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Google Pixel 4 64GB $199 with Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan (12 Months, Min Cost $979) Port-in Customers @ JB Hi-Fi (in-Store)


It seems the deal is only for Pixel 4, not include Pixel 4XL. <— from JB staff.

Went to JB for Telstra 12 months deal $65 with $500 gift card. A guy told me that Telstra is going to run a same deal for Pixel 4 with only $199 for the handset.

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Also available on the same plan:

Samsung Galaxy S10e $99, Note10 $799
Huawei P30 $199, OPPO Reno 5G $499

Update: Confirmed by a few users, that deal has been extended to 6th of November (Page/Deal has been removed from website though).

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        So I bought the pixel 4 64gb. However, as I'm part time, Telstra required me to pay $150 upfront. Additionally, you can either pay for the phone full price and get the $850 discount after you've ported over, or you can wait for the port over and just pick up the phone for $199. I decided to just grab the phone now. Moreover, the JB assistant told me the port can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 weeks or even longer so don't expect this to be a clean process.

        • as I'm part time,

          What do you mean?

          • @whooah1979: I work part time. It's just so they have some assurance that you actually have the money to pay for the plan

            • @mistararrar: I see. I didn't know that customers are required to have a job to get a postpay.

              • @whooah1979: It's not that you're required to have a job, but rather you're required to have money haha

        • Additionally, you can either pay for the phone full price and get the $850 discount after you've ported over, or you can wait for the port over >and just pick up the phone for $199

          I was caught in this this morning… Because of new porting security measures you get an SMS to the number you are trying to port, you need to approve it, and then the port occours. JB Hifi staff did not let me pay for or take the phone unless I could show the port was complete.

          Unfortunately I was porting an old number which I forgot to bring the SIM card for. They told me to go home, plug in the SIM and complete the porting process, and then come back in tomorrow where they will hold the phone and I can pay $199 then and there and take it home.

          I got the Telstra plan details delivered in email so that's all good. Apparently the 'stock hold' for the phone is in JB's system, but they wouldn't give me any evidence but apparently the IMSI is linked to my name. It sounded like they've been through this before.

          • @randomdude: The JB assistant told me that a few people have just been buying $2 sims and porting over. I reckon just do that instead of driving back home

            • @mistararrar: Too late now, he told me at the end of the process. I meant to say above the IEMI is linked to my name and is on stock hold. They also gave me the SIM card.

              The number I'm porting over was a freebie and has been sitting on a $0 postpaid plan so I plan on porting it over, cancelling and then paying out the ETC and losing the number. I've never used it.

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                @randomdude: Ah what's done is done. A deal is a deal in the end. Don't be me and break your current phone getting out of the car right after getting this deal :)

          • @randomdude: Same here. I didn't get the phone, only the SIM card. I have to wait a code from Telstra and show JB for getting my phone.

          • @randomdude:

            I was caught in this this morning… Because of new porting security measures you get an SMS to the number you are trying to port, you need to approve it, and then the port occours.

            Me too. I went at around 9am, the usual phones guy wasn't around someone from the TV department signed me up over the phone. Took an hour, then he said I need that SMS. It's now 1pm and the SMS still hasn't come through.

            • @eug: I’m in the same boat. I ported 2 Optus numbers for this deal. One got the sms within20 minutes,so I got the phone. The other still waiting since 9:30 this morning and no text.

              Apparently telstra is having issues. I’m pretty stressed out by it. I waited instore for 4 hours for the message. I’ve done a quick google search and people have had this issue in the past and waited weeks for the porting to go through

        • So if you payed in full today, how do you get $850 back? In cash or gift card? Back on payment method etc?

          • @jesseb05: I recall he said they would just refund the money back onto my card

            • @mistararrar: Thanks, I ended up doing the same last night. Couldn't wait any longer. I payed for the phone in full and they will refund me the $850 when the port happens.

  • Can we get add Telstra International calling pack with this for $10 / month?

    • No, can't do it said by JB staff.

      • I asked Telstra on Facebook and they said zi could add it

    • with 6ogb of data better off using voip apps like whatapps with 1mb for every 5 minutes.

  • Anyone successfully port out and port back in? I had no luck this morning at JB Newcastle Homemakers. The sales guy called Telstra and it got flagged. Tried to get him to go the computer but he wasn't keen on that idea

    • I did a few weeks ago. Try another store.

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    Everyone is talking about how bad 24/36 month plans are… and I agree… but no one is offering 12 months anymore?

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      This… is a 12-month plan?

      • It is but only if you're a port in customer… I'm already with Telstra and can't see any 12 month plans anywhere :(

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          Wait until your current contract is over, port out to another prepaid provider for as little as $2 ( not Optus ) yourself before going in store, then go to JB and get a similar 12 month deal like this.


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            @ozhunter68: minimum wait on the port out?

            • @grantiscool: According to people on here none, just has to be completed.

              Don't do port in store, do it yourself before you go in, maybe next day for peace of mind).

            • @grantiscool: Wouldn't do a port in for me in Brisbane at 3 stores. All wanted a new number that wasn't recently ported out from telstra

  • Has anyone been able to confirm the ETC fee yet?

    Am thinking if this is a feasible option:

    $2 Vodafone Sim Starter Kit for porting
    $199 Upfront Cost JB Hifi, sign up for plan and then cancel straight away?
    $390 "Assumed" ETC Fee?
    $65 Monthly Plan 1st Bill payment in advance?

    Final net cost of the Google Pixel 4 would end up as ~$656.

    • This is exactly what I am going to try and do today

      • Let us know how you go. Cheers.

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          ETC $390 confirmed. I wasn't the only one at JB Hifi asking lol.

          • @randomdude: Let me know how you go cancelling.

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              @ClintonL: Here's my OzB plan:
              1. At JB, request a downgrade to $45 plan, which has an ETC of only $270
              2. Then try Telstra Online Chat to see if they can move me to a BYO Mth-Mth plan which doesn't have an ETC. Apparently people have had success.
              3. Close acct and prepare for ETC.

              Best Case: $0 ETC (WOOHOO)
              Bargain Case: $270 ETC
              Worst Case: $390 ETC

              Either way, it's a ripper of a deal

              • @randomdude: I just talked to telstra and moved to a Mth-Mth plan from the 65 dollar plan.

          • @randomdude: So I've read it's only for porting over to Telstra and not for new customers. So that means I'd need to get a new SIM right? Basically I just want to know exactly how much I'd be spending. Either:

            $589 (Pixel + ETC) or
            $591 (Pixel + ETC + SIM) or
            $656 (Pixel + ETC + SIM + First month of the plan).

            I'm just a little confused on what the total cost will be after cancelling the $65 plan immediately.

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              @tikeyike: Just a heads up if you're buying a simcard vodafone $2 one has a $10 minimum recharge.

              • @ClintonL: So does Optus. I did this today. Spoke to Optus directly and they said no way around it.

            • @tikeyike: after ETC can i still keep my current nunmber ?

              • @sssssam: Cancelling a contract will also cancel the number that is tied to it…unless you port that number out

                Buy a $2 Voda sim…activate it and keep the number that is printed on the sim pack . This will be the number that you port in to this deal and ultimately the number that will be cancelled when you cancel the contract.

                Your original number/SIM card combo that you want to keep does not get affected….just pop this sim in the Pixel 4 and you’re good to go

            • @tikeyike: I was under the impression that the first month is billed in advanced when you first sign up - though judging from peoples comments (or lack of), this may not be the case?

              • @groovypants: you do get first month billed in advance. But when you cancel the remaining month will be prorata and refunded back

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          confirmed $390 ETC, everything worked well with my $10 optus sim I bought and activated last night. no questions asked

          • @cheekyboi: I bought a $2 Coles/Optus SIM with no credit, but can receive SMS (tested with another phone).
            The Telstra porting SMS hasn't come through yet 9 hours and waiting. Maybe I need to put some credit into it?

    • I can also confirm etc @$390

    • They are telling me I have to pay out the remainder of the contract, so 12*$65 :( where did you guys go?

      • They told me at JB when I asked that cancelling would cost you 12 months but over the phone when agreeing to verbal contract the Telstra guy told me $390 without asking. I assume it's scare tactics to avoid people cancelling seeing this deal is costing JB an $850 gift card?

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    I'm with Optus on $50 / 80 GB and unmetered Netflix from an earlier deal though I'm out of the contract. I'm looking for an S10+ - I have access to the Samsung education portal so the S10+ would be for $1199 and I stay on my plan or I port out to Telstra on the JB hifi $65 sim plan, take the $400 voucher and purchase the S10+ using the voucher so $1199-$400=$799 today. What do you all think ?

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      Are you planning to use $400 JBHIFI Voucher to pay Samsung Education Store?

  • I called up Castle Hill JB and said i'm with Telstra but interested in a new number. They said you need to port in though so get a simcard and its 4-48 hours to port in.

    • Can confirm - no new numbers allowed. Ports only.

      • Is there any way to retain the old number after it all?

        • port it out again I guess?

    • Thanks for the suggestion mate. Got a new optus sim and it is activated now. Never done porting, So pardon my stupid question. The port in to Telstra request has to happen at JB Hi Fi or we could send a port text and show that at JB when I get an acknowledgement?

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    Anyone able to successfully downgrade their plan after getting this current deal?

  • Buy a $2 Optus/Vodafone sim, activate, port to Telstra.


  • Since this is for ports only, what happens to the number when we close the account with Telstra?

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      It goes to the Number pound for adoption.

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        I'd probably port it out first (check with them first for termination costs), then contact telstra to confirm the account closure.

  • people keep saying 500 gift card voucher with this deal or the s10e which are the 12month plans., but on the site it says 400, so which is it? so confusing..

    so which ever it is, 400 or 500, can i use the gift card to pay towards the phones requested price of 199 for pixel 4?

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      Completely different deals mate.

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      Two different deals: You don't get $199 phone and $500 GCs in one go.

    • The $400/$500 gift card offers require an ABN btw since they're business plans. I don't think anyone else here has mentioned that yet.

  • I'm a Boost prepaid user.. I assume that I can't get this deal?

    • Boost is with Telstra so won't be eligible for this deal. Confirmed with jbhifi this morning.

      I had to port out to another carrier, and then port back into Telstra with this deal

      • Cheers mtngoatie.. that's what I thought.. Appreciate the comment. thanks..

      • I heard I have to port out and then wait for 30 days to get this deal? Is this correct or I just port out and port in back?

        • My JB seller didn't care about that 30 day condition when I signed up yesterday.

          Having said that, although I've managed to sign up for the deal, I'm still waiting for my number to successfully port back into Telstra… the process is taking a while

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      They are two different deals/offers.

      You either get the Pixel 4 for $199 OR a $400 JB Hi-Fi Gift Card with the Telstra 60GB $65pm Plan

  • Anyone know whether I can use a gift card for the upfront cost?

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      ask the guy in front of queue if he/she let you use their gift card and you give them your at the end.

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      I paid the upfront 199 by JB gift card this morning.

    • Yes you can. Source: Did this today.

  • Noob question:

    I am with Telstra postpaid. Given that I don't care about keeping my current number, can I get a 2-dollar sim from amaysim and port it in? Or does the mere fact that my name is there as a post paid Telstra customer stops me from getting this deal?

    • nup that is fine. You can do that

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    Just speaking with the telsta online chat;

    I'm on the Pixel 2XL for $49

    I can switch to their $60 plan for a pixel 4xl at no charge (no lock in contracts but would have to hand the phone back if i changed before 24 months)

    • Awesome, I am on the same deal as you and my plan expires in March next year, so they will hand you a 4XL and you can keep your 2XL?

    • Thanks, may ask to see what I can do

    • How'd you manage that? The best they will offer me is their standard $93/month plan.

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        Didn't offer me anything except the full cost of breaking the remaining few months and paying the full plan.

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      Ahh! hold up - sorry just went to lunch - got through all paper work and the rep forgot to mention the device re-payement - Don't worry sorry for the mix up///

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    I had a chat to Telstra to see if they could offer anything close to this offer for an existing customer (albiet a very basic one - I don't have any other services with Telstra), and after asking a bunch of questions and taking a good 15 - 20 mins they pointed me to the standard "Mobile on a plan" page and said that's their best Pixel 4 deals .. whoopee.

  • Can boost customers port into thism thanks

    • Boost is with Telstra so won't be eligible for this deal. Confirmed with jbhifi this morning.

      I had to port out to another carrier, and then port back into Telstra with this deal

  • TRS question: Grabbed the phone this morning, got a receipt which has the cost of the phone as $1048 and GST paid $95.36. Just wondering if the fact it shows gift cards being used for the purchase effects me claiming that money back? (and is the receipt and phone all I need to bring when claiming? Thanks in advance

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      you can pay with any method you like, GC included.

      You will get it back

      • Cheers mate

    • -3

      Great info, so we may return the phone as per the receipt price and pay the different for the XL!

      • This sounds highly plausible. Has anyone tried?

        • Exchanged at JB TownHall for the XL for extra $230!

          • @elf888: lucky. Wish I knew about this. Already opened the pixel 4. I prefer smaller but the battery is much more appealing