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Sony WF-1000XM3 Silver Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones $259.99 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First Trial) @ Kogan


Noticed a price drop for the silver pair on Kogan which is a cracking price for a great pair of earphones. Delivery to Greensborough was $10.99.

I signed up for the Kogan First free trial so got free postage on the order.

Was assuming it was a price error as the black was $359.99 but Silver also reduced to $286.26 on their eBay store too but postage is about $20! You can you PUPPER for $20 off plus any outstanding credits to bring the price down.

Assuming stock won't last at this price.

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  • Very good price. Just bought one, thanks a lot!

  • Got one as well, cheers op.

  • Wish it was in black

  • Thanks OP - also grabbed one (glad it wasn't black :))

  • Thanks OP. Maybe some more specials as Apple just announced AirPods Pro with ANC which will be available later this week. Looks like they have some design improvements as well.

    • Apple at the …………of innovation.

      What's the opposite of forefront?

    • couldn't you just buy those silicon tips on ebay for a better fit?

    • Still no touch controls, thanks but it's a hard pass for me. Currently using Elite Active 65Ts and recently also bought these Sony ones. I want to be able to control playback without taking out the phone.

      • I have the jabras too, pretty happy with them.
        If you mean AirPods pro, they do have controls ,
        AirPods Pro features a new "force sensor" on the stem of the earbuds (you pinch the stem between your fingers to switch modes). This will also allow people to play, pause or skip music, as well as hang up on phone calls, directly on the AirPods Pro.
        Pretty pricy though and still quite ugly.

        • Airpod with wireless charge case $319.
          Airpod Pro $399 (include wireless charge case!)
          I am happy to pay an extra $80 for NC, Sweat/water resistant and touch control. And better fit earbud tips.

  • No love for black.

  • Sold out, none left

  • Sold out that's quick

  • Kogan site is sold out.
    Ebay @ $286 delivered still seems to have "more than 10"

  • Bought one before sold out. Thanks op.

  • at $286 it's still good price

  • Managed to grab one - cheers OP

  • Are these any good? I got a headphone but I dont think I’m suited for headphone gets all sweaty…

  • Ebay now sold out, damn these deal never last long at all. Hoping to snag a pair around black Friday

  • Still waiting for my pair from the Qantas Store deal…

    • Hey mate, do they have a ETA for you?

      • 12 November 2019 according to the order details page on the website

        • At least you're getting them - my order got cancelled (but did get 2000 QFF points for the "pain").
          Snapped up this offer this morning so all good now, only slightly more than the Qantas store deal. I'm ok with that!

    • I ordered mine back in August and they recently updated me with eta of January delivery. Cancelled and night direct from Sony

  • I have had these headphones for about 2 months now and love them! I also have the Sony WH XM3's as well. I upgraded to them from Jabra Elite Active 65T's!

    Here's my feedback:


    • Noise cancellation is great! I use it everyday at the gym for about 2 hours. I recently use them on multiple flights in NZ and North Qld on different flights and found the NC to be adequate. I was able to comfortably able to listen to music and watch movies (with no lag) and block out the engine noise! Yes, they are not on the same level as the WH XM3's!
    • Battery life is awesome. At full volume, I get about 5 hours with NC on.
    • Even though they have no IP rating, I have been using them at the gym for weight training and cardio with no issues.


    • Fit is a bit hard to get used to as they are a bit on the bulky side. I find that they struggle to stay in my ears while I am running on the treadmill
    • Volume levels could be higher
    • When it goes get windy outside, there is a bit of a hissing sound picked up by the microphones.
    • Call quality could be better, especially when outside. But I use them while at the gym and dont make any calls there.

    I got them with the PS4 code and Amex offer which came to about $175 and love them! Havent touched my WH XM3's since I got these. But I have couple of long flights coming up where I need to big brother because of the battery life.

    • Problem with water damage is they can take time to show signs. By the time you can tell, it's already too late.

      • Sony has publicly stated that their previous in ear phones had no issues based on their users usage even though they have no IP rating.

        Yes, it is a risk, but I have been following online forums where I havent heard anyone complaining about sweat on these or the previous versions.

        • Confirmed - I have extensively used WF-1000X (the predecessor model) at the gym with no issues.

    • I agree with you on the call quality as on the few calls I've had, people have had trouble hearing me, but the other cons are questionable.

      Fit: This will depend on the user. For those wanting to buy, I suggest you try them out to see if they fit you well before you buy. You can do this at the Sony store.
      Volume: I never ever get it to full volume, and can't imagine needing more? Also, with such great isolation and noise cancelling, it blocks out much of the outside noise, allowing you to listen at lower volumes.
      Wind: This is true if you have noise cancelling on. There is a "Wind reduction mode" to deal with this when you are outside.

      • With fit, I had trouble with my Jabra's too and had to get different ear tips! and for volume, I am at the gym where the sound is usually blasting on the speakers, so I have to go full volume. But like you mentioned, with NC, its great outside for me.

        I wasnt aware of the wind reduction mode. I will check it out. Thanks for the heads up.


    Also waiting for the Qantas Store order (ETA Jan 2020!!)
    Now thinking of cancelling the order and get a Apple Airpod Pro

  • FYI my recent experience with Kogan Helpdesk (they did respond timely though):

    Me: My drone came missing the SD card and micro USB cable, which were listed on your web site.
    Helpdesk: Based on the information you have provided and considering the highly technical nature of DJI units, we suggest that you contact the DJI Support Team directly for assistance.
    You can email them at [email protected].
    They have the expertise available to address any issues you are having.

    It was not even a technical question. I thought missing parts are meant to be resolved at the store level! Minor issue I know, but they just quickly palmed me off to the manufacturer instead of trying to resolve it…

  • Awesome, my order has been shipped. :)

  • -1 vote

    No one worries about the long term affect of radiation for these seeing as most people use them and/or airpods practically all day due to convenience and comfort ?