Gaming Desktop: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G CPU | AMD RX580 8GB GPU | AMD A320M MB | 120GB SSD | 8GB RAM | $628 Shipped @ TechFast


Amazing value on this gaming PC, with upgrade options available for those wanting extra features & performance. Apply code QUADARSE to receive $120 off the price of any config. Delivery applies to anywhere in Oz. Offer ends Sunday Oct 20 unless sold out or withdrawn prior. Enjoy :)

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    Come for the special, stay for the discount code.

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    gotta love a cheeky TA coupon code

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    I'd honestly recommend spending the little bit more and getting the R5 2600 + GTX 1660 deal.

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      that would be HEXARSE


      good recommendation

      PS5 is releasing end of 2020 and is rumored to be an 8 core zen 2 chip, something like the 3700x

      but at least with this system you get a reasonable upgrade path, just drop in a 3700x and some extra ram when the time comes


        Can you elaborate on this?

        Is this a good entry level PC?

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          the 3200g is a 4core/4thread cpu(this deal)
          the 2600 is a 6core/12thread cpu
          the 3700x is a 8core/16thread cpu(ps5 rumor)

          so as you can see, spending a little extra on a 2600 deal makes your system more future-proof

          since all these Ryzen cpu's are compatible with AM4 motherboards, you can upgrade to any of these cpu(motherboard bios update may be required) easily.

          although this system will run pretty much any game currently, I've speculated about possible future problems with 4c/4t cpus:

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    Thanks TA (…QA?)! Confirming that we have a very large number of MSI Armor RX 580s so that will be the GPU for these systems.


    APU+ GPU?

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      cheapest quad core from amd

      intel 9100f would be a better suit at a similar price with higher performance

      but cpu upgrade path for intel is practically non-existent down the road

      where as this, after 3 years, you can plonk in a 65w 12 cores 24 threads R9 3900

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    Cheers TA, any gaming Ultrabook deals possible?


    Sounds really good, any recommendations on if any of the upgrades are worth it? The $30 for extra 120gb sounds good but not sure about the rest.

    Are other mobos needed? Psu?


      As a minimum I'd upgrade to the B350 motherboard. I'd then get a Rotanium TG320 or Gamdias Talos case from MSY and transplant the whole PC into it…but that kinds defeats the purpose of these cheap pre-builts, I guess (I don't personally value the labour cost of building at anything but thats because I enjoy building my own…appreciate that isn't the same for everyone).


      The B350 motherboard also offers an m.2 slot if you wanted to upgrade to an NVMe SSD now or later on. Definitely a popular upgrade from the community in previous deals. Additional 8GB RAM will help with future proofing as well. Power supply is sufficient for power draw. If you wanted additional peace of mind the 80+ Bronze is Thermaltake but does have a higher price point accordingly.


        So even if I upgrade the motherboard, the ram and the ssd, the base power supply is still enough?


          Yep. The GPU is really the major power drawer in this system and you'll most likely receive a 600W anyway as 550W is the minimum we guarantee, so the bundled one is fine.


    I have always used intel and thinking of switching/upgrading… what cpu and gpu would you need to play current AAA games on ultra with decent fps?

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