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Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4 US $19.79 (~AU $29 Inc GST) Shipped @ Xiaomi MC Store via AliExpress


Xiaomi Mi Band 4

0.95" AMOLED Screen | 5ATM Waterproof | 20 Days Standby

Main Features​ :

Support Multi Language

  • Color Sreen: 0.95" AMOLED Display, resolution : 240x120 pixels.
  • Alarm (Must be set in Application | Snooze Mode : 10 minutes) .
  • Sensor: 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope.
  • Maximum 50 Event reminders.
  • Battery : 135mAh battery compacity,Up to 20 days (Recharging time ~2 Hours)
  • System requirement——-Android 4.4, IOS 9 and above
  • Music Smart Control.
  • Six Sports Activities (Cycling, Free training, Run, Swim, Treadmill, Walk, Swim)
  • Other Features:
    1.Stopwatch/2.Alarm clock/3.Timer/4.Find my phone/5.Phone unlock/
    6.Event reminder/7.Do not disturb mode/8.lock screen/9.music control on band

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  • What payment methods do people use safely on that site?

    • +3

      I've just been using my credit card. Never had any issues with it.

      • can we sign up for alipay in australia?

        • Yep - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/495129

          But no need - they accept eg your ING card directly with no fees.

          • @pifts: but do we need a chinese bank account?
            I know we can signup for alipay but not sure if we can add an australian bank account or australian debit card to alipay

            yeah i know they accept debit card etc..
            but having been used to paypal etc..
            I see their alipay as the equivalent to paypal for better buyer protection etc..

            if we pay by debit card
            and there is any problems would it much harder to recover our funds
            compare to using alipay, like how paypal works?

            • @pinkybrain: Alipay will work through debit card and seeing as they're trying to expand fast I trust they'd take disputes seriously.

              For Aliexpress - similar concept. Having Paypal is great because you'll have two fronts to dispute (PP and Aliexpress).
              But I've found Aliexpress to be great so far. I've used them for years and had a few disputes - most of them were resolved by contacting the seller; the few times I escalated, Aliexpress refunded me straight away. I think they try to keep foreign buyers happy.

    • +6

      I just use my Mastercard/Visa, ideally one without overseas transaction fees like Citi or ING debit, 28 degrees etc.
      I've never had problems buying from AE - just allow plenty of time for postage if you use the cheap postage options, for some reason parcels often seem to get held up along the AU delivery leg after clearing Customs.

      • +3

        yeah, my "cheap postage" AE orders tend to take around 3-4 weeks after ordering to get into my hands (Melbourne metro)
        I don't normally mind it (it's something I want anyway, so can wait), but would consider ordering now if you want it by Xmas

        can get irritating if you want it faster, only to check the tracking and "shipping to destination country" as the last update 3-4 days ago

  • Indeed great find. Let see how stock goes. Thanks op

  • Seems too good to be true at that price.

    I bought 2 discounted from xiaomi ebay for 45 delivered.

    The band is awesome.

    • I got 2 Mi Band 4 for US $42 in the last sale. Received about 2 weeks from order date. I can't see it getting cheaper than this. Add cash back for more savings

      • +1

        Xiaomi conference on the 5th (likely a MiTen or MiNote10 announcement)? with singles day on the 11/11?
        yeah.. I can see some reason why it might get cheaper

        edit: but I've already got my "singles day prep" email from AE, so this might be that sale going early

        • Yes, it's possible for it to reduce further in price, but with Mi Band 3 still around the US $18 - $20 range, any reduction will be relatively minor.

  • +3

    Heads up, text message notifications stopped working for me on ios13.

    • Same issue here on two separate Mi Band 4 watches with iOS 13

      • +4

        Fix! Make sure “Show Previews” is “always” for Messages in the Settings up under Notifications.

  • +1

    Great price great product

  • Watch out, mi watch is coming soon

    • Mi watch will probably be expensive..
      but I hope not and xiaomi can give a bargain price..

      Also does the mi watch support android apps?

      Why no proper android watches
      unlike apple watch most of the chinese watches e.g. amazfit has no android apps support
      So most of these watches cannot compare to the apple watch due to not being able to install more apps..

      we need chinese companies like xiaomi or google to bring out more android watches..

      I think google will release one maybe in their next conference
      and they also recently purchase fitbit so that is a sign of where they are going next ..

      I want to move beyond mi band (own a few different mi bands) to a android watch
      but there needs to be more android watches release to make the prices more competitive..

      There is not much new signficant features from miband 2 to miband 4
      other than the color screen and some minor features like stopwatch and music control etc..
      but it is still pretty basic..

    • okay mi watch looks interesting and looks very much like the apple watch
      and seems to have many apps from the ad (hope we can install android apps)

      but this does look promising

      I will wait to see how much this cost and also what google might release


      However it does appear to be more thicker/chunkier than apple watch which is a downside

      The quality and overall design does not look as nice as apple watch though


  • If these had nfc payment they'd be perfect

  • nfc one is $52

    • +4

      Apparently doesn't work in aus, don't waste your money, just get this.

      • +3

        I've been having a bit of a look, some people have hacked them and go them to work. At this price I may give it a go… I'll see what the miwatch is like first then decide.

        I think it's only a matter of time before oz banks recognize Chinese nfc anyway.

    • -2

      This is wrong. The nfc one is the Chinese version, which is the cheapest one.

      • There's 3 versions: global, Chinese without NFC (cheap) and Chinese with NFC (expensive).

        • Nah, there's only 2. Chinese and Global. All the chinese (cheapest ones) ones have NFC. There is really no reason to get teh Global version IMO.

        • Q: What's the different among these versions?
          A: There are 4 versions. Global version, Chinese version(standard), Russian and NFC Version (Chinese). Global version, Russian & Chinese Ver. support multi-language; Chinese NFC version support both English and Chinese, which have NFC and AI speaker function (Not sure can be used for all countries)

  • -3

    Please do a deal on the Huawei honor band 5 for $40 AUD or less. Thank you.

    EDIT: Aww i thought you were associated.

    • +1

      Quick search on aliexpress shows multiple stores will have it for around $40AU on 11.11. Couple are already around $42.

      • Appreciate that mate. Bought a few as gifts earlier in the year and all
        the fam are very happy with them.

        • Is the Honor Band 5 better than this?

          • @titan0r: Yes. I just haven't been able to figure out how to download different watchfaces. Though I can't say I've researched it at all.

            Sp02 has been activated with October firmware update.

          • -1

            @titan0r: Potato Pot ate O

            Looks like just like minor differences.

            Only significant differences I could find is HB5 has a smaller battery so runs out quicker, 100 mAh vs 135 mAh. And HB5 wont let you control music on your phone while the MB4 does.

            I'm going with the MB4. Coz honestly one of the main reasons I want something like this over a smart watch is I want to be charging it as little as possible. All I really want is a watch with NFC and a battery that last a long time. Most of these battery draining bs features are just a waste of time and battery.

            I think maybe in a couple of years some of the health tracking features will be useful, but as of now they seem pretty weak.

            • @Julesxzzz: It doesn't have NFC really useable unless with alipay. Aiming for NFC compatibility in MB5

              • @rover100: Yes exactly. Which sucks. I'm going to get one and try and mod it to work for NFC payments here.

            • @Julesxzzz: HB5 won't let you control music on your phone? Huh? I can confirm it allows you to control music on your phone.

              Much less likely to lose the device itself because the wrist straps are well fixed, whereas I've known a few people to lose the MB4 pill form device that's fixed inside of the silicone holder. Including my gf.

              Battery for HB5 will last up to 14 days with heart rate tracker on smart energy efficient measurement mode. IME the HB5 takes around about 30-40 minutes to fully charge from almost empty.

              IME the sleep tracking is more detailed at the least, and more accurate at the most, than the MB4

              Watchfaces on the MB4 seem more straightforward to download and use on MB4.

              I've compared both bands side by side (day to day use), gf prefers HB5, for what it's worth.


  • Think there is a new Xiaomi Watch scheduled to be released on November 5: https://www.gizchina.com/2019/11/01/xiaomi-watch-all-there-i...

    • +2

      Still uses a Snapdragon Wear 3100, which is a 5 year old core with some minor enhancements for wearables. Qualcomm are reportedly releasing a brand new chip soon which will bring vast battery improvements/speed improvements.

      • Wouldnt matter if the price point is right

  • Does this work for Apple? We have iPhone 6 and want the kids (youngest 6) to have a fitness tracker. This seems to be the go?

    • +1

      Yes it does. You just need to download the Mi Fit app from the App Store.

      • Thanks albert0pia

  • I was about to purchase this item, but i don't know why i didn't get that discount. A'm i missing something??

    • +8

      "In 9 days"

  • umm is this the genuine one?? cause this look exactly like the one from ebay which cost a lot less and has the same pics, m4 mi band is the name in ebay, the reason why i asked is cause i bought one from ebay for around 7$ and it has all the same pics and almost identical specs

  • -1
    • +3

      That seller only has one sale in the last 6 months. Treat with caution

      • eBay money-back guarantee!!

        • +2

          Almost guaranteed to be fake but no harm in trying. I think ebay has gotten better with fake items. Had a hell of a time with fake flash memory a few years go.

        • If you have the time to waste whynot?

  • Whats the difference between the China and Global version? The CN one can display English right?

    • +2

      They both can be in English. Only differences are Chinese version has NFC which only works in China and also it has a mic that only responds to Chinese.

      • Awesome. Thanks mate. Will get the CN one then as I dont plan to use the mic.

  • -1

    For me it says US $ 27.99 as the 11.11 sale price. How to reduce it to US $ 19.59?

    • +3

      Wait until 11/11/2019

  • Link to item: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33037922702.html
    20-41 days shipping

    Question: can you actually reply to a message with this, or only view messages?

    • +1

      Only view messages. You can get messages from SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp etc

      • +1

        It will show notifications from any app you like - I have one to tell me when my phone is charged.

  • This is already showing for $29 right now


    • You need to add $3 GST and $7 shipping to get comparable price. Total checkout price on your link is over $40.

      • Thanks for clarifying. Will wait until 11.11 need to replace my mi band2.

  • Can this be used with Strava in anyone's experience?

    • +1

      I have the Mi Band 3, which I understand uses the same Mi Fit app; the app does not upload to Strava. Old versions of Strava did not discover the band, and new versions of Strava will drop support for pairing devices.

      I can't say that it won't work with Strava with absolute certainty, but I'm confident.

  • I've clicked on all the options and the cheapest one on the 11th is $21.99.
    What am i missing?

    • I think you add the promo code for $4 off for $5 spend as per this post


      • So its for the first image that says "Special Offer" the CN version. of $4 off any one there?
        Do I have to put the promo code in and buy lets say 4 individually or can I put in the promo and get the $19.79 price for each of them if I do 1 transaction like the 4 in my shopping cart.
        I hope I explained what I wanted to say properly.

        • +1

          You can do the $4 off any of the ones there, but the CN version is the cheapest one. You can change the language to English when it connects to the Mi Fit app on your phone. I think it supports a couple of other languages too, so it just depends on what language you need.

          As for the promo code, if there's 4 in your shopping cart then you get a discount based on the overall price, so you'll have to do it individually if you want the extra discount (however you get a 3% discount when you purchase 2 or more in the same transaction).

          Just be careful in case the coupon codes only work one time or something.

          Hope this answer helps :)

  • +1

    Question to people who own one of these:
    I know that you can connect it to your phone to change it to English, but when it disconnects from your phone, does it stay in English or default back to Chinese?

    • +2

      If the phone is not connected (i.e. bluetooth is out of reach), the band stays in English.
      If the band is unpaired from Mi Fit App, it stops working completely and the only thing you can do is to pair it again.

      • Beautiful, thank you for that :)

  • How do you set a reminder for this?

    • +1

      i call u tomorrow…

  • Hi all, I literally decided last night to get something like this.But have no knowledge on them. I need to monitor my heart rate during exercise. Would this be accurate?

    Also, I was planning on spending a lot more…is there a different model that will give me none of the cavets I see in these comments (ie need to hack for nfc, default Chinese language, mic in Chinese). I’m in Apple ecosystem if it helps.


  • How well does this work for swimming?

  • Just checking re charging: you have to take the face out and put it into the charger. So unlike say a Forerunner 235, you can't use the watch while charging?

    Not a big issue as I'm considering it for my Mum. My FR235 hasn't been off my wrist for almost 3 years.

    • yes, u are correct but charging the watch to 100% is really fast

  • +3

    I don't get it. It tells me that the Global version will be US$27.99 and the Chinese version US$21.99.

    Where is US$19.79 and are we all buying Chinese smart bands?

    • +1

      sale starts in less than 7 hours…

      • Do you mean we need to wait for the next 7 hours to get US$19.79 the Chinese version smartbands?

      • +1

        I get that, these are the prices that are shown in my cart for the 11.11 sale. Otherwise they are US$24.50 and US$31.19.

        If the global version is going down to US$27.99 (AU$40.85~) then you're better off going to Shopro for $39.95 with Aus stock.

        Like I said, I don't get it, but there's 144 upvotes telling me I'm wrong.

        • +1

          Thanks for the Shopro link. Was going to go the Xiaomi ebay site @ $48 dlvd. Not prepared to wait the 20 days!

          • @Klattsy: Same here. I ordered from shoppro last night and have already got posted with tracking number. I guess will get it in couple days.

            • +1

              @fossilgem: son of a btch it sold out before i got one.

              • @Klattsy: Bugger. Unlucky

              • @Klattsy: Sorry. Didn’t realise my link was unacceptable for comment but its from shoppingsquare ebay.

                • @fossilgem: All good. Got from official Xiaomi eBay store. At least I know it’s legit that way.

  • +1

    Can you answer calls with this and talk to the mic inside the band (if it has one)?

  • Just purchased for $35 minus 15% cash back.

    • Which code did you use?