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Google Pixel 4 64GB $199 with Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan (12 Months, Min Cost $979) Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store)


It seems the deal is only for Pixel 4, not include Pixel 4XL. <— from JB staff.

Went to JB for Telstra 12 months deal $65 with $500 gift card. A guy told me that Telstra is going to run a same deal for Pixel 4 with only $199 for the handset.

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Also available on the same plan:

Samsung Galaxy S10e $99, Note10 $799
Huawei P30 $199, OPPO Reno 5G $499

Update: Confirmed by a few users, that deal has been extended to 6th of November (Page/Deal has been removed from website though).

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  • I went and bought a $2 Amaysim SIM card today, ported into the deal.

    Received the SMS from Telstra to verify the port.

    About an hour later I checked my account and it looks like my number in Amaysim has now disappeared from the account and I keep getting the following message from Optus: "An SMS you tried to send or receive has failed as you are out of credit for that message type. Recharge now to allow future SMS messages to be sent or received."

    Anyone know if this Telstra trying to port me over? Do I need to add credit to the account?

    • So you are porting a sim that hasn't been activated with some credit? I doubt it works. Sometimes your service (Amaysim) texts you to confirm if you want to port out. That may be why you are receiving those messages about recharge.

      Probably the cheapest option is half-price Woolworths Sims recharged with $5.

      • It was activated and set up with Pay As You Go - linked to a debit card.

        Thinking that still might be an issue?

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          My 'guess' is Amaysim wants to confirm with you if port out is authorised but you are unable to receive texts because the SIM doesn't have charge.

          This is just a guess as I remember a while back I was with some service provider (most likely Amaysim as I have had many Sims with them). They texted me and asked to reply with yes if OK. You need to have money in SIM to receive those texts from Optus.

          Kogan didn't ask me such questions today, so I think the operator that does this is Amaysim/Optus

          • @strang: *I assume Amaysim uses Optus network

            • @strang: Thanks, that's what I'm starting to think as well.

              Will check it out tomorrow.

          • @strang: I bought a Coles/Optus $2 SIM, ported to Telstra/JB Hifi and still waiting for the SMS from Telstra.
            Did not recharge, so there's $0 credit currently, howver I can receive texts from friends, but just cannot send out messages. Do I need to reply anything when the SMS from Telstra comes through?

            • @aussiefied: Did you get your text yet? How long did it take?

              • @Dano33: Not yet mate, still 24 hours in currently…I've added $10 credit onto the phone, as others have said that was necessary.

                • @aussiefied: Try and give the phone a reboot? Long shot but can't hurt to try

  • I'm also waiting on the SMS from Telstra to confirm the port in. 8 hours since sign up, on Amaysim currently.

    • My Kogan took just about 20 minutes

    • Still waiting for mine from Amaysim. It's been 24hrs now. Not looking good!

    • Did you get your text yet? How long did it take?

      • Still waiting as well. Telstra have advised they are experiencing delays with number porting, but many people on here this morning seem to have no issues.

        I'm on the phone waiting to speak to the Mobile Number Portability Team, but I suspect it might be a long wait.

        • I've been told we may have to wait anywhere between 24-48 business hours so early next week… I hope not.

  • Is cancelling and paying the $390 cancellation fee exploiting a loophole that might soon be closed, leaving many people left paying the full 12*65?

  • Going on 24 hours. Porting from Optus to Telstra, still no SMS…

  • Thanks OP! Ported from Optus which was so quick it occurred all within the signup process at JB HiFi.

    • I’m porting out from Optus, but still waiting the SMS from Telstra.

  • For those that bought a $2 SIM and ported over, did you need to recharge the SIM first with credit? I'm going on 20 hours and still not ported in from Optus/Coles mobile. Have no credit in the SIM though.

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      I had to recharge the Vodafone SIM I bought as they can't generate a phone number for it unless it's charged during activation.

    • +1

      I went for Vodafone which requires you to do $10 recharge in order to activate. From what I read on Optus, Amaysim website, it seems they also requires the same. Anw you need to be able to receive and send SMS in order to port. Use your other sim to check.

      • Ah ok. I can receive SMS but not send…maybe I need to put in $10 recharge.

  • Is there anything stopping me from porting my existing Telstra number across to the account say next month?
    I have an Optus prepaid I would port for the deal, then next month ask them to change my number to my current Telstra one? I could even port it out for a month if I needed, I just don’t want to end up having two bills for a year when I only want 1 number.
    I don’t have the time to port out now, plus I have a month on my current plan.

    Basically can I change my number later? Port in either from Telstra or another provider??

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      Guy at JB told me it's possible so that's what I'm doing.

      • Even porting in from Telstra?
        Do you need to do it at jb? Or can I contact Telstra direct?

        • Here's my situation:
          My number is currently with Telstra on a month to month plan
          I bought a $2 Vodafone SIM and activated it
          The plan is to port that in to get the Pixel deal. I'll then have 2 Telstra numbers.
          Once that is done, I'll ask the JB guy to swap the 2 Telstra numbers so the number I want to keep is attached to the Pixel plan.
          Then I'll cancel the other service.

          Does that make sense?

  • Just completed the deal at my local JB

    Port in went through without hiccups.

    Got the fabric case for 50% off too …

    • "Got the fabric case for 50% off too …"
      How did you do that? Was there a deal going on on the case?

      • +2

        Sales rep asked if I wanted a case. I said that they are too expensive. He said I’ll do you a deal and that’s how I got it for half price.

        • wow, that's a great deal for the case. Could you upload a receipt so we can hopefully get the same case from JB. Thanks

  • I managed to get the JB guy to port me back in (less than 30 days with Coles Optus) but I've been waiting an hour for my port text from Telstra.

    Hope it comes through today because I'm going away for the weekend

  • +9

    Just did a Telstra online chat swap, from $65 JB plan to Telstra SIM Only Small (S) $50/mth with no ETC charged!

    Chat Transcript:
    "i would also like confirmation of any costs associated with this change"
    xxx at xx:xx, Oct 25: No extra cost, randomdude. Since you are with JB Hi-Fi plan, I will waive the termination charges for this

    damn i've done well. Pixel 4, no ETC, and Google Hub… jeeez. Big thank you to everyone in this thread!

    • So is there are charge if you cancel this sim only plan?

    • Wait are you keeping the $50 a month plan or able to cancel the $50 month plan with no etc?

      • cancel the $50 month plan with no etc?

        That's correct. If it's my active plan and I cancel, there is no ETC associated with that plan so it should be fine.
        I will be cancelling, but I might give it another day so that the timeline of events don't become an issue if things don't work out and I need to escalate.

        24/10/19 - Sign up to JB Plan
        25/10/19 - Swap Telstra Sim Only Plan
        26/10/19 - Cancel Sim Only Plan

        In theory I'm just paying a few extra dollars to cover my ass. I'm worried that if I do too many things in the same day, it will be harder to deal with if things don't work out.

        • Lol. 100% chance they'll (profanity) you.

        • I did the same… Order went through for new 50 M2M plan with agent saying no etc. Got an email saying 1-2 business days. However it's still sitting there, hasn't changed yet. Has your plan changed to the $50 M2M yet?

    • Free Google Hub?-)

    • +1

      Have you terminated the sim only plan?

      • That is the question of the century. The aim would be to get the Google Nest Hub, downgrade and waiver of ETC

        • +1

          That's what I'm currently in the situation of but I don't want to terminate till the google hub gets sent…

          • @snowl: I don't think it will matter, Google Store is completely independent of Telstra.

        • I terminated my sim only plan and my estimated bill is under 2 dollars.

      • How does one cancel the Sim Only plan?

        • through the online chat I assume :)

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      @randomdude I am sorry, could you please advise how did you claim google nest? Thanks

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        I won't take credit but it was a user above

        I Texted my IMEI (JB Phone, $199 Pixel 4) expecting it not to work, but it did!


        To claim your bonus Google Nest Hub:
        1. Text your Google Pixel 4/4XL 15 digit IMEI1 number to ‘851’ to receive your promo code. You can find your IMEI1 either on the box of the device or by dialling *#06#.
        2. Add the Google Nest Hub to your cart on the GStore and apply your promo code where prompted in checkout in order to have the device discounted to $0.
        3. Enter your relevant shipping details and complete your order to receive your device.

        This offer is open to Telstra customers who purchase a Google Pixel 4 before 13 January 2020 through Telstra. The bonus Google Nest Hub must be redeemed from the Australia Google Store by 14 February 2020, and can only be shipped to an address in Australia. The Google Nest Hub device is for personal use only and not for resale.

        P.S I claimed this Hub whilst still on the $65pm JB HiFi plan. No issues

        • @randomdude highly appreciate. Thanks a lot. Legend

        • Wow this is awesome, thanks randomdude

  • I got this deal yesterday and can confirm, I've just downgraded from the $65p/m 12 month plan to $50 month to month. My first bill will be $77.90 pro rata and one month in advance. No mention of ETC. I'm still deciding whether I keep the Telstra plan or go back to pre paid.

    • How much time did it take for your order to go through? They say usually 2-3 days.

    • +1

      Yes!!! Awesome to hear that no ETC cost is included. Make sure you get the google hub as well!

      • About 10mins in Jbhifi to place the order and port my number over. The lady was surprised at how fast the port was.

        I was on Telstra chat for about 20mins to do the downgrade.

        There was no mention of the Google hub. How do I get that? Just ask in Telstra chat again?

        EDIT just read the comments below.

        EDIT 2 Google Home Hub redeemed! Thank you OzBargain!

  • Where did the free Google hub come from? How do you get it?

    • +3

      If you managed to downgrade to a month by month plan, you can text your IMEI to 851 on your telstra sim (its a promo they are running) to get a free Google Nest Hub

      • +2

        Actually, I had texted the IMEI when I was still with the JB 12M plan and it still worked.

        • Confirming this worked for me as well, still on the 65 JB 12M plan

  • Just downgraded to the $50 SimOnly plan online….took less than 5 mins and agent confirmed no charges to downgrade. Then if I want to cancel the SimOnly plan, I go online and request that.

    Now….where do I go for the Nest Hub promo?

    Thanks you to poster above

    • +1

      Text your IMEI to 851, get your promo code, go to the Google store and buy it from there using the code.

      • Great thanks. Just did it and redeemed Nest Hub

        Thanks you

    • Hi…did you downgrade to $50 on the livechat? So you're paying $50 instead of $65?

      • Yes, on live chat. the downgrade still hasn't been activated though but effectively it will go down to $50/month. I have no interest in this account though so will cancel it immediately….

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    A little time-lining of the events as it occurred for me:

    1)24/10 4 PM : Saw the comments in OZB about the ETC terms.
    2)24/10 5 PM : Walked into a news-agency and bought a $2 optus Sim and a $10 recharge voucher.
    3)24/10 6 PM : Activated Optus Sim through Optus online chat and added the recharge voucher by choosing the "long term validity" plan. Used my Driving License as a proof. The sim activated with $10 credit and 45 days validity.
    4)24/10 7.30 PM: Read through all the comments once again and prepared myself for a nearest JB visit.
    5) 24/10 8.30 PM: Went to JB and filled a Port in form; shared my Driving license for the sim port-in.
    6) 24/10 9:00 PM: Long Queue and sucking server: Still the Rep was super cool and motivated for his 15th sale of the day and told me that shop is still available for insiders until 9.30 PM
    7) 24/10 9.20 PM: Optus to Telstra Port in activation done- Got the Pixel 4 and the Hard Case plus Screen Protector for half prize bargain.
    8) 24/10 10:00 PM: Texted my IMEI num to 851 from the new phone using Telstra sim on it; got the promotion code and link to Google store; Ordered the Google nest from Google store with free express delivery.
    9) 24/10 11:15 PM: Telstra 24X7 Chat (not really 24/7 as they closed the chat by 12 AM).. 30 mins of back and forth conversation
    10) 24/10 11:45 PM: Agreed for month on month plan conversion and rep confirmed that no ETC will be charged for this conversion; but time was 12 and he said the request will be picked by someone in the morning.
    11) 25/10 05:00 AM: Raised the plan change request myself through the telstra 24/7 app and got the order ID.
    12) 25/10 08:00 AM. Shared the order ID in the chat and asked for follow-up estimation
    13) 25/10 09:00 AM: Plan changed to month on Month : Estimation $123 to be paid on 23rd November : includes $3 for one day JB plan;$60 for the current month; $60 for the upfront charge for next month.
    14) 25/10 10:00 AM: confirmed with over the phone chat about final bill if I cancel today: The final bill would be either $10 or $70 depends on how the system calculate it and it would be charged only by 23rd November.
    15) 25/10 From 11 AM: Started using the Telstra month to month plan- thinking to stick with the plan for a week and say goodbye after that!!

    • so out of pocket cost is 10 or 70? or $123?
      im still waiting on that damn message from telstra..

      • $199(Upfront device cost) + $12 (Optus Sim) + $63 ( Tentative Telstra bill if I cancel within next 20-25 days) = $274. Prepared for the ETC charges in the final bill in worst to worst case, which might take it to $664. Would sell the Nest for $94, and settle down with Pixel for $570 Worst case or $180 best case( after selling nest).

        • Why would there be ETC charges in the final bill, if they advised you otherwise?

          • +1

            @inasero: Shouldn't see the ETC on the bill based on the chat conversation, but the initial digitally signed JB Telstra contact clearly talks about the ETC fee specific to the plan and I am not sure if we could dispute the bill purely based on the chat instruction. After all, My credit card details are sitting with them as a payment method was required as a pre-requisite when you convert the plan to month on month.

        • the 199 goes without saying,

          what most of us are interested in is the plan and cancellation fee if you cancel same day or one day after getting the phone.

          for $65 plan its 390 cancellation fee
          if you get it to $45 its $270 cancellation fee
          and if you get is down to month to month its $0

          so in reality you might pay 3 dollars only for one day use of the telstra plan with 0 dollar cancellation fee because you are on the month to month. thats what most of us wanted to know ;)

          now can you tell us what you asked for when you went to online chat to downgrade, did you ask for the $45 plan or did you straight as for the month to month?

          • @striker5950: I just cancelled a month by month plan from this plan and paid under 2 dollars to cancel.

          • +1

            @striker5950: I just asked them for the month on month plan conversion and the monthly rates they have. Also asked them to confirm that changing to the m2m plans will not trigger an ETC!

  • +2

    still no port in sms from telstra, after 24 hours

    • +1

      Me too. Apparently it's random, according to the sales guy. Disappointed but not surprised with Telstra.

    • Currently waiting on the phone now with them.

      I apparently received an SMS but never did….

      • same story here

      • is 1800631334 the phone number you ring?

        • Yep

          • @tallkid123: mate yeh thats the number. it says there is a 20 min wait and i waited 50 mins, i got told just to wait 24 to 48 hours. same bullsh!t dont waste your time, i wonder if i had used an optus prepaid sim instead of a lycamobile would that have made a difference.

        • +1

          Telstra live chat pushed me to this number. Waited 1hr 20 mins to get connected, only to be told that I have to wait for 48 hours. Then when I asked what if I am still not connected after 48hrs. They said to call back again. Lol

    • 24 hours here and no port also.

  • +1

    Not so good news for those of us waiting for the port confirmation SMS.

    Spoke with Telstra's Number Portability Team just then (after 60 min wait). They tried to manually push confirmation SMS again but they can see it didn't go through. They have no other method to manually confirm on their end.

    No specific reason why it's failing, but they advise only 10% of confirmation SMSes are going through right now (consider yourself lucky 10 percenters).

    They have escalated internally but no ETA. Was advised to call back Monday for an update and I suspect that will be the advice for anyone else who calls.

    • Any idea if we can cancel the port, and just take the SIM? Feel like copping the ETC would be better than dealing with these clowns.

      • you cant, this offer is for port over only.

        • No luck so far either, the guy at jb said he's been calling for them to resend the texts all day for customers but haven't had luck. He said after a couple days he can try cancel and try put it in as a new port.

    • Thanks. I hung up at 40 minutes.

      I'll get an escalation done through live chat at this rate.

    • Thanks, I was going to call Telstra but will now wait it out a bit.

      I went into JB at lunch time today, started the process but have yet to receive any SMS. Am porting from a 1 year old Amaysim prepaid account, which still has $9 credit.

      Let's see how we go…

    • Lucky you that they offered to manually push the confirmation SMS. Mine one just told me to wait for 48 hours after 1 hr and 20 mins of wait.

      • Exact same here. Time wasting morons.

        • Anyone else get emails from Telstra saying "If you would like to proceed with your order, please contact us on 13 2200 and quote your order number xxxxxxxxx. We're here to help."

          Got this but am yet to get a port sms. Strange.

  • +2

    For those that managed to convert to the $50 BYO Sim Month to Month, the Telstra Account page confirms:

    Hi randomdude,
    Looks like your plan for 04xxxxxxxx has expired
    Plan early termination charge$0.00
    Device buy out$0.00

    So tempted to do this again with another number!