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ING Orange One Platinum Credit Card: Apply and Make 5 Eligible Purchases (within 90 Days), Get $250 Back (Annual Fee $149)


Well they haven't been nice with the savings interest rate, but just received this email from ING.

Apply for an Orange One Platinum before 31 December 2019 and make 5 eligible purchases within 90 days of your account being approved, and you'll get a $250 bonus. Just make sure you enter the promo code "BONUS250" on the application form to qualify.

Comes with the usual 1% back on cashbacks etc.

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Referrer and referee will receive from $50-$100 for new Orange Everyday & Saving Maximiser Accounts ($1k deposit + 5 card transactions/month required). Ask referrer about the details of their offer.

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  • Annual fee $149

  • +19 votes

    $100 net not worth a credit enquiry

    • $101 could be worth it

    • A credit inquiry literally isn't worth anything.

      The "secret" is to have insanely high income/assets and low debt. A family friend of ours had the worst credit possible, a bankrupt… he then literally won Powerball. Like waving a magic wand, it was all good in the 'hood. Banks are always tripping over themselves to get his business.

      • Thats a diff story, quite unrelated

        • Yeh and needs more dragons.

        • It isn't. Mr Spiff (lol) fears a credit inquiry will harm his future credit prospects. The reality is, making extra money will do so much more to help his creditworthiness than a bunch of silly inquiries. The banks couldn't care less, if your numbers are amazing.

          • @Charity: Wrong again. How would you then explain why people (myself included) have exceeded income requirements by more than double. Let me tell you a non-anecdotal story. I know somebody who applied for the Citibank Signature Visa card who's income is literally 60+ times the minimum income required, and they got rejected. Amazing numbers don't mean anything.

            • @spiff: The banks probably rejected your application due to your arrogance alone. You probably never gave them a chance to reject your app based on financial reasons.

            • @spiff: Do you understand the meaning of the word anecdote?? Cos you just used one too…

            • @spiff: what about the liabilities? loans, dependants, etc..
              it all adds up you know..

              • @PissLUR: Last year I made the mistake of applying for a Westpac credit card 3 times and got rejected each time. I tried again this year AFTER taking out a new mortgage which substantially increased my liabilities, and everything else remained constant. This time I got accepted. Can't help but think that maybe since I'm a higher risk, the bank thinks they could make more money out of me.

      • What are you on about? Why would you share a story that literally has nothing to do with credit enquiries?

        It's the opportunity cost/risk of not being accepted for a better credit card which has more to offer.

  • Stuff ING - they don’t pass on Interest Rate cuts.

  • With Orange One Platinum you earn 1% per dollar spend, up to $30 per month. That's up to $360 a year.

    $3,000 to get a $30 cashback a month? ($36000 spend for $360 cashback per year). Not buying anything and putting the $36000 in a 2% bank account gets you $720 a year… What would an OzBargainer possibly spend $36k a year on?

    For smaller purchases, get HSBC's 2% paywave cashback. You spend a lot less to get more back. Come on ING, you can do it.

  • +3 votes

    I don’t really feel the benefits of this card are worthy of the ‘Platinum’ moniker. Annual fee is too high also for what’s on offer.

    • It's not really an ozbargain card. These low-interest cards are for people who don't pay off the balance every month and i'd expect 95% of ozbargainers to pay off the balance in full.

      if you always pay off you cards in full each month, these low-interest cards offer no benefits like you get with the reward cards.

  • Is this targeted ? I only received email about their dropping rates.

  • This card is also fee free if you have an ING home loan - whether that excludes you from the promo I don’t know. Unfortunately I’ve already got the card.