Amazon Fire TV Stick (Basic Edition) $59 Delivered @ Amazon AU


This usually is listed for $69. Take note that this is the basic edition and not the 4k one which we still don't have here in Australia. A good reason to get this is if you want Amazon Prime Video and you don't like manually putting apps on your media device.

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    A good reason to get this is if you want Amazon Prime Video and you don't like manually putting apps on your media device.

    That is a good reason ?

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      Apparently the one time app download and sign in warrants spending $59 waiting a few days for delivery then installing and setting up an entirely new device.

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    They are handy for the spare TV that isn't connected to anything else,like one in my kitchen/sun room.

    • +9 votes

      What's a bloody sun room? rich boy

      • +1 vote

        could be misspelling of "son"
        (ie, son's room)

      • -12 votes

        Q: Do Aussie's really NEED to pull-down Rich Folks?
        A: No

        (We should encourage incr'd Abundance here &
        not talk-down those who have some)

        Want Abundance? Then you want Nuclear En:
        Let me Recommend:

        • (or via their app "DW Breaking World News")
          had a TERRIFIC 28-min program (in show: "Close Up"):

        • "Atom, mon amour" (How the French LOVE Nuclear En)

        Why should AU suffer the effects of Pollution &
        High Energy cost, due to Coal- & Fossil-barrons
        desire to heap more $$ into their own accounts?

        AU can Learn heaps from the French:

        • Nuclear Energy is done WELL, by Gov't
        • Gov't holds DOWN the Cost of Electricity
        • All this due to Gen'l Chas DeGaulle's VISION
          of a France Being+Staying AHEAD &
          Enjoying [Energy] Independence/Abundance

        (Of course, it may have helped, that:

        Paris had/has the highest % of Mathematicians
        of any City, per 1,000 pop.)

        And… IT'S WORKING!
        We have LOTS to learn from France!

        Compare France & AU's Eastern States
        eg: in app "ElectricityMap"
        (or via

        Qld & NSW - at best - DARK BROWN
        Sometimes even BLACK = Lotsa GHG
        & polution fr burn'g Fossil Fuels


        It is my cockatoo's north facing room here on the Otway Ranges overlooking Lorne.

        The rent on this three bedroom house costs me 25% of my income.

        Bloke mows my lawns. Another picks up my mail from the post office.

        I'm a Houso :)


    Will this Stick enable to access Prime US via a VPN?


      This and if Amazon fire sticks devices are geo blocked - in terms of app availability etc - would VPN solve it ?

    • -3 votes

      Does it take verbal commands, via a microphone?

      IF so, can Amazon record & convert to text
      voices heard in the room, ie, between commands?

      IF so, Privacy issue! Amazon has history here!

      "Past is Prologue"

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    This or Vodafone TV ?


    Will not buy until we see 4k and Alexa integration.

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    I bought one of these a few months ago for $49, and we use it for 2 things:
    - Netflix app (primary use)
    - Select Amazon Prime shows (American Gods, Good Omens, etc)

    For those two things, it's great.


    Can I install Android app on it? I have chromecast but some app didn't cast correct but play OK on Android.


    This is a vastly inferior model to the standard available in the US and Europe. Better to buy the regular US model on ebay.


      What would you say is a reasonable price for the regular US model?

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        You can get regular US model for about $90 delivered at the moment on ebay. For a 4k model about $100-$110, I think. There's several US models, so check model# and what they can do before you buy.


    Was gonna bite the bullet and grab one of these as have been casing Amazon Prime to my Chromecast lately and annoyed at lack of physical remote (seems my LG doesn't send all the HDMI-CEC commands)

    But then I started reading the comments about the MiBox and VTV and now I'm just gonna cry myself into an afternoon nap.