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iPhone 11 128GB $1199 @ Officeworks


Iphone 11 128GB @ Officework $1199 Normal RRP $1279.
1st time posting.. :)

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  • any good price match/beat? please suggest

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      You could try 5% price beat at Offi.. oh, wait

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        Bunnings ?

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          $298 at Bunnings

          • @MaccDogg: iPhone 11 and DJI Mavic 2 Zoom.
            Yes, I can see the close resemblance there.

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            @MaccDogg: This now becomes a joke

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      JB-Hifi if you're lucky.

    • Pretty sure you can get Apple stores to price match, they will do 10% off their own price (full RRP), which is slightly better than this price.

      • anyone actually priced matched at Apple? Officeworks is saying out of stock all of perth, but someone below mentioned you can place an order over the phone…would apple accept that?

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          No idea about doing it over the phone, but did hear someone getting a price match on what I thought was an iPhone on Friday morning at Miranda. They didn’t haggle, the conversation basically went like this:
          Customer: Do you pricematch Officeworks?
          Apple staff: Yes, we will price match 10% off our own RRP. What product were you after?
          Etc etc

          Hope that helps.

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            @mriethmuller: Hey,
            Thought I would share my experience today calling and purchasing from apple.
            I was going to buy from Office works too but out of stock… as was all the major stores?? Apparently apple are very random/poor with their new release supply.
            So I decided "surely Apple have their own stock" decided to call and see what the deal is with price matching.
            They do have a maximum 10% policy off their rrp.
            However it wasn't what I thought, in order to match or beat office works, I was expecting them to take 10 off the rrp and as an example drop price to 1151 BUT they only matched office works price… no lower.
            And for example if someone has it advertised for 1000… the can't match that.. it would cap at the 10% off rrp.
            Sorry for the long story… in the end they price matched office for the 128gb (black) at 1190 and apparently will be delivered tomorrow!!
            Probably a good option if you don't want to wait for stock in the major providers when they don't even know when they will get stock.
            Hope this helps.

            • @CKTAS: Thanks. Did you talk to a particular store? The advantage of Apple is, if you don't like it in the first 14 days, you can take it back.

              • @try2bhelpful: All good. No not a store… it's their 133 622 number you get directed through to sales.
                Very easy and good people to deal with.

      • FYI just tried a price match at an Apple store. The person serving me was happy to match it, and got the new iphone out but then when she went to discount it the system wouldn't let her apply the discount. She says they will normally do up to 10% but not on new products. Couldn't say when the price matching will be allowed. Suggested maybe after xmas.

        JB and Officeworks both got nothing in black, no idea when either will have stock…

        • That sucks. Thanks for the heads up, I was considering trying Apple as well.

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    Solid deal if you don't want to get locked into any contract.

    Although personally I think JB Hi Fi's $500 off for 12 months $65/month is a better deal.

    • Can you price match at JB?

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      They don't have the $500 anymore it was just for 2 days and now is just $400.i know because I missed haha.

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        How about:

        I thought about posting this deal when I saw it instore today but I'm more of a lurker haha.

        • That's good one but in my case I'm paring with the xbox X bundle at jb so the good guys one doesn't help much Thx. But is a good one for who is willing to buy something from good guys.

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        It's $500 if you get an Iphone regardless, the just 2 days one was for any phone.

        • I saw yesterday that they mention Business plan.

    • $500 off 24month / $400 off 12 months —> $65/mnth contract

  • Perth No stock though… so will try to pricematch at JB or Harvey Norman

    • You can order over the phone and they will send it to your nearest OW store to collect.

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      Hardly Normal would say "that's below our cost"!

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        I never really understood that argument. When working for Dick Smith before it closed down. Price matched items were always subsidised by the manufacturer. So the shop never took a hit by selling anything below cost.

        • Was this true with Apple though? I always thought they had higher stock price that had to paid in full by the retailer, leaving less of a profit margin.

  • Pretty much cost price. Don't know how they do it. Guess it's just a loss leader.

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      you work for OW or Apple? How u know its pretty much cost price? Giving under 7% off the rrp is hardly any discount.

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        7% off RRP is probably actually quite significant for an iPhone that was released a month ago.

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        Well it's not Apple, they have enormous margins, hundreds of percent for each device.

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        I purchased my iPhone 11 Pro Max at JB at cost price (staff sale). It was $80 less than retail price.

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          With these big companies they have two different "cost prices" . One cost they show to the store staff/managers and one that lower that is kept for their Central Head Office.

          As the head office rent/running costs/administration as well as advertising etc costs a lot of money, this is where part of the Real Cost Price goes to ( or often they get paid in bonus amounts for high turn over or reaching various volume targets, but money all the same ).

          Source: I used to work for Coles Myer and saw the accounting/head office Hawthorn East paperwork.

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            @ozhunter68: I'm sure you're generally correct but Apple seem to write their own rules.

            • @DisabledUser134669: Yes, true. They have not become one of the most valuable companies in the world by offering low cost, value for money products and service.

        • If you buy the 512gb pro max version with 5% discount giftcards, the savings is $125 (5% @ 2500).
          Does that mean JB loses money?

  • Just gone unavailable online for me.

  • Spotted this online earlier today at work so went up at lunch and picked up a black 128gb at Officeworks Newcastle for the $1199. They also have one more white model in stock, the discounts only seemed to be on the black or white models.

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    Having trouble finding any stores with stock in NSW. Apparently Alexandria might have 2x left if that helps anyone.

    • i can see 0 in Alexandria, how did you see 2 there?

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        Should have gone to specsavers

  • no stock for delivery in VIC

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    Not at all :) Im getting $80 discount + work allow me to Salary sacrifice the handset which will give me the GST back. Thats Already $109 + 80 = $189 Saving…
    and reducing my taxable income :) You just need to think how to stack the discounts..

    Imagine Bud you did this at a initial half decent price point , but still I like it :)

    • How did you make it please?

  • Started to wonder if THis model doesn’t sell well?

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      Because it's $80 cheaper? Fire sale at $90?

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    Is this iPhone 11 plus or just normal?

    • What do you mean? It’s just iPhone 11…

    • It’s not the larger screen size unfortunately.

      • Larger than the iPhone 11 pro!

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      Larger than iPhone 11 Pro, smaller than iPhone 11 Pro Max.

      Dimensions as followed:
      iPhone 8
      < iPhone X = iPhone Xs = iPhone 11 Pro
      < iPhone XR = iPhone 11
      < iPhone 8Plus =iPhone Xs Max = iPhone 11 Pro Max

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    none is left :( all out of stock

  • There’s still stock around several stores depending on the colour you’re after. There’s also a few colours to order online.

  • Thanks OP. Managed to purchase the last one at Officeworks in Bondi Junction.

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    got price matched at the good guys Alexandria

    • do they give 5 % extra or the same price?

      • can you send a link to you invoice?

    • Did you pick up the same day?

      • yep within an hr

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    I got price matched from TGG. They dont have it at my local store, they checked the brisbane region, i managed to pick up one from another store the same day. only black and white can do price match.

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      They didnt check with ow for stock?

      • Really depends on your luck… As in who you get at the store… some will pricematch without question asked while others will come with all the excuses like below cost price/ need to check stock etc…

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    Managed to price match at Booragoon Jbhifi Perth. They don't have stock at the moment except green colour. They looked and found one in Mayree jbhifi. Go the red one though. No questions asked. Simply showed on my phone and price matched straight away.
    If you don't mind the Green colour and if you are in Perth try your luck at Booragoon.

    • ditto. Price match at JB HiFi Perth Murray stall. Only 1 yellow & 1 red left, with all other awaiting stocks. JB HiFi staff confirmed they don't even get much staff discount, max $50, and iPhone is the only Apple products that do not get discounted even for Boxing Day sale etc..

      With our 8% JB HiFi discount e-card, I took the plunge finally as currently using iP6S.
      Now to source new protector case & screen protector.

      • how did you get 8% JB hihi discount e-card?

  • iPhone 6S user here - still not upgrading :)

    • My iphone 6 Plus start struggling

      • Ditto with my iPhone 6S..
        just bought the last Red one at JB HiFi Perth stall after price match

  • Any idea when it is expected to be back in stock at officeworks? I checked with them and they have no idea.

  • Price is back to normal

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