ING Orange One Platinum Credit Card: Apply and Make 5 Eligible Purchases (within 90 Days), Get $250 Back (Annual Fee $149)


Well they haven't been nice with the savings interest rate, but just received this email from ING.

Apply for an Orange One Platinum before 31 December 2019 and make 5 eligible purchases within 90 days of your account being approved, and you'll get a $250 bonus. Just make sure you enter the promo code "BONUS250" on the application form to qualify.

Comes with the usual 1% back on cashbacks etc.

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    Annual fee $149

  • +17 votes

    $100 net not worth a credit enquiry


      $101 could be worth it

    • -3 votes

      A credit inquiry literally isn't worth anything.

      The "secret" is to have insanely high income/assets and low debt. A family friend of ours had the worst credit possible, a bankrupt… he then literally won Powerball. Like waving a magic wand, it was all good in the 'hood. Banks are always tripping over themselves to get his business.

      • +4 votes

        Thats a diff story, quite unrelated

        • +6 votes

          Yeh and needs more dragons.

        • -1 vote

          It isn't. Mr Spiff (lol) fears a credit inquiry will harm his future credit prospects. The reality is, making extra money will do so much more to help his creditworthiness than a bunch of silly inquiries. The banks couldn't care less, if your numbers are amazing.

          • +1 vote

            @Charity: Wrong again. How would you then explain why people (myself included) have exceeded income requirements by more than double. Let me tell you a non-anecdotal story. I know somebody who applied for the Citibank Signature Visa card who's income is literally 60+ times the minimum income required, and they got rejected. Amazing numbers don't mean anything.

            • -3 votes

              @spiff: The banks probably rejected your application due to your arrogance alone. You probably never gave them a chance to reject your app based on financial reasons.

            • +1 vote

              @spiff: Do you understand the meaning of the word anecdote?? Cos you just used one too…


              @spiff: what about the liabilities? loans, dependants, etc..
              it all adds up you know..


                @PissLUR: Last year I made the mistake of applying for a Westpac credit card 3 times and got rejected each time. I tried again this year AFTER taking out a new mortgage which substantially increased my liabilities, and everything else remained constant. This time I got accepted. Can't help but think that maybe since I'm a higher risk, the bank thinks they could make more money out of me.

      • +2 votes

        What are you on about? Why would you share a story that literally has nothing to do with credit enquiries?

        It's the opportunity cost/risk of not being accepted for a better credit card which has more to offer.

  • +8 votes

    Stuff ING - they don’t pass on Interest Rate cuts.

  • +6 votes

    With Orange One Platinum you earn 1% per dollar spend, up to $30 per month. That's up to $360 a year.

    $3,000 to get a $30 cashback a month? ($36000 spend for $360 cashback per year). Not buying anything and putting the $36000 in a 2% bank account gets you $720 a year… What would an OzBargainer possibly spend $36k a year on?

    For smaller purchases, get HSBC's 2% paywave cashback. You spend a lot less to get more back. Come on ING, you can do it.

  • +3 votes

    I don’t really feel the benefits of this card are worthy of the ‘Platinum’ moniker. Annual fee is too high also for what’s on offer.


      It's not really an ozbargain card. These low-interest cards are for people who don't pay off the balance every month and i'd expect 95% of ozbargainers to pay off the balance in full.

      if you always pay off you cards in full each month, these low-interest cards offer no benefits like you get with the reward cards.


    Is this targeted ? I only received email about their dropping rates.


    This card is also fee free if you have an ING home loan - whether that excludes you from the promo I don’t know. Unfortunately I’ve already got the card.