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Free NBN 50 Unlimited until 31 December 2019 @ FibreMax


We have opened our next round of tests and we are inviting a limited number of users to help us. As a FibreMax® HERO v2 you will have access to our UNLIMITED Home NBN 50 plan.
You will enjoy FREE nbn™ until 31 December 2019. You will be required to cancel your service in writing on or before 1 December 2019 not to incur any cost.

Please follow the link to signup. We only have 50 spots left.

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  • You will enjoy FREE nbn™ until 31 December 2019. You will be required to cancel your service in writing on or before 1 December 2019 not to incur any cost. If you choose to continue with the service a discounted price of $65 will be payable from 1 January 2020 for 3 months. After this period the normal price of $69.95 will be applicable.

    • So summary of that is:
      - cancel your service in writing on or before 1 December 2019 not to incur any cost
      - if you fail to cancel by December 1 2019 then you will be put on a plan of $65 per month for 3 months (NOT $65 total for 3 months which is what I thought at first) then $69.95 per month after the 3 months cheaper price

      All correct?

      So basically you can get about 1 month free if you remember to cancel before December 1 2019.


      • 2 months free ie until 31 Dec 19 .. innit?

        • No idea but if you cancel before December 1 won't it oh yeah never mind I got you you are correct yeah two months because if you cancel before December you can still get most of December theoretically. Yep right got it.

          Apologies for the mistake that is why I asked to clarify the information.


            @AlienC: Yes you right, after your 'written' notification you will still have the full month of December to use the service.
            'written' - any electronic method :)

            • @FibreMax: Awesome thanks for replying really means a lot to us and myself personally.

              Good to clarify because in this day and age written can be so ambiguous some times and mean different things.


              I would sign up if I didn't already have a decent 50/20 unlimited NBN plan with TPG I am still locked in for a few more months and having been burnt by Telecube I am staying with big household names.

              By the way do you have any home phone plans aka landline either separate alone or in a bundle.


                @AlienC: We do have a Home Phone available.
                The Home Standard is for FREE and you only pay for calls.
                This is unfortunately only available to FibreMax users.

                We do have a Home Advance at $9.95 that includes calls to landlines.
                Calls to mobile at $0.15c / minute.

                We do have some amazing Cloud Business Phone solutions as well.

                • @FibreMax: Does the Home Standard phone service cost anything to port the Voip number from another RSP service?

                  Does it come with free Caller ID?

                  • +1 vote

                    @Wally: Porting for Cat A phone numbers are charged at $25 per number.
                    (If rejected it costs $18)

                    Home Standard Includes:
                    Local number
                    Call forwarding
                    Voicemail (free email & SMS notification)
                    Caller ID

  • Mods?

  • Terrible company to deal with, will make you run around and jump through hoops and finally say you lost your spot and a new registration needs to be done (too late by then).

    Waste of public time, should be banned from OzB due to previous behavior.

    • You will enjoy FREE nbn™ until 31 December 2019. You will be required to cancel your service in writing on or before 1 December 2019 not to incur any cost.

      I went through all the hoops until they require my credit card information. Not exactly 'free' is it. Bubye.
      Woulnd't trust them with my CC when they store passwords in plain text.


      Please email [email protected] and I will have a look at your original application.
      We could not offer the first HERO program to everyone and had no choice to restrict some applications.

      We also had some teething issues that were ironed out.

  • +23 votes

    cancel your service in writing on or before 1 December 2019 not to incur any cost.

    You want us to write a letter to you? Why can't we type an email and send it via NBN? Is snail mail faster ?

  • Signed up, account created, how long till the churn?

  • Is it possible to extend the initial trial members to Dec 31st too as technically it was advertised 3 months free.

  • Connected to them yesterday. It took only 30 mins and the service has been activated (FTTP). I am currently with Aussie Broadband on the same NBN50. SpeedTest results are almost identical although FibreMax's speed a little bit faster during the peak time (7pm) and surprisingly slower at off peak time.

    • Did you test the speed to overseas servers?

      That's where a lot (most) of the slow downs happen (international transit is expensive, unlike local or peered content).

      A drop from 50 Mbps to 1Mbps or 3Mbps is not unusual with some ISPs, when testing speed to servers located even in major European cities (Capitals are usually a bit better).

      • Tested right now
        Against Vodafone server in Frankfurt:
        FibreMax - 21.1/12.4
        AB - 11.8/10.9

        Against AT&T server in New York:
        FibreMax - 29.7/14.3
        AB - 37.0/14.7

        Against Telstra server in Chatswood:
        FibreMax - 44.4/18.7
        AB - 46.4/18.9


      Hi, yes we happy to report that most new orders are processed and completed within 2 hours.
      That's the purpose of both the HERO programs.

      We have made a lot of changes since our first offer.
      Thanks to all the pioneers (HEROes) helping us.

      Thanks, guys!

  • 50mb tho

  • This sounds like a product for those who need to improve their diet.

  • What does "NBN Service Enhanced-8 or 12" mean?

  • It's not really free:

    We may ask you to
    Run some tests
    Use the service daily
    Give us weekly feedback
    Record your user experience

    And you would be a guinea pig:

    Be our Hero and test our nbn service

    • I run my uni-d2 into pfsense and out to a Plex server. It shares all my media with my brother in another state.

      No idea about the internet but Plex works fine and it's free

  • There is nothing like a free coffee.

  • Do we have to pay the access fee of 69.95?

    • It appeared on my account application too, … but no charge has appeared on my Credit Card … yet! :-)

      • +1 vote

        No charges.
        The $69.95 will be the future monthly charge if you decide to continue with the service.
        Keep in mind for Jan-Mar you will only pay $65 - again if you choose to continue.

  • storing passwords in plain text in 2019.. sigh


      You can change your User Portal password anytime - not visible to us.
      The username and password for your Internet access details (PPPoE) is unique to your address and worthless to anyone else.
      Almost like Two-factor authentication.

      • people are stupid though and use the same password for several services and sites.

        • Then how is that anyone's fault but their own? Almost all isps do this, some even print a little card with it on for you for future reference and to preconfigure devices sent out.

  • Cmon, give these guys a break. They're just a new company trying to make it to the market, least we can do as a community is to support them.

    • Donald Trump was a new president and is also trying to make America great again.

      We have opened our next round of tests and we are inviting a limited number of users to help us.

      If they're really sincere in asking us to HELP them, it should've been FREE, literally: (1) not asking credit card info, (2) not asking us to tell them in writing before Dec 1st to terminate the service.
      I was seriously considering to use them after so many ABB outages in my area. Nope, Superloop here's my $.

      • I agree on the 'writing before Dec 1st'. @FibreMax hope you're able to amend this.

      • So you're negging because they ask for CC details and that you need to write a single email to disconnect? Even though you will indeed receive free internet as stated. Get your head out of your arse.

        • No, because it is false/misleading advertising. Deal title should be changed.
          Their first advert/program doesn't have those caveats.
          Should've stated they need credit card this time round.
          When they say FREE, I expect FREE: without cost or payment.
          Not paying them with my credit card information nor locked in a contract that they disguised as a free service.

          If you forget to send that single email, you're charged. That is being taken advantage of, not FREE internet.

          Maybe get your head back in your arse, it seems like you're out too long not knowing what free means.


            @brokenglish: Nothing to hide mate, this is what is on offer at the moment.
            Still great value and benefit to our supporters.

          • @brokenglish: I'm not going to stoop to the pettiness of sharing a definition of a word. You're getting 2 months of internet for zero money and the need to cancel before 2020 has been made completely clear.

    • No - the least we can do is nothing (literally).

      I don't feel obligated to support them any more than the thousands of other businesses starting up every year.

      9/10 businesses fail in the first year, and this business is no different.

      It has to survive in an extremely competitive market, and if they can't deal successfully with OzBargain users (who are simply pointing out what their first impressions are) then how are they to survive in the real market?

      I have no personal animosity towards this business, I think it deserves a fair and equal chance to succeed, but it will get no special treatment from me.

      Especially since they employ what I believe to be an underhanded method of cancelling their contract, by requiring that it must be in written form.

      At least they are honest about their business practices, and that's a huge plus in my books.

  • Got this error in the middle of the signup.
    Service LOC000011112171 is not available.

  • +4 votes

    Please, note only 20 spots left.
    Unfortunately, we cannot allow more users at this stage.

    This offer is on first-come, first-served basis.

  • Hi OP, do you support fixed wireless?

  • Hi new user not affiliated with fibremax. This is my first jump into something from Ozbargain. Really need the NBN.I signed up to fibremax. Please don't let me down fibremax. Thanks for the trial offer.

  • Thank you so much. Email sent 😀

  • Lol I love the 20 more sales pitch and that really gets the fish scrambling :)

    Maybe some of the Superloop fish should be here !


      We had many unhappy bargain hunters previously.
      Want to be straight up that this is a limited offer.

      Only 10 left - ;)

  • I'll give it a go. How do i know when it has churned and do i need to change anything in my modem (no? Just reboot?)

    And how long does it take as I need to let ABB know?