do it.

                Does seem a likely motivation at such a low price point.

                I recall VPNGhost/ RogueVPN had a lifetime subscription for $20-$30 on StackSocial a while back, that "lifetime" lasted just a few months before they took the money and ran 💸

  • Anyone tested this with hotstar? Works good? Can we watch sports on hotstar with this?

  • Should I wait till this reach 99% cashback lol

  • just signed it up
    when connected, amazon prime video detected vpn and cannot watch anything asking to disable it
    any help?

  • Hi Bought VPN but see nothing pending in CB, how long would it take. Thank you :)

    • for me about 24 hours.

    • come back to CR, go to Click History and submit a support if you won't see pending cash back after 7 days of purchase. CR normally addresses your issue within 2 business days

  • Just signed up. So far, so good. Speeds are pretty good. Will report back with some results later.

  • I think I’m missing something. I only see 24 months not 3 years?