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Google Pixel 4 64GB $199 with Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan (12 Months, Min Cost $979) Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store)


It seems the deal is only for Pixel 4, not include Pixel 4XL. <— from JB staff.

Went to JB for Telstra 12 months deal $65 with $500 gift card. A guy told me that Telstra is going to run a same deal for Pixel 4 with only $199 for the handset.

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Also available on the same plan:

Samsung Galaxy S10e $99, Note10 $799
Huawei P30 $199, OPPO Reno 5G $499

Update: Confirmed by a few users, that deal has been extended to 6th of November (Page/Deal has been removed from website though).

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      Remember 2 x credit checks per number. One when you sign up and another when you convert to monthly plan

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        Sorry, can you explain the significance of the 2 x credit checks. Are you saying that each credit check is a negative on file?

        • Yes if you’re going to be trying 2 to 3 times. Multiple credit enquires negatively impacts your credit score

    • My plan……follow yours to the point of downgrading to $50 byo. I intend to swap to Boost 12 month plan keeping the same number. I should technically be able to port over which will essentially cancel the byo plan no ETC?

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    Will this work with Samsung s10e. Oops sorry, OP mentions S10e. Will have a go myself.

  • So my wife went to jb last night and port in for the pixel 4, staff refused to give her the handset and said they need it to clear the port in process and get the gift card from telstra before he can hand out the phone, she got the sms, but still not yet cleared until now….

  • people who have successfully got the handset, can you confirm the process?

    I am an existing Telstra customer and my plan finishees in March next year

    1) Buy $2 Optus sim from woolworths, port number across to Telstra immediately on the $64 per month plan
    2) Go ot JB-hifi, pay the $199, get the handset
    3) Get on the online chat wiht telstra, downgrade to $50 month by month plan with no ETC or other fees (apparently people are getting this)
    4) Cancel plan at will


    • Don't forget you've got to put credit in the $2 SIM, and pray that your port goes through. Which can be frustrating.

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        why do you need to put credit, that is not true, its an incoming text not an outgoing

        • Right, my bad then.

    • So I'm assuming that you are going to use your active Telstra sim in the Pixel yes? (the one that finishes March 2020)

      If so, then:

      Buy the $2 sim and activate the sim and stick some credits on there. Take note of the new mobile number tied to this sim. This will be the number that you use at JB

      Stick the sim in another phone (if you have one) or your current handset

      Go to JB and get the deal. Tell them you want to port the Optus Phone number across. They will initiate the port from Optus to Telstra.

      Through the sign up process (whilst at JB) you will receive a text on this new number. Thats why you need some credits and have it in a phone. This text has a link that you will need to click and then enter a code. This starts the port process. When done this is the green light to the JB sales guy to go ahead and process the sale. Effectively its an $850 gift voucher

      • Through the sign up process (whilst at JB) you will receive a text on this new number.

        This is where many people are stuck.

        • yes that right….although its a donkey sim, success in getting this deal hinges on it being active in a phone

      • do you mean to say free phone if you can go to the month to month, because there is not gift card with this deal.

        • don't understand your statement

        • worst case is $199 +$390 (ET fee) and best case is $199 (you can lower this by on selling your free Google Nest Hub that you will get after redemption)

          • @thewhitetower: yeh thats what i mean sorry, i keep leaving comments on the s10e i thought for a second i was on the s10e post, but yeh best case scenario is 199 pixel 4.

            worst case scenario is the people who still have not received the damn text message me included.

    • Points 3 & 4 are good

      Remember to claim the Google Nest Hub through the Telstra website…link is above somewhere

      After going home from JB with your new Pixel, you can insert your old Telstra sim (the one that runs out March 2020) and continue to use that in the phone…

  • Can anyone who got the port link confirm its a unique URL in the text? Or is it generic?

    • You get a unique link and a pin to type on the page the URL takes you to. So you do need the text to come through.

  • Hi guys, I’m new at this so maybe I didn’t understood something.

    I’m with boost mobile, today midday I ported out to amaysim.
    I went to JB HiFi at 16hs, the rep got on the phone with Telstra and Telstra told him that it wasn’t possible because I haven’t been out for 30 days.

    Is there any way arriba this? Does it makes sense going to another JB HiFi since the Telstra guy was the one that said it wasn’t possible?

    I haven’t charge any credit on my amaysim and the guy from JB HiFi didn’t seem to know much about this, maybe another guy would convince the Telstra rep?

    Thanks a lot!

    • Definitely try other JB store. I think the official rule from Telstra is to not allow existing customer to take this deal, however their system does not care. So find a JB store that just put you to their system and you should be alright.

      • Thanks, I'll try again! Someone had luck in any Adelaide store?


        • I called Mile End and the rep there was very 'stern' that you had to be a port in within 30 days. So I would avoid them unless they are your last chance or close to you.

          I am also interested if anyone had success with a <30 day port-in, in Adelaide.

          • @Jay14: Went to mile end today, had no luck, the rep called Telstra and it was the same story, he even told me that if I tried in several stores I would be red flagged, which I don’t think is true.

            Did you had luck anywhere in Adelaide?

          • @Jay14: I went to JB Rundle again and got lucky, got the phone with no questio s asked.

    • I had this issue too. Got knocked back first go but approved on second attempt. You need to find a Telco staff member that works in that department regularly. The sales guy I got first go was not a telco staff member and called through to Telstra to do the port and the Telstra rep on the phone spotted that I had just ported out.

      If the sales person puts it through the computer then it goes unnoticed unless you tell them

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    Successful 3 day port out and in.

    First JB I got denied from a fellow ozbargainer, rippin' fella he just ethically couldn't help me out after I told him I only ported out 3 days earlier and I was cool with that. I then did what he pleaded with me not to do and hit up the next JB.

    Got my details, jumped on the phone(not computer)and after ten minutes I was on my way. I live close by and he said it will take 5 mins to a day for the port to work. By the time I got home the activation emails came through and I rolled back and I paid my 199 and walked out with a sealed box pixel 4.

    Second JB never asked my porting history and neither did the Telstra employee on the phone.

    Used same number, address and email from my previous contract that I paid out of 3 days before.

    Good luck to all.

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      Just claimed my free nest too 🤗

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        And live chatted onto a $50 a month contract.

        Think I've ozbargained the sh!t out of this deal.

        • How long did you wait before downgrading to $50 per month plan?

          • @hullas: About 2 hours.

            I was pretty paranoid about it, as I hadnt even paid out my contract termination prom the pixel 2. But the lady I spoke to worked it out, mentioned the old contract and saw it had been terminated and then was happy to change it for me. Even left her good feedback.

      • How do you get a free nest?

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    90 minute live chat just to be told 'the SMS will arrive in 24-48 hours, sorry bout that'.

    Complete incompetence…no other carrier I know of use this f***ing SMS, the least these clowns could do is make it work FFS, and, failing that, actually have the organisational competence to correct the errors, not tell frustrated customers to keep waiting for their shizhouse system to miraculously find your number.

    • Yep. It's a (profanity) up system they have when it can't be manually overridden easily.

    • i absolutely hate telstra customer service, the worst in Australia, ive posted about their lower than dog sh!t nbn customer service few days ago, same goes for their mobile plans support team, i dred calling the customer service,m wait for 40 mins than to be told oh just wait 48 hours from today. the only reason im doing this is to screw them over in what ever way i can, get the phone and cancel the plan. F##k them they wont benefit from me as a customer.

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      Complete incompetence…no other carrier I know of use this f***ing SMS

      I'm very glad this system exists. It will help lessen the likelihood of simjacking which can be devastating to people who rely on SMS for 2FA.

      Telstra isn't the only company to have it. Kogan apparently does too, although it supposedly can be overridden which is a big disappointment.

      the least these clowns could do is make it work FFS

      Yes - it really needs to work 99.9% of the time. But good on them for implementing it.

      More discussion here.

      • I agree it's a good and necessary development…I find it unacceptable, however, that they introduce a system they haven't developed properly.

  • I'm keen to hear if / what people are charged for the ETC. I'm holding out in case people are charged the full contract amount

    • In my Telstra account, if I go and cancel the JB $65 contract it shows an ETC of $390…

      I’m currently in the process of being switched to $50 month-to-month and will see what the cancellation fees are for that…I’m hoping they are $0

      • Your not cancelling the contract, your just changing the plan amount.

        • I will be cancelling the month to month rendering that number ineffective

          • @thewhitetower: Think you'll be up for the $390 as per max cancellation fee as described in the terms and conditions

            • @robertorodrehgo: The Telstra agent said that there is no cancellation fee for going m2m. I have that in a chat….but who knows. It won’t be the first time they’ve got it wrong

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    Well, it has been 36 hours now since I singed the contract with JB/ Telstra. Where is my SMS???
    Called Telstra 1800 631 334 and waited for 45 minutes.
    The guy told me that I won't receive the SMS until Monday night or Tuesday..

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      its funny how you posted this and you are waiting too while everyone else ozbargains the sh!t out of the cancellation thing, i hope they dont lock month to month swaps by the time we get our turn as many people are doing it

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        i hope they dont lock month to month swaps by the time we get our turn as many people are doing it

        I hope they don't stop offering excellent deals like this in the future to genuine customers who actually want to keep the plan and the phone.

  • I got lucky. The JB sales guy warned me it would take up to a week to port due to Telstra's backlog, but I magically received the Telstra SMS within 5 min…

    Google Home Hub ordered for $0 and plan changed to $50 month to month, no questions asked. Thanks OP!

    • Were you charged ETC fee for switching plans?

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        Nope, I asked to switch plans and the live chat guy said "yes I can change for you and waive the termination, cool?"

        • Had the same experience

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    Is anyone else having no luck in getting it changed to $50 month to month?

    I've tried 3 chats and they've all said $390 ETC :(

    • Same, tried twice and they both made it very clear that switching plans will activate ETC fee

      • This is still not too bad deal. $589 for the phone cheaper than you bought outright.

        • Yeah I'm very happy either way, can't complain at all

        • It's $589 for the phone + Google Nest hub. It's a very good deal.
          They told me I will get the $388 ETC ($2 cheaper, go figure). Will try again tomorrow but I have a feeling that they've already noticed the problem and plugged the hole.

    • I have had the same response from Telstra Chat agent. 390 ETC to switch to $50 m2m plan.

    • Yup same.. no luck with etc waiver !

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    • Used amaysim $2 sim with pay as you go (didnt recharge)
    • Went to Doncaster JB to do deal.
    • Only black was available
    • $199 upfront with $390 ETC was explained to me
    • Did deal and ported over (port was instant)
    • Went home and promptly claimed nest hub
    • Asked for 50 month to month plan, no did it straight away and waived all fees to change to the plan. They also said they would apply a $10 credit to my account for the next 6 months :/
    • Telstra login shows $0 termination charge and $0 handset charge.
    • Now about to ask live chat to cancel the plan
    • Did you just go on telstra chat and asked to change to month-to-month and they said ok they'll do it for you without charging you a cancellation fee? Do you know which department you chatted to?

      • Yup.

        Not sure which department. When the chatbot asked what I wanted, I typed "Change plan". Then the person did it without hesitation.

    • Finished with live chat. They canceled my new number. I asked what my final bill will come to and this was his response "I am unable to tell the amount as it is system generated, what i can assure you is there was no cancellation fees and there might be pro rata charges/credits that will reflect on the final bill for the days the service was used/unused."

      So I guess I'll need to see

      • I’m still waiting for my plan change to occur. Submitted the order around 1pm

    • What time did this all take place? Seems you're one of the lucky ones. Good job!

      • +1

        This was all today

        Went to the store around 1pm, live chat around 4pm and just cancelled then

        • Thanks!

    • I am assuming you were with Telstra and you ported over to amaysim before going to JB?

      Asking because that's exactly going to be my action plan in the morning. :)

      • +1

        This was a new SIM and number with amaysim.

    • If you cancel the plan what happens to your new phone number? Does it expire

      • It's gone. I have no use for it.

        • Is there no way of keeping your numbers?

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            @PlaneProof: I was offered to move it to a prepaid SIM if I wanted. Then I could port

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    I have been told by Live chat that there will be an ETC if I change to month by month plan and I can only change to JBHiFi plans and should contact them.

  • Swapped to $50 month to month over live chat, confirmed no ETC.

    • +2

      It now says $0 termination fee on my account

  • So people are getting the plan - paying the 199 for the handset. Then swapping plans then cancelling with no ETC at all. Therefore copping the handset for $199.

    Then some are trading in for the XL for an extra $230?

    So $429 for a pixel 4 XL

    • Don’t forget the free Google Nest Hub people have been claiming too, it’s insane! I feel like they will put a stop to this craziness soon!

  • Has anyone actually been able to get out for the $65 plan with JB Hi-fi without early exits? I'm interested in this but am overseas at the moment and won't be back until it ends, but I may get someone to grab one for me.
    If you've been successful, can you advise the steps you took?

    • +4
      1. Buy Optus starter pack for $10 (some people reported success with $2 SIM without recharge)
      2. Head into JB and sign up for the contract, porting your new Optus number, and pay $199 for the Pixel if you're lucky enough to be able to port on the spot.
      3. Put your Telstra SIM into your phone and SMS your new Pixel 4's IMEI1 to 851, then order the free Google Nest Hub from Google Store with the provided code.
      4. Register for a Telstra account to get your account number
      5. Live chat with Telstra and say something along the lines of "I'm currently on a $65 plan but I was looking at Telstra's new $50 month to month plan and I'm interested in switching over." If the live chat agent says no, or tries charging $390, thank them and try chatting with someone else.
      6. Confirm switch to $50 plan and wait until your Telstra account shows that you're on the $50 15GB plan and says you're Out of Contract.
      7. Jump on live chat again and ask to disconnect your number. Make sure you confirm there's a $0 termination fee.
      8. Wait for your bill and hope for the best!
      • Thanks for that. Very easy to follow.

      • Thanks! Didn't realise there was a free Google Nest Hub

      • +3

        A word of caution - JB's consumer leasing contract is (IMHO) pretty water-tight with respect to the clawback provisions.

        You are definitely spinning a roulette wheel, here. You might land on:

        Red: Neither Optus nor Telstra nor JB HiFi notice the churning anomaly (unlikely but possible) and you're a winner! HUZZAH!


        Black: The churn/"number-spinning" spike is observed in MIS reporting - and/or is heuristically flagged - and action is taken. The retailer takes an upfront hit on this deal (incl bonuses) and rely on trailing network operator settlements to make it worthwhile. Remediation of the "hack" is relatively straight-forward in terms of back-billing and there may be a commercial interest (imperative if large enough) to do so.

        Good luck everyone.

        • Can you give more info on this. Are you referring to those who ask to move to a month to month plan (and are successful) or those who sign up and cancel and simply pay the 390 ETC?

          • +2

            @HGLK: I'm referring to a number of things here (including a couple of hacks that have been mentioned on Whirlpool and not here, yet).

            One or more scenarios may play for each person including sub-30 day out-in network churns; invalid changes based on the prevailing Plain English JB MOSC* (mobile operator standard contract).

            ^Which I believe is currently MOSC2250

            Anyway - I'm not here to do everyone's homework. Read the paperwork VERY carefully, guys, and know the risks. You could do pretty well out of it.

            Hell, even if you do get slugged with a raft of prorated back-charging for offers/credits, ETC differentials and so on, you MAY still be a few dollars ahead of buying outright. So…ummm…still a bargain? ;-)

            • +1

              @OzDJ_: Good to know. Thanks for the info 👍

  • +1

    Would it be useful to request for the successful plan change applicants with no ETC charge, to share their transcript to help others?

    I will give this a go tomorrow

  • If the Live chat agents are going to start rejecting plan change requests (to M2M) without waiving the ETC, are we better off trying to go into a GG store or a different JB store and seeing if they can downgrade the plan to the 45*12 month plan? That way the ETC is 270 instead of 390?

    • +2

      that is the backup plan. ofcourse if that does not get ozbargained too, im still waiting on the f#ckin message

    • That's correct or keep trying with another agent on Live chat.

    • apparently you can't change it to $45 plan as the JB Hi Fi deal is only applicable with $65. I tried that in store and the girl was like no no.

      • Telstra might have caught onto that loophole exploit

  • +2

    @notalall, could you please update your post with a link to the free Google Nest Hub deal so everyone is aware of it?

    • It's technically not part of the deal. It's only ment for people who sign up direct with telstra

  • -1

    Anyway to get this plan? With pixel 4? Already with Telstra month to month plan. I’ll be switching from iPhone XR

  • Apart from one person, has anyone else had any luck going back into JB and asking for an upgrade to the 4XL?

    • +1

      I want to know if this actually is legit

    • Id like to upgrade to 128GB XL

  • Not sure how people are getting around this in the t&c's?

    If you cancel, recontract or move to an ineligible plan then you
    will need to pay a Phone Credit Cancellation Fee pro-rated
    against the **remaining months on your plan***, the maximum of
    which is set out in the table above. This is in addition to any
    Early Termination Charges (ETCs) set out in the above table
    and accessory payment

    So by my math if I signed up today then cancel that's 65*12= 780 + 390.

    Hope are people only having to pay $390???

    • You only pay the $390. The phone credit thing only applies to 24 month plans. With this you own the phone outright.