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Bose QC35 QuietComfort 35 II $310.25 + Delivery ($0 with eBay Plus) @ Wireless 1 eBay


Not the cheapest but a decent deal.

Only the black version is currently available - the silver one is sold out.

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  • cheers, been waiting for a while to get this for brothers bday

  • Better than 700 model?

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      I think the 700s are better but obviously alot more expensive.

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      From everything I can find out they are two totally different models (ie 700 is not meant to be a successor).

      General consensus seems to be that the 700s have better ANC, slightly better sound, better microphone (for talking on the phone) but the QC35 are more comfortable.

      Comfort is a massive deal for me, so slightly inferior sound and ANC but way more comfortable… the choice is simple.

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        not to mention ~$150 cheaper

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        And we should all remember that the ANC and sound quality etc is still SUPERB on the QC2s. You'll almost definitely be pleased with them, especially if you haven't tried the 700's before.

  • I'd still opt for the XM3, the sound quality and the ANC is freaking incredible and if you have an Android you get to use the ultra HQ LDAC codec

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      I sent the XM3's back. I have two devices connected at the same time (ipad and android phone). The QC35's handle this flawlessly, pause one and play the other instantly. The XM3's require you to disconnect bluetooth from each device / re-connect to the other everytime… found them a nightmare to use.

      QC35's all the way.

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        Isn't it just a matter of going into the bluetooth options in settings, click on headphones. That doesn't sound like a nightmare. Do you actually need to disconnect from the device?

        • Still extra steps. With the qc35… It switches over. Play something on tablet. Pause it. Play something on phone.. Or receive a call. No need to disconnect reconnect.

        • I just bought XM3's, was waiting for XM4 on hopes it would pair to 2 devices (for me work laptop for calls and mobile for tunes).

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            @beeze: Yeah I might just go for the XM3s, they are newer and imo look better.

      • This is a dealbreaker for me. I would probably consider Sony if they fixed this.

        • I would have gone with the sony also if they had this.

          And a better mic on the sony too please.

          Qc35 has netter mics.

    • The sound quality isn't incredible. It's great for ANC cans, but really average for headphones. Also keep in mind that LDAC is still not ideal comapred to headphone cable, and the XM3 technically isn't even capable of playing HD music due to it's freq limitations. So you won't actually notice a difference playing LDAC vs AAC.

    • I had both and in my opinion the XM3 sounds MUCH WORSE than the QC35. Also QC35 can connect to two devices at the same time and it is more comfortable to wear.

  • Thank you OP!

  • Did I miss the boat? Price is now $365 which comes to about 328 after code "paddle"… plus shipping

    • PLAYNOW. it's in the description

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        I just noticed. Thank you haha

  • Thank you OP. I wasn't reading properly before, code is PLAYNOW and not PADDLE.

  • I wouldnt recommend the QC35 anymore after the latest firmware update: https://community.bose.com/t5/Around-On-Ear-Headphones/Bose-...

    They've absolutely screwed the ANC. Some speculate it was to make the NC700 look better.

    • Oh man! Mine work fine but I guess I haven't updated it.
      Do you know if they ever rectified this problem?

      • What firmware are you on? @Da dpG

  • Mine the NC was ruined by update, bluetooth on off switch faulty. 6 months old.

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      If it's only 6 months, it's still under warranty so you'll be able to have them repaired/replaced without cost.

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      The firmware can be reverted to whatever you like, check /r/bose

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        Too much trouble, stuff em, sold them.

  • Hanging out for the PXC-550 II now. AptX Low-Latency!

  • For commuters listening to music on noisy buses or trains, does ANC have a big advantage over passive noise isolation? By passive I mean using a pair of IEMs with proper fit and seal.

    • My use case only. It helps drown out most noise.

  • Cannot get these to work reliably on a pc with bluetooth dongle. If I do get them paired and come back a day later they simply refuse to pair and I have to uninstall and re-install the bluetooth dongle.

    The dongle is a CSR(Cambridge Silicon Radio) bluetooth 4 chipset. OS is win7.