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Heat Beads Original BBQ Briquettes 4kg $5.95 @ Woolworths


Heat beads on special at Woolworths - $5.95 for 4kg - normally $10. Stock up for summer!

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    can anyone please help me with an embarrassing request. How do I light these things?!!?

    I have a bbq chimney starter. I've tried putting scrunched up newspapers in there, no joy. I've tried firelighters inside the stack of briquettes, but they just don't seem to burn a hot enough flame. Either that, or the firelighters just go out, not enough oxygen.


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      It sounds like you are doing most things right to me.

      Maybe you are trying to light too many to begin with. Try with a smaller amount and then keep adding briquettes once they start to turn white.

      Also maybe try add some small pieces of wood to the firelights and newspaper to help keep the fire going.


      I put them on a steel mesh and light them with a butane stove.

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      • Use 2 firelighters, place them on your bottom grate (were the coals would/will sit) of your weber/bbq/smoker.
      • Fill your chimney, light the fire lighters and place the chimney on top of the firelighters.
      • Firelighters dont go in the chimney, they go under it, in the chimney the briquettes are elevated from the "bottom" of the chimney.

        I use the same approach except I carefully place the 2 white fire lighters inside the base of the chimney so they don’t fall out the wholes onto the BBQ mesh below as they burn. Maybe I am wasting my time?

        Its also critical with a weber that you leave the bottom vent fully open and don’t put the lid (goes on only once you empty the chimney). I tend to only fill the chimney to no more than 2/3rds with coals.

        Once the fire lighters extinguish don’t touch it for another 15mins. It tales a while for the charcoal to get red hot.

        If recycling previously burnt coal its goes on the top. You need the heat of about 10 new briquettes around the firelighters to extract any moisture these might hold before they will relight

        My favourite is a long slow roasted lamb shoulder. I keep mine on for around 4hrs
        When doing roasts only topup using pure charcoal, as they add crap into the briquettes to make them light easily but it spoils the taste


          i place them on the mesh, then put the chimney ontop. they get better air flow. ill normally stack the fire lighters too so it gets a little more intense.

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      10 mins under the butane torch.


      I'm hearing you. They never mention this part on the video's.

      I take the grill off my gas bbq, turn it side ways so it drops down and sits directly on top of the gas burners. Then place two lines of heatbeads on the grill along the length of the burner. Burn them for 5 minutes, and then using a welding glove chuck them in the webber.

      Reduced all the stuffing around time to get them started significantly.

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      Best option. Put the bbq chimney starter on a cheap camping stove from Kmart. Cheaper than Firelighters, and no need to stand there with a Butane Torch.



    The original and the best.Grazie Luigimarinara.

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    Works about….about 3 cents cheaper than buying 7.5 kg at bunnings for 11.18


    Try the firelighter gel. Squeeze some all over the bottom coals in your chimney and light away. Much better coverage than the heat beads.

    On another point, does the quality of charcoal used affect the food taste?


    OK, so I am brand new to Kettle BBQ cookery having acquired an almost-as-new Weber Pro off a neighbour for nix. Want to do a pulled pork shoulder 8-10hr cook, so doing some reading. Advice is to use briquettes for longer slower burn, then another source says go for lump charcoal as briquettes contain coal. Any comments? Also, does the meat thermometer (4" probe & circular dial https://www.bunnings.com.au/jumbuck-bbq-thermometer_p3171243) stay in the meat as it cooks? or do I only use it as I need to measure the temp? Thanks all. H

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      If it’s your first go at making a snake for low and slow I would definitely go with briquettes for consistency. I use briquettes for low and slow and lump for hot and fast. I don’t usually notice the taste from briquettes unless I’m cooking directly over the coals.

      Join the “weber kettle club Australia” fb group and in the files section theres a PDF guide on making a snake and also one on doing pulled pork.

      Regarding the thermometer you can leave it in your meat but I would grab one of these dual digital thermometers that I’ve linked below. Will let you monitor the temp of the bbq and the meat accurately without having to open the lid.