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Boost Mobile $150 Prepaid SIM Starter Kit - $130 Shipped (or $125 Instore, Melbourne) @ Southern Telecom


Due to limitation of our Process capability, we will only add 15 simcards each day as stock for online customers buy from our website.Coupon Code can be applied on checkout

Stock will be update everyday. There's no Stock limitation for shop visitors.

Limited to 3 sim cards per customer.

We'll add stock around 10 am each day. We'll try to serve our customers as best as we can. Most customers likely get their sim card the next day or day after.

For Customer who need to port number from other provider to Telstra/boost, please read our suggestions.

Shop address:
Southern telecom
opens 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. shop 2, 99 Spencer street, Melbourne vic 3008

you can pickup in store, or we send you via Australia post for free.

If your want us help you activate in store, please bring a valid photo ID, eg, passpart or driver license, or you can activate yourself.

Boost $150 Starter Kit

80GB data for 365 days

UNLIMTED STND CALLS & TEXT TO 25 SELECTED DESTINATIONS: Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam

PLUS 1200 STND MIN & TEXT TO 30 SELECTED DESTINATIONS: Afghanistan, America Samoa, Brunei, Cambodia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Guam, Hungry, Iceland, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Laos, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Mongolia, Nepal, Norway, Peru, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden


We located at Ground Level Southern Cross Station. Near PTV hub

If your are taking trains, get down from the ticket check entrance to the ground level and turn to the middle.

If your are driving to CBD, use google map search "telstra popup store docklands" (they share our location for delivery purpose)

Number porting:

You can porting your number from other network to Telstra/boost. But can not port existing Telstra/boost number to Boost. You can port belong numbers to Telstra/boost

If your current plan is Prepaid, then you should make sure the date of birth of your number matches the detail you use to activate your sim card.

If your current plan is Postpaid, then you should provide the right account number for porting your current number.

Porting system does not work on Sunday and public holiday, to less your hassle, of our experience, the best time period are 8am to 12am Monday to Friday.

If you stuck in porting for more than 3 working days, likely sth is wrong. If you are in prepaid, Kindly check with your current provider if your number is registered under your name and the date of birth matches.

Please maintain your sim card of existing number in the phone and keep the phone switched on when you activate your new boost sim card online.
(it's important, if you missed the sms Telstra sent to you, your order will remain provisioning status Untill you call telstra to solve the issue.)

Telstra will send you an sms after you submit your activation order, it contains a link and a code, you need to click that link and input the code to be able to start the porting process. usually it takes less than 4 hours to port after the verification get approved.

Give Telstra Porting team a call if you believes your order get stucked. Their number is: 1800631334

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  • Just double checking the expiry of the sims?

  • can anyone confirm AppleMusic data is free with Boost too (the same as Telstra)?

  • Aww, I bought one for $135 on eBay. T_T

  • Can I buy this to transfer my number from Telstra? I know I have to request a blank Sim but don't know if that means I could only use a recharge instead of starter kit.


      no, it can't, you can only port non telstra/boost number to telstra when you activate this starter pack.

      • What? I think your wording is off. I think you mean "don't buy the recharge kit"?

        I have used this $150 sim kit to transfer moosemobile, jeenee & Telstra -> boost, transferring the original mobile number with it. Telstra required a blank sim too.

        stiiky: buy this.

      • Hi Southern Intercom,
        Can I port my number from Telechoice (being somewhat Telstra) to Boost?


          Yes, only can

          Only exception is Telstra, you can not port telstra number to boost or from boost to telstra.

          • @sanfans: ..until you request a blank sim.

            Seriously rep, be careful of what you write. Make sure it's correct!

            • @justtoreply: I was chatting with Telstra and then they forwarded the chat to Boost, they also advised me I can't buy this and use it to convert from Telstra to Boost.

              They advised me I would have to change to Telstra prepaid first and then switch it to Boost. I think they will do that part from their end.

              They are sending me a blank SIM in the mail now.

              I need to know if I can or can't use the offer here to charge for the service once it's converted from Telstra to Boost and what's the process to do it?

              The boost people told me if I buy this offer here then I would have to use it with the new number that comes with the kit.

              I know for a fact if was buying this from Coles then they will offer me a voucher number which will be easy to follow to charge for the service on the new SIM that Boost is sending to me.

              • @rbaraz: I bought a $150 SIM kit. Converted from telstra to boost via blank sim. I only dealt with boost. You don't need telstra staff at all. Kept my old phone number.

                I've done it twice.

                If anyone tells you otherwise hang up the phone and call back, maybe you'll get someone useful next time.

                • @justtoreply: Thanks so much. I got the blank sim today. I will go ahead and purchase this offer then.

                  Thanks for confirming it can be done.

                  I will work out the details when I actually do it.

      • Will I be able to port in from belong?

      • I realise you're probably in a better position to know but are you sure you can't transfer numbers from Telstra to Boost?

        Maybe my memory is bad but I think I used to do this in the past.

    • Get a $2 vodafone sim, transfer to that with your number, then transfer to this sim.

      I did it with an amaysim in the middle, but that's because someone gave me a $10 starter for free.

  • Good plan, for those who wants Telstra network and international calls

  • can i somehow set this up with a business name?

  • gone already

  • Ourstep, good step~~~666

  • Sold out already ?>

    • It appears they restock everyday, or at least plan to.

      Due to limitation of our Process capability, we will only add 15 simcards each weekdays and 20 each weekend days as stock for online customers buy from our website.Coupon Code can be applied on checkout

  • Massive delay porting to telstra/boost atm

    • Nope did it recently inside of a few hours. So long as you have been sent the blank SIM direct from Boost they will then give you the Telstra number to call and instructions on what to do. Atleast they did this for me.

      • Hgfs Port has taken a few weeks and a few phone calls and it still hasn't been resolved.

      • Not sure why the neg? So having transferred one service prior from Telstra to Boost, again I purchased this deal yesterday. My SIM arrived today. I called Boost to port the number. They took my call inside of 30 seconds. Within 2 minutes I received a txt to enter a code to port a number this time from Spintel. 5 minutes later we are activated on the Telstra network.

        I have no idea why other people have such issues with porting and activating a service. It has worked flawlessly now twice for me.

        • Took me one week first time (mainly due to inaccurate information provided regarding the existing mobile account). Second sim transfer was within 24 hours. People need to realize they need to supply all information about their existing operator's accounts as Boost won't check or chase it for them.

    • Yeah, took me 2 weeks to port from amaysim. Finished yesterday

    • Yes - more than 2 weeks for me. Just about to submit a complaint to TIO. No resolution from boost despite multiple chats/calls. Seema to be a widespread problem from all the posts. Buyer beware.

      • Me also though 3 weeks now. Even got a promise of a call back from the port department 2 days ago. Told them to ring any time of night or day…still waiting. You might get your porting done in 15min or…the way it looks to me at the moment…never!

        • I am also waiting for this call from the porting team. I filed a TIO complaint today after getting the run around for days. That forces them to respond (and costs them money if they dont). I would encourage you to do the same.

  • +6 votes

    Massive delay… Been more than a month to be ported.. still waiting..

    • One month???

      • +6 votes

        Yep.. Made multiple calls to customer service which took more than 50minutes just to get in touch on each attempt. Then got directed to porting team. But porting team is pretty much useless as they have massive back logs and seems like they're incompetent. I was once told the team got replaced and team members aren't working at same site?? So takes time to resolve issue.. Lodged a complaint to TIO about 2 weeks ago but still the issue hasn't been resolved..

    • Why is there a delay

    • At some point you’d think to call them up… a rep can get you sorted in no time.

    • I just ported to Boost from Voda this afternoon thru Customer Service and all it takes is 15minutes to be activated.

      • Thats what should happen and for many its still a matter of minutes. But there are also many others like me who have been stuffed around for weeks by boost. Count yourself lucky.

    • -1 vote

      If it does not go through in 3 working days. it's unlikely to work anymore.

      Telstra had major system upgrading a few weeks ago, and might still have issues now and then.

      Boost shares the same system with Telstra.

      If you are Melbourne Customer, no matter where you purchased your Telstra/Boost sim card, you can always visit our store for help.

      • So if it doesnt go through what should we do with the sim we purchased. Are you or boost going to refund it??

  • Can you buy this and just use the recharge voucher instead?

  • If u already have a Sim card can I get this?

  • Some one recently made a forum post outlining the issues regarding porting to this company. Possibly worth a read before committing to this.

  • My optus one ought to run out of data in about 3 months.. but in 3 months, there *might be a better deal on the market. who knows..

  • Can you use it to recharge?

    • I also want to know if we can use this or started pack $30 as recharge? If yes, how do we do so because the starter pack do not come with recharge voucher. Tq.

  • Wife's Optus plan has run its course and the phone is still near new. Any issue Porting her number to this pre paid set up? If so how is it done?

    • Buy the pack. Wait for it to arrive.

      You don't need to put the new SIM in while porting, just put in the Boost SIM in after porting is successful.

      Go to https://activate.boost.com.au/ and do activation on that page. You don't need to open the SIM card packaging at this time, you can find the SIM serial number on the back of the pack.

      Once you completed all the steps, Telstra will send you a SMS containing validation code and the URL to enter it. So your current mobile number must be active.

      Go to the URL in the SMS and enter the 6-digit code. Porting process will start.

      Later on (time varies between people) you should receive an SMS/email from current provider notifying the port.

      Once porting is done you should get another SMS & email from Boost. Then put in the new Boost SIM after getting the email that said porting was successful.

      You should be able to use the recharge voucher afterwards.

  • Thanks OP, bought 2 from the store.

  • Does anyone know if there will be any problems porting from Aldi to Boost?

    • Did this last week, took 26 hours to port. No significant issues.

    • Major problems. Waiting on Aldi to Boost since 22 September. Customer Service is responsive but provide zero information. Unable to advise on progress of reporting. Standard response is give it another 48 hours then contact us again so we can advise you the same thing.

    • It seems to be completely random. I'm trying to port from Woolworths Mobile for weeks while others say it took 15 min for their Woolworths number to be ported. If you don't mind the chance of an indefinite wait then you could take your chances and maybe be one of the lucky ones.

  • If we run out of data, how much is it to top up more?

  • Please do not go for boost mobile. Their service is crap. I have been trying to port in my number for the last 4 weeks and still not ported from Aldi to boost mobile. Calling their call centre takes more than half an hour to go through.
    Please stay clear of BOOST

    • Try chatting, they were pretty responsive.

      • Chatting to helpful and pleasant people hasn't fixed anything for me. They don't do the port forwarding. I'm tired of helpful people telling me to call the port forwarding department with no response or waiting for a call back that doesn't happen. It's VERY clear that some customers are not getting what they paid for through no fault of their own. Good on ya if you were one of the lucky ones.

        • Same port issues with my mum too - ended up sending an Email with URGENT in the subject and a few choice options for them to choose from (reimbursement for the month we paid for current provider and reimbursement of the sim on special that was bought from the shops, or those cancel with those two options and ombudsman as they cant provide the service we have technically paid for and we had to top up with current provider again for a month…instead of a year).
          We called several times and was told the same story and had enough.
          So got their porting email from the customer service people, sent it Friday afternoon, ported Monday morning.

    • -3 votes

      Likely the information provided for porting is not match.

      If you porting a number and takes more than 48 hours, likely sth goes wrong.

      Better check you account and Aldi mobile first to make sure the data of birth match.

      Normally if the activation/porting does not go through, it went into error provisioning after 72 hours to 5 business days.

      After activation went into error provisioning, you can reactivate/port the sim card again.

      The above applied to any network porting, no matter it's Telstra or Optus or Vodafone

      • I am on my second SIM with the same issues. They cancelled the activation on the first one after 3 days and and reactivated it then sent me on to port forwarding department. 1hr20 later the music stopped an my call went dead. 2 weeks later I checked the SIM on the Boost site and it was never reactivated. I am now a week into my second SIM with calls, chats and waiting for call back. I didn't screw up the activation process twice and copy/paste ensures correct account numbers. It's definitely a Boost/Telstra issue.

  • Currently have a boost sim already, can i use this $150 as a 12 month recharge on top of my current?

    Or have to activate it with new number?

    • +1 vote

      No , you can't

      • Interestingly I was able to recharge using this package I bought from you. Rang Boost. They deactivated the number attached to the simcard and transferred it onto my daughters current Boost account. Checked the app and the transfer went through.

  • So whats the best way to proceed this port? without the delays

    • +1 vote

      try to activate morning of weekdays, according our experience, 8amam to 12am are about the best time systems.

      • Lol. In my case about 2 weeks. If you are selling these, you shoukd probably advise how to det a refund if the boost fails :)

  • To those who ported their Telstra post paid number to Boost - any delays?

  • Can i reserve 2 to be picked up tomorrow? or will there be enough that we dont need to worry about running out of stock maybe around 12-2pm tomorrow.


      We have 500+ in the shop, yesterday sold 15 on web and 53 in shop. thus should be enough for this week at least

  • @OP do you take AMEX instore?

  • Just bought it from ebay with 10% discount(PADDLE)


  • been waiting 22+ days for my number to be fully ported from Aldi mobile, they recently just disabled my old sim and moved my number but i cant recharge my sim WTF. I have no idea what to do now, I called them many times, even made a customer complaint, all that accomplished was what I said before.

    • Same port issues with my mum too - ended up sending an Email with URGENT in the subject and a few choice options for them to choose from (reimbursement for the month we paid for current provider and reimbursement of the sim on special that was bought from the shops, or those cancel with those two options and ombudsman as they cant provide the service we have technically paid for and we had to top up with current provider again for a month…instead of a year).
      We called several times and was told the same story and had enough.
      So got their porting email from the customer service people, sent it Friday afternoon, ported Monday morning.
      I wasnt a happy boy with their service.

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