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Caltex Petrol Stations - $5 Cashback ($50 Min Spend, Max 3 Uses, Visa or Mastercard Payment) @ Cashrewards


Notice a new cashback offer for Caltex via cashback.

Cashback is eligible on the first 3 transactions only. Any subsequent transactions may track to your account but will be declined at a later date.

A $50 minimum spend in a single transaction is required to be eligible for Cashback with the following terms:

Ensure you 'Tap' or select 'Credit' at payment. Choosing 'Savings' or 'Cheque' will make the transaction ineligible for Cashback.

Offer is valid at 750+ selected Caltex store locations nationally. Ensure you check the full list of qualifying stores in the main link.

Offer is valid from 16/10/19 until 16/11/19.

Not sure if this refreshes previous cash back though.

Important notes from store rep:

There is no longer a requirement to activate offers - simply link a card to your account

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$10 for both referee and referrer, after referee makes $20 purchase

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  • +25 votes

    Hi guys. This offer gives you another three cracks at Caltex Cashback, even if you've previously availed of the offers back in August. Note it now applies to VISA and Mastercard. We launched Mastercard as part of our in-store program recently. Also, there is no longer a need to activate any offers. Simply link a valid card and you're good to go for any of our in-store merchants. As long as the store is listed on this page on the day of your purchase, you will get Cashback.

    Using Android/Apple pay/wallet is fine provided the associated card is the card linked in your CR account. Please ensure you check out our FAQ which will help answer any questions. And finally, if for any reason a sale doesn't track, please hold on to you paper invoice and submit a claim and the team will take care of it for you. All the best :)

    • Hi, I had an issue tracking the cashback for this offer. I used the right card that was registered prior to use and the offer was activated.

    • Ensure you 'Tap' or select 'Credit' at payment.

      Hi OP/TA, can we use debit card with Visa logo? For example HSBC is offering 2% cashback

    • -3 votes

      Well i didn't get any cashback from caltex last time offer. So I don't believe it. Thanks but no thanks.

      • +3 votes

        Without knowing whether or not you activated the offer, or chose savings/cheque instead of credit etc, I can't comment on your personal circumstances. I can say however that if you submitted a claim with a docket and shopped at a qualifying location after activation, you would have been paid cashback. Guaranteed.

        • +2 votes

          Yes i did activate it.

          Second, i tapped my linked visa card.

          I filled up at caltex location as mentioned in the post before.

          I have the screenshot of my bank transaction but I lost my receipt.

          Will that help.

          • @Ozie: You're on ozbargain, using an anonymous account complaining about a specific issue. I understand you may have actually not been paid back, but do you really think complaining here will solve anything?? Stop being petty and if you have an actual issue, shoot them an email.

            I also activated the offer and got an email seconds after using my card at caltex.

            • @bidam1: They want to share their experience to see if anybody else experienced problem. Personally myself i had same problem too. Registered card and made purchases only to see no cashback. I will be sure to follow with TA if no cashback this time.

              Looking at the comments below, its a hit and miss on tracking.

            • @bidam1: Not your problem mate.

        • TA i have the same issue. Did pretty much everything as per instruction but nothing came to my account. Can you please advise who i can refer this to? Thanks

      • +2 votes

        All sorted now. Thanks TA for the quick response. I am flattered now.

      • I twice used using Apple Pay no Cashback at all, and it was activated in my account. So don’t count on it.

      • I got nothing either. Pretty standard for Cashrewards.

    • I link to my MasterCard and I even got an email confirmation.
      I went to the correct Caltex.
      I went back onto the cash rewards app and I found I need to link a new card, somehow the link got lost?
      Also it only takes Visa now.
      How do I get my five dollar cashback for my purchase at Caltex now?


        As per our PMs, I believe this is now sorted, as you had the old version of the CR App installed. Please ensure you're on v1.4.4 or newer :)

    • Is this offer coming back soon TA? I need petrol!

  • I used this offer a couple of months ago.

    First transaction - tracked within minutes.
    Second transaction - never tracked.

    Got great help from Jackie at Cashrewards to chase up the second transaction.

    Tip: Request and keep the paper receipt from Caltex!

  • My only transaction last time was never tracked. Out
    Of luck cause I never keep receipts from a petrol station lol.

  • Would this work with paying with Android pay with the linked card?

  • How to link card? I don't see it in My Settings

  • +4 votes

    I usually save more than $5 by using Fuel Check NSW (other States I believe have a similar service) and not shopping Caltex.

    • 7/11 virtual helicopter rides? ;) ;)

      But during low price cycles, this is effectively 10% off if you fill exactly $50 worth of fuel

  • Tried last time and didn't work. Same servo on the list. Tried the cashrewards help but didn't get the receipts so couldn't assist.

  • As long as the store is listed on this page(cashrewards.com.au) on the day of your purchase, you will get Cashback

    Does this mean they can be removed so we should be checking before we fill up and screenshot the included store?


      Hi knobbs. That's a general condition for all in-store merchants. For Caltex, you're good for purchases from 16/10/19 to 16/11/19 inclusive.

  • Seems like a good deal except the fuel prices at all the non-woolworths caltex's near me are significantly more expensive than bp or woolworths-brand caltex's rendering this deal useless. Might be the odd occasion where it would be worthwhile

    • Yeah and to top that off cashback isn't tracking properly. I wouldn't spend my time wasting on chasing up mere $5 every time when I can find cheaper petrol somewhere else

  • +1 vote

    excluding Woolworths branded Caltex stores and Fuel Pay

    What about the ones that are in the list that and are also Woolworths branded ?

    It worked last time


      OP has been updated. As long as the outlet is listed, you will get Cashback:

      Ensure you check the full list of qualifying stores in the main link.

  • Does this cover diesel purchase as well? Most of the offers doesn't cover diesel/autogas

  • Giving up your credit card details up for $2.50 x 3. oh dear…

    • +3 votes

      Hi frazel. It's actually $5 x3. Also, you have nothing to be concerned about. Your Visa and/or Mastercard details are not captured or stored at any point by Cashrewards. Your card details are encrypted, captured and stored by Visa and/or Mastercard alone from your secure browser session. We do not pass this back to our system. Once your card is linked, Visa and/or Mastercard then send us the last 4 digits for reference. Hope this helps.

      • What other information does cash rewards get from the linked cards?

        All purchases?
        Just details for the purchases made at places where there is an offer?
        Other card use information?

    • Only card number required, not exp date, name, CVV etc

        • Ok, but Cashrewards doesn't get those details at all. Ever. Just the last 4.
          And Visa already has your visa card number. You're fighting against something after already being told what's happening.

          There's a big difference between being secure and being paranoid.

  • @tightarese Do we have to keep the receipts, last time I got screwed in 2 X Store claims which was paid with a VISA Card (on contactless/paywave) but I did not had an invoice to claim up :(, shouldnt a bank transaction/statement history be enough

  • Tried linking a mastercard, after clicking Link Card, nothing happens…


      Once you successfully link your card, it will appear in your card settings page and you instantly receive an email confirming such. You also receive an email when you remove a card from your account.

  • Can't seem to add my Mastercard - when I click link it takes me to the homepage.

    • Same issue here.


      May I please ask which browser you're having issues with? I've just re-tested on Firefox, Chrome, mobile Chrome, mobile Safari, and the Cashrewards mobile app (scan & direct) and all work fine. Can you please try clearing cache/cookies and let me know if this makes a difference. Thanks!

      • Wasn't working in FF or Chrome, but have just opened an incognito chrome and got it to work.

        I suspect it's a cache/cookies issue then (still doesn't work in non incognito - haven't cleared though) - thanks TA

      • Can confirm it works in incognito mode.


          Proven to be a cache issue for some users. Logging out then back into your Cashrewards account prior to linking your card works too.



      • There is no Caltex station @ 354A Robinsons Rd, Derrimut, VIC

        Could you please check and let me know if it was incorrectly mentioned instead of "1/75 Mt Derrimut Rd, Deer Park VIC 3023"

        The above mentioned caltex station isn't mentioned in the list, this station being a very busy and grand one.

        Could you please get back to me on this .. Thankssss

          • @tightarse: Thanks for the Image. I went there as same as you looking at the google maps image. But inreality there is no Caltex station there anymore, they are doing the construction work there.
            With no evidence of any caltex station there. Just get to the street view to check.

            Apart from that .. "1/75 Mt Derrimut Rd, Deer Park VIC 3023", this was the only stations which was not mentioned in the whole western suburb. and that missing caltex station at "354A Robinsons Rd, Derrimut, VIC" .. So could you cross check it.

            Only after going there with the Google Maps location, I have notified you …

    • that's awesome.

    • How did you do that please?

  • 7/11 much better savings if your car takes 98 premium.

  • Last time, my first/only transaction did not track

  • $50 minimum?? My car costs just over $40 to fill from empty, so wouldn't make minimum amount :(

    • You can spend 10$ in-store. Just buy some day-to-day usage items!

    • Buy a gift card and use the $50 for two fill ups?

    • Buy a $50 Caltex giftcard first.

      Last time at the very end of the deal, Caltex offered its giftcard at 5% off so I ended up getting some extra stuff together (freebies anyway) to hit $50.

      HSBC 2% cashback sweetens this deal.

  • Last time, I used the offer 2x at the same petrol station. Both times it didn't track. Sent my receipt in and got the cashback as promised. Please ensure you keep the receipts for this particular offer in case it doesn't track. Jackie and the team was great with follow up at CR.

    • +4 votes

      Yep, thanks. Provided all is in order, we guarantee the cashback. It was actually a real eye opener as we found a few of the outlets provided us with incorrect terminal IDs, which obviously didn't help the cause. The fact you guys sent in invoices made the tracking fix a whole lot easier. There's always issues and we're always learning :)

  • Just as a counterpoint to the stories of it not working OK for some people, which I can understand was super frustrating, I used the offer three times at two different Caltex stores and had it track perfectly each time. Thanks and looking forward to using it again this time!

    I'll hang on to my receipts just in case all the same.

  • Don’t all Caltex outlet has surcharge on using Credit function which in this case is how we have to pay?

    • My local caltex only amex have surcharge. Visa mastercards do not.

    • If you have AmEx only, you can get Coles MasterCard $100 this week for 2000 pts bonus and then link this prepaid MasterCard card to shop in Caltex, no surcharge.

      • Also would get the 5% discount from using that card and get to save Amex points. And would address security concerns expressed by some here.

      • +2 votes

        Please read this. Mastercard gift cards won't qualify for cashback with in-store offers, unless they are the reloadable ones.

  • Anyone knows which caltex is woolworths caltex from this list?

  • If I use the 4c discount from the MyToyota app will that affect the cashback?

  • Amazing! Thanks !!

  • I'm a bit skeptical having credit card details saved there…. Not sure if secure

    How do we know it's kept secure

  • Oops.. not for hatchback cars as the spend at one time doesn’t hit $50 generally unless petrol prices are too high.

  • Wonder what will happen when other cash back fellas start linking cards. Will the user get twice the cashback (once from each provider if card linked with two cash back type sites) ?

  • Just made my first fuel purchase with my linked card and didn't get any email to say it's tracked :/

    Last time within seconds I got an email saying success! Cash back is registered

    Keeping my receipt! Hopefully just a delay

    • I am in the same boat. Filled up petrol for $50+ On my linked card but no email regarding cash back or nothing in the app either. How do we confirm if it has gone through ?
      I usually do not ask for receipts but I remembered to ask for one this time, have kept it safe 😀

  • Only a deal if it's Shell, then you could combine coles offers

    • If it were a Coles Express deal, I bet most people would buy a Coles Myer giftcard easily and spend mostly in Coles.

  • If I linked my card from last deal, so I need to link it again for this deal or does cash rewards already recognise my card? (its still showing in my card settings but not sure if I need to specifically link it for each promo)


  • Damn I didn't check but last time it didn't work.

    I'll keep receipt this time to get it.

  • I can confirm i got email from Cashrewards within 5 mins of purchase so all good here :)

  • Do I have to bring my phone in and activate anything or just link a card and spend $50?

  • Got my $10 cashback (bonus) today, received my cashback notification as I was opening the car door after leaving the servo.

  • went it store 31/10. Yet to receive any notification or tracking.

  • So i thought id give Cashrewards another go..

    Entered my card details on my account using desktop.. Seemed to go thru OK, so i thought…

    Specifically went to a Caltex yesterday & filled up just over $50, checked this arvo on my phone to see if it had tracked…

    When i opened the app on my mobile, it had no card details…

    I give up, Cashrewards too flaky for my liking… I imagine there is no way i can prove otherwise, even if i uploaded my browser history!

    Sux to be me…

  • Yep I've now filled up meeting the criteria 3x now and it has never tracked.
    First time i didnt keep a receipt so claim was denied. 2nd time kept the receipt and was approved. 3rd time still not auto-tracking and just submitted a claim.

  • Is this offer coming back TA?

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