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Telstra $65/Month (12 Months), Unlimited Tlk/Txt, 60GB Data + $500 off Any Phone @ The Good Guys (in Store)


Was in GoodGuys today looking at iPhones, and they're running the $500 discount on any iPhone deal again. Updated: $500 Credit to any phone, including iPhones.

Available to port-in Telstra customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Minimum cost $780. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer.

To Redeem this deal, the customer must

  1. Purchase a mobile handset in store
  2. Bring their number to Telstra and,
  3. Sign up to the $65 Plan per month with 60GB Data (40GB Standard + 20GB TGG BONUS) ) with minimum cost of $780 over 12 months from 11th November to the 17th November 17th October 2019 to the 31st January 2020

Bonus discount will be applied to the handset and issued at point of sale when Telstra connection is made. Bonus discount can’t be used on any other items in store and is not redeemable for cash.

Except to the extent otherwise required by law, The Good Guys, in its discretion, reserves the right to substitute the Bonus with a bonus offer of equal value and/or specification.

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  • Sick, 12 months plan too

    • But I'm wondering if the 24 month interest free deal is superior, it probably is

      • Depends. If you want a full Telstra service, this is better value.

        The interest free deal you're paying the full price for the phone.

        After 12 months, you can downgrade to a $45 plan, and over 24 months, it's the best deal you'll get for an iPhone with the full Telstra experience (if you're able to front up the initial dollars for the discounted iPhone).

      • Is there any interest free 24 month deal without a monthly fee?

        • Depends what interest free card you can get, I have credit line and it's $5 a month but it's easy to get

          • @SirMurduck: Yeah I think ZIP can also offer for $6 per month but there's nothing in the market without a setup / monthly fee.

            If you add up these monthly costs and combine with a monthly mobile plan that you'll get anyway, you'll probably end up paying more or less the same.

  • Is this deal expiring on 31/12??

  • waiting for all the plan change loopholes..

    • Ahm, yeah…get in first before (profanity) ruin it

    • It's been closed as far as I'm aware (could be entirely wrong) but stated multiple time on these TGG / Jb-HiFi threads.
      One guy showed proof before too (but haven't heard of anyone actually saying they got rejected… but then I don't read every single comment)

      • Worked for me with S10e yesterday

        • Did you change from the $60 plan to another plan?

          • +2 votes

            @diazepam: Yeah changed from the $65 jb hifi to $50 m2m then to prepaid which will cancel in a month or so if i don't top up

            All up cost me $3 because I did it over a couple days

            • @jrjr: How did you approach this? If I could ask

            • @jrjr: Might want to wait until you see an actual bill as I was in the same boat and changed to $50 m2m plan was told initially no additional costs etc. Found out later via chat there would be a $370 ETC applied once Telstra generated the bill as plan was signed up through JB. Managed to get rep to change back to original $65/month plan. Good luck though as maybe just my bad luck….

  • What's the best way of getting this if one is currently Boost?

  • What is the best deal on tgg gift cards?

  • Telstra is still having porting issues for those wondering.

    • With this + the Boost offer, it’s almost like they’re trolling their new customers.

      • I want to give it a go, literally ported out of Telstra after a 24 month contract today, seems Vodafone is a winner for porting out of, wondering if they will let me or not

        • @SirMurduck - I had issues porting from Optus, so ported to Vodafone to try porting to Telstra and it's still not working.

          For some there is no issue, but for others no matter what the problem is there.

          Annoyingly Telstra don't know when this will be resolved.

    • Not my experience with JB hifi though … from Kogan to Telstra done within 15 minutes.

  • Just $500 off for iPhone? Not enough. Need $1000 off

  • I signed up this deal 3 weeks ago, still haven’t received the iPhone….seems to be forever back order

    • Good point. This must be the catch. I checked for stock on the iPhone 11 Pro 255 Space Grey and when I put in my inner city post code I got: no store within 500km has stock.

      • +4 votes

        Because there's only 256GB model, Apple hasn't release a 255GB yet :D

    • It was about 4 weeks till I received my phone through this same deal.

  • No Pixel 4,sucks


    What’s the early termination cost if I get the phone and plan then terminate the plan the next month?

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/491146

    You really need to read this thread to see what many of us have 'achieved' in the past week.

    • I shoulda really watched those trains and jumped on board… at least I got this one ^^. It appears the pixel deal is dead? Also if I’m already on a Telstra plan due to this deal what happens? Can I sign up to a. Ew one for the pixel ? I might have to spend 30mins to research correctly

    • Thanks juliank!

      Pretty much sign up to this plan and port over from Optus/Vodafone.
      Buy iPhone for $500 off. (Get TGG GC at 5% off)
      Chat to live chat to change plan to M2M (anyone know if we can do this online?) with no ETC.
      Once on M2M, start new live chat and cancel M2M or go pre-paid.
      Pay for pro-rata charges and get iPhone for $500 off RRP + 5%.

    • Wow I've signed my parents up. Now tempted to switch them both to M2M and then onto the boost only Sim plan. Thanks for this post…

  • Good deal if Apple released an iPhone with:

    1. No notch
    2. USB-C
    3. 5G capable

    Sadly no reason to upgrade iPhone 6S on $36 byo unlimited talk/text and 80gb data

  • Is there a way I can get $400 or $500 gift card? instead of discount on iphone?

  • If I buy an iphone, can I pay remaining balance in giftcard ?

  • They are rolling out a new system that allows Telstra and TGG to share data better it seems, relatively painless today, they had to do a credit check and I spoke to a Telstra rep on the phone. I had just been a Telstra customer a day prior but no issues

  • Does anyone know if your local TGG store doesn’t have stock of the phone but it is still order able from them to pick up at a later date but in the meantime we change to m2m n cancel.

    Will this affect me picking up the phone once arrived?

  • Well I’ve signed up about an hour ago and now waiting for TGG to receive an email from Telstra so they can release the phone to me.

    I’ve already gotten the activation email and plan details in my email as well as I can see the new account in the Telstra App.

    Has anyone else had this experience with TGG or JB Hi-Fi?

  • Keen on this deal but I've just spoken to someone from Telstra chat and they informed me that there is a 'termination fee' charged by JB Hi-Fi if you decide to swap from the 12 month to a M2M contract. Apparently more than $300 if you transfer in the first month. Has anybody heard of this fee? Or should I just keep trying different chat agents? From what I've read changing to M2M was online via Telstra chat so not sure how JB could then charge a fee?

  • Tried in store today, everything was fine until the Telstra credit check. Maybe because I'm student so got rejected. Just wondering if anyone had similar experience? Otherwise I have to get rid of TGG gift cards bought for this deal :(

    • Yeah you’ll need to pass the credit check otherwise you can’t get it.

      How much cards you got?

      • Would you think it worth trying again in another store? Cuz I think the Telstra staff didn't really get my situation correctly.
        I got 255.8 (bought with 4% off) TGG gift card for now cuz the TGG staff said the phone is no in stock, I only have to pay a 20% deposit of the $1279 iphone 11 yesterday. If I find someone who'd like to have them, that would be great.

    • Something must have happened and Telstra overhauled their credit requirements. I know another person was declined for a plan, even though they currently pay more …. One missed bill killed their chances.

    • Tried in another store today and got the offer after almost an hour of credit check. But TGG staff didn’t receive email from Telstra before I left. I paid some deposit and they said just have to wait for pick up.

    • Im a student too, the telstra guy on the phone said i had to pay 3 months in advance, and my visa had to be at least the time of the contract, payed and got the plan.

  • will try later

  • Interesting shop to look at iphones

  • Is the data per month or for 12 months? 60Gb per month or 12 months?

  • If no one knew, you can switch to the JB $45 plan after 1 month with no fee.

    • i remember someone mentioned that you will have to pay a early termination fee?

      Also what's the process of doing that? jb$45 is it telstra?

  • Offer extended to Nov 24:

    Quick question, is the $500 a gift card/voucher or discount?

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