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ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD 27" 144Hz QHD 1ms FreeSync IPS Gaming Monitor $404.10 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) @ Wireless1 eBay


First post

(EDIT) Also Curved 32" version with VA Panel for $422.10 + Delivery (Free with eBay Plus) and PINS10

I've been looking at monitors recently and I thought this was a pretty good price for what you get compared to other monitors, so I created this post

I think this is a relatively new monitor.

Specs (Copied from eBay listing description):
* Panel: IPS
* Native Resolution: QHD (2560 x 1440)
* Response Time: 1ms MPRT
* Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 (typ), 80M:1 (DCR)
* Brightness: 350 cd/m2
* Aspect Ratio 16:9
* Refresh Rate: 144Hz
* AMD FreeSync Tecnology
* Colour Support: 10 Bit (8-Bit + FRC)
* Inbuilt Speakers
* Ports: 2x HDMI (1x 1.4, 1x 2.0) & 1x DisplayPort
* VESA Support: 100x100mm
* Tilt Adjustable
* Colour Gamut: DCI-P3: 96%, 93% NTSC & 131% sRGB
* 3 Years Limited Warranty

Original Coupon Deal

Mod Note: Delivery time is Estimated between Tue. 12 Nov. and Thu. 14 Nov

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  • +3

    Actually very decent specs for a very decent price. Nice post OP.

  • +1

    Looks pretty amazing to me. Would be interested to know how it might compare to the LG 27GL850 posted here for 636 a few weeks back.

    At $404 though, looks like a serious bargain.

    • +10

      LG 27GL850 has a VESA stand included (height adjustable, pivot (rotate), tilt) with USB 3 hub built in. ViewSonic doesn't (it has VESA mount, but you need to buy your own VESA stand if you want VESA.. otherwise, the included stand only provides tilt support). LG one supports HDR (though, honestly, with 350 cd/m2, it isn't proper HDR - however, it is better than nothing). ViewSonic doesn't bother offering HDR support it seems.

      The 1ms response time on both is more of a gimmick. Don't use it. ViewSonic - out of the two HDMI ports, only 1 is HDMI 2.0 and only that one can support 144Hz. DisplayPort obviously supports 144Hz (cable not included). Unclear whether it is the same for LG. LG - no inbuilt speakers, ViewSonic one does, but I wouldn't expect too much out of those inbuilt speakers.

      I am disappointed with my ViewSonic non-gaming 27 1440p IPS monitor so my view can be biased… It seems that this one has a better IPS panel. Hopefully, the quality control is better.

      • How do you know if the hdmi port supports 2.0? Id assumed that my laptop couldnt output 144hz to my hp25x, however now im second guessing. Guess Ill try the other ports tommorow just in case.

        • +2

          You need to know the GPU (or it if is intel, the actual GPU part). For intel, there is another twist. For NUCs, for example, intel purposely wired the DisplayPort through a bridging chip and make that HDMI 2.0 (to overcome many intel laptop CPUs having HDMI 1.4b - using this trick can deliver HDMI 2.0 via DisplayPort). Most laptop makers don't do the same. So, unless your laptop has nVida or AMD dedicated graphics chip, the chance of the laptop supporting HDMI 2.0 through intel CPU+GPU is low.

          My point on the monitor is that despite ViewSonic provides 2 HDMI ports on that monitor, only 1 is capable of 144Hz, the other one is limited to 75 (or 60 - cannot remember). What's annoying is in one page it says HDMI port 1 is HDMI 2.0 and port 2 is HDMI 1.4, but the specs table has it the other way around. Anyway, if you can use DisplayPort, use that.

      • -1

        I am also disappointed with the TWO ViewSonic non-gaming 27 1440p IPS monitors we have in the office.. Colours and viewing angles are not good. This panel maybe ok though.

        Call me crazy but i would rather this - ASUS-VG279Q
        No need for a super fast graphics card to achieve 144FPS gaming :)

        On static ice this sells for $448.00.. NOT a crazy bargain or anything at $400

        • +1

          Also 1080p as opposed to 1440p

          • -1

            @Xenocide: 1440P 144FPS gaming requires a fast graphics card and they cost heaps.. Apart from that whats the point of 144hz when your games wont run faster then 60FPS? 2k and 4k gaming in my experience isn't as good as 1080p 144hz 240hz :)

            • +2

              @vid_ghost: There's no reason to go for a monitor with lower resolution for the same or slightly higher price. Upgrading from 1080p to 1440p is a pretty big upgrade in terms of clarity, speaking from personal experience (got this monitor a few weeks ago). Also, adaptive sync exists for the sole purpose of allowing you to have a smooth gaming experience in situations where you won't be getting >144fps all the time. Besides, the games that benefit from high frame rates are usually not incredibly demanding (eg. CS:GO) and the games where resolution is more important (story/third person games) usually don't require more than 60fps to be enjoyable.

              TL;DR 1440p gives you more options than 1080p

              • @Xenocide: Ive had 4k and 2k 10bit colour Pro monitors..I find 1080p at 144FPS better then 2k 60FPS..

                Yes CS go and League of legends run at 144FPS with a RX570 at 2k but overall my experience with a RX570 is stick to 1080p for all games

                For those with a RTX2060 or faster card then 2k 144hz would be 100% the way to go for me its not because i hate the heat and power these high end cards draw.

              • @Xenocide: I agree with vid_ghost, for 27 inch, it is not always the higher the resolution the better. The issue here is average or subpar 1440p 27 inch isn't that great, especially for work. If you have good eye sight, then yes. No doubt you get more workspace if you opted for 1:1 mode. Also, when you put 1440p screen in 1080p, no matter how great the interpolation is, it will still not be as clear or as sharp as native 1080p screen.

                If you do get a high quality 27 inch 1440p, then yes - in general, that is better. BUT, the ViewSonic entry level 1440p IPS is not that good. Also, when I compared it to a 27 inch 1080p IPS that is better quality, honestly, I would say for general public, quality 1080p is better than subpar 1440p (especially for older people). They can see the text being larger and that's not always a bad thing. The ViewSonic entry level 1440p also has some issue with older PC during initial boot up / BIOS.

                The issues with low cost ViewSonic 1440p 27 inch monitor: (1) the heavy contrast shift, especially vertically. You do wonder why an IPS would have such a heavy contrast shift and at times with weird pattern when viewed off angle (2) the general panel quality - it is hard to describe this, it's either the mask used and it just feels the pixels can be uneven.

                This is not about resolution to use. This is about low quality 27 inch 1440p not delivering a good enough experience which resulted in a disappointing experience.

                TL;DR ViewSonic 27 inch 1440p monitors, the cheap ones are cheap for a reason. If you have exposure to quality 27 inch 1440p, you will notice a clear gap in quality and makes the overall 1440p experience not so stellar.

                • @netsurfer: The Viewsonic uses the same panel as the Gigabyte Aorus AD27QD (Innolux M270KCJ-K7B), which has not been shown to exhibit any noticeable contrast shift and is considered a high quality panel judging by the numerous good reviews it has received. Yes, there are differences between the two monitors due to manufacturer firmware and such, but I find it hard to believe that it would affect the quality of the panel in such a large way.

                  I don't see where you are coming from in regards to the subpar quality of the panel.

      • In this case, the 1ms MPRT is not so much a gimmick as it is a black frame insertion feature to improve motion blur by tricking your eyes into thinking the image is less persistent, but lowers perceived brightness and introduces flicker. YMMV.

        The panel is a recent Innolux one, which is apparently below average in response time for a 144Hz IPS, while the LG is extremely fast, the point of there being a QHD 240Hz option coming in the next 6-9 months.

        The upside of the Innolux is colour reproduction is generous for an IPS, but I'd be hesitant to recommend this as a gaming monitor. We should see more QHD 144Hz monitors moving into this $350-$450 range soon enough.

    • I have this Viewsonic, and think it looks great and performs very well. Quite surprised how good it is for the price.

      But I don't have the LG to compare to.

  • This would of been my Goto monitor if i didn't Purchase the Dell S3220DGF for about $550

    • I got one of those.
      Just returned it.

      Too big for me; amazing otherwise.

    • Same, I was contemplating on getting this as it was getting praises on Reddit (will end up just ~$330 if you got the gift card deal).

      But then the Dell sale came up. Got the S3220DGF and I'm very happy with it especially at that price. Build quality, colour and an excellent warranty. Thought I wouldn't like a curved monitor but I was wrong. The size is just perfect for my desk at about 60cm distance between me and the monitor.

      • I haven't received mine yet now i can't wait to see how it is.

    • Where did you purchase the monitor from for $550? Interested in picking one up myself if it's that cheap.

      • +1

        It was during the dell sale, (Dell's Website) came to $630 and using shopback cash back (12%) brought it down to about $550.

        I believe the deal is over.

        SPRING30 was the coupon

  • +1

    Recently purchased one of these, highly recommend it

  • This is a good price. Just note: delivery is approx two weeks into november :)
    With black friday coming up two weeks later, up to you if you wanna wait and see if a better deal happens or take the bite now.

    • Can't you cancel because technically you're pre ordering this item? 12-14 November is pretty far away.

      Lock in this price now and if a cheaper one comes, cancel this order and order the cheaper one.

  • This or the kogan one?

    • Kogan's own TV or monitor… my initial reaction is… yuck…

      VA panel, 8-bit only, didn't even bother trying to take advantage of VA to make it HDR. Yuck, indeed.

    • That one. Not kogan.

    • I have the Viewsonic and would highly recommend it!!

  • +1

    Having just purchased something from Wireless1 with paid EXPRESS DELIVERY 2 days later it still has not shipped. Just something to be mindful of

    • +2

      express shipping is a gimmick if you live in perth

      • I agree, as you are looking at 2-3 business days but if they sent it in the last 2 days theirs a chance I would have had it on Monday.

    • Same thing is happening to me, they're very very slow on dispatching! Buy from somewhere else if you're in a hurry

  • Jesus that is good, I almost impulse bought to replace my 240Hz TN.

    Tempted to buy three for a sim rig.

    Must resist …

    I'd avoid the VA panel meself.

  • +1

    Damn, thats very good. I paid ~$700 for a monitor with similar specs a year ago

  • THANKS got it, Any vesa desk mount recommendations for this one

    • If you don't mind standard VESA monitor stand: AOC H241

  • +1

    God damn this is good monitor. Available at most tech stores like Scorptec for $449 but even then it is such a good price for a monitor with these specs. I had to double check the specs to see if maybe I missed something, but seems like its got everything you want in a primary gaming monitor at such a good price.

  • +3


  • +2

    "Covered by a comprehensive ViewSonic warranty, including a 30 day perfect pixel period and a three year onsite pickup and return warranty for all other issues."
    That sounds pretty good too!

  • Anyone have any thoughts on how this compares to the Aldi one? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/489476
    Guess one thing to weigh up is Aldi's easy return policy within the warranty period

    • Not the Aldi one.

    • Friend, if it wasn't curved the aldi one would be pretty good on paper specs wise.

  • Average response time leaves lots to be desired according to https://www.displayspecifications.com/en/comparison/95d4cd52...

  • So this or the curved version?

    • difference are about 18 dollars and 27inchh IPS vs 32inch VA

      I don't know what that means but usually for me 27 is the sweet spot 32 is lil big.

  • Just ordered one this will do for now.To the OP any idea when the 27GL850 will be back in stock?

  • Damn, I would prefer this than the Kogan 27" I just got a week ago :(

  • What's this like for home office work and no gaming? Over kill and should look at something else? There's an older ViewSonic that's about $300 I was looking at.


  • My Acer Predator XB270HU has become faulty. Would this be as good or close?

  • Does this has latest free sync 2 ?

  • Anyone know if this is one of the Freesync monitors that will work with Gsync?

  • Anyone know the quality of the panel in terms of back light bleed, dead pixels etc

    • Would also like to know from any current owners?

      • Bought it for 449. Good display. Have not test response times. However, picture quality seems excellent (coming from dell IPS monitor), no dead pixels, no backlight bleed (I cant see it anyway). Overall, a steal for this price.

  • Purchased. Thanks op

  • Would love this alongside my x34p, would have been ideal if curved

  • it's now out of stock.. missed it :(

  • Ahh…I missed it but I've looked around and most online stores would stock around early Nov might get it then. Now to try and find a 4k monitor hmm.

  • dang it - been checking ebay for this every day, how did I miss this.
    Most places just seem to have no stock

  • for some reason it showed some in stock but its out of stock again

  • Solid first post 👌

  • +1

    g-sync tax was such a bitch

  • +1

    Latest ETA 5/DEC WTH….

    • That's ridiculous

    • it goes up everyday if you're looking at ebay's estimated shipping. It should be arriving mid to late november.

      • I messaged seller and got this ETA…

        • wait really, may i ask at what time you ordered. That way we have an idea.

          • @steven231: The 400ish deal only last for a day and I pulled the trigger. But will PM seller again to check.

            • @Malco S: Yeah, i just wanted to know whether you're one of the earlier people who bought it, or one of the last. But yeah, once they open up on monday and reply to my question, i'll update as well

              • +1

                @steven231: Quote: "The ETA given by our supplier is around early-December if there is no further delay."

                I have purchased twchfast PC, table, screen stand and DP cable for the setup, but like always the best comes last.

                Well I decided to stick with the order and forget about it for another three weeks. Then when the monitor arrives it will looks like a Christmas gift…

              • @steven231: Bruuuh I just checked my bought item listing and it got pushed back as well "Between Tue. 26 Nov. and Thu. 28 Nov."

                • @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: Wait where do you see the exact date saying that?

                  • @steven231: So IF you have bought it and paid. When you click the link youll see something like "The listing below has been updated by the seller, but you can see the item you purchased." just click on the "ITEM YOU PURCHASED." and it will send you to another page showing you the postage and handling and estimated delivery* its below that.

                    • +1

                      @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: Ah yeah same,

                      Yeah not sure if i'm willing to wait that long, i mean i'll cancel it later probably since there's still time but exams are almost over and i can't be bothered waiting, so i just the lg monitor


                      • @steven231: HOLYDAM. Thanks fam. I might just pull the trigger. They keep changing the ETA. Thanks man!

                        If i dont get it by 14th Im just going to order this.

                        • @HeyHeyHeyIsItADeal: Yeah it says there more than 10 left, not sure if there's a way to check precisely but yeah keep a watch out. It ran out of stock yesterday and just got restocked, the deal on has been marked as oos on ozbargain so hopefully it won't sell out too quickly

                          • +1

                            @steven231: yep can confirm there has been a delay till early december

      • Same I ordered Oct 25th and I got ETA 12-14th November.

        Probably miscommunication.

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