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Lenovo Chromebook S340 (14" FHD, Celeron N4000, 64GB/4GB) $369 + Delivery (Free w/ eBay Plus or C&C) @ Bing Lee eBay


A price drop on yet another Laptop from Bing Lee, this time a nice deal on this chromebook. A FHD touchscreen, 1.37kg weight, and Lenovo claims of a battery life up to 10 hours make it a good option for those who are after a portable laptop for travel/light use.

Intel Celeron N4000 1.1GHz
4GB Memory
64GB Storage
14" FHD Touch LCD - Note: See discussion below (Thanks AtomuKirin & Cowping)
Chrome OS
CPU: Celeron 4000
LCD: 14"
Wireless: Intel_9560_2x2AC+BT
Resolution: FHD 1920x1080
eMMc: 64GB
Colour: Black
OS: Chrome
Touch: Yes No - Note: See discussion below (Thanks AtomuKirin & Cowping)

Lenovo Chromebook C340 is also available for the same price of $369, with 11.6" HD screen, convertible design, and 1.18kg. Rest of specs are similar.

Intel Celeron N4000 1.1GHz
64GB eMMc
11.6" LCD
Chrome OS
Colour Platinum Grey
CPU: Celeron 4000
LCD: 11.6"
Wireless: Intel_9560_2x2AC+BT
Resolution: HD 1366x768
eMMc: 64GB
Colour: Platinum Grey
OS: Chrome
Touch: Yes

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  • can you install windows on these?

    • +1

      Not really

    • Depends on the model but they are quite commonly locked out of windows at a bios level

  • Is this good for kids to play with? Like no virus, longer battery life

    • +2

      Chromebooks will be more immune to viruses than Windows due to its more locked down OS so a good option. The Chromebook 11.6" C340 mentioned in this post may be also a good option for kids as it has a smaller 11.6" screen and 1.18kg. Battery life for both lenovo claims is up to 10 hours, usually for chromebooks battery life is good.

    • +2

      It depends on what you mean by 'play', as traditional games cannot be installed on these.

      • +2

        There are heaps of traditional (and not so traditional) Google Play store (android) games available for install and 'play'.

  • +2

    CPU typo in Title, should read as N4000.

    • Thanks fixed

  • How is this compared to the acer spin 1, which goes down to 320 feom the goodguys ebay.

    On the market for a small laptop for my daughter…

    • I think that one is windows 10 based, where as the one posted is a Chromebook.

    • was it posted here ? can't find it

  • For anyone looking for smaller screen also lighter this 11" Acer is $365 @ Amazon

    • +4

      The Lenovo Chromebook C340 I also linked in this deal also has a 11.6" screen, has a faster celeron, more storage (64GB vs 32GB) and is slightly lighter for $369.

      • Looks like a better one with bigger SSD, seriously considering get one, need to read some article about chromebook.

  • +3

    There's conflicting info on the 14".. I don't think it's touchscreen. Even on Bing Lee's website it says no touchscreen, but on the tech specs it says yes.

    Even on Amazon it says no touchscreen?

    • +1

      Both BL website & eBay has "14" FHD Touch LCD" currently listed, but what is strange is that in the description eBay has"Touch: Yes", while website has "Touch: No", so definitely conflicting.

      Lenovo US website advertises the touch screen in both the description and specs, but Bing Lee has that line which mentions the touch screen removed in the description of their listing. Maybe the variant Bing Lee has does not have touch screen, and they only removed it in the description but forgot to also remove it in the specs?

      Have amended post for now.

      • +2

        Confirmed that it does not have touch. (Ordered, saw this note, queried, confirmed and cancelled order).

        • Thanks post updated

  • Any idea about Linux compatibility?

  • Listing has this without touchscreen. Could be a deal breaker for me but thanks OP, pretty tempting.

  • -2

    The CPU sucks big time. Dont buy it

    • +1

      Have you ever used a chromebook with these or similar specs?

      Have you ever used any chromebook?

  • I have the similar older S330 ( similar model to this with different specs ) and one feature I love is you can

    easily charge it via USB C PD. The C330 does too, and pretty sure both the S340 as well as the C340 should too.

    I can even use a low cost Kogan 10000mAh with USB C PD 18W ( $19-$59 depending on Ruslans Mood lol ),

    as well use a USB C PD Basues car charger.

  • Wow. Chromebooks are still a thing???

    • -1

      Yep, an increasingly popular thing, especially in areas like education, where it is the dominant O/S in some markets.
      E.g. This article states that in the USA K-12 market, Chromebooks (60%) were roughly 3 times as popular as Microsoft (22%) or Apple (18%) in 2018.

      • -1

        I thought "netbooks" had run their course. Clearly a revival thanks to BYOD nonsense in schools.

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