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12 Month SIM Only Plan for $19.90/mth (Was $25) 15GB/mth Data, $50 International Calls, $12.37 Setup Fee @ Jenee Mobile

  • 12 month contract
  • optus 4G mobile network
  • 15Gb data
  • unlimited talk and text
  • $50 included international calls
  • $20 bonus gift to spend in jeenie.shop store
  • additional $12.27 setup fee

This offer is available to new customers only. Existing customers cannot transfer to this plan.

This plan is a 12-month contract and must be paid in advance by direct debit only. Early termination fees apply (see the CIS for further details).

Min. quantifiable price $251.17, which includes a $12.37 setup fee.

mixed reviews… what experiences have you had with them in the past?

currently on $25 for 10gb optus plan

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    Also on the same Optus plan.

    I'd probably go with the boost 365 deal.

    More flexibility for me, in the sense that it's cheaper month to month and I use 4-5 GB on avg per month, with the most being 8gb.

    This is not a bad deal for some people I'd imagine who uses more data

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    mixed reviews… what experiences have you had with them in the past?

    Was with them for 12 months, no problems.
    Ended up leaving for the Boost $135/365 days/80GB as per comments above, was too good to pass up.


      What happens if you exceed 80GB within the year? Do you get charged extra or do they slow your speed down until a new year starts?

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        What happens if you exceed 80GB within the year?

        A 'Jeenee' appears and makes you vanish…

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        Mobile data gets disabled and you'll need to recharge.

        Not worried about going over tbh; I've got LineageOS installed with data limits for each month and I've never gone near it with my usage (WiFi at work and home, listen to Youtube videos during my commute). Dunno if that's a feature in vanilla vendor ROMs.


      I would probably use all the data allowance before the year is out

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    Their Kids Sim plan looks like a good deal…


    I just moved both my parents from vaya (who we had 0 issues with) to jeenee (who ive been with for years).

    On their $8.xx (6 months, then $12.xx) for 5gb plan.

    Perfect for parents.

    With chrome datasaving turned on, its hard for them to even use 3gb.


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    Who the hell charges a setup fee for mobile plans?


    Had my 11yr old on the Jeenee $12.50

    My only issue was my card expired and got charged a $12.50 ‘dishonour fee’
    My fault really but it’s hard to know everywhere the card is lodged
    I image this is their profit, set up fees and incidentals

    I had no service issues

    Moved to the Circles offer, even after 4 free months $28 for 20GB is very competitive but with the Jeenee response might be back with them in 4 months


    Was with Jennee and would have stayed but this new customer only deals suck. They used to allow all new and existing customers switch to any of there plans. I moved to circles because of it. If this plan was available to me I would have stayed.


    It says "Jeenee does not offer roaming" - can you still receive texts overseas?

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