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Sennheiser HD 4.30G Over-Ear Headphones $59 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


Until Sunday get yourself 67% off the current ticketed price of a pair of Sennheiser HD 4.30G Over-Ear Headphones. Simply present the Exclusive Coupon below at any JB Hi-Fi Store in Australia or buy online by visiting, adding the product to your shopping cart & entering the Exclusive Coupon code in the space provided at checkout.

Limit of 1 per Coupon. Available instore & online. While stocks last. Offer ends Sunday 20th October 2019.

PS: Added my code, not sure if generic Generic Code (Credits to doweyy)

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  • Can confirm the code is generic.

  • Are these headphones any good guys? They worth it?

    • -3 votes

      read the reviews on the link

    • For the price it is fine. If you need something with better noise cancellation, LDAC etc. then do not get these. The original price of $179 is a joke.

      • Not sure why you would want LDAC on wired headphones…. And the pads offer noise isolation, at this price not looking at cancellation….

        WH-1000XM3 RRP of $549 is a joke. Who pays RRP here though?

        • Did you not see the word 'if'?

          • @PlushToys: If you need wired headset with LDAC? LDAC is a compressed bluetooth format for wireless headphones, mostly only Sony. This is a wired set, it will be higher quality than LDAC anyway.

            Not sure why someone might need a compressed bluetooth format on a wired headset.

            • @onlinepred: I am well aware of what LDAC is. I said if you need something with LDAC, not a 'wired headset' with LDAC. Was just mentioning some features. Don't want to continue this thread over something trivial.

              • @PlushToys: I'm just pointing out it makes zero sense at all. I see now you meant "bluetooth" instead of "LDAC", of which makes more sense. Agreed, ending this thread.

            • @onlinepred: Actually, 24-bit/96kHz SACD (DSD) material over LDAC will sound better than the Spotify/YouTube Music/Apple Music version of the same album over wired headphones with similar quality drivers. Do a blind test with some well-recorded acoustic, classical or jazz music that has good dynamic range and hear for yourself.

              Having said that, PlusToys' statement is still somewhat bizarre.

              • @elektron: Hey mate, although on a technical level I agree with you, even audiophiles won't be able to tell the difference of high quality aac vs ldac reliably. Also nothing is higher quality than source material through wired connection, ldac is compressed anyway.

                I use dt770 pro at work, and have not been able to tell the difference between ldac and aac. The biggest difference in audio quality comes from the quality of headphones, then source material. Most headphones aren't even capable of 24bit from a technical level. I mean one speaker to do all will never work. To actually tell the difference between aac and ldac you would have to have a high end headphone, specific source material with extreme high treble and extreme low bass, be in a completely silent room, and listen very carefully and do a/b testing

                Yet most people have Spotify set to normal quality so means nothing. I can't tell the difference between tidal and Spotify high quality when commuting or in an office

              • @elektron: Why would that be unless you are plugging the wired headphones into a shitty DAC/Amp or the cable has issues? Genuinely curious.

          • @PlushToys: If is one of my favourite words. Good movie too.

    • They are comfortable (top band is thin and may hurt on long usage), the pads offer good sound isolation, sound quality is actually pretty good - slightly amped bass, although the pads are very deep so sound may sound far away, quality is a little flimsy but still good, overall a great buy for this price. Just don't go comparing them to great headphones.

  • Are these any good for gaming?

    • No, the mic is not great, and soundstage on these focuses on having lots of bass and not much in the high end.
      eg. in FPS games your explosions will sound very loud and overpowering, while footsteps, gunshots are more in the high-mid range and often drowned out or not clearly definable).

  • Works once per transaction, ie: cannot use on two of these in one go. Just check out twice.

  • FYI this model is discontinued

  • Got one thanks, can't complain for the price. It'll make a nice gift for sure, especially if the person I give it to has a tendency to check msrp's.

  • Can't afford to get another headphones since I've already got three.

  • is this wireless headset?

  • anyone else having issues on checkout? i tried proceed after entering everything ready to pay but it does nothing.

    nvm, it doesnt proceed if i am logged in my account. but works as guest checkout. weird

  • What's the difference between iOS and galaxy? I thought the audio jack was the same…

  • Microphone quality out of 10?

  • anyone know any headsets with a decent mic for games/discord?

  • Got one. Thanks for sharing

  • Noob question but how does this compare to the standard Logitech headsets with a USB connector you can get for $50? Just planning to use it on the computer for Skype/videoconferences, watching youtube etc. Not going to use it for a phone

  • Are these noise cancellation or noise isolation? Or nothing? Thanks.

  • Just got mine picked up from Loganholme. Sounds great 🙂

  • Ughh…what a disaster

    I bought it and went down

    Asked if they'd price match their own store on a sony wh-1000xm3 and they refused

    Picked up the Sennheisers

    They failed on first use

    Took them back

    They messed me around for 30 minutes because the transaction hadn't showed fully in their system

    Finally got my refund

    Never again…..

    • At a risk to make your disaster even worse.
      There were many reviews stating when plugging the 3.5mm plug into the Sennheiser 4.30G requires more effort than you expect to fully plug-in. Many were reporting sound only from one side, or problems with the sound due to plugging the cable in too gently.

      • That was my issue

        • sigh *

        Thankyou MargeSimpson

        • Better luck next time on the Sony XM3.

          • @thebadmachine: Thankyou

            I think i'll be avoiding jbhifi in the future

            • @qaz182:

              Asked if they'd price match their own store on a sony wh-1000xm3 and they refused

              I saw those comments in that deal, I think you were a bit late to the party. JB caught on quickly and started to deny everyone on that very day.

              I think i'll be avoiding jbhifi in the future

              Or you could get them back by finding a deal and asking them to price-beat / match.
              It depends on the store / staff member, but I always ask them if they can ‘beat’ the price, and sometimes they give an additional discount (this is at all stores JB / Binglee / TGG).

      • Happened to me aswell. then i noticed the lock on the jack.

  • Bought a pair but didn’t use job hifi gift card to save a further 5% so going to hand in my ozb lic

  • Impulse buy woo!

    I have some Sennheiser earphones but I'm sick of the in-ear type, so these look like a great replacement.

  • I would get it if I didn't already own like 3 pairs of headphones. Not including earphones and TWS's.
    Such a good deal.


  • Thanks OP - bought these cause discount seems great and need new comfortable headphones for long haul plane trips.

  • I've been waiting for a bargain to replace my old sennheisers with frayed and broken cords, so naturally this bargain appears the day after I ordered headphones online.

  • I've got big ole ears. The cheapo Ausdom M06s I bought hurt my ear flaps. So did the TaoTronics BH-022s. And so did a friend's Sonys. Probably WH1000XM3s. They were more comfortable due to the quality of the pads but still too small.

    Anyone know how long the ear cups are on these bad boys?

    -edit- one of the JB reviews talks about ear cups being too small for them. Probably too titchy for me. Oh well.

  • Picked up a pair today to use on my work computer which doesn’t have Bluetooth, just to leave at work, maybe to play Switch. Feels good, sounds good. Can’t really go wrong for the price. Strong bass if you’re into that. Go nuts.

  • will this one be good for gym?

  • Will the LGV30+ Quad DAC make the sound better?

    • You need to define what "sound better" to you is. What source material are you listening to? Most cheap DAC's won't make streaming services sound better, the DAC is more for powering bigger headphones.

      • Would be Ripped CDs in mp3 format 320kbps, can I say this is just a normal headphone and quad DAC won't be adding much value to it?

        • Yes you are correct. Quad dac won't add much to most headphone, mostly just ability to drive big higher impedance headphones which other phones can't do.

          These headphones are fine. They aren't great. You should go to jbhifi and try the 4.40bt if they don't have the 4.30 to try, they sound the same.

  • Bought these yesterday. Sound quality is a bit meh to be honest,
    Worst thing though is the proprietary connection, I wanted to use them plugged to a preamp processor. Jaycar sold me an extension and an adapter, only get bad mono , the stereo adapter obviously is not compatible

    • "the proprietary connection"

      So you need the 1878 1/4"/6.3 mm plug rather than the 3.5mm aberation these are fitted with?

  • I just bought a Sennheiser momentum 2 the day before this deal was posted for 3x this price. I'm guessing the momentums aren't 3x better than this, but can anyone comment on the differences in sound and build quality?

    • 4.x headphones use the same drivers and padding. The Momentum 2 is geared more towards casual listening, while the HD series is geared more towards critical listening. In general for most users, the Momentums will sound nicer to them with more bass. You got the wireless momentums right?

  • Perfect timing. my cheap HD451 have a buggered connector so need replacing. These should do nicely

  • Thank you for putting this up. I bought my husband some for his birthday in March on special lol, he says they are great. He just uses them for his iPod and iPad.
    So at this price, I’ve just bought myself a pair to do the same.

  • anyone can say how good these sound compared to say a xiaomi dual drive hybrid earphones which i recon best bang for buck headphones, like they have better audio compared to all my other more expensive headphone/earphones and they are light weight, i kind of stopped using big over the ear headphones after trying these xiaomi earphones

  • Thanks OP, just picked up a pair!

  • Make sure you check the security seals on the box. I received a used pair. Going back tomorrow to get them exchanged.

  • I said f-it and am trying to buy 1 now, but clicking "proceed to payment" doesn't seem to do anything, both in Chrome and Edge. Anyone have problems checking out?

    • OK, realised for some reason it doesn't work if logged into my account, so did a guest checkout and it worked (despite the cart remembering my account details, and reapplying the code by itself!), so all good now.

      Now have seen above in this thread this happened to others as well.

  • I could not log into one of my accounts it wouldn't let me ( incorrect password ). So I used another account and it was good. They both have the same password and have been using it that way for years, so they have issues

    • Click and collect wouldn't work for me but delivery was fine so I just paid the extra $4.

      Mine just arrived and I was keen to give them a test, but just experienced my first frustration with having a new phone with no headphone jack. grrr

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