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LG V30+ Mobile Phone (LGH930DS) 128GB Black $399 (Was $799) @ JB Hi-Fi


Thanks to CheapGit for sharing this deal on the forum.

Some Features

6" QHD+ OLED FullVision™ Display
F1.6 Crystal Clear Glass Lens
Processor - Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
RAM (GB) - 4.0
Cine Video Mode
Point Zoom
Wide Angle Cameras
32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC
128GB Storage
IP68 Certified
Dual Sim
NFC and Band 28 !
Dimensions (L x W x H) 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.4 mm
Headphone Jack

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      • What would you consider is more superior about the V30?

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          Quad DAC if I'm gonna kid myself that I'm good enough to tell the difference.

          Waterproofing for sure though.

          Sides that, well…the feeling that the v30+ is flagship whereas my a70 is merely midrange.

    • A70 is $650 with 6.4inch screen and this LG is $400 with 6 inch screen….. hmmmmm

      • A70 can be had for $519 from TGG…..

        • +1

          I gambled on Gumtree and got it brand new and sealed for $450 delivered.

          • @freakatronic: Are you also gambling on returning it for good warranty service? I know Ozzy retailers can be hit & miss with warranty returns but who is the firm you are dealing with via Gumtree?

            • @Maccadoodle: I think (and I expect to be jumped on for th crime of Being Wrong On The Internet) cause the a70 was only released this year, and mine is definitely an Australian model, that I shouldn't have any trouble from Samsung if I needed warranty.

              • @freakatronic: Did they give you the invoice for it when you bought it from them?

                They usually ask for this when claiming warranty.

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    • +2

      Samsung A70 is a golden child.
      Camera is above it's class.
      It got piled into the S-class software upgrades (super steady, slow mo, etc etc).
      it has one of the biggest batteries.
      Largest oled screen; only beaten by the Note10+.
      Takes a microsd…..

      There's not much to dislike.

      I'm really tempted by one; only holding out to see if I can get a Zenfone6

      • +1

        Thanks Master Scythe, pulled the trigger on an A70 last night!

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    Camera vs other phones at this price point?

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      Have had it for two months, wide angle camera is okay but not incredibly sharp.
      DNG Quality fairly good. 1080p recording is over sharpened.

  • +2

    How is the camera on this phone?

    • +1

      very good

      • +2

        I disagree, the camera is probably the only downside to this phone. The back camera is OK, but the front camera is pretty crap.

        You can get the GCam app which I have found helps a lot.

        I cant post links so just Google "gcam for lg v30" and look on xda developers and it takes about 1-5 minutes to set up.

        • +9

          No respectable person uses a phones front camera.

        • The main camera on this phone is not very good. I have one and a Pixel 3 and the Pixel camera is far far better.

    • +2

      Rear portrait camera is excellent and has quite good image stabilization for it's age, rear wide angle is pretty good but suffers a bit in anything but well lit environments, front selfie camera is a potato.

      I would recommend following this Reddit post to install GCam as it makes a really difference if shooting in auto, still try out manual modes in stock camera app though.

    • +1

      The wide angle is amazing, if you install GCam app it improves it dramatically.

  • +2

    Using this phone right now after getting it from last deal. Only cons are subjective to me is no notification led and LG crapware bloat. Awesome phone for the price though, thanks for the recommendation.

    • +2

      Did you try to turn on sidelight in Pie? It's not a direct replacement for notification led, but it's pretty useful. Also, might want to try always on display to see notification icons at a glance.

      • I'm still using Oreo after people have noted battery problems with Pie.

        • +1

          Been using Pie since it arrived a few weeks or so ago. No noticeable difference in battery usage for me.

  • +11

    I've had this phone for over a month now so i'll put some pros and cons. Overall though it has been worth the $399 I paid for it. I came from an iOS and was hesitant at first but now fully converted to android thanks to this phone.

    - Shit front camera (even mucking around with GCam mods didnt help)
    - screen is great in low light but tough in sunlight as it just doesnt get bright enough (still decent but dark scenes of Star Trek = no chance)
    - Decent gaming performance (but some apps do lag. Not sure if that's Oreo or the phone)

    - Battery life is amazing
    - Fairly snappy performance
    - Always on display, double tap to wake, face unlock
    - Build is rock solid, feels really premium
    - With Nova (or a preferred launcher), this phone is great. Don't be scared off by the LG bootloop/LG rom haters
    - Has VoLTE, NFC/GooglePay, Hi-Fi Quad DAC, B28
    - Headphone jack + Hi-Fi Quad DAC
    - Dual sim
    - Waterproof
    - Wide angle camera

    • Wow, this phone just gets better…

      The LG V30 has IP68 certification which means it's dust-resistant and water-resistant in up to 5 feet of water for up to 30 minutes.

    • +1

      My initial excitement with LG phones has always lasted 6 months or less.

      G5, I loved it and it had swapable battery, but S7e stole me away.

      G6, built like a tank, wide view camera, great performance and HIFI DAC… But it soon felt outdated.

      G7 ThinQ, had to get it as could not say no to the stunning deal I got it, but had exactly the same feeling as with G6 once got it.

      Never had LG V phones before and been on the edge more than once when these $399 deals popped up, but I'm just afraid history will repeat itself :D Just have to keep telling myself that it's an old phone and I don't need another phone with a large screen.

      • +1

        LG V20 - great camera, really good sound. Dual SIM plus SD card. Good recording ability
        V30, fair [back] camera, brilliant sound. Excellent [to 130 Db] 'steerable' recording ability

    • +5

      Dunno why you're still on Oreo. They released Pie in September.

  • They love dropping the price of this thing!

    • +8

      But it has not dropped below $399. This is a 2 yr old phone.

  • +1

    Mine is updated to android 9 and 1st September security patch.

    Haven't used a screen protector and have zero scratches on it and i use it without care.

    Though since the last update battery life for me hasn't been as good, but still get a full day easily with about 20% battery left by end of the night.

    Yeah it's a 2yr old phone but for the price, specs and having local warranty there isn't much else to pick.
    Headphone audio is top notch.

    • +3

      Also no screen protector and no case, dropped the phone on the concrete about 3 or 4 times from hip height - a few small dents, but the screen survived.

  • +1

    This or LG V40 for approx $200 more?

    • +4

      If you need to ask, you probably shouldn't spend more.

      This phone, for this price, is where its at!

      • +6

        3 months later v40 $399

  • dammit i have been after a phone for weeks now and because this diddnt pop up on special earlier i settled for a mi9 lite for $400 (if it was on special earlier i missed it - not a pro ozbargainer)
    i was hesitant to buy another lg anyways after my g5 disaster phone

    • +1

      I have the same reservations with LG due to the nexus 5. That thing had paper-thin glass not to mention the numerous stability and performance issues despite it having a good chip for the time (Don't think the snapdragon 800 had issues as a soc back then).

      Software-wise it was probably all Googles fault but the radio/modem issues coupled with that screen and glass combo infuriated me.

      • +1

        my lg g5 has pretty much fallen apart

        oled screen has massive ghosting and image retention among other quality issues
        power button no longer works
        gps is horribly inaccurate
        battery lasts about 5 hours when screen off and not using it - replaced battery and same thing happened 6 months later, checked with ampere and my phone is sucking down the amps even when screen off and has been wiped clean

        so yeah im not too keen on lg phones atm (although everyone was recommending this v30+ so i was seriously considering it)

        on a good note my mi9 lite came in today and its pretty amazing for $400 (6gb/128gb)

  • How does this compare with a Pixel 2? Looking for my daughter's first phone, and wondering if this is overkill, or let her inherit the wife's Pixel 2, or just get her a cheaper model.

    • +3

      It's the same generation as Pixel 2, same processor and more or less the same performance. If there are no issues with your wife's Pixel 2, it would be an excellent first phone.

    • I'd take a Pixel 2 over this personally.

    • +1

      I sold my pixel 2 and got this in the last deal. Not really an upgrade in the chipset however it's it's a really nice upgrade overall. The screen is much nicer, wide angle cam is awesome and the DAC makes FLAC music really nice. Some say the cam is poor however the Gcam makes a huge difference, very similar to the pixel 2 but with more pixels. It's light and durable, I've dropped it a few times now which I thought I would have broken the glass but its so durable.

  • I read somewhere this may have wireless charging, or depends on the model release? Looking to grab one.

    • Yes it has it.

    • Mine has it from the last JB Hi-Fi deal on this phone.
      Would recommend a good 15w wireless charger (if you can find one) to get the max out of it.
      Be aware there has been quite a few reports of people with cheaper 5-15w wireless chargers finding their phones over heating.

  • Oppo ax7 is just as good. Same amount of ram and storage. Battery can last 2 days.

  • How come this phone is still in stock despite getting 100+ votes consistently over the past couple of months? Is it still in production or something?

    • +5

      Yes, people checking IMEI report mid-2019 manufacture dates.

  • I used to have an LG G2 and I fell in love with iT until it was stolen.
    Then I got an LG G4, but it got the bootloop issue. Got a replacement G4. Same issue.
    Then I got an LG G5 and it Got the same bootloop issue and stopped working. Got a replacement G5 it stuffed up being unable to read the sim card.

    My current Pixel XL 2 just stopped working and doesn't charge. I assume a Faulty charging port (I'm very unlucky with phones)

    But I have a $400 JB HI FI Gift card that I haven't ever used. And I did allways like the LG phones despite them breaking. So since I'm in the need for a phone I will go grab this.
    Thanks for posting this deal

    • +2

      The G3 and G4 were soldering hardware errors that caused unfixable bootloops.
      I have the G7 and haven't experienced any bootloops and from what I read, there were some rare ones reported, but they were patched via a software update.
      Given you have a gift card, and that this phone has been out for a while without any notable major issues, I think you're okay, if you can otherwise tolerate slow/minimal OS updates.
      I was lured to Logitech because I still like having a headphone jack, a DAC, wide camera angle lens (before it caught on with other major manufacturers) and most importantly: the amazing value for money if you waited just a little bit.

      • Logitech?

        • Yes

          • @jc123: Logitech phone?

            • -1

              @Skinnerr: Oh sorry, I thought the topic was actually about purchasing a Gulfstream Jet. My bad.

              • +2

                @jc123: Nah we talking about the jb Hi-Fi deal on the apple iDog.

                • @Skinnerr: hahah I can't edit my comment to change Logitech to LG…
                  I've been looking at new mouses/keyboards too much recently.

  • I have an 7+ but I just want to switch to Android… Anyone know if this is better than the 7+ or vice versa?

    Only reason being I want back into android system

    • +2

      It’s similar performance to the iPhone 7 Plus despite being a year newer. Your iPhone 7 Plus runs the latest version of iOS whereas this phone only just got last year’s version of Android.

    • What do you consider to be the 5 most important things of a smartphone?

      • +1

        uhh not in order but




        how fast it runs?

        I'm not sure what else to be honest?

        • As someone who recently had experience with the Samsung A line I would definitely add the speaker to that equation.

          The V30 can easily strike 3 of those requirements.

          Stability and build quality are other areas I look at.

          I could probably bring it up to 10 personally. Price being the main factor.

          When someone asks me to pick a phone for them I usually ask them (from most important to least)
          Price > iOS or Android > Storage and Ram > Speed > Stability and bugs(I Google problems with the phones) > Camera > Speaker > Build quality.

          That's my general. Not set in stone and can shift depending on what people need.

          The best thing you can do for people is that after you do your research, you take them to a store to test things out —showing the top 3-5 devices that meet the criteria.

          Nothing worse than having someone regret their purchase then blame you for suggesting a device.

  • Are there phones with better cameras at this price point?

    • Probably a Xiaomi, Samsung A70 etc if you can get them around the same price. The camera is probably the only downfall of the phone the tech is years old after all. But it gets the job done well enough for me.

  • I have a Moto G5s Plus. Is this a substantial upgrade?

    • +1

      Can't say about the G5s+ but it is a substantial upgrade compared to the G5+. Had the V30+ since Feb and it is a far superior phone in every way. There's only a couple of minor things that I don't like about it (no notification light, shaking to turn torch on, lock screen notification display). I would happily buy another one when this one dies.

  • Sold my 835 for $200 last week, bought 845 for $450

  • Is this offer valid for Australia too?

  • LOL that is not half price, that is the price it should be.

  • I got this phone too, great phone.
    Good back camera, loud speaker, good display, no issue

  • Asking again….does the dual sim also can put in micro sd card instead??

    Read on google that it take micro sd card.

    Or is it only for certain overseas models.?

    • Yep. It's a dual sim and you use sim 2 slot for microSD. So you can have sim 1 and micro sd working at the same time. It's a good phone. I am writing to you on one 👶

      • Feeling adventurous and want two sims and a microSD?*

        *MoneyPincher will not be held responsible for any breakages or loss of life due to following this link of actions of other parties.

  • I need a phone. This looks like to be it. The only thing that I possibly don't like spec wise is the 3300mah battery. Guess for a 2017 phone it was considered the standard.

    • Get it. Nothing better for price.

    • Im a very heavy user and my battery lasts 1.5 to 2 days. Its about 3 months old.

      • Heavy is very subjective. Can you post your SOT?

        Thanks, guys
        I'm going to check it out in the store. My major concerns are the tint shift, build quality and battery life (which I can't really test). Lesser things are the cameras & speakers.

        • At the moment screen time is 3hr 29 min in and still have 49% battery left. Total usage is today 11h 17min

          • @frazel: Using???? Screen brightness, what networks were you connected to?

            I like numbers.

            Can you get 6 hours using say 40% GPS and 60 youtube with this phone?

            • @Hahuh: Sorry I don't watch YouTube on my phone.

              My usage is Facebook, Web browsing mostly. Then banking apps daily.

              Connected to WiFi at home

              Screen usage is now just over 6 hours, 37% used for Facebook and now I have 17% battery left.

              So probably get about 7 hrs of SOT.

    • Its surprisingly deceiving for some reason. I thought it would be a downfall too but I haven't been under 30% after a days use (some days are off charge for 18+ hours).

      • No kidding. According to https://www.gsmarena.com/battery-test.php3 its ~ same with the pocofone.

        Then again it gives my Meizu m5 Note a 98h which is pure bull as it tanks once you install google services :D

        With the custom level, I get high 30's low 40's so theyre pretty comparable.

  • Is it worth paying $100 more to get the LG G7 ThinQ Dual SIM with the SDM 845?

    • CPU is an upgrade.

      Batttery, screen, DAC are downgrades.

      • I'd take a excellent, proven LG IPS display over one of their earlier mobile OLEDs any day. Also the Snapdragon 835 is pretty low end. We're talking 3 year old iPhone performance. Any improvement in performance would be far more useful than a slightly improved DAC (and I do really value sound quality).

        The battery in the G7 is still huge. Any issues with battery life are simply a result of Android being a rubbish OS.

        • To each their own.

          I see a notch and it's an instant no for me. Being an IPS display, hiding the notch still makes it very obvious.

          The V series Quad DAC allows you to use harder to drive headphones without an amp. That's not for most people, but not having to carry an amp is something I would find convenient.

          The SD 835 is 2 years newer than the Nintendo Switch's SoC. I have it in my Tab S4 and it does the job more than well enough.

          The battery in the G7 is still huge. Any issues with battery life are simply a result of Android being a rubbish OS.

          Considering they both run Android, there's no escaping that then. Huger > huge.

          • @lostn: The Tegra X1 isn't exactly a great example to use considering it's incredibly slow compared to the 835 which is just normal slow.

            • @tp0: The X1 is good enough for a gaming handheld. The 835 is good enough for a phone. I didn't find it slow on my tablet.

              If you can buy a 3 year old model of iPhone for $400 (8? 7?), by all means buy it.

              To get a G7 for $100 extra the only thing you gain is a 1 year newer CPU. Everything else is a downgrade. If that 1 year means more to you than anything else, well your decision is easy. For me, 1 thing alone doesn't outweigh everything else.

              • @lostn: The 835 will be considered seriously slow within the lifetime of this phone. I do agree however that right now it's just adequate.

                A new iPhone 7 is $500 however the significantly smaller screen is obviously a big drawback compared to most equivalent Android devices.

  • The Oppo Reno Z seems a better phone.

  • Great phone, love it.

  • This thing is on Android 9.0 now. Keeps us all going for a while. Just a great all round phone for the price.

  • This or the mi9T/mi9T pro????